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  1. Fantastic. I love your cooking posts man.
  2. Men on Tinder: Women on Tinder:
  3. This has been my experience with Talisman thus far.
  4. Woop
  5. @MadCast: LTTelamon I can't speak for prince, and I didn't play D1, but I've sank 4 hours so far into the single coop experience in the beta. It's a level that takes maybe 15 minutes to beat with a competent team, and I've had enough fun even without leveling up, gear drops, and all that. That experience was riding on gameplay alone, given that I saw the same scenery and baddies repeatedly. Started to get the hang of quick play pvp as well, that I think will be loads of fun once I get a rhythm for the various loadouts in respects to gear and powers. It's a lot like borderlands in the sense that while the shinies are nice, and the lore is there if you want to explore it, the whole game pretty much just rides on a game that's fun to play.
  6. For a total noob who has only played 3 hours of the beta, what will be my general gameplan for the release if I want to raid?
  7. Permissions updated. Don't know how this one got past us, sorry about the delay. Welcome officially to MadCast. =)
  8. Permissions updated. Welcome officially to MadCast. =)
  9. Nice intro. You'll find people of all skill levels here. (except challenger, despite what @MadCast: Soupcup would have you think) Welcome! If you wish to apply for Full membership, do so in this thread.
  10. Lore conversations/speculation ITT.
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  12. Installed.
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  14. If we'd like to keep doing a seasonal style, as opposed to tournaments, I would suggest scheduling a best 2 out of 3 match either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on where everyone sits. It's far easier to set a time well in advance, so that everyone can clear their schedule, as opposed to dynamically filling matches midweek while everyone juggles IRL stuff. This should strike a balance between making it easier to field whole teams without subs, while still ensuring that the same general format stands. Personally, I'm of the opinion that a one-game format is less optimal, as the matches won't feel nearly as conclusive. Anything can happen in a single game, you can have one team outplayed by another for nearly the entire match and then rally for a wild comeback, or you can have tight finishes. If there's only one game per match and you get one such scenario, this can leave teams feeling like their placement on the ladder isn't nearly as justified. (ex: "Yeah, we lost that game, but we took down all their inhibs and they barely scraped out the win. The other match was a total stomp, and yet the scoreboard considers our losses equal!") With the 2/3 format, when the other team beats you twice it's awfully hard to argue that they didn't earn it. I would like to say I've had boatloads of fun so far despite the hiccups, and I'm really digging FNL. =)
  15. Hope you know mine by now lol.