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  1. Sent you a guild invite! Sorry I am a little hit and miss right now because of work, but I'll be around to play GW2 with you in the next couple of weeks, I hope!
  2. @MadCast: Weirdly, the way GW2 works is very flat, in terms of progression! Players are dynamically scaled to areas so that higher level players can be scaled down to starting areas while still receiving normal level lewts! Daily quests and many acheivements, etc require players to return back to low level areas, as well as world bosses. You can't be too new! Let me know your GW2 tag, and I will get you invited to the MadCast Guild. (You too @MadCast: Zarrom). That way you can find help in guild chat from other MadCasters.
  3. Welcome to MadCast; glad to see you with the tag.
  4. It was awesome naturally, but we missed you! Hope you can make it the next time around. <3
  5. Getting some good general interest from the greater GW2 community, including some requests to see this event streamed. Would anyone be interested in streaming it for us? I know Prince has a streaming set up, but not sure if anyone else does as well.
  6. Itttttttttt's JIGGLES! I see you @MadCast: JigglesTheFett. It wouldn't be Booze Bolt without you. Good to have you too Numemore (do you want to be called that instead of Shadow now?). I will be back in TS tonight for GW2, since I took off work tomorrow.
  7. @MadCast: Stan- I just want to clarify that servers are irrelevant for most content except for WvW (and even then, kind of irrelevant because of mega server merging). If you have made a character or another server, don't worry about moving.
  8. Woot! That's 5 so far. I am going to post this up on the GW2 forums tonight and invite the community to show up as well. I was thinking that for lots of participants we could have it in a relay race style with teams- all of your team members have to get through to win, but each racer has to reach the end of the puzzle before the the next racer can start. Also, your avatar is SO CUTE @MadCast: Scaldo!
  9. Woohoo! Can't wait to see you there @MadCast: SpecialK! Also, you should hop into TS or in the MadCast Guild chat in the evenings. There are usually a couple of us about playing GW2 together. Do you have the expansion?
  10. The expansion is cheap and well worth it imo ($25 on regular sales), but fyi, another expansion is coming out in 4-6 months, and when that releases, HoT should be free/included with it. So if you are limited on money or haven't experienced the base game yet, you might wish to wait. You can play to max level and do a lot of stuff like PvP and WvW for free currently. Here is a comparison of the differences:
  11. It's time! Time to resurrect Booze Bolt! (Why, you might ask? Just cuz. It seems good.) What is Booze Bolt? Booze Bolt is a jumping puzzle drinking game. Every time you fall off the puzzle, take a drink! Go fast, but not too fast! Join Fayea and me next Saturday evening, May 20, at 8 pm EST for booze, frustration, and fun. ANYONE can join us. The core game of GW2 is FREE, and we will be going to the Morgan's Leap and Dreamdark Enclave Jumping Puzzles in Caledon Forest (possibly other puzzles, depending on what areas people have unlocked). If you have never played GW2 before and would like to join us, just download the game, and create a Sylvari character. You will pop right out in Caledon Forest and someone will escort you to the start of the puzzle. If you don't remember where to go because it's been so long since you played GW2, just log in and ask in the MadCast Guild chat, or whisper me: Aritimi. We will get you there. Please: update/download your game ahead of time. It will take you a while if you haven't played in a few years. Please: stock up on alcohol if you plan to drink with us. You may go through a lot. If you don't want to consume alcohol, that's okay too! It will still be loads of fun. Please: let us know in this thread if you plan to attend! Afterwards, we may make an attempt to claim a guild hall for MadCast, depending on how many people have the GW2 expansion.
  12. Just wanted to say I am glad to see you reapply racer. Good luck! I would say hit me up for some games but I need to buy some new parts for my machine before I can safely hop in multi-player games.
  13. Well, I majorly tend towards utility mages, but played a lot of Alistar, Leona, and Taric a ways back as well. My favorite champ of all time is Nami! If you have a preference towards one or another play style, I'd play to your preference but also have 1 or 2 champions of the other type just so you can react as needed. As for choosing a champion, I try to synergize with the comp and play style of my team, and gain a particular advantage in lane (like having high poke or w/e). I usually ask myself these type of questions based on the champions that have been picked/what my team is planning to pick: How much sustain do we need? How much sustain does the enemy comp have? How much CC do we need? How much CC does the enemy comp have? How much initiate do we need? How much initiate does the enemy comp have? How much disengage do we need? How much disengage does the enemy comp have? What type of damage is my team doing? What type of damage is the enemy team doing? What is my team comp shaping up to be? How can I enhance what is already there? How can I fill any vital missing part? What is my ADC's comfort level with his/her champion and the role? Have they expressed a desire for a particular play style? What is my jungle's comfort level with his/her champion and the role? Have they expressed a desire for a particular play style? Playing a champion you are comfortable and confident on is almost always the right choice even if it's 10% less optimal or w/e.
  14. Hi Frosty, I do not pay LoL so much now, but I mained support for a long time. The highest I got was promos for Gold several times, however, LoL has always been a more casual game for me which I have played on the side of another game. While it's easy to see how a fed Darius might carry a game, it's a little trickier with a support. None the less, it is possible. I think it is currently harder than normal due to the bad state of ADC/bot lane. But if you enjoy it, just keep playing support anyway. You can definitely still climb! Here are a few tips of areas you can increase your impact as a support: - Improve your auto-attacking. Often people get in the habit of spam clicking around on the ground (guilty myself), especially as a support. However, this often means missed auto-attack opportunities. Especially in the lower levels I find you can really abuse auto-attacking because people's instinct is often to turn around and run out of range instead of trading evenly with you. - Take responsibility for watching the map, for all the lanes. Ping people about danger or incoming allies. 50 seconds before the drag, tell top lane to push hard and then swing down towards mid. If the enemy jungler ganks bot lane, tell your team to steal his blue buff, etc. Be kind of bossy about this. At low levels, people generally waste time feeling unsure, so they will just go along with it if you are confident. - Improve your evaluation of your ADC's skill and tendencies (example some ADCs who like to go all in can pull it off IF YOU ALSO COMMIT IMMEDIATELY; others cannot. If you can't tell the difference, you are in for a bad time. In the first case, if you fail to commit with your ADC, he will die and you will miss free kills. In the second case, if you try to help/save your ADC instead of bailing, you will give the enemy a free extra kill). - Learn to read into how the enemy support will play based on how they choose skills, use skills, and itemize. Play accordingly. Example: Does a Nami take her bouncing heal first, or bubble first? Does a Morgana build a sightstone? Is a Janna using her shield defensively or offensively? - Play a lot of games with a learning mentality (a.k.a. what can I do better?).
  15. It's true. I have over 500 hours in Rimworld and I bought it in alpha 14 (currently it's on 16, so not that long ago).