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  1. Who here are musicians?

    I studied Opera in college and was in (am in?) a co-Ed music fraternity as well.
  2. Two Rooms and a Boom VI: Return of the Potato Jan 26th

    Saturday, January 12th is the date of this game - not Wednesday, January 16th (date in the title).
  3. MadCast Tabletop One Shots- FATE Edition, Jan 19th 4PM EST

    I would like to play, but if there are 5 other newer players, I will drop to let them play.
  4. Cooking on a budget

    I updated my recipe's serving size and added nutritional information for those who are interested.
  5. Cooking on a budget

    This is always a great idea for a thread! My recipe is close to my heart and has a lot of great memories attached to it. When @MadCast: VoShay and I were still dating, he would make this recipe on special occasions for his mom and Gramma. Back then, he did it in a large pot and tore up the chicken by hand while it was still boiling hot. It was definitely a labor of love. After we started living together, we put together a list of recipes we could make easily and cheaply, and, after replacing a regular pot with a crockpot, it's become a staple meal in our kitchen! It's also still my favorite thing to eat as comfort food! Crockpot Chicken Tacos with Love<3
  6. MadCast Welcomes: Wazap

    Yay! Welcome!
  7. Self Care: Let's Talk About Mental Illness

    Would anyone be willing to share how they track their medications and keep track of how each one affected them? Not a "daily" medication tracker to track intake but a "when applicable" journal to track which side effects were experienced and how long you were on the medication for? I've gone on and off a lot of medications, and I have a hard time remembering which ones are which and how each generally affected me. I want to create one but I don't know where to start. I'd love any advice from those who have any to give. Thank you in advance!
  8. Self Care: Let's Talk About Mental Illness

