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  1. Permissions updated. Welcome to MadCast. =)
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  3. Haha, no we didn't bother with disguises. The version of Earth that Jason Stacks (my PC, wizard) comes from is 200 years in the future. We warped in to that plane just outside the military installation and used Jump and Pass Without a Trace to enter the base. Stacks used illusions to convince the patrolling soldiers that something was up in the base on the opposite side of the hangar, Jenny (Voshay - Ranger/Fighter) and Kelvin (Prince - Rogue) sneaked around and took people out as needed, and Crow (Flapjack - Warlock) used Disguise Self and some excellent persuasion techniques to convince the last guard at the entrance of the hangar to gain entry. We then used Helpful Henry (a small construct with amazing knowledge base powers we acquired a while back) to interface with the helicopter to pilot, and we flew out of range of the base and shifted back to Sigil. Then we proceeded on the mission that Munsa had planned. =)
  4. I just want everyone to know we stole a futuristic Blackhawk helicopter from a military base in Scotland, shifted across the multiverse and mowed down hordes of orcs with a 50 cal gatling gun.
  5. In League? No, just the game-wide announcement for triples, quads, and pentas. I believe it only announces doubles for you, but I can't remember.
  6. @MadCast: Junodavidw I didn't know you could fly to Jupiter!!
  7. Permissions updated. Congratulations, and welcome to MadCast!
  8. You need to explicitly state that you have read, and agree to the terms. =)
  9. Ages past, in season 3, I defined myself as a support main specializing in tanky initiators. Leona, Thresh, and Nautilus have been strong go-to's for a very long time. As such, I can easily fit the same role in the jungle, and recently I've been making an effort at improving my Vi play. Weirdly, I've always struggled in top lane, although I suspect this is largely due to a lack of practice and knowledge of lane matchups on the island.
  10. Stacks is a -2 for sure. The supernatural is strange, but it still acts according to its super-nature. Stacks just doesn't know what the rules are yet.
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  12. Well done! Or rather... medium rare.
  13. Lookie!
  14. If you lose the game because your team was so terrible that even perfect play could not have salvaged it, it was not your fault and there is no reason to tilt. If you lose the game because you could have played better, the only way to get better is to play more games. As Zenyatta says, "Peace be upon you." =)
  15. Hope you guys get more signups. I'd hate to coast into all the marbles on a forfeit...