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  1. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Silwen watches as her companions surge forward into the fight, Cú especially trying his valiant best to overcome the odds. She elects to stay back for the moment, watching as the golemn lofts its’ stones towards them. The look on her face is one of indecision, for once, and she watches as the golemn seems to gain the advantage. Her companions volley between staying alive and hitting hard. After a few long moments, Silwen nods to herself, seemingly having reached a decision. “This isn’t exactly what I imagined, but sure, let’s go with it!” Silwen runs forward and lunges at the now weakened golemn. Her rapier blade glows as she takes her chance, grateful her compatriots are as strong as they are bold. She reaches the golemn as the glow of her blade peaks in color- a brilliant blue hue that almost vibrates. “Let’s see how you handle the cold, baby.” As her blade strikes, the golemn seems to freeze in place. It’s movements slow and the stone body turns a vibrant blue color as the blade leeches its’ magic into the golem. It almost seems like the fight is over... The golemn’s body begins to vibrate intsensely as if the magic of the blade is warring with the intentions of the construct. “Get down!” Silwen yells. She dives to the side as the golemns body begins to crumble unexpectedly. It breaks into hundreds of pieces, some of which hit Silwen in the arms and face. After this, the temple front is suddenly quiet. Silwen takes this moment of quiet celebration to just sit and enjoy the silence. Golemn is defeated! Armor is reduced by 1 due to freezing. And -6 Health after the attack. Silwen takes 2 DMG On mobile so no color formatting.
  2. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    "He is with a new family, apparently, that just joined our community. He claimed to steal water because his father is very ill." She pauses and glances at the guards. "Unless there is something else the guards would like to add, I believe that is all that the boy has done." Harper takes a deep breath, "There is also something I would like to clarify. I never call for anyone's life. You may perceive this "Divine Trial" to be my desire to punish and remove those "unworthy" of the community, but it is not so. We only call for the Divine Trial when there has been an obviously malicious act that requires divine judgment." She lifts her chin slightly. "If the boy were an adult, then perhaps the case would be different, but he is not. I do not generally consider children to be capable of such malicious intent. In fact, I view this as a child's desperate act to take control of situations he does not fully understand. While it was definitely a wrong act, it was not an act that requires divine judgment. No, just the judgment of the local leadership. That is why this boys' fate is ultimately in your hands." She shrugs, pulling out and fiddling with the trinket around her neck, a rectangular shaped object attached to a chain (USB Key Chain). "While we may not generally see eye-to-eye on matters of the divine and the beliefs of the followers, I try my best to maintain a respectable balance between your expectations and mine, and I expect no less from a capable leader. If you wish for the boy to do community service or some such thing, he may help me here. But I will cede to your judgment." She breathes a weary sigh. "Now, if you will excuse me, I must prepare myself and the altar for those of my followers who do not agree with my judgment." Harper glances quickly at the guard next to Blades, but his attention is towards Stav. She turns to kneel at the Altar again. "Good Evening, Stav."
  3. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    “Well... now everything makes sense.” Silwen eyes the stone creature with determination. “But I am certain that we will succeed where all others have not...” She watches as the creature slowly pieces itself together and takes this moment to search her memory for any knowledge of this type of creature. “Let’s see..” She murmurs, her gaze drawn downward towards the pebbles being pulled torward the creature. ”Right!” She looks up suddenly. “This creature is a stone golem. Golemns of all kinds were used in warfare. Stone golemns, however, use their own body to fight. If we can dodge long enough for it to grow smaller, its’ defenses will slowly reveal the core, and it will be easier to take down. That’s the weakness: it could throw too many rocks and leave itself completely exposed!” [OOC: Mechanically, when we defy danger and it throws a rock, its’ armor goes down by 1 to a minimum of 2] [OOC: On Mobile so I can’t add color formatting]
  4. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Silwen hesitates at first but then changes her mind. "Yes, I suppose I will help." She stretches her limbs and follows the two as they prepare the fire. The smell of burning flesh is none too pleasant, but three of them make quick work of the job. Afterward, Silwen sets up camp and offers to take the first watch of the night. She spends most of her shift brooding over the feeling of betrayal in her heart...