    Oh hey, that's me. Thank you. I just want to say that I am remarkably lucky to have VoShay as a partner, especially considering the volatile nature of my mental illness. He had a choice to leave but stayed, and he's saved my life more times than I can count. I try to always tell myself to thank him, even if I can't see a reason for it at the moment. I resonate with this a lot. My bipolar manifested during college. Since then, I have tried to develop habits that help me function "normally." Like Red, I found journaling to be really helpful. Right now, my main goal with journaling is to get an honest look at how my mood has been and any events or conversations that triggered intense emotions. This lets me see an overview of my moods for the past however many days, weeks, and months. I use an app on my phone that lets me input my mood at any moment and with relative ease. Then I can use the data to write more reflective journals at the end of the day. Another thing I do is curate music playlists to try to help me get out of intense emotional episodes. I have one for depression, for anger, for sadness, for mania (although that can be hard to curtail). It's a way to let me be sad and "sit in it" for a few songs but then be gently brought out of it by happier and more positive songs. It doesn't always work, but it's at least a useful tool I can always try. My anxiety makes me reclusive/isolative, so I try to make sure I interact with someone outside of my family at least once a week. We run in-person tabletop games with high school friends and that helps, but even then, I have bouts where I can't do more than tell them hi and then go upstairs. Right now, I'm doing pretty well. I've been pushing myself to be more active here, so I'm starting with the forums and then maybe I'll move to discord. I'm still really scared, but maybe soon. I thought I had more useful things to say but I can't think of anything more. I really try to do a lot of self-care, and I know it's important, but it's taken me too long to find habits that help. And even now, sometimes I forget or I just don't care. It's a constant fight. I'm sure a lot of you have also been through this and can relate. It feels wrong, but I find that thought to be a little comforting. In any case, I really like this thread, and I hope it wasn't too late for me to post. Thank you, Kitty Stark. And thank you to everyone for making me feel a little less alone tonight.
  9. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Right. Right." Silwen shook her head. She wasn't expecting dragons so soon. Nevertheless, she strides forward and swings her blade. Her blade begins to glow as normal but then the vibrations in the room become more intense and suddenly her blade grows dim. "What?" She yells allowed. Having disabled Silwen's magic, the dragon statuettes begin an attack of their own. Silwen finds herself exposed unexpectedly. She shouts in frustration and shakes her head, trying to dodge. "Sorry fellas!" Silwen misses and is unable to use her arcane blade-work for the rest of the encounter. She also takes 4 Damage (Take the highest roll).
  10. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "I hesitated because I did not expect Cú to disregard my tactics and run straight in." She shrugs. "I guess this is where we differ, friend. Where I will pause to take the advantage, you bet your hand entirely on might." She smirks, taking a crack at Cú again. "Also, I was rather excited by the whole situation. I wanted to enjoy it for a moment before I joined the party." She walks over to the boulder on Benito's leg. "Hey... hey!" She notices he has gone quiet. "I'll help you lift since Cú is deciphering the runes for us." She squats down to gain purchase on the boulder and then, together, they heave it off. She kneels down to hover herself over Benito. "Hey, old friend, you still with us?" She taps his cheek. "Neulratol, maybe healing will help? Also, where is Thorin?" She takes a look around, remembering that he seemed a little hesitant as well during the fight. "As soon as we make sure we're fit for fighting, I will gladly take you on, Cú. Do you know how to get in?" She looks at Cú and then at the giant rune covered stone door.
  11. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    Harper continues to kneel as she listens to Stav’s anger and considers her words. Her eyes fall to the altar in front of her, its’ silent machinations and the gentle whirring stilling the unease inside her. She wipes the front of the machine with her arm and then rubs a spot on it with the clean part of her shirt. She shifts her weight but does not yet respond. Hearing Stav move, she stands and speaks, using a nearby table to lift herself up. “I agree with you, Stav, about the boy. And I would gladly take on the child as a ward if such a thing were to happen.” It is her turn to sigh as she circles around the room and faces him. “I understand it is difficult for you to accept the way this group has chosen to follow our deity, but it is my duty as the high priestess to follow through and act in a way that is expected of me by my many followers- which includes making the decisions concerning who is to withstand the God’s Trial or not... “ She sighs again. “In any case, it has never been my mission to cause trouble. I only ever have the health of our community in my sights. Is there anything else you wish to discuss? Or shall we call it for today?” __________ What does your character intend to do? Harper wants to find someone worthy of leading them to the “promised land”. What does your character wish I’d do? She wishes that you would recognize the need for this technology and make it a priority. How could I get your character to end the God’s Trial? A majority of her followers would need to call for an end to the God’s Trial in order for her to cease doing it. Harper’s head perks up as she hears heavy footsteps at her door. “Some of them are saying it was not your decision, Mother Harper…” She is currently speaking with one of her followers, Ender, a rather burly gentleman with a pleasant disposition. They’re talking about the boy and the possibility of taking on a ward. They stand in the entryway to her home and the place of worship, which is very small. The hall immediately leads to two doors, one on the left and one just opposite the entryway. The left doorway, which leads to the altar room, is usually open, but it has not been opened yet today. The opposite doorway leads to Harper’s quaint room and holds minor knickknacks and the instruments for the various seasonal festivals. She is standing at the door to the altar, just about to unlock the door, when she hears Stav’s voice through the front. She sighs. For a moment, she considers ignoring him but immediately reconsiders after hearing his words and tone of voice. Swiftly, she opens the door. “Give me just a moment, Stav.” She gives him a quick nod before turning to quickly open the altar room and head inside. Ender follows her in. “Ender, we seem to have more pressing matters. Please be sure to assist Stav if he needs help today.” Large black curtains cover the windows. Harper hurriedly shoves them open as daylight spills in and fills the room. Harper takes no time revealing the altar, which was