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  1. Return of Fractal Friday?

    It's okay @MadCast: Weirdly, we will run fractals again tonight, since there are some people online who are up for it, if you want to join us.
  2. Return of Fractal Friday?

    @MadCast: Weirdly, @MadCast: Chibiushi, @MadCast: Deaf Monkey, @MadCast: Sleepcoma, @MadCast: Sotarkadin it'sssssss FRIDAY! I'll be putting together a lvl 1 fractal group at about 8 PM EST (daily reset).
  3. Return of Fractal Friday?

    @MadCast: SotarkadinFractal Free For All! It's anarchy I say! Fractals will scale you to level 80- but it will be pretty difficult to progress at a lower level, due to shitty gear. High player skill will get you through to a point, but you will need to get agony resistance etc to keep progressing. I would not recommend doing fractals below level 80 unless it's in a coordinated group. It would likely be fine for an intro fractal night coordinated in Discord.
  4. Return of Fractal Friday?

    @MadCast: Weirdly, @MadCast: Chibiushi, @MadCast: Deaf Monkey, @MadCast: Sleepcoma does this Friday work for all of you? Or should we come up with a different day of the week?
  5. Return of Fractal Friday?

    Let's do it then! This Friday I have an evening planned and can't make it sadly. T_T But generally speaking, I'd be up for this most Fridays!
  6. Intro - Indiscriminate

    Hey Indiscriminate! Glad ya made it to the forums, saw your confusion earlier on Discord (glad you made it there too). ^^ I'll catch you in game and answer any questions you have on the differences between being a Full Member of MadCast and a guild member in the MadCast GW2 guild.
  7. MadCast is switching to Discord

    @MadCast Maday Could you include a description of the discord server group privileges/abilities in the OP? I assume it is similar to Teamspeak, but might be helpful for people.
  8. Gearing Up

