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  1. I'm excited for getting my internet figured out and my desk put together so I can get back into this. The games are great, some of the stories in this years WCS were disappointing but I'm also so excited for the new World Champion: having taken this victory after blazing through GSL v The World earlier. Gonna get back into protoss and learn from my boy Neeb though!
  2. I am very deeply intrigued. Monday is (also) already an empty day for me and I'd love to fill it with VoShay style fantasy thriller.
  3. Unfortunately, it's full and there's a lineup
  4. I thought the dichromatic demon hunting dragon, was a cool idea.
  5. Alaric(not the sc2 character 😋) I had an idea that he would become like the many faced god, changing his form and interacting with people. Pressing Goals, in no particular order: -Build colleges and unite the various magic practitioners under a common banner. Explore the idea of a framework to experiment with magic and physics and broaden our knowledge of reality. College of Science and Magic. -Travel to good aligned planes and open channels of communication. Create a network of diplomats and spies that will forward our goals. -Eventually open travel between our plane and other good aligned planes that would be open to it. -Work with Helios to create a Codex of Law. -Travel to other worlds and planes and work closely with Yoryuu.
  6. (not set in stone just cool ideas) Establish a permanent link within the triumvirate, we will always know where the other two are and be able to talk to them telepathically even on different planes. This is a defense against outside influence and against any one of being corrupted. Transform Xandrick into a bichromatic dragon, silver and red, through the use of true polymorph. He then con Kill Dalstra Announce or ascension to the world and the relay our story. Emphasize our being saviors of humanity and how the other gods plan was to grind their souls into a fine paste. We will not outlaw other religions, instead we will encourage worship of the triumvirate and provide tangible benefits. Empire infrastructure, protection for powerful extraplanar entities and potential travel. Begin consolidating our power on this planet and then begin extending our dominion in the prime material plane. Yoryuu will be a harbinger, leading our invasion forces against other worlds and wiping clean those worlds that are beyond saving. We will continue to attempt to subvert the cycle on these worlds if possible and bring as many sentients as possible under our domain. Souls from the prime material plane will be captured by our own pseudo-heaven baring a collaborative effort from the pantheon. Pursue interplanar travel and trade. Pursue a treaty with the pantheon that recognizes the sovereignty of humanity. Some specific scenes are interesting to go over in epilogue but this is a group decision.
  7. This is what I imagine bars in Sigil to look like
  8. Life is a plague it must be purged from the universe. Necron's for the win.
  9. The rain falls, and people are starving. But, now we know the path, we are humanity, we will prevail.
  10. I'm onboard for maximum DnD, but I don't want to get in the way of other peoples fun.
  11. I thought I had signed up for this already, I am definitely down. Thinking about making a penitent soul sorcerer, but I'm not going to lock anything in until we get closer.
  12. Oh come now, eye contact never made anything awkward.
  13. Nice, I'll pick up that True Seeing spell.
  14. The pocket watch sits on Ritter Ulbrect's nightstand when he wakes up. Underneath the polished steel and gold watch is a note which reads thusly; For the future king, a gift, for when you need some quiet. On the back of the note, My name is Alaric Sturmvalt, I await an audience with you at your earliest convenience at the Prancing Pony Inn.