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  1. Color Madness Item Sets

    This was really helpful for me and others in my games last night! Thanks for doing this @Simaniac.
  2. Gaming Slump

    For sure, I have gone through it a couple of times. Take LoL and GW2 for example. Since I took a longer break, I now get more enjoyment out of playing the games with friends or going through the story content, even though I am not really playing for the game itself anymore. At one point though, I was forcing it so hard that I couldn't even stomach sitting down to play with friends cuz I was so burnt out, so I recommend not trying to force it as that seems to burn me out further. Give yourself a purposeful break and try to fill your time with something else, maybe away from the screen. Get work done around the house, go outside, exercise, garden, etc. Then be patient. A game will come that you will see and just know you really want to play it. For me, most of these have been singleplayer the past couple years: Rimworld and Stardew Valley being the main ones I fell in love with and sunk hundreds of hours into. I expect there will be a multiplayer game I get really into in the next 3 years, but hard to say (hopefully another MMO). In the meantime, I like to watch little Let's Play videos of indie games or early access/betas (just 15-20 minutes, not long playthroughs) to get a taste for what's out there, and maybe discover the next thing I will be looking forward to.
  3. Whats your favourite book?

    Eh, I've read so many and have different types of favorites. One fiction book that made a huge impact on how I think was The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, but I wouldn't exactly describe it as a fun read, lol.
  4. MadCast Promotes: RedJustice

    Thanks for the kind words. I am looking forward to serving the community again.
  5. My Experience as a Full Member

    Thanks for sharing Icarus. This was a nice post to read. A welcome side effect of all this community-centeric discussion we've been having is that it's a relevant topic for any FM+! I've been getting to know more about other members who I haven't talked to as much before, and I'm really enjoying that. Over the years I have made friends with a lot of people around MadCast who don't have much overlap with the games I play just by sitting in channels and talking with people. The way people are using Discord (compared to TS3) seems a little less conducive to this, but I'm trying to make a point to sit in the General or Chill channel more often. If you want to play some HotS, I am terrible at it and just started playing again the last few weeks. I will hit you up for some games next time we're getting something going! I will probably write up some lengthier thoughts regarding candidate comments in the Penthouse, because I recognize I harp on it a lot but newer FMs probably do not have a full context for the how, what, and why of it.
  6. Post MadCast Town Hall 5/2/2018 - Thread

    It might be nice to draw some more attention to the awards through a "recently awarded" widget on the front page (we have a ton of widgets though, so I hesitate to recommend that without a more thoughtful approach to the front page in general) or a Discord integration that pings the server with an alert that someone has received a new badge. At my company we have a similar system with coins that are given out when people hit certain things (like writing a viral blog post, or speaking at a conference, or completing their first research project, mentoring their first fellow, etc). We wait and give these awards out at our company wide monthly standup to give them extra public recognition for their achievement. I would like to see a shoutout to badge recipients during our Townhalls to get people more engaged with the system. Unrelated to the forums, the Discord channels cleanup is much appreciated. I look forward to seeing how the adjustments change community interactions (or not). Thanks to the admin team for working on that last night.
  7. Stardew Valley Multiplayer

    Prince and I will be playing together!
  8. Post MadCast Town Hall 5/2/2018 - Thread