    I have noticed a number of people asking for help with gear and builds and thought it would be helpful to compile some information and assistance in one thread. Firstly, it's important to remind everyone that you should play the game to have fun. If you are having fun without ruining anyone else's fun, you are doing it right. You do you. Secondly, it's important to know that the optimal build and gear are going to be substantially different depending on game-mode, and may have some smaller variations depending on personal preference. Thirdly, keep in mind that a regularly organized group is likely to run builds that don't make sense to use for pick-up groups. What should my build be, and what stats do I need? You should take the time to familiarize yourself with the description of your different slot skills, weapon skills, and specialization traits. Good players make changes to these things with high frequency, because the BEST build is usually circumstantial to the content you are doing (even down to specific boss fights) and the group you are with. You can change these things for free any time you are out of combat. You will likely have preferences, but it's good to master the breadth of possibilities, at least on your main character(s). Players tend to make changes as they level and are unlocking skills, but often stick with one thing once they reach max level or if they use boosts. Don't get stuck in a rut! That said, there are a lot of possible combinations, and it can be overwhelming to get started. To help you out, I suggest starting with other players builds and making incremental changes to get a feel for how changing a trait makes you slightly more squishy, or how swapping your off-hand weapon changes your rotation. The following resources can be really helpful to share and see other people's builds: Guild War 2 Build Editor MetaBattle Builds Into the Mists Build Calculator GuildWars2Builds Subreddit for Theorycrafting My general recommendation is to get comfortable with a build before you start pouring a lot of time and resources into acquiring matching ascended gear. Ascended gear is expensive. How do I get gear? The best gear in GW2 is ascended gear, and there are a lot of ways to acquire it! However, exotic gear and a little skill will make you viable in all of the GW2 content, so don't feel like you need to be fully decked out in ascended gear before you can start participating. Personally, I actually still only have exotic gear, and I've been playing since the first beta weekend... Weapons: You can unlock an ascended elite spec weapon by completing the corresponding Specialization Collection achievement. You can unlock an ascended dagger, greatsword, scepter, shield, or sword by completing the Knight of the Thorn achievement. These can be exchanged for a different one for 1,000 Unbound Magic by talking with Ridhais in your home-instance after completing the achievement. You can unlock an ascended staff by completing the Primordus Weapons collection achievement. Completing the Gold Fractal Master rare collection achievement will reward you with an Ascended Weapon Chest. During the Super Adventure Box festival, you can complete The King Toad and The Storm Wizard achievements to unlock a Kaiser Snake Weapon Box. It is possible to loot ascended weapons from Tequatl the Sunless, Daily Fractal chests, Raid Bosses, World v World rank up reward chests, PvP reward chests, Guild missions, or Champion Loot Bags. This is mostly RNG, so is not a reliable way to acquire ascended gear. Ascended weapons may also be crafted by level 500 Artificers, Hunstmans or Weaponsmiths, or purchased by exchanging crafted Grandmaster Marks at certain vendors (Grandmaster Marks are currently not worth it over straight up crafting the thing). These recipes require time-gated components, but some of these materials can be obtained from Mist-Warped Packets, Magic-Warped Packets, or raid boss achievement awards. Trinkets/Back Pieces: You can unlock ascended trinkets at various merchants by exchanging various currencies, including: Laurels, Pristine Fractal Relics, Guild Commendations, or Living World Season 3 Tokens and Unbound Magic. Of all of these options, the Bloodstone Fen trinkets are considered especially desirable because the stats can be swapped with a Bloodstone Capacitor. Bitterfrost Frontier trinkets are considered some of the easiest to obtain since the Winterberries are a guaranteed drop from each node, and the farming route is easy. However, the Bitterfrost Frontier trickets do cost more tokens than the other areas. You can also unlock some ascended trinkets through completing story achievements. It is possible to receive ascended trinkets from Daily Fractal chests, Raid Bosses, and World v World rank up reward chests. Living World Season 3 Tokens can be exchanged for ascended back pieces. A number of ascended back pieces can be obtained via crafting in the Mystic Forge or by level 500 Artificers, Hunstmans or Weaponsmiths. Armor: You can unlock one piece of ascended armor of your choice by completing the Ambrite Weapon Collection, Leystone Armor Collection, and Bioluminescene achievements. It is possible to loot ascended armor from Tequatl the Sunless, Triple Trouble, Daily Fractal chests, Raid Bosses, World v World rank up reward chests, PvP reward chests, Guild missions, or Champion Loot Bags. This is mostly RNG, so is not a reliable way to acquire ascended armor. Ascended weapons may also be crafted by level 500 Artificers, Hunstmans or Weaponsmiths, or purchased by exchanging crafted Grandmaster Marks at certain vendors (Grandmaster Marks are currently not worth it over straight up crafting the thing). These recipes require time-gated components, but some of these materials can be obtained from Mist-Warped Packets, Magic-Warped Packets, or raid boss achievement awards. Where should I start? Because there are a lot of different ways to obtain ascended gear, it can feel overwhelming. I recommend the following to get started: Identify the weapons you want to obtain, and start working towards any easy achievements that unlock an ascended version. Run Tequatl the Sunless each day after reset and do Fractal Dailies to try to get lucky with RNG. If you get a drop, you can swap the stats in the Mystic Forge using this recipe. Craft the time-gated ascended crafting materials each day after reset. These are: Lump of Mithrillium, Spool of Thick Elonian Cord, Spool of Silk Weaving. Collect LWS3 tokens each day after reset to get trinkets and back pieces. If you were not logged in during the season and do not want to spend a lot of gems unlocking everything, I recommend unlocking the Bitterfrost Frontier (Episode 3), since Winterberries are easy to collect. After unlocking trinkets you can consume them for Unbound Magic and trade that in for Magic-Warped Packets and Magic-Warped Bundles. Where should I put all this gear? You may find yourself with more than one set of gear, especially if you enjoy playing more than one game mode. You may want to consider buying additional bank tabs for your armor sets. Keep in mind that ascended equipment is generally account-bound, so storing sets in your bank can allow you share it between characters. You may also want to equip an Invisible Bag to prevent your equipment from being sorted or accidentally traded/sold. In this thread, share the build you are working towards currently and post your progress towards gearing up.
  9. MadCast: RimWorld Chronicles

    Day 1 The heavy rain continues. After a miserable breakfast of survival rations, LT begins to expand the shelter into the rock, while Munsa, Maday, and Tort venture out to explore the surrounding area. To the south, they encounter a crumbling wall. The ground in area is fertile and may have once been used for farming, but any indications of who built the wall or why were long since removed. Munsa sets to work salvaging bricks for building material while Tort and Maday clear away trees and gather wood for building additional furniture. The work is exhausting, made worse by soggy socks, mud, and mosquitoes. While yesterday was about answering the immediate survival questions, the brutal reality of eking out an existence on an alien planet is quickly setting in. Maday declares he has had enough of hauling rocks and chopping trees, and spends the rest of the afternoon wandering sadly in the rain. While he tends to be more pessimistic than the others, the situation is grim, and morale is dropping fast. As night falls, Tort attempts to persuade Maday to come back to camp, but Maday insists he needs to be alone to reflect on the situation. Knowing Maday's stubbornness outweighs common sense, Tort gives up and heads back to get some sleep out of the rain. For practical reasons, he hopes Maday survives the night.
  10. Introduction - thevagrant

