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  1. Either one's fine for me.
  2. See you all there. =)
  3. With 1500 CAD (1125 USD about), you have a lot of options. If you're looking to stay in the laptop game, I'd recommend: or With laptops, what you're really paying attention to for the capability to smoothly run games is what video card comes with it. Obviously, things like RAM, HD space, etc. are going to matter to you to varying degrees, but games are going to suck on your standard laptop with a stock GPU. As far as desktops go, if you feel inclined to build your own there are a lot of people around here willing to help with that, myself included. Do you have monitor/keyboard/mouse already?
  4. Everything was going swimmingly. You were drowning in medals, accolades, endorsement deals, and the world loved you. As you moved to conquer the world of mixed martial arts, however, your rapid rise toward the title created a lot of enemies. You were 17-0, undefeated. And then you met the woman who wasn't fighting for money, fame, or a belt. You fought someone out for revenge, that didn't believe it was a game. RIP Dolphin. Anyway my super power is to be able to make anyone I look at feel like they have to sneeze, but can't.
  5. @everyone, just a reminder to let us know your thoughts on League of Learning! We're still in the process of refining the event, and all participatory input is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Welcome! Good playing with you the other night.
  7. Unfortunately Angelix, scientists thought your superpower meant you could also withstand the bone crushing pressure of space as well, and your power is oddly specific. My superpower is always being able to see my personal future for the next 10 minutes.
  8. Send me a pm with the issues you're having, and I'll see if I can help you out. @Zom B Taco
  9. Welcome! I'll add you on League as well.
  10. Here Maday use this as many times as you can today. Happy Birthday!
  11. Welcome! I'll definitely hit you up for more games in the future.
  12. Eyyyyy! Good playing with you last night at the learning event. Come find me on TS this weekend and we'll do mentor/candidate stuff.
  13. Just to get this public, although I've already told everyone. 1. Invest 5k gold into the Shankers, earmarked for training/bribes for corporate espionage for all the new businesses that will be growing in the Gutter. Growing the Shankers into a formidable spy/assassin network will be essential for continuing to grow the party's/Stacks' influence in Sigil. 2. Invest 12k gold into founding the Magical Research Institute. The MRI will be dedicated to 2 goals. A: Recruit and train budding wizards and other magical practitioners to instruct them on magical fundamentals, the levels of caution, and ethics in magic. B: Recruit the top magical talent from around the multiverse to establish a Magical Scientific Method, and push the boundaries of the knowledge/capabilities of Wizardry. Some men just want to see the worlds learn.
  14. This right here is a twitter bot that makes up names for books your adventurers might find. I thought some of them were pretty awesome. Enjoy!
  15. If it's a 1 shot, you should put it in the title, or big bold letters in the OP. Gathering interest for 1 session vs. an entire campaign are entirely different animals.