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  1. Valid points by all. Thanks for helping me think thru this. I'm gonna sit on it for a week or so and see how I feel. Never thought about piecing it out. As far as the questions that were asked, I feel like there is no problem with the pc, mostly my willingness to go thru the extra work to keep it running top notch. For instance, I feel there is a virus on there that isn't being detected by my software, but I couldn't prove it, I feel like it was downloaded either from my dozens of Skyrim mods or when I decided to torrent season 3 of GOT instead of purchasing it, (I ended up purchasing it anyways :/ ). I worry that after a full reset, I will download my mods and run into the same problem again and the idea seems pretty disheartening. I think also that I want the distraction of gaming to be gone for a few months because I need to do some music recording for my band as well as a few other friends bands. I could get a couple nice condenser mics and a better audio interface with the cash. <-- That is what I'll be telling the potential purchaser if i end up selling it.
  2. It's been on my mind because I just upgraded my mac so I could run some music recording software more smoothly, and I realized I don't need the pc for anything but gaming anymore, sooo..... I tested league, it runs well enough. I'm really going to miss modded Skyrim, but as long as I can run league, i'll survive. I've run PC's and Macs side by side for years, Honestly, my pc's have always needed more work under the hood and I just don't like them anymore. There are no hardware problems, just your usual glitches. I've already moved my accounting sofware off my pc.
  3. So I've basically been offline as far as gaming goes for weeks. I'm tired of pc's. I have had sooo many problems with mine recently that I'm just simply done with PC gaming and I just don't enjoy spending this much time under the hood. I want something that works when it turns on. I tried out League of Legends on my new mac and it runs fine, as does Minecraft. Soooo.... If I was going to put this up on craigslist, what would be my selling points? I have really nice gaming peripherals, like the mouse and keyboard, I also have a nice headset and a graphics card upgrade it's still an i7 quad core and has 8 g of ram. Does that all sound enticing? I'm going to have to go buy a CD with windows 7 or 8 on it so I can do a full system restore on it as mine didn't come with a disk when I got it and I was too lazy to create one. Will a registered copy of windows be a selling point? Also, if I continue to play league on my mac, will I be able to connect to MadCasts Teamspeak anymore? Same with Minecraft? Any input would be appreciated.
  4. Ooops. I suppose the music is the important part. Let me know what you think. We're still a little rough around the edges, (I was a bit tipsy by the time we played this song), but we'll tighten up I think as we play together more often... https://soundcloud.com/brian-bondietti/special-super-secret-song
  5. EnterTheYeti

    My Band

    If you were to click the link to this page and navigate to page 12 (during the month of May), you would see an article in my hometown's arts magazine on my band. Things are turning out well for us. I'm actually pretty excited how things are progressing so I thought I'd share. We do Americana/Folk/Rock, etc. I play the lap-steel and lead guitar. I'm the dude in the black t-shirt. http://www.noiseandcolormag.com/the-magazine/
  6. Interesting solution with the flash drive. I don't mod. I'll try the flash drive thing out later tonite. Thanks.
  7. So I have been getting 'Unknown Error' messages seemingly since I started playing League (during updates). Today during the most recent update it refused to complete at 99% download. I tried it a couple times, uninstalled, re-downloaded league and googled my problem. According to the LOL forums, this is a common occurrence with no solution. One recommendation was to delete 2 specific folders and restart the client. I'm in the process of doing that now but it doesn't look promising. Posting on here is my last ditch effort to find a solution. Anyone else have a problem like this? Did you do anything that works? I have only enough patience to figure this out. I'm coming very close to the time of year where I have to check out of League and gaming anyways for a few months, so I'm not sure I will be able to find a solution in time, but if anyone has any ideas in the next day or two, I'd love to try them.
  8. I don't know how to hide stuff with spoilers, so i you're not up to date, you've been warned......
  9. I used to be a sports photographer. I also was a camera salesman for a short time. Olympus makes great 'niche' cameras that that appeal to the 'advanced amateur' market and I say you can't go wrong picking one. I got away from using full size cameras for my photography as they are just too heavy and bulky and 'fun stealing', it's hard to participate in life when you're lugging one of those things around. I pretty much instagram, lately, I don't even own a fully functional camera anymore. <--- Taking that into consideration, other than the Olympus, I know enough to say I'd get the Panasonic over any of the others, they have been really owning the digital market for a long time and pictures I've seen taken by friends who own the Panasonic 'Pro-Am' style cameras have always been top notch, I remember the delay between when I clicked the shutter button and when it snapped the shot to be extremely short for a digital and that 's a big deal. I wouldn't worry much about anything you need as far as photoshop and image manipulation. The work should be done at the lens in my honest opinion, so you'll want the camera that helps you take the best pix, I don't think worrying about the file types should be a first priority.
  10. Has anyone else gotten as far as they could in the books/show and found they love the people they thought they hated in the beginning?
  11. Yes. With the exception of the "A New Start" mod which allows you to skip the beginning scene. I personally enjoy the opening scenes. You might have fun getting thru the first hour or so of skyrim before loading the mods so you can see the huge difference, but the world looks so good with the patches I couldn't play it again without them.
  12. I've been avoiding any mods that I can't install simply therefore I don't have an ENB yet. I'll check Climates of Tamriel, but if anyone has a good one that doesn't directly install from Nexus Mod Manager, I'd like to hear what it is. It is the last piece to my puzzle.
  13. I've installed about half the mods I wanted and so far the graphics processor has handled things and the character mods have installed smoothly without crashes. One at a time is the way to go if you've got the patience for it. I'm installing about 75% of the mods from this list as well... http://www.reddit.com/r/skyrim/comments/1ikhrs/the_list_of_the_best_must_have_mods_for_skyrim/ Anyone notice that they're working on a Morrowind to Skyrim Graphics/UI upgrade? That would be amazing!