    Hi Evan. ^^ Stick around long enough and you'll get sucked into the various other games our members play, I'm sure. I also enjoy a lot of single-player games (or limited multiplayer games). Current favorites: Terraria, Rimworld, Stardew Valley, and Starbound. We have some Diablo 3 players who get together when the new seasons come out usually, and LoL is a great game to pick up for when you want something a little different. Pretty easy to get in on drunk ARAM nights and other casual shenanigans in the community!
  11. Intro - OnceSane

    Hellooooo Trevor! Glad to see you made your way here and posted an introduction, and also glad to see you are interested in being a Full Member. I have to say, I have tried a lot of MMOs but GW2 is the only one I have an ongoing relationship with. I think it's the place/world-building. Excited to explore Tyria with you. Also, your job sounds stressful (I imagine someone watching heart monitors like an air traffic controller). I know we have a number of members who work in the health field as well. Welcome aboard!
  12. MadCast: RimWorld Chronicles

    April 7, 20,007 - Day 0 Maday, Tort, LTTelamon, and Munsa crash land on an unknown planet. Why they were on a spaceship, we'll never know, but there's work to do, and no one else but the four of them to do it. Dark mountains and still marshes surround the crash site. It's chilly, and the pungent smell of damp muffalo fur wafts in on a brisk north-east wind. Familiar looking pine trees are all around, punctuated by the twisted wreckage of ship and escape pods. Amazingly, no one is injured, though LT and Tort both complain of nausea and vertigo from the rough descent. Not knowing what dangers may face them, the first task at hand is to salvage weapons. Some exploration of the immediate area reveals a knife, pistol, and shotgun. Munsa volunteers to take the knife, promising to put his expert butchering skills to good use serving up alien steaks should anyone encounter something that looks edible and bleeds. Maday takes the shotgun without any commentary, leaving the pistol on the ground between Tort and LT. LT insists the Tort take the pistol, as the circumstances have not changed his stance on pacifism. The others suspect he is afraid of shooting himself in the foot, but it settles the matter nicely, so no one argues with him. Deciding that the immediate area is too marshy, and fearing the possibility of Rodents of Unusual Size, they decide to strike out east in search of a better location to establish camp. After wadding through ankle deep mud, fording a small lake, and several vomiting fits from LT, Munsa spots a box canyon that looks defensible. LT is left to clear the area out between vomiting, while the other three haul supplies from the original crash site back to the new camp. Maday makes a comment that leaving one person by themselves is how most horror movies start, but nothing terrible happens. After several trips to the crash site, Munsa stays behind with LT to fortify the entrance of the canyon and put up a roof of scrap sheet metal. This proves fortuitous when it begins to rain mid-afternoon. Given the weather, Munsa and LT decide to continue their work under the roof and clear out a bedroom area in the rear of the canyon. Tort and Maday continue hauling supplies through rain and mud. For the most part, they find food, scrap metal, and various broken tree branches, but they do encounter an undamaged crate of medicine and a surprisingly friendly fox, which takes a liking to Maday after he shares some of his lunch with it. The fox keeps its distances from the others, but is persuaded to come in out of the rain for Maday's dinner leftovers. Maday announces he has named the fox Bits. Despite the traumatic start, the day has proven to be relatively successful. The four staff members retire to their makeshift shelter as the rain drums on. Who knows what tomorrow holds? ------------- On topic questions, commentary, requests, and discussion is welcome in the thread. I will provide updates on the daily adventures and mishaps of the MadCast colony.
  13. Path of Fire Launch Day Fun - September 22

    @MadCast: Weirdly Well, there are a lot of ways to get gear in this game- I was more asking about your general approach- high tier fractals vs achievement chests vs crafting, etc. You can get ascended trinkets very easily from the HoT Living Story maps, usually within a week or so or collecting their currency.
  14. Intro, MidnightIstarZ

    Outcast suckered you? D: Turn back now! JK, welcome to MadCast! What games do you like to play?
  15. Path of Fire Launch Day Fun - September 22

    @MadCast: Weirdly Well, some of the builds depend on what type of content you like to run- open world PvE, PvP, WvW, Fractals/Raids, etc but it looks like Viper armor is your best bet no matter what. Viper ascended armor is pretty expensive to craft but If you have ascended gear already or craft ascended gear that is not Viper you can mystic forge stat change the ascended gear using the Viper's exotic insignia and inscriptions. This let's you bypass the requirement of using Linseed Oil and you can get it faster likely. Where are you currently at with it?