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  1. game info

    Hi @GOSKAHAN. If you are looking to expand the games you play, I suggest you do give Guild Wars 2 a try. For one, you can play to max level for free. For two, it's an awesome game that is easy to get into to. GW2 has three main areas: PvP: Player vs Player is your typical skirmishing PvP in 5 man teams. There are a lot of maps with different mechanics, tournaments, ladders, rankings, etc. Some people only sPvP! Everyone in sPvP has max gear and levels and can choose the stats they want. If this is your thing, you can get started immediately without waiting to level. WvWvW: World vs World vs World is a huge 3 way server war across multiple maps. ArenaNet is currently working to remove servers in favor of guild factions to make this more balanced. WvWvW is very exciting, chaotic, and intense. Though there is a high skill cap, it is easy to get in to simply by joining a zerg and following a commander around, pew pewing. It's really the only PvP I have ever found myself enjoying in a game. There is a lot of strategy of coordinating multiple groups and commanders, scouting, buying seige weapons, etc. Everyone in WvWvW has max gear and levels, so this is something you can also get started in immediately. PvE: GW2 open world is something I love dearly. Because of dynamic leveling, you can visit lower level zones and receive loot appropriate for your level. ArenaNet has also invested a lot of effort into making events, daily quests, and world bosses in all level areas, so people are always returning to areas throughout the world, regardless of level. Also, because of dynamic instancing, there is only one version of a map that all players are in (regardless of server) until it fills up (too many people join), at which point another instance of the map is created. Basically, you will always be running into other players - and it feels good because GW2 PvE is cooperative and other players can only help you, they won't steal your loot and xp. GW2 has fractals, which are like scaling difficulty dungeons for 5 man groups, and Raids, which are for 10 man groups. The smaller raid size makes it easier to get a group together, but the mechanics still have a very high skill cap. If any of these types of game modes sound interesting to you, let me know, and I will give you more info about it! GW2 has a flat progression, so new expansions have not added levels, just more content. This means you won't be far behind like you might in some MMOs if you were just getting started several years after release. If you want someone to play with or some help and pointers, I would be happy to get you started. I love this game and still play it pretty regularly when I am not swamped with work. Last thing I will say: GW2 has one of the nicest communities I have ever, ever encountered in a game. If you ask for help in map chat, you are liable to get a dozen people asking where you are so they can come help you fight a boss, or answering your questions, or even sending you free stuff without being asked lol.
  2. You know you are nerds when...

    I am so hyped to get everything on the SSD this weekend. My HD is almost 8 years old at this point. It's a miracle it isn't dead yet. Also, load screens in GW2 are the worst. Also, I might borrow the Switch at some point lol.
  3. I really like this game but I hate the community

    My experience is that it is only a minority subset of the community that cares about meta. Mainly, people raiding, serious WvW/PvP, and high level fractals. Imo this is understandable because this is the hard(est) end-game content and if you are doing pick up groups, people should be able to rely on you to be running standard builds for coordination purposes etc (especially given there is no holy trinity, so builds ensure your group has the right balance of dps, heals, and tankiness) However, within dedicated guilds there tends to be fairly high variance based on coordination of skills across multiple players. If you want to experiment and run non-standard stuff for hard content, it's probably best to do it in that context. All of that said, I have never had issues with anyone for running suboptimal builds when my performance is on-par, even in pick up groups. I run a very-not-meta ranger build lol (except in WvW if I am tagging up with my serious WvW guild, then I run a druid guild-build which is not quite meta either). If you are running something off-meta, I think it's good manners to let people know at the start of a fractal or w/e, just to make sure the group has enough CC/Stab/etc. GW2 has one of the nicest communities of any online game I have ever played in terms of general helpfulness to other players and player base maturity. It's a pretty casual and laid back MMO compared to most.
  4. MadCast Welcomes: wF-

    Woot! Welcome to MadCast wF! Glad to see you become an FM.
  5. Monthly Art Drawing~~ [poro champions!]

    @_@ yas, I am here and actually pretty hyped for the Blackfrost Anivia for @MadCast: The Öutcast. I'm sorry if this wasn't clear to anyone yet, but I will be doing a non-poro style of arts, so if you want the poro fluff, you could always re-enter the same champ in a future drawing! If I have done your champ before, we can be sure that Hawthorn does your art instead of me on a second round or vice versa. Should be able to complete things within the next week or so (my sister is in town through Monday so scheduling is hectic).

    Happening in 30ish minutes. Prepare yourselves.
  7. Question for Class

    I have a number of colleagues that work in R and Python basically all day. I will ask if they know of any really good resources.