    I definitely agree that the front page needs to do a better job of directing new members to the Introductions and New to MadCast information. I'm not sure it needs to be an "Apply Here" button per se- maybe just a- "New to MadCast? Click Here." or w/e. We have the ability to tag topics currently, but it's not used consistently, and there's little pressing need because of the structure of the forums (lots of topical areas to help people filter down to topics of that interest them). Many complaints I get about the forums from my candidates are focused on lack of activity. I think there is value to compressing the forums significantly to improve the visibility of active threads. This would make tags more valuable, and if possible I would like to consider a tags system similar to the one this forum community uses. I think there is value in requiring members of our community to communicate on a game-agnostic platform, but we have options beyond the forums for that, such as Discord- so I agree with you in principle. However, in practice I have seen the value of being able to evaluate someone's post history as a measurement of investment and effort. Most candidate comments provide little substance, just a vague sentiment of positivity. It doesn't seem there are any existing tools to help scrape a single member's text-channel contributions out of Discord into a digestible form for SFMs to review, so I'm not sure how to replicate that value. Experience makes me pessimistic about simply asking FMs to step up their comment game. It will probably require a firm line from SFMs to deny candidates for vague comments, even if there are many and they are positive in nature. It's hard to say if that will improve things or make people just give up on the process. I think it might be worth while having a separate discussion thread just to talk about how we can capitalize on streaming to build out the community further. It seems like there is a lot of work and momentum in this area, but more can surely be done, and bringing in more members of the community to support those efforts would be good. Honestly I don't understand why we have a Discord container on the homepage. Why not just have a button to connect now, or something like that? It's a long container and we have many channels that sit empty throughout the day, so I'm not sure it's helpful to have an empty-looking Discord featured on the homepage. THIS, so much. It feels like an overwhelming number of text and voice channels. It ends up looking so vacant. With the introduction of temp channels, or compressing them down, we would foster more interaction among members. I agree with the spirit of this, but I think there's a difference between- I don't want to go out of my way to get to know members of the community and participate in discussions vs. I am confused by the amount of information and find it discouraging and difficult to navigate. I think the fair half-way if we want to continue requiring our forums as a core thing is to keep them up to date, stream line the content, and make it more accessible for new people to jump in. I think this is basically what VoShay is saying, and that sums up most of my thoughts on the issue- not that forums are bad, but the way they are currently executed is bad.
  9. RFM Application: RedJustice

    A lot of you know me, but I am Red. I have been around MadCast a good while, though the last couple of years I have mostly lurked. I stopped being as active and stepped down from being an admin for a number of reasons: I was burnt out, I got busy with a new job, and I didn't enjoy spending time with many of the people who were more active in the community at the time. I am happy to report that though I am still busy with my job, the other two items have been resolved, which means it's much easier for me to make time for MadCast things. I still do not have a main game I am really enjoying, but I am keeping an eye out on a number of upcoming titles, and play a wide variety of games still (including LoL, HotS, GW2, Minecraft, D3, and a bunch of single player games on Steam). For the time being, I would like to contribute in the following ways: Recruitment for LoL and HotS (and to a lesser extent Destiny by dint of giving Prince my strongly held opinions). Systematically going through and proof-reading/updating informational posts around the forums, as a lot of them have not been touched for a long time, and I have the experience and knowledge and time to write updated versions. Encouraging FM engagement through policy and idea discussions on the forums, as well as helping FMs identify things that they can do as FMs to improve the community like quality candidate comments. Documenting more of the important discussions that happen verbally so that admins or members who are not available can catch up later, or ideas can be brought back into the forum discussions. Generally providing support to events, or other admin functions when it is helpful. Thanks.
  10. TownHall Notes (5/2/2018)

