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  1. Founders packs are here no date on when the betas will be just "This fall" but if you do buy any of the packs you get guaranteed access. It's finally coming!
  2. This is what happened to me too friend, Except I got to see the install button and get told that all was a lie.
  3. this wasn't about overwatch being on the blizzard launcher, this was about installing overwatch being an option on the home start screen of the launcher which is new as of today and a horribly cruel thing blizzard has put us through.
  4. We now have an installation button / play button for overwatch! can't tell if the game is 100% released though as blizzard is down for maintenance. 4 hours and counting.
  5. Having a support class in the group makes a huge difference. They grant passive bonuses to your stats, and while they can not heal, the shields and other buffs they provide are extremely useful. There are no defensive stats in this game, a paladin takes just as much damage from an attack as say an archer. Shields give the paladin the ability to tank and stay alive, and without say a lightbinder in the party, a lot of the time the Paladin won't be able to stay alive. I know you love to support your team Wrestlar, I hope that eases your mind a bit about it, if you have anymore questions just post them below
  6. there will not be another wipe , also it is a pretty good game to play casually. Everyone seems to be enjoying it so far, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try : ) huge update coming out on the 11th as well
  7. Prince don't you lie to me, you don't play games.
  8. I think the desire is definitely there, but there is a key problem that may prevents us from really taking off for some time. As of right now there is no way for most players to actually group up and play together. If one players gets a little farther ahead than another, the game won't let those 2 into a party together. In the Russian version of the game, they recently added a system that scaled down high prestige players and let them enter lower level content with friends, It will be coming to our version soon, but that might not be for a few months depending on how hard this team works to push out patches and content. I thought this would hinder everyone's experience of the game, but skyforge seems to be so good that people don't mind playing a single player mmo for a bit. Uniting under a single goal or purpose would be definitely be good for us, but I think most people are dancing around the game until someone decides to take the first big step. I think everyone knows that I'd be interested in helping out in any way that I can. A pantheon has already been created, and all of my money has been thrown into upgrading the buildings so we can expand and keep adding in members that decide to give the game a try If you don't know if you'll like the game or not, I recommend you just give it a try. There are plenty of systems in this game that they just did better than most other games, I expect this game to take off and as it accrues features and updates it can only get better! Just play at your own pace and enjoy it and contact me if you have any questions folks.
  9. This was very well written thanks Rife, I'd like to add a few things though- Progression: Aside from the colored sparks you get from basically everything you do, there are also a lot of other ways to increase your prestige including managing your order and upgrading your gear boosters. After you unlock the order system at about 2,000 prestige you can start sending adepts of your order on missions to go collect resources, or attract more followers to your cause. You can also build temples that give you specific stat boosts depending on what you pick and all in all I think it's an interesting system. I like having an extra thing to keep track of while I'm playing. The combat is nothing extraordinary, but it is very refreshing. (For me) Very simple, constantly moving, changing targets, using abilities to impact the fight. The game does start at a very low difficulty but quickly scales as you start to encounter bosses with very specific mechanics. Dodging rocks from the sky, then hiding behind them to dodge aoes, breaking eggs so enemies don't spawn and destroy the party, You do get pigeonholed into 3 classes at the start but after about 8-9 days of playing you can unlock another one if you so choose, Kinetic, slayer, necromancer, or archer. Each class feels unique, and progressing inside of each class is vast and full of talents and new abilities. The Pantheon (Guild) system is very neat as well. I love it when games allow you to work together and accomplish something as a guild- This game implemented a vast building system that requires everyone to contribute in order to get things built in a reasonable amount of time. There are buildings that convey bonuses to members as well as ones that allow for pvp between other guilds and other pve challenges as well. The game is brand new however, so expect to find flaws, and bugs. It's