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  1. @MadCast: SotarkadinNo, you can purchase them separately actually. You and @MadCast: Weirdlymight want to take a look at this chart for a breakdown of what's included in what: Personally, I thought HoT was great and if you enjoy the story I suspect you'll end up buying it later if you get PoF now.
  2. @MadCast: Weirdly if you are really enjoying Heart of Thorns and think you will want to play PoF, I would suggest buying now to get the pre-order items. Keep in mind that the nature of the open-world content means that you may want to go to PoF zones in order to do events or content with other players, even as you are progressing through the story. Also let me know if you need help with completing your build! I have mostly max crafting.
  3. Giving this a little nudge, since we're one week out! I will be running around wrapping up some HoT content and Living Story achievements this weekend if anyone cares to join.
  4. Hi Nemisis, glad to see you here. I play or have played all the games you listed except PUBG, Currently am mostly playing LoL, Rimworld, Starbound, and Terraria. I've been playing GW2 on and off this year but expect I will be spending a lot more time there next week when the expansion hits! Hope to see you around in LoL or perhaps one of these other games.
  5. GW2 Path of Fire launches on Friday, September 22, which is in TEN DAYS! Looking to see who else will be around to explore Elona and the Crystal Desert. Depending on interest I might organize some more formal stuff with giveaways and shenanigans activities, but we can also just have a relaxing night of beer, fun, and server lag while hanging out in TS. If you have not played GW2 and are curious about the game, you should check it out! The base game of GW2 is free to play, so you can experience a significant chunk of content (all the way to max level) before making a decision to buy. If you make a free account, post here so we can add you to the MadCast Guild and so you can help getting started. I have updated the guide I wrote several years back for new players to answer common questions. Some things may vary for free to play accounts, but not anything substantial. If you have additional questions let me know. If you are returning to the game after a long time away, let me know if you need an invite to the MadCast Guild or help reorienting. If you want to know if the Heart of Thorns Expansion is worth it, I say ABSOLUTELY YES IT'S AMAZING. But 10 days is probably not going to be enough time to explore the content, so if you aren't sure, get the current expansion and purchase Heart of Thorns later. You should log in asap to unlock the latest Living Story Episode of Season 3 though. Official Expansion Website here:
  6. Sent you a guild invite! Sorry I am a little hit and miss right now because of work, but I'll be around to play GW2 with you in the next couple of weeks, I hope!
  7. @MadCast: Weirdly, the way GW2 works is very flat, in terms of progression! Players are dynamically scaled to areas so that higher level players can be scaled down to starting areas while still receiving normal level lewts! Daily quests and many acheivements, etc require players to return back to low level areas, as well as world bosses. You can't be too new! Let me know your GW2 tag, and I will get you invited to the MadCast Guild. (You too @MadCast: Zarrom). That way you can find help in guild chat from other MadCasters.
  8. Welcome to MadCast; glad to see you with the tag.
  9. It was awesome naturally, but we missed you! Hope you can make it the next time around. <3
  10. Getting some good general interest from the greater GW2 community, including some requests to see this event streamed. Would anyone be interested in streaming it for us? I know Prince has a streaming set up, but not sure if anyone else does as well.
  11. Itttttttttt's JIGGLES! I see you @MadCast: JigglesTheFett. It wouldn't be Booze Bolt without you. Good to have you too Numemore (do you want to be called that instead of Shadow now?). I will be back in TS tonight for GW2, since I took off work tomorrow.
  12. @MadCast: Stan- I just want to clarify that servers are irrelevant for most content except for WvW (and even then, kind of irrelevant because of mega server merging). If you have made a character or another server, don't worry about moving.
  13. Woot! That's 5 so far. I am going to post this up on the GW2 forums tonight and invite the community to show up as well. I was thinking that for lots of participants we could have it in a relay race style with teams- all of your team members have to get through to win, but each racer has to reach the end of the puzzle before the the next racer can start. Also, your avatar is SO CUTE @MadCast: Scaldo!
  14. Woohoo! Can't wait to see you there @MadCast: SpecialK! Also, you should hop into TS or in the MadCast Guild chat in the evenings. There are usually a couple of us about playing GW2 together. Do you have the expansion?
  15. The expansion is cheap and well worth it imo ($25 on regular sales), but fyi, another expansion is coming out in 4-6 months, and when that releases, HoT should be free/included with it. So if you are limited on money or haven't experienced the base game yet, you might wish to wait. You can play to max level and do a lot of stuff like PvP and WvW for free currently. Here is a comparison of the differences: