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  1. I saw this last night! I am listening to the album too. I wish I could distill the intense confidence and mettle of this song and take it with me wherever I go. I love it.
  2. I prefer red peppers myself, especially on hard-boiled eggs. But a hot sauce is also acceptable. I've had eggs with ketchup but I prefer spicy to sweet.
  3. Let me preface this by saying that complaining too much is bad for anyone in any instance. But I think “instrumental complaining” can be incredibly helpful for people who need to constructively deal with their negative emotions and find solutions. This type of “complaining” allows us to experience and understand our negative reactions and come up with solid solutions. For example, if you confront your partner about overspending, that would be instrumental complaining. And it would be a healthy and constructive way to process the emotional baggage while keeping focus on the solutions. My point is that this is an important way people can process things. Which is why I think someone “not having the right to complain” is silly in this instance. It’s like saying someone doesn’t have the right to process their negative emotions in order to understand their political positions, and it also feels like a way to gate-keep someone who may be unable to vote for an extraneous reason. All American citizen’s have the right to vote. And I agree that we have a responsibility to vote and be invested in that vote. But I don’t think people who don’t vote subsequently don’t have the right to complain. In fact, if they learn to complain the right way, it might instead help them to vote.
  5. This New England Style Bun reminds me of sandwich bread. It's also in league with the Poppyseed bun for being the most delicious hot dog bun available. This New England Style Bun reminds me of sandwich bread. It's also in league with the Poppyseed bun for being the most delicious hot dog bun available. The definition of (n.) sandwich includes meat between two pieces of bread and the verb form also requires an item to be squeezed between two things, so maybe a hotdog is not a sandwich. I don't think one split bun counts as two separate items, despite how "in between" the hot dog might be. Then again, I quite enjoy putting peanut butter on one piece of bread, and I still call that a sandwich. In fortuitous conclusion: 😁
  6. Tension: 1 Calm Wind, Flat Ground, Road Kyoko seemed unhurried, considering his words. After a moment, her hands moved, and she pulled out two small red bean manju. She tossed one of them into her mouth and then offered the other in an outstretched hand. "I find sweets to be exceptionally tasty before and after a duel. Don't you?" As she finished the manju (and pocketed the other if the offer was refused), Kyoko unsheathed her long sword and strode forward to settle in front of her opponent. "Your sensei tends to drive his hand in clandestine ways." The grip of her hands on her sword, along with the position of her feet, seemed unmistakably familiar to Raifu. It was clear to one of the learned protege's of the Hokuten that this loyal Nanten follower was at one point advised by the clandestine hand of another. Reveal: Kyoko was trained by Mitsurugi Move: Stare Roll: 7 - You both reveal something about your character and increase the tension by 1. Reveal: Kyoko loves sweets. Raifu must also reveal something. Calm Wind, Flat Ground, Road Tension: 2
  7. Kyoko leaned against the trunk of an old Cherry tree. This spot was one of a rare few in the city. In the crook of the bend, the creaking boughs of this ancient tree had sheltered many over hundreds of years and witnessed much bloodshed. It would do so again tonight. The footsteps of her opponent echoed under the thick canopy, and she stepped out to give them pause. This would be quite the challenge. A small smile played on her lips as she heard him speak, and her eyes sweeped over his silhouette in the moonlight. She fingered the hilt at her hip. “It is Fate that brought us together, friend. Are you ready for the Kami to receive you this night?”
  8. Stories Untold is free on Epic Games until May 30 Rime will be free on Epic Games from May 23 to May 30
  9. Kyoko was definitely not expecting to fight again so soon, but she knew the promise of rest was fleeting and weak. There was no point in responding. There was only one answer that hung in the air. One of victory. She pocketed the coin and placed the rice wine upon the table as she stood. She felt dirty and low but she would not let that deter her from the path her master had set. Her gaze rested upon the pair of men, her rivals, and she took a deep breath- steeling herself. She caught the next passing waitress and gave her a message. Now, she must wait. She tidied her clothes, covering her present wound, and went out into the cold night. @MadCast: rife170 The waitress made her way towards the men of the Hokuten. She waited to catch their eye and then gave them this message: an opponent waited outside for Negumi Raifu. Would he accept the challenge?