    Mandatory disclaimer: I was drinking and some people talk fast, so excuse typos, etc. Also, you should become a Full Member for exclusive access to Even.More.Meeting.Transcriptions in the Penthouse. Epic: I don’t think Maday, LT, or Munsa are going to make it. RFM and SFMs can look at admin chat for the order we’re doing this. We’re going to try to get the brunt of administration issues out of the way in under an hour because it’s pretty late for folks out east. For the first time in collective memory I get to lecture LT for showing up late. Baal: Helllllloo… I am Baal, I enjoy long walks on the beach and hosting Funday Monday. I try to handle more of the fun less tilt-y side of LoL. If you’re looking for ARAMs, I’m the guy to go to. I try to steer away from the competitive side of things because I have a history of tilting and try to avoid it. Funday Monday is a weekly gamemode with a bunch of different modes. Kelica and I are working on getting together a Karaoke event tentatively scheduled for June 9th. I will get together a post for that and hope to hear everyone’s beautiful voices. Caster: So, basically you’ve probably seen some stuff around the community with new graphics we’ve been updating. I’ve been working hard to figure out where to incorporate some newer graphics. I understand we have the tradition of some older graphics. I’ve been working on graphics build up for streamers, like MadCast Tournament logo, and League Season 3, attending Blizzard events and learning how to be a mentor. That’s where I’ve been at. Lunalesk: Yes, me and Aeryx have been working on League of Learning event every Thursday night at 9. We’re getting really good attendance and are super appreciative to everyone for showing up. We’re trying to figure out what direction we should take it. We can get more casual or tryhard with reviews and I’m going to link our feedback thread. Any ideas you guys have, let us know. Even if it’s not fully fleshed out, let us know. Other than that… yeah, I think we’re doing pretty good. Mike: Hey, yeah, can you guys hear me? For those of you who haven’t met me, I help run LoL and the Mentor Program. We’re currently in the middle of the MadCast League. This season I am excited to announce a good number of matches between the teams will be streamed (big thanks to BigDommer). Next match is Saturday and will be the first match casted by BigDommer. I hope to see everybody there. Shattered: Hey guys, I am the troll down in Other Games. Lately big games have been PUBG, Rocket League, and Sea of Thieves. Best way to reach me is on Discord. Every Sunday we’ve been doing a tournament with good turn out so far. BigDommer streams that. Pretty good time if you just want to watch. We’re starting to branch out for a second tournament for lower level players if anyone wants to get in on that. We have some other stuff in the works. Epic: We’re going to open the floor to everybody here for questions for the RFMS. Anyone can ask questions. Drapeta: Do we have very many active Tabletop things going on or coming up? Stan: There is currently a pinned thread in the Tabletop section for LFG or LFM thread. If you are planning a game or want to be involved, simply post in that thread. I have also been planning some one-shots for weekends. I don’t have any plans for specific long term games, but I do want to start running one-shots again. I’ve also been trying to get people to participate in things like Talisman. A few of us have a season pass, myself included. If you want to be involved, get a copy of the base game and I can play that with you and you can use all the season pass stuff as long as I am part of it. I think Maday has it and LT. I know that Caster has been looking to maybe get games of Cards Against Humanity (warning is advised), and on top of all that, I’ve been looking into Tabletop Simulator and been trying to figure out a way to incorporate that into some other games. RacerDelux: I just checked the pinned in Tabletops, and it was empty. Stan: No it’s not, I’ll post it in general-chat, just hold on. Thread. Caster: I just wanted to say something really quick. We should definitely support the streamers we have in the community. They are doing a really good job with the MadCast events, and that’s awesome. It’s good to have good attendance at those to show there is a presence in our community. Epic: I think we’re gonna bump it along to the SFMS. Prince, Stan, and myself are here tonight. Rife is tied up with work. I’ll kick ‘er off and follow up with Stan. As far as speech goes, I am Epic. I have been a long time admin around here and SFM for a couple of cycles now. I run LoL and Mentor-Candidacy program. RFMs have given you a run-through of what we are doing in those branches of MadCast. Being that what’s said has been said, I will talk to you about SFM topics we’ve been working on. Apologies to Stan and Prince if I’m stepping on their toes. We’re working a lot on Discord. It’s been a new field for us. You dropped a thread in the Penthouse and posted a lot of feedback, specifically subroles. We’re still deliberating with feedback you’ve given us. We’re working towards a solution that makes Discord a more cohesive unit so that everyone feels more “together” you could say. A couple of solutions include slimming down text chats, introducing sub roles, and possible bot-support, to make it all work so it’s not as manual so you can manage the rules of your person yourself. We’re looking to get this all out to you to enjoy. Epic: Caster touched on it- graphics. We as an administration are making a concerted efforts to refresh visuals for the site. We’re going to be pushing for more needed work. If you have skills, toss Caster a message. Keep a look out for requests for help or needed opinions. Epic: