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  1. KToader's Introduction

    Hi KT. I am Red! I have two cats (pics in the fur baby thread). I also play LoL, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Guild Wars 2, Rimworld, Terraria, Starbound, and have dabbled in other MMOs that didn't stick for me. Used to play StarCraft 2. I like nail art, baking, craft beer, and being warm.
  2. League of Improve: Season 8

    Season 8 is going to start in about a week, and I've heard a lot of talk about the different goals people have for the new season. Even though I've been playing this game since 2011, I've never played it consistently, which is something I want to change this season. Hopefully this allows me to make some meaningful progress on improving my gameplay! Many of the goals I've heard people mention are related to their rank. It's obvious why most people set a ranked goal- end of season rewards (I'm still heartbroken that I don't have the Victorious Janna Skin...), something measurable, and obviously bragging rights. That said, rank is just an indicator of other things. I hope some of you will join me in setting goals related to self-improvement instead of, or in addition to, a rank goal. You don't have to follow the below format, but feel free to use it if it's helpful to you: - One champion I want to learn this season is: - One mechanic I want to learn this season is: - One game knowledge area I want to learn this season is: Here are mine: One champion I want to learn this season is: Thresh. I currently have a very small support pool, and I'd like to challenge myself to take on more mechanically complex champions, as well as branch out to more tanky play-maker type of supports. I thought of choosing Leona or Braum instead, but I don't think they have the same mechanical difficulty. I have played Thresh a handful of times but got frustrated with the windup on his hook and accidentally flaying people in the wrong direction, so I didn't put further effort into learning him. I also really struggle against good Thresh players, but I don't run into many of them at my elo. My preliminary goal is to play 100 normal games with Thresh. One mechanic I want to learn this season is: smartcasting. I haven't ever done it. I don't plan to smartcast EVERYTHING EVER, but I'd like to take a serious look at my main champions and start practicing it with specific skills that could most benefit from it, with the goal of using some smartcasting on all of my main champions by the end of the season. My preliminary goal is to change my Nami Q to smartcast and get used to that. One game knowledge area I want to learn this season is: jungling. As a support main, I feel like I could substantially benefit from better understanding the routes and jungling power spikes. This would help me make better roaming decisions so I can sync up with my own jungler, for example, as well as better warding, objective calls, etc. My preliminary goal is to read the Jungle 101 guide that Ashiary just made, and to start watching 5 replays every week from my own games and following what the jungler is doing for the first ~15 minutes. I'll do the replay thing for 4 weeks and then decide what the next thing is for me to do. Finally, I want to play a minimum of 10 ranked games a week in Season 8, but I'll average them out over each month in case I have a really busy week or am traveling, etc. I will post an update once a week or so on how I am doing and make adjustments or additions as I complete the preliminary goals I have set. I would love to hear what everyone else's improvement goals are for Season 8!
  3. Show us your fur-babies!

    Prince and I have two cats: The baby is Mordin. This needy one is named Liara.
  4. Chill Games

    I love Rimworld, also appreciate Darkest Dungeon (though don't consider it as chill as some others lol). Stardew Valley is a favorite of mine as well.
  5. Happy Birthday MadCast: Scooba

    I thought of you while I made this cake for Prince. Too bad you aren't here to eat it with us. Happy birthday.
  6. Sorry for my inactivity

    Wait; tattoo machine? 7 tattoos? Pics or it didn't happen. Also, secretly my heart hopes it's a little machine that lets you make peel and wet stick on tattoos of anything your heart desires, because I would buy that shit and take it to work and make temporary tattoos of the most random shit on the daily.
  7. I'm losing it

    My personal take is that people are overly invested in the outcome of individual games and this usually leads to frustration/tilt/etc. I think reframing success as a numbers game can really take the pressure off, whether you feel yourself tilting or just keeping running into toxic people. What I mean by this is that if you look at anyone who is enormously successful at a sport or activity, they have sunk thousands of hours into it and practice constantly. Rather than worrying about rank or wins and losses, commit to playing a certain number of ranked games every day or every week or every season. W/e works for you. I generally set a rule for myself to take a break or switch game modes every time I lose three games in a row, otherwise, win or lose, I just go to the next game. I try to focus on improving one thing every game and not worry about the rest. By staying focused on long term goals I do not get bothered by what happens in any one game. Finally, remember that people's emotional responses are more about their relationship with themselves than anything else. If you find yourself getting discouraged or upset by other people's behavior in game, spend some time in self-reflection.
  8. MadCast Welcomes: Kat!

    Congratulations Kat. YOU'LL ALWAYS BE KAT TO ME EVEN IF YOU CHANGE YOUR NAME TO HAWTHORN. Welcome to MadCast. I look forward to the great contributions you will make to the community. ^^
  9. MadCast Angel 2017

    Thanks Scooba for putting this together every year and going shopping.
  10. Support Mains?

    Nami is my favorite as well, along with Soraka for nostalgia reasons (when you could self-heal I used to take her with Heal summoner spell and bait tower dives so hard lol). I also love Leona, but I haven't played her for quite some time since I had some regular duo partners back in Season 3. I think I will start playing her again though- she's very strong right now. I enjoy Nami for her versatility. I find I can play her as a high aggro poke lane or high aggro all-in lane, as well as sit back and farm lane. She has good engage and disengage for in lane and later on in team fights. In many matchups where Nami is not "good" per se, she's also not bad. Even if I lose lane hard, I am still relevant and useful in team fights for the CC. I have played a lot of Janna over the years because despite constant nerfs, she's always good- but I don't consider her a favorite, just a comfort pick. The shield CD nerf doesn't feel like a nerf to me so much as just makes laning phase reallllly boring, so I stopped playing her as much. I still think she's good. XD Re: items, I am still salty about the fact that we have a limit on wards. I don't think it encourages other people to ward and I like to have vision. I shoot for 50+ vision score every game. Besides that, I really enjoy Locket and Nomad's Medallion. Locket because it's great for baiting the enemy team or clutch saves against dive comps, and Medallion because I'm fucking greedy. o3o I have been buying it before sighstone when I get ahead in most games now. XD It's not great if you leave laning phase early, but when you are in a bully lane and can buy it asap, you really get ahead on items fast.
  11. Introduction - Ron Swanson

    Hope these delicious slices of bacon make you feel right at home here.
  12. The birthday gift to myself

    That's all you get. And chocolate cake.
  13. Black Friday Temptations

    I went ahead and bought the indie eyeshadows. Now my collection is complete! I think I have enough nail polishes for now lol. I should really go through some of what I have before buying more for myself, and I don't want to pay shipping for a single nail polish present for someone. Sooooo I think I am coming away most un-scathed wallet-wise. We'll see, it's still early in the day and there will be Cyber Monday deals.
  14. Black Friday Temptations

    I want all the things today. I have so many tabs open right now with items in online shopping carts. Things I currently want: Some indie eyeshadows Some nailpolishes to gift to people for Christmas Nail stamping plates Woot T-shirts An annual zoo and art museum membership SSD Random makeup tools from sephora Leather band for my fitbit I am not sure if I will by any of it or all of it or what. What are you tempted to buy today? Also how's it going, happy Friday, it's time to bust out the Christmas music, etc.
  15. if you watch NA lcs

    I just wanna see where Aphromoo ends up. Aphro, Dyrus, and Xpecial are my favorites, but Dyrus and Xpecial are retired so... Also, I generally have a soft spot for TSM and TL as teams, so am following their team news closely.