  10. Kyoko took a breath before she spoke, and her gaze hovered upon the coin on the table. She was accustomed to accepting them but still felt unworthy of the gift. The clan was filled with many wealthy and influential people, and, as a lowly musician, she constantly felt like an imposter. Even with Batosu-sama's clear acceptance. She let out the breath she held as she spoke. "You have told me before to use my music as an anchor and hat I should prepare for a fight as I do for the pieces I perform. I have trained for so long, but I have yet to be able to assess my duels as quickly as I assess my music. This most recent performance was decidedly disappointing. I failed to find my rhythm and timed my attack poorly. In the end, he got the better of me." The unburdening of these thoughts was both freeing and terrifying. Her demeanor remained calm, but her eyes shimmered briefly. It felt as though she continued to waste the training her mentor had given her. The cup of rice wine that occupied her hands became an adequate distraction from this emotion, and she sipped it quietly. Occasionally, she wiped the dampness from her eyes. After a moment of silence, she spoke again and couldn't help but give him a fierce nod. "I will not lose the next one, sensei." She picked up the coin from the table and held it in her palm. "Despite my shortcomings, it is delightful to be in your presence. How have your travels been, sensei?" Maybe it was the exhaustion turning to delirium, but she did not notice her own speech becoming informal.
  11. She would have ignored the server had they not automatically set the rice wine down at her table. This was definitely unexpected. She looked up with quizzical eyes and listened as the name Daimyo Batosu and invitation were spoken. If her face was pale from blood loss, then it was probably translucent now. This could not possibly be happening. She cursed silently and regretted not going straight home. It wasn't that she was ungrateful or unaware of the honor, but this was not the moment to receive such a gift. She gulped down her nerves and thought frantically about what she would say to redeem herself. He certainly had to know of her loss this afternoon... There could be no excuses from her. She was young, but she was strong. She must face the Daimyo with courage and confidence. They were friends... well, friendly, at least. She picked up the tokkuri of rice wine and made her way to his table. "Thank you, Batosu-sama." She bowed deeply. "I hope you are doing well this evening." As she sat, she felt hyper-aware of how unkempt she must appear and prayed that the Kami would save face for her.
  12. The woman entered the Inn quietly and headed straight for the upper floor. She chose a bench with a view of the door, the raucous crowd that mulled about the first floor, and one very specific back corner booth. It had been a long and eventful night; and, for once, she needed a moment to breathe more than she needed to drink and be merry. She took stock of herself and shuddered, both to dislodge the dirt from her person and also to try and shake off the feeling of disappointment that followed her. She would never reach her goal if she continued to lose. Her tattered robes were fairly grimy and muted but there were bright, fresh splotches of blood on them. It was clear to any who approached that she was tired and injured. Soon, she would get up and grab some food and maybe some beer. For now, she would sit here and attempt to regain her composure. OPEN
  13. I stayed during the entire Town Hall and actively listened as much as possible. I have intense public speaking anxiety, so I don't usually listen. I instead follow the chat. It was very, very worth it to hear everyone's voices for a change, and it challenged me to practice coping techniques for anxiety. I really look up to people like @MadCast: Kitty Stark who are able to sound so charming and confident in front of a whole group of people.
  14. Kyoko Himura follows the path of the Nanten. She is a young woman with determined eyes and carrying a long sword. She is a wanderer who hopes to carry the strength of the Nanten with her as she wanders, hoping to bury a painful memory ...
  15. I absolutely love this game, but I’m really not great at it. I’ll see if I can join in on the fun- as long as you don’t mind my lack of technical knowledge/skills. 😄