Two quick things, candidate comment threads as usual. We’re always looking for mentors. Read up on that in the FM section if you need a hand. As FMs, we need more recorded interaction between candidates and mentors, and good comments to back that up to make sure we’re letting the right one in so to speak and make sure that function of our website is at optimal levels. Epic: Last but not least, elections are coming. Keep us in mind, that is it. Thank you very much. Stan: Hi, I am Stan, resident-old-man who is not really old, but also um uh um. I guess, uh, HotS head admin. Um, HotS has an event every Sunday at 7 pm EST where we play against each other. It can be pretty fun. We had pretty good attendance in the last 2 of 3. We really love to have a bunch of MadCasters. You don’t have to be good. It’s just for cool guy points I guess. No judgement, nothing like that unless it’s ARAMS in which case we all talk trash to each other. You really don’t have to be good, Caster plays it. Stan: Another thing, we have a significant portion of the community that likes to play tabletop games as Drapeta brought up. It’s actually a very quiet group of people, not a lot of advertisement, people just talk to each other. I really want to throw out there, if you want to play some games, throw it on the LFG, LFM thread. I’d love to see more of those groups put up so people have an opportunity to get introduced to tabletop. I’ve been trying for a long time to get that to be a constant here. Stan: I’d like to go over dungeon mastering with anyone that wants to learn. There are quite a few prominent dungeon masters in this community. And we would love to help you all out. There are different methods of doing it and it’s really fun. A lot of people think it’s stressful, and it can be, but fun regardless. It’s a bit of a break from sitting in front of your monitor and being faster at clicking the button than the other person. I’m going to put together threads for a workshop in the next couple of weeks. Lastly, yeah, that’s about it. Um, if you guys do have any ideas, about um, things we could do to help with interface or ease of access for things like the forums or discord, we would love to hear back from you on those, and that is literally all I have to say. Prince: Ohey, I’m Prince. Um, so, I get to be the relative old man SFM. No, Stan’s a little bit fresher than I am in that world, I suppose. Anywho, I’m running the Destiny-end of things, and as you can see of recent, that has not been hyped. Thanks Bungie. As it stands, Destiny is coming out with a new expansion on the 8th of this month. If you’re interested in playing, I have been running on weekends a raid group. I am available most evenings on bringing people through things to get caught up. If you’re interested in that, I am on Destiny most every evening. I think they are going to be doing a lot of good things. They are taking feedback and I’m looking forward to that. Beyond Destiny, I have plans and mechanitions for a Fornite night. It is F2P. I hope everyone will show up. I do not have a tentative date for that. I imagine that will be within the next two weeks. We'll get together, blow shit up, each other, other people randomly there. It’s free and I’ll do it late enough or on a weekend. Prince: The last thing I have, this is not specifically game related. Something I emphasized the last time. The FMs in the community have a lot of power to make change, bring games. I want to emphasize you can make stuff happen. You don’t need permission to bring a game or get people together. If there is a game you are playing and want other people to play with you, make a night, say hey, I want to do this thing. Whatever game sounds good to you. You don’t have to wait for an admin to tell you it’s okay. More likely than not I’ll make a channel for you, if we can get graphics together, I would work with Caster to make sure you have what you need to make the things you want happen. This community is not about admins doing things for you to make fun. Make your fun your own way. If there are things you want to see happen here, make ‘em happen. I want to see that happen again. Remember you don’t have to wait for an admin to make you fun for you. The community is about bringing people together, so very strong emphasis on that. You guys have a lot of ability to influence what comes into the community and what you see grow in the community. Epic: We’re gonna open up the floor to questions for the SFMs. Any topic. MaroModo: Will SFMs boost my account to gold? Stan: If anyone offers to do that, turn them in for bounty. I did see a couple of questions pop up. What do we mean by forums clean up? We want to do some things that include ease of access. We want to make it flow better I guess. Prince: If you’re new we don’t want you to get confused. Stan: There are a lot of weird pathways. Maday did an amazing job of setting things up, but in the meantime things changed. People want to promote things through MadCast, specifically streams. We want to try to find a way to work with the forums and website. To make some of this stuff easier to see. Make it so we can all enjoy going on there. All enjoy the ease of access we can find on there. Hey, let me go to the homepage, there’s a whole bunch of games on there, let me watch Dommer’s because the has the race-car-soccer-game going. That one. Anyway, we want to create a lot of ease of access of remove duplicate means of doing things, or remove things like in order to watch streams now you have to go to videos, and then the subsections of streams, then a list of people who can stream, and then the stream that you want. We want to promote MadCasters because they are promoting MadCast. That’s not the only thing but popped off the top of my head. Stan: