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    Hello, MadCast!

    I joined MadCast in March 2013, and became a Full Member on April 3rd, 2013. I am currently pursuing an A.S. in Web Development, learning different programming languages and concepts such as object-oriented, database design, web design, etc.

    I am a former member of the MadCast Media Team, working mainly with video production (I've done a few of the video tutorials on the Knowledge Base).

    I also participate regularly in League of Legends events and in-houses, so you might see me pop in from time to time as a mid laner, jungler, or support.
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    Web programming, video production, golf, tennis, the Bible.
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    Retail, Web Design
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    MadCast Jazzle

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  1. I'm playing Smite more now than League. Loving Smite.
  2. I am the cosplay of Apollo on the left from Smite. =)
  3. Customs do not have the global bans you listed, IIRC. But we could hold an honor system that nobody from either team picks those champs.
  4. Have a super birth anniversary, Apoznaxaa-sama!
  5. Everytime I lose a game, the very next game I play is a normal draft game, always. A loss is hard to take sometimes, but a string of losses is insufferable. I agree with the above posts in that you should look to practice in arenas where your solo queue rating won't take a hit.
  6. I can play as Heimer against Kass without worrying about being able to use my abilities. So happy.
  7. I am going to the Relaunch panel, so I hope to meet Sleiphner as well as more of you there.
  8. Looking forward to this. Alan is really gifted as a mid-laner, so it should be an epic battle.
  9. I'm not very fond of any of the panels that are on the docket this year. But I AM stoked for the expo floor booths. I'll try to keep in touch with some of you during the convention. Hoping for even a short meet-up with some of the MadCasters there. Saturday, I'll be in a Smite cosplay as Apollo.
  10. Pawz is the man! Happy that you were well-received by the community, happy for ya!
  11. This visual upgrade is truly outrageous. RAISE YOUR......WHAT?!
  12. What is the password? I cannot join the group.