also covered by a large dark curtain. Almost at once, the room begins to glow, causing Harper to shut her eyes momentarily. At certain points in the day, the altar becomes blindingly bright to those sitting in the pews. Harper pulls out a few trinkets from her room and lights some incense around the altar. She hums quietly as the smoke fills her lungs. As she begins to kneel, she opens the altar door and throws in three round globs of colored powder and begins to hum louder. This goes on for a few moments before she begins to rock back and forth. Quietly, the altar churns and the colored globs paint the inside of the machine purple, blue, and green. Her humming reaches a fever pitch just as the room becomes almost intolerably smokey. Harper’s vision of the altar grows fuzzy and then fades. A new vision appears: Mark is hitting a small settlement set up in a former department store called Craigs. His men run around pillaging and raping where they can. They eventually take over. Harper’s concept of time wavers. Is this the past? Or is this the future? Her vision begins to whirl and at once she sees both a shiny, bright department store and one of today. She takes another deep breath of the smoke and then narrows her “eyes.” The vision focuses again: the Craig’s Garden department, the largest space. Mark is telling his men they will settle here for now. And then, she sees Mark’s men. Drunk. Dazed. They have found a supply of alcohol and are celebrating their victories tonight. The miasma withdraws from her as quickly as it came, and her visions grow dim until she can see the outline of the altar again. When her mind clears, she takes a deep breath. Oddly, the smoke has disappeared almost completely, and the altar is once again almost blindingly bright. She gathers her strength and then turns to Stav, who is standing at the threshold of the altar room with Ender. “Let me tell you what I saw….” She continues to speak while leaning against a pew, feeling rather weakened. She denies any offers for help to stand, saying that she will be fine and keep vigil during the fight. [OOC: Please assume she tells you ALL the details.]
  12. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Silwen watches as her companions surge forward into the fight, Cú especially trying his valiant best to overcome the odds. She elects to stay back for the moment, watching as the golemn lofts its’ stones towards them. The look on her face is one of indecision, for once, and she watches as the golemn seems to gain the advantage. Her companions volley between staying alive and hitting hard. After a few long moments, Silwen nods to herself, seemingly having reached a decision. “This isn’t exactly what I imagined, but sure, let’s go with it!” Silwen runs forward and lunges at the now weakened golemn. Her rapier blade glows as she takes her chance, grateful her compatriots are as strong as they are bold. She reaches the golemn as the glow of her blade peaks in color- a brilliant blue hue that almost vibrates. “Let’s see how you handle the cold, baby.” As her blade strikes, the golemn seems to freeze in place. It’s movements slow and the stone body turns a vibrant blue color as the blade leeches its’ magic into the golem. It almost seems like the fight is over... The golemn’s body begins to vibrate intsensely as if the magic of the blade is warring with the intentions of the construct. “Get down!” Silwen yells. She dives to the side as the golemns body begins to crumble unexpectedly. It breaks into hundreds of pieces, some of which hit Silwen in the arms and face. After this, the temple front is suddenly quiet. Silwen takes this moment of quiet celebration to just sit and enjoy the silence. Golemn is defeated! Armor is reduced by 1 due to freezing. And -6 Health after the attack. Silwen takes 2 DMG On mobile so no color formatting.
  13. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    "He is with a new family, apparently, that just joined our community. He claimed to steal water because his father is very ill." She pauses and glances at the guards. "Unless there is something else the guards would like to add, I believe that is all that the boy has done." Harper takes a deep breath, "There is also something I would like to clarify. I never call for anyone's life. You may perceive this "Divine Trial" to be my desire to punish and remove those "unworthy" of the community, but it is not so. We only call for the Divine Trial when there has been an obviously malicious act that requires divine judgment." She lifts her chin slightly. "If the boy were an adult, then perhaps the case would be different, but he is not. I do not generally consider children to be capable of such malicious intent. In fact, I view this as a child's desperate act to take control of situations he does not fully understand. While it was definitely a wrong act, it was not an act that requires divine judgment. No, just the judgment of the local leadership. That is why this boys' fate is ultimately in your hands." She shrugs, pulling out and fiddling with the trinket around her neck, a rectangular shaped object attached to a chain (USB Key Chain). "While we may not generally see eye-to-eye on matters of the divine and the beliefs of the followers, I try my best to maintain a respectable balance between your expectations and mine, and I expect no less from a capable leader. If you wish for the boy to do community service or some such thing, he may help me here. But I will cede to your judgment." She breathes a weary sigh. "Now, if you will excuse me, I must prepare myself and the altar for those of my followers who do not agree with my judgment." Harper glances quickly at the guard next to Blades, but his attention is towards Stav. She turns to kneel at the Altar again. "Good Evening, Stav."
  14. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    “Well... now everything makes sense.” Silwen eyes the stone creature with determination. “But I am certain that we will succeed where all others have not...” She watches as the creature slowly pieces itself together and takes this moment to search her memory for any knowledge of this type of creature. “Let’s see..” She murmurs, her gaze drawn downward towards the pebbles being pulled torward the creature. ”Right!” She looks up suddenly. “This creature is a stone golem. Golemns of all kinds were used in warfare. Stone golemns, however, use their own body to fight. If we can dodge long enough for it to grow smaller, its’ defenses will slowly reveal the core, and it will be easier to take down. That’s the weakness: it could throw too many rocks and leave itself completely exposed!” [OOC: Mechanically, when we defy danger and it throws a rock, its’ armor goes down by 1 to a minimum of 2] [OOC: On Mobile so I can’t add color formatting]
  15. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Silwen hesitates at first but then changes her mind. "Yes, I suppose I will help." She stretches her limbs and follows the two as they prepare the fire. The smell of burning flesh is none too pleasant, but three of them make quick work of the job. Afterward, Silwen sets up camp and offers to take the first watch of the night. She spends most of her shift brooding over the feeling of betrayal in her heart...