Another question I saw was WoW. As far as that goes, I don’t expect that I or any other SFMs have any plans to do a MadCast specific guild. We tried that, while it was fun, it led to quite a bit of burnout and some poor FM interactions and it didn’t turn out very well in the long term and it feels like one of those games where people can really not enjoy the experience if it’s restricted. Prince: Just listen, WoW is a game people play for periods of time and disappear. It’s not a sustainable way of doing things, therefore we do not have a MadCast guild. This has happened several times. We have a hard time recruiting for WoW because of the specific groups which don’t always mesh with the MadCast way of doing things. Racer Delux: Bless online is on early access. Stan: If you guys want to play a specific MMO, I know GW2 and WoW, maybe even FF14 have their own subforums. Check those, create a new thread, ask for real ids, tags, stuff like that. I know WoW is coming up with a community chat. That’s something I was probably going to do a MadCast community but not a guild so it’s easier to contact and be in contact with other Madcast members. But you’re on your own if you’re playing WoW. There’s no MadCast guild. Shattered: Anyone interested in PUBG, we have custom game access. If anyone is interested, we fire it up every other night. Jump in and shoot each other. CrippledCookie: Back on the tabletop, Settlers of Catan anyone? It’s F2P on Steam. I’d like to get it going. To invite people, it’s like $11 or something. Gokudera: Yo, me and Icarus will definitely get on that. llama: I have been lurking for a couple of years now. I know some MadCast members irl. I stuck around for a while. I think one of the reasons I was invited here tonight was to give my opinions on why I haven’t really joined up yet. It’s mainly- I know it’s a hot topic, but it’s the forums kind of... I’ve been here for a few years now. I’ve met a lot of you guys, but not most of you. We kind of stick to RL and PUBG groups. We’re just not big forum users as opposed to how often we communicate in Discord. I was told by Shattered, Lurama has been working on ways to utilize Discord as a way to replace the forums. If that can be done, I’m all in. I’m not a big forum user and I’ve been here a couple of years. If you haven’t met me by now, what’s the point of going on the forums and introducing myself already. I think Discord is a great way because it’s so quick to invite people to Discord. Once they see what people are all about, inviting people in general, it would just do wonders for the community general. I appreciate my time here and thanks for letting me fit in. Epic: What you’re building in here is a hot topic. Every one of the people in here will have a comment. I am going to table the rework of Discord and opinions on the website after we open up the staff. Not to say I don’t appreciate what you’re saying. Epic: Let’s delve into that and pull some questions from the topic. We’re all pretty much equals in here. We’ve got a generational gap and we’ve got just a preference gap, which is wonderful. Literally what a community consists of. I’m not going to soapbox this too much, but this place was created by two dudes and built upon for 7 years as a forums based website. I know we’ve drifted away from this website. We’ve pulled away from the requirements and feeling behind a forum based website and more a community hub. I know that at least three people in this room, not including anybody orange, have opinions on how to change that or maybe include more from the website or Discord. But i want to make this clear there have not been discussions to pull away from the website or the requirements or crucial nature of I’m saying that so as to not put the stomp on Lurama. So back to the original topic, what do you guys feel. Drapeta: The thing I think needs to happen is not necessarily a voice discussion but a channel or thread for a period of time where they can all be read and weighed equally. Stan: Just real quick- people bring up they meet people on Discord and don’t want to throw up an introduction of a- that’s not all that a forum is. It’s a way of maintaining data, it’s an archive, a method of making sure we have communication outside of Discord, to make sure we can communicate with each other on a level I would think deeper and gives more thought. When I type things out I can add more thought to it and take my time to reply instead of ad libbing on the spot and communicate better through typing. That may just be me. It’s a place we can to not just find old stuff either, but to post for the long term. These are all the tags, for example. RacerDelux: It would make a lot of sense to add a Discord sign-in for the forum as well. Racer Delux (via # town-hall-temp-chat): ALSO to those interested, I recently picked up a new server that lets me spin up multiple game servers. If you have a game you want a private server for, come ask me and I will see what I can do Epic: There are a bunch of ways to integrate Discord into the website which is great. There will probably be more pushback to integrate the website into Discord. MaroModo: I think it’s short sighted to say the forums- in regard to younger people coming to MdaCast as a whole, it’s a whole different scenario. Forums might be for older gamers. They do serve a purpose. I point people to the website and it brings people in. It’s beyond introductions in my opinions. Parmejon Cheese: I am not a MadCast member. I don’t play with 95% of you. I play in the lower channels. I don’t think we’re saying get rid of the website and forums because I see the value in it, but for bringing in new members, I think it’s kind of get with the times. I think there should be a MadCast Facebook group. I know