    Tomorrow is Third Friday, a.k. Shenanigans NightTM. It's likely that some of you will have completed your placement matches and either gotten insanely lucky or unlucky. Whether you want to celebrate your freelo or drown your sorrows, let's take a break and play some ARAMs. For those of you who want, we will play some drinking games. As always, please be responsible and respect the laws of your jurisdiction. You don't have to drink to have fun. We'll be getting things going around 8:00 p.m. EST. (SO MAKE SURE TO PICK UP YOUR DRINK OF CHOICE AT SOME POINT BETWEEN NOW AND THEN)
  9. How did your placements go?

    One thing I try to do at least in the laning phase is to abuse failed ganks by the enemy jungler. If the enemy jungler ganks a lane and dies, I try to immediately go and place a deep ward in his jungle (unless we are losing hard in lane bot and it's not safe for me to leave for a moment). That usually helps my jungler counter-jungle, makes it more likely the enemy jungler fails his next gank (cuz my team knows where he is), and even sometimes helps me rotate with my jungler or mid lane to kill the enemy jungler in his own jungler if his laners had to go back. They almost never see it coming cuz they are not expecting to have their jungle all warded up at that point in the game.
  10. Monthly Art Drawing~~ [poro champions!]

    Koi Nami is the best Nami.
  11. KToader's Introduction

    Hi KT. I am Red! I have two cats (pics in the fur baby thread). I also play LoL, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Guild Wars 2, Rimworld, Terraria, Starbound, and have dabbled in other MMOs that didn't stick for me. Used to play StarCraft 2. I like nail art, baking, craft beer, and being warm.
  12. League of Improve: Season 8

    Season 8 is going to start in about a week, and I've heard a lot of talk about the different goals people have for the new season. Even though I've been playing this game since 2011, I've never played it consistently, which is something I want to change this season. Hopefully this allows me to make some meaningful progress on improving my gameplay! Many of the goals I've heard people mention are related to their rank. It's obvious why most people set a ranked goal- end of season rewards (I'm still heartbroken that I don't have the Victorious Janna Skin...), something measurable, and obviously bragging rights. That said, rank is just an indicator of other things. I hope some of you will join me in setting goals related to self-improvement instead of, or in addition to, a rank goal. You don't have to follow the below format, but feel free to use it if it's helpful to you: - One champion I want to learn this season is: - One mechanic I want to learn this season is: - One game knowledge area I want to learn this season is: Here are mine: One champion I want to learn this season is: Thresh. I currently have a very small support pool, and I'd like to challenge myself to take on more mechanically complex champions, as well as branch out to more tanky play-maker type of supports. I thought of choosing Leona or Braum instead, but I don't think they have the same mechanical difficulty. I have played Thresh a handful of times but got frustrated with the windup on his hook and accidentally flaying people in the wrong direction, so I didn't put further effort into learning him. I also really struggle against good Thresh players, but I don't run into many of them at my elo. My preliminary goal is to play 100 normal games with Thresh. One mechanic I want to learn this season is: smartcasting. I haven't ever done it. I don't plan to smartcast EVERYTHING EVER, but I'd like to take a serious look at my main champions and start practicing it with specific skills that could most benefit from it, with the goal of using some smartcasting on all of my main champions by the end of the season. My preliminary goal is to change my Nami Q to smartcast and get used to that. One game knowledge area I want to learn this season is: jungling. As a support main, I feel like I could substantially benefit from better understanding the routes and jungling power spikes. This would help me make better roaming decisions so I can sync up with my own jungler, for example, as well as better warding, objective calls, etc. My preliminary goal is to read the Jungle 101 guide that Ashiary just made, and to start watching 5 replays every week from my own games and following what the jungler is doing for the first ~15 minutes. I'll do the replay thing for 4 weeks and then decide what the next thing is for me to do. Finally, I want to play a minimum of 10 ranked games a week in Season 8, but I'll average them out over each month in case I have a really busy week or am traveling, etc. I will post an update once a week or so on how I am doing and make adjustments or additions as I complete the preliminary goals I have set. I would love to hear what everyone else's improvement goals are for Season 8!
  13. Show us your fur-babies!

    Prince and I have two cats: The baby is Mordin. This needy one is named Liara.
  14. Chill Games

    I love Rimworld, also appreciate Darkest Dungeon (though don't consider it as chill as some others lol). Stardew Valley is a favorite of mine as well.
  15. Happy Birthday MadCast: Scooba

    I thought of you while I made this cake for Prince. Too bad you aren't here to eat it with us. Happy birthday.