  5. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    "If I had decided on the God's Trial for this child, then he would have gone through it already." Harper stands from kneeling at her altar. "But since I instead decided to include you in this discussion, as per our agreement, I specifically sent the boy to you first. So. Unless your men have done something else that you didn't want, perhaps you could back the fuck off." She gives him a look, obviously expecting the same level of respect given him. "To the followers of the Googleplex, The Divine Trials are a sacred and necessary part of dealing with transgressions within the community. However, as the high priestess, I have some discretion. This boy's case does not strike me as one with malicious intent towards the community. In cases like these, I think it appropriate that you are involved." Harper wipes the dust from her eyes and then gives Stav an expectant look. "And so, we are all standing here." She looks at Blades and the other guard, but her tone is still directed to Stav. "Were you given all the pertinent information regarding the boys' case?" [[Background: The Googleplex is an ancient ruin speculated to have the most preserved technology in the known land. It is considered mecca to its followers and is also an intense conduit for the psychic maelstrom. It is very, very far away. Most people who have travelled to it have not returned.]
  6. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Got it!" Silwen yells, rushing forward to take her swing. She had been so preoccupied with the recent news about the Medical College that she hadn't been paying attention. She wouldn't let her companions have all the fun, though! As Silwen moves forward, the blade of her rapier starts to glow again, but it appears unable to light completely. Nevertheless, she attempts a strike. Even without the obvious glow of magic from the rapier, it is apparent that Silwen is talented. She deftly swings her blade at the cat who is swiping at Neulratol. The cat rears around, trying to claw at Silwen. He manages to snag it on the side of her hip, drawing blood. "Agh!" Its claw is massive against her small hip, but she manages to parry it away. For a moment, they just stare at each other. This cat is obviously on it's last leg, so why won't it just leave? "Persistent kitty." She takes a step forward to do the final blow and is paused by the feeling of hot, hot breath behind her. Oh, shit. A sickening feeling of realization dawns on her. She had forgotten there was another one! The panther in front of her gives her an almost devious smirk. Silwen listens. There is an almost imperceptible sound of claws scraping against ground behind her. She can feel the heat of the Panthers' breathe even more now., which means it is close. Too close. With the grace of a dancer, Silwen swivels around to face the other cat, Banking on the other cat's seeping wound to give her an advantage. Her blade is met by claw as she swings around. They seem at a standstill for a few seconds, until there is a flourish of a blade and a yelp. The rip of the blade through the panther's shoulder is sickening. It roars, tearing its body away violently to slump onto the ground. Its body heaves a few breathes and then is still. After a few ragged breathes, Silwen turns her attention back to the barely living panther but is surprised to see it slinking, finally, back into the woods. "Well met." She says under her breath. "How are we doing gentlemen?" She calls out to her friends, her hand resting on the bloody wound at her hip. "I'm a little spent, but I could probably stand for more." She says this with a wink.
  7. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    As they speak, Harper moves her gaze over each of them. Stitch. Unforgiving. Blades. Empathetic. The Child. If she handled this correctly, she might have an ally in one of them. She sighs. If only the boy were a few years older... she would have no qualms putting him through the Divine Trial then. The guards continue to bicker as the boy shivers in front of them, kneeling in front of the altar. Suddenly, Harper has a new thought. Or rather, she remembers something. Stav. The self appointed leader. Normally, Harper avoids him, avoids the conflict, but he might prove to be useful in this instance. "Well." She speaks, her voice tense. The guards shift uneasily in front of her. "Blades," Her gaze is respectful but imperious. "I believe I would gain the ire of your boss if I did not at least present him with the case beforehand. These things are generally handled by the Divine Trial, but he and I made an agreement." To them, her voice sounds irritated as if she knows she must placate him in order for things to be peaceful. She looks at Stitch, who is grimacing. "Can you arrange a tribunal with Stav, so that he may be present for this discussion and the eventual trial?" Stitch opens his mouth to protest, but Harper continues, "Or should we send Blades? She can let him know that you wanted to start without him." After a moment of consideration, Stitch shuts his mouth. Blades gives Harper a nod. "He will arrange it." The guards share a look before exiting the tent; the boy looking confused for a moment as he sits in front of Harper. She gives him a reassuring smile. There is another sound at the tent flap as Blades rushes back in. "The boy." She says gruffly. "Voltron," Harper corrects, as the pair leaves the tent. Finally, Harper is left alone... for now.
  8. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Silwens' eyes narrow and her face grows cold. The lack of faith! She and her family have poured blood sweat and tears into the Medical College's efforts. How could they dare to doubt her abilities? "Yes, Thorin, but not confident enough to rely on us, it seems." The tenor of her voice is edged like her blade. "We should definitely get going. Lest anyone else show up or beat us to our prize." There is an audible sigh that escaped her lips as she took a moment to compose herself. Turning towards the temple, she takes a few steps forward. However, she feels as if they are skipping something important. "Oh, these men should at least be useful enough to provide us with extra gear, right?" The closest body is crumpled atop another but it is disappointingly clear their gear is crumpled and made useless after the scuffle. "Well, perhaps I am mistaken in their usefulness... but at least it seems they were ill prepared. Maybe the other groups are also idiots. That betters our chances." With a nod to the rest, she heads off towards Benito.
  9. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Silwen watches as the chaos unfolds- a wide smile on her face as the dwarf rages into the fight. When they outmaneuver him to run towards the others, she whirls around to follow their movements. Assessing the fight quickly, she moves to assist Thorin. There are three approaching him, and he seems to be holding his own against one at least. She strides over to them and calls out to Thorin, "I've got your back, friend." The blade on her rapier glows again. After a short moment, two images of her pop into existence at her side again, and she slices at the combatants. They fall over in a pile but not before getting in a few stabs at Silwen. "Agh!" She grimances. "6!"
  10. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    He is but a child.... Harper thinks immediately. She sighs. "Who does this boy belong to? That first, I need to know." She looks at the boy severely, although her thoughts repeat: only a child. "And then we hear from the boy. If he is old enough to steal then he should be old enough to explain himself to me. Put him in front of the altar." Her eyes flicker... Flashback: A taller girl in a burning building, searching for some safe place. Other, much smaller children running behind her. She spies a tall cylinder, much larger than her and attached to the wall. It is very, very old, but it seems to have an opening at the top. She manages to climb it, her feet slipping and the other children trying to follow her up. She gets atop it and pulls it open. It smells dank and the sound of water sloshing hits her ears. Safe. She looks down at the other children, their eyes pleading for help, screaming her name to help them up too. But there is only room for one. She kicks them all down towards the flames and then slinks into the tank herself, the gross water covering her body. Submerged, she can hear the screams of her name and then, only the sound of burning.
  11. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "You know, I've always wondered what it would be like to have battle music. Let's get to it!" She grins and starts to make way for the lot of them. "We should go around a different way and then set up the ambush. Maybe... hide in the shrubs? The jungle is pretty dense and should give good coverage." She nods to herself, thinking: This is a great first test to see how we work as a team. Plus we can get some good loot out of it hopefully... I also want to figure out who they are... The path in the jungle is very dense and humid, which makes the atmosphere uncomfortable, but they manage to cut around the group and get in ahead of them. Having moved about a mile ahead, Silwen stops and motions for them all to crouch. They take cover behind some of the dense jungle shrubberies and lay in wait. As the group finally approaches, Silwen takes the initiative and jumps quickly in front of the group to try to get the first blows in, perhaps lightly shoving her companions on the way... just to gain the head start, you see! "The first one to 10 doesn't have any camp duties for a week! That fair, gentlemen?" She shouts over her shoulder. She manages to take her duelists' stance in front of the first row of explorers. They are definitely surprised by her sudden appearance, but before they can speak, she tries to make her move. krissydear:2D6+2 → 10(5 +3 + 2)#ArcaneBladework+Mirage krissydear:1D8+1 → 5(4 + 1) The blade of her rapier glows and then her image flickers. Suddenly, there are two more versions of her at her sides. With quick work, she slashes her rapier and the three of them topple over. Silwen glances over her shoulder with a competitive smirk, "Well, boys? 3 for me!" She says, very much expecting at least one of them to come running past her.
  12. PbtA PbP Out of Character Thread

    @MadCast: VoShay Great. My second post in Apoc World and I am faced with sentencing a child to most likely die. 😱 What to doooo?
  13. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    "My little pixels..." She sighs endearingly, like a mother. "The prophecies do not relay such things." She leans over to pick up Pip and walks him over to Chucky. "In order to succeed in this world, we must work together. I have been communing with the almighty washing machine, and I have deciphered the prophecy to mean this: The current that runs through technology is shifting... from a previously thought unreachable resource to our small community of devout worshipers. We must become more resolute in our endeavors to support the community commercially so that when this new technology arrives, we can be blessed by it instantly. In fact, if you all are here, then it must be because you can help me learn hidden knowledge of this prophecy. We must consult the almighty at once!" She looks earnestly at each of them and smiles. krissydear:2D6+2 → 8(3 +3 + 2)#Manipulate They all fall to their knees in front of the altar of technology/washing machine and sit quietly. After a few moments, Harper starts to tremble and then begins to whisper excitedly. "We have been given a gift of knowledge. The newcomer... Special Chris. He is here to lead us to this new technology. He has a special link to this technology that will bless us with it. We must fortify our group and support him where we can. That is the only way we will be successful." She breathes a sigh of relief. "Now... quit squabbling over this nonsense and go prove yourself worthy of the tremendous gift we are about to get!" Having been pacified, Macaroy leaves looking temporarily mollified while the others leave excitedly.
  14. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Selwin smirks, changing her demeanor. "Ever eager to prove your worth, right Cú?" She nudges him with her elbow sportingly. "Indeed, I paid you, but I'm sure you wouldn't say no to a friendly competition. Let's keep track of our kills and compare them afterward. I'm sure you won't lose to this "frilly elf." Her eyes glimmer with humor and challenge but her tone maintains its friendly cadence. She looks around at Neulratol, Thorin, and Benito, hoping they will join in the off-color team building. After a beat, she continues. "Well, we seem to have a consensus. Where shall we head to first?" She seems to ask this question mostly to herself. Her eyes scan the surrounding area. krissydear:2D6+3 → 9(5 +1 + 3)#SpoutLore She turns north and looks up beyond the port to the jungle. Surprisingly, a temple is sitting in plain view upon a hill. Most decisively, it is the temple they are meant to visit. "Well, that's convenient." She points it out to her companions and then starts heading in that direction. "Looks to be about a days trip... Last call for a proper bathroom break." (I thought everyone had posted. I apologize for skipping Neulratol's turn to respond/post! Please feel free to interrupt my character.)
  15. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Silwen takes a moment to stretch as they disembark from the ship. She was never one for the sea, so she relishes the feeling of solid dirt underneath her feet. Being the only neutrally established area in the region so far, the port town is bustling with people. More folks than Silwen was expecting actually. She takes a moment to look around, trying to see if any major trade corporations are noticeable and nearby. It would be advantageous to keep track of the competition.... "Well, friends," She says, turning to her companions after her moment to adjust, "Shall we find some familiar faces and stock up, or should we just head on out to that temple? Early bird gets the worm and all?" OOC: By familiar faces, she is insinuating the few members of the Medical College that she knows here.