there’s a big group that chat all the time. How active is it? I assume it should be really active. I just want to chime in and say we shouldn't’ get rid of the forums, but maybe there should be a better way to get in besides the forums. LTTelamon: I’m hearing you say the website is not worth your time and investing into other parts of the community is not worth your time. I could be mishearing that. To me, the website represents the identity of the community. Discord is ephemeral. The website makes us an entity. The reason we have forums is you may have to interact with people you may not in Discord because the forum is viewed by everyone. It’s a certain investment to spend time on the forum than spending time in the Discord channel. RedJustice: I disagree with you. I don’t think the website represents or is the community. It’s never been that for me. The community has always been the relationships I have with people. Discord or the forums or TeamSpeak are just mechanisms for maintaining and forming the relationships. I guess I don’t care that much about the forums as anything special because I don’t think they are actually that important to the sense of community I have here. I do like the forums, especially for policy discussions and administration, I just don’t think the website is the identity of MadCast is all. Mike: I was just going to hop in and say I don’t necessarily fall on either way. I’m not necessarily the oldest member in the group. When I joined about a year ago, there was a really rich history well documented on the forums and I could read back up until when I hopped in. I found the history was really useful, not necessarily to advocate anyway or another. LTTelamon: If you guys have some sort of response to that. I guess, from my fundamental viewpoint here, I understand we’re asking you spend time you wouldn’t ordinarily spend. I guess that’s time we require you to spend. Time you’re investing in us like we are in you. Drapeta: It takes a lot of investment from the top level and it’s both emotional and time to make a community. So I’m somewhere in the middle because while the forums are difficult, I agree with why people should invest time in forums and the website, but I think it could be done better. It can be difficult to know where to go and what to do. It could be made easier in ways people actually interact with the internet these days. Parmejon Cheese: I’m a broadcaster for Shattered’s RL tournament on Sundays. New people come into the channel who wouldn’t have otherwise. and saying you have to post in the forums and the extra stuff to join will turn people away. For growing the community and keeping it sustained. I don’t have a solution, I’m just saying that’s a barrier for me for 2 years being in here and not joining. Icarus (via # town-hall-temp-chat): The process was really easy. Drapeta (via #town-hall-temp-chat): The process is easy LTTelamon: I understand. I do think that we expect- we have certain standards of expectations for people with our time in terms of how invested and committed they are to the community. I’m not saying no we would never explore that. But, I’ve had plenty of people show up in TeamSpeak for a month and vanish off the face of the earth. They don’t tend to do that as much if they are forum users. Racer Delux: When I was in my candidacy there wasn’t a lot of stuff on the forums, and my mentor was telling me to post, but there wasn’t much stuff to react to. MaroModo: How many communities do you know that have been around 10+ years without forums? llama: There are those communities out there that are very tight knit. If there was a way to archive information from Discord onto the forums- if Discord was your main source of communication that could be backed up to the forum. I understand there is no reason to get rid of it. Let’s talk integration here. Lurama has been making big moves learning the whole Discord forum and chat. I don’t know if he’s here right now. Could we use Discord as a way to communicate here and now and have the forums back it up? Lurama: The short and simple is- yes with enough effort you can back up information from channels to something like the website. How much effort that would take, I can’t tell you right now because I haven’t tried to do anything of that nature. Whether, or how that would turn out into something on the website... it would be like trying to read chat logs from AOL instant messenger back in the day. It would be very difficult. Stan: I’m hearing two separate issues. One is that the forums are a barrier to entry, and two they are an outdated method of communication or less effective method of communication. As far as barrier of entry is concerned, we’re not elitist but we are exclusive. We focus on quality individuals that are able to focus down and work together to build something that will last for a long time, because we like each other. We find like-minded individuals. If you’re going to be a rager or a bothersome person, we just don’t have time for that. I’m too tired and bothered by it. So, MadCast is exclusive. A barrier to entry is a method to maintaining exclusivity that is necessary. Stan: There is a lot of trash on Discord that’s not necessary to transfer to the forums. The forums is a long term method of communication not as ephemeral as Facebook or Twitter. It’s the point of it. WildFire (via # town-hall-temp-chat): The answer seems obvious to me: the forum and having to post is the only way to be a member, but if someone doesn't prefer forums they'll never join as a result of that hurdle. Let people who dislike forums apply via the forums, introduce themselves and get the votes however they please with or without forum activity. I personally got my post counts in for my membership but now I