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    I enjoy life, my wife, and my job. I am an all over the place kinda guy. Love traveling, outdoors activities, and gaming.
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    my wife, gaming, folf, rock climbing, skateboards, snowboards, wakeboards, playing guitar,reading
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    Professional helper person aka teacher
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  1. If you like hip hop, starwars, gaming, check this dood out
  2. atta boy. just read throu the thread. Nice advice soup I was thinking allong the same lines of the i5 with the 980 bein a little off cantor. MUNNYFISH post some pics once that bad boy is set up and congratz.
  3. Well he did say he doesnt like to see others succeed so it is a back handed complement at the least. But hey some people just get off tearing others down.
  4. Why does everyone have to hate on the bears lol I like to run mine with marmaduke (the mastive hound) most of the time anyway. So those of you rangers out there can you post a solid sword guide or a healer guide? I run LB and double axe right now but I also only play PVE and have done much dungeonwise and would like to broaden my repertoire of builds.
  5. Sweet thanks for the info ladies. I am learning albeit slowly.
  6. So not that I am finally 80 and will soon be done with the personal story line...... What should my next steps be? I plan to do some video watching on dungeons to try and run a few and not look like a total noob, start maxing my crafts, and try for map completion. But a little guidance on what my focus should be would be awesome.. I remember in WoW being told the game didnt start until you were max level but I had some help learning the ropes in that game. Thanks in advance for the info and hopefully Ill get a chance to play with some of you soon. BTW Shout out to ThrushLeafborn thanks for running around with me the other day.
  7. Hey guys so after having GW2 for almost a year and only getting to lvl 5 (which was pretty pathetic) I have actually started to commit myself to the game and have a lvl 30something sylari hunter. That being said I would like to rejoin the guild. I was previously added but am pretty sure have been removed by now. My account name is Oursblanc.4809 and the character is Matrium Cauthon. I am living in India now so I am 10 1/2 to 12 1/2 hours time difference which makes it hard to find members online at the same time especially during the week but now that I am settled in and able to game a little more I am on TS in the channel when I am playing normally. Let me know if there is anything I need to do other than meet the requirements posted above and ITS GOOD TO BE BACK and ACTIVE with MCG.
  8. Gratz. VoShay great words man. I like that you went above and beyond to help show the accomplishment Tarrington made and provided a some encouragement and reflection for all the rest of us as well.
  9. I feel like there has been a significant drop in the bad language and major ragers since last I played, but I have avoided ranked games lately which is where I experienced the most toxicity.
  10. Summoner Name: MadCast: Ashrium Preferred Role: Support Second Role: ADC Least: Mid if its not to late or you need coverage
  11. How are we looking numbers wise? I think we are still just above 40 if I added and subtracted right. Syno you have a new update by chance? 1 day to go GET PUMPED
  12. I thought that was herpes in bed
  13. DDDDaaahhhhh I forgot to pick my Euro league picks this week.....lame