only post when I want which isn't as often but I talk to people in other games, Discord, etc in-between forum posts. CoachRivers: There used to be an average post count that made you a member. I’m reading over it now and it’s not a hardset stone number anymore. Stan: I believe it used to be 1.0, but it’s no longer a hard count. It’s a general amount. CoachRivers: Being active on the forums is a requirement, I suppose. It’s not the only criteria. So, could we not just make the process of applying easier, but not change any other thing we do about the process. RedJustice: We stopped purging people out for not meeting that requirement back when I was an SFM, which I think made the requirement sort of moot. If we want candidates to do it, we really need to hold FMs to the standard. If we don’t want to hold FMs to the standard, why the hell is it a requirement to join? Drapeta (via # town-hall-temp-chat): Agrees with Red llama: I’m make an introduction if that’s what it takes, but make a post per day thing... I got a job. Kelica: We all have jobs but I still manage to be on there and post. Stan: Everyone takes a shit, might as well check forums. Baal: I’m on the forums maybe every other day for 15 minutes and I still have a very high post count. Support Welfare (via # town-hall-temp-chat): I look at the process of our requirement for full membership like I view twitch sign up (or any site sign up). You have to make the effort and take the time to "register" (takes 2 minutes to do) and then you pretty much have access to the full site. Its a way to let us as community members know who took the time to go through the process and show us you have a vested interest into joining the community. Icarus (via # town-hall-temp-chat): People want instant gratification Prince: We created that problem because it’s far easier to communicate with someone on the forums than on Discord. We created the problem by having Discord. I’m not saying anyone who made a bunch of posts on the forums is better or right or w/e. But I can get on my phone and click the Discord app or w/e and here I am. RacerDelux (via # town-hall-temp-chat): One possible suggestion, not sure if this plugin exists, but with the new channel groups, if you had a group for threads and Discord would sync the... top 20 most recent threads? And let you reply from discord text channel or from the website. Parmejon Cheese: I already dedicate time broadcasting and promoting MadCast a couple of hours every week, so I am dedicating my time to this community already. Epic: I know what you’re saying. Are you aware of how candidates are currently voted in to becoming members? CrippledCookie: Having recently gone through the process, I would argue against what they are saying. Epic: You would be aware that the SFMs at the end of a 30 day cycle, pull a thread, deliberate, these members have shared their interactions about a specific person. Now, one of the delimiters we use to set people apart are how they interact on the forums. Not the numbers, but what they post and like. We don’t have a thing to go through Discord and see the interactions. Slippery slope argument- we’ve got a lessening on the requirements of posting and start pulling away. It’s something okay. But we start seeing and letting in FMs that are not engaging in a critical function of pulling people in. This is one of a few reasons why the system is in place. The mentor program. There’s a trickle down There’s a lot of things affected. There really needs to be a thread about it because there are a lot of different opinions. Epic: I was thrust upon these lawyer dudes that post a lot. What I’m building towards- I had to change a lot of habits coming here. I’m not saying you should, but it’s worth the discussion. Icarus (via # town-hall-temp-chat): It takes time to get something good. HERE HERE (to Epic) LTTelamon: The purpose of this meeting is to allow people to express their opinions. I’d rather hear what you’re saying even if I don’t agree with it. MaroModo (via # town-hall-temp-chat): and nobody is forcing anyone to a FM its a choice to be apart of a family community (except one person no names XD) CoachRivers: That brings up another point from the spontaneous TownHall. RedJustice: I just want to say if hypothetically we get rid of the requirement- or reduce it or w/e. We already have an issue with shitty candidate comments and low quality comments getting candides through. FMs and RFMs even- most of you are leaving bad comments. With even less objective evidence for SFMs to go off of it will be even harder. And honestly SFMs are allowing it by voting through people with poor quality comments, so it will be a pretty big change to enforce that. I really think we ought to do more to enforce those standards. Lunalesk (via # town-hall-temp-chat): lol Red supports community, friendship and raising the damn bar MaroModo (via # town-hall-temp-chat): red enourages hardcore drinking XD Icarus (via # town-hall-temp-chat): don't raise the bar too high then I won't be able to get my drink RopesAreRad: I am the mirror opposite of llama. I was here for 8-9 months on and off before applying on and off ago. I get what Stan was saying about being exclusive. I wasn’t considering applying because I met a couple of people and it was fun to play for a bit. It wasn’t until I played more with them that I ended up applying, but I only talked to Epic quite a bit and Stan for 3-4 minutes once, but hadn’t met any other SFMs. I can see without the forums it could become even harder. Epic: We talked about a lot of shit but it’s getting pretty late now. Barring any input from LT… before we close, thank you all for coming and participating. We’re calling it a close.There will be discussion posts in the forums.
  11. WE MADE IT!

    Hurrah! I subbed before your were affiliate. 8D I feel cool now. Congrats.
  12. Intro: Kruhl

    Hi Kruhl! Welcome welcome. Hope to catch you in Discord sometime soon. I haven't played HotS since it was in beta, but I've been trying to get back into it, so maybe we will get a chance to play together soon. I am a n00b though, so... It could be a traumatic experience for all.
  13. Mechanical Keyboard?

    DO YOU LOVE THE COLORS THOUGH? The real question is how you will choose to program the lights.
  14. Mechanical Keyboard?

    I have a Das at work (I think gen 2), and a Razer Chroma at home. I love both and don't notice a huge difference between them in terms of quality. I really enjoy the clicky feedback and the keystroke resistance. On older crappy keyboards, sometimes you get loose keys that register if you accidentally nudge them. Tbh, I don't believe it makes any real difference for gaming unless you are playing at a more competitive level. However, I use a computer keyboard for 12+ hours a day, and I think it's worth the $ just for the enjoyment of something I use so frequently. Also, I get a lot of admiration from my coworkers about my typing, lol.
  15. Anyone else current playing Minecraft?

    Figured I'd post in here, since Minecraft has piqued my interest again lately, and I'm not sure who else is currently playing or interested in playing. I am mainly interested in building in vanilla survival. This seems to be about the most rare combo of interests that people have for these games. I'm just not interested in playing mods, though I am willing to do some minimal modding for quality of life, especially related to multi-player if that makes the difference for other people. I have periodically contributed to other people's large-scale creative build projects, and that's been fun, but I like the challenge of having to get materials to build with. I would be interested in doing a Hermitcraft (separate personal areas and community projects) or Kingdoms style server (world backstory and themed community projects) with other MadCasters if anyone else is interested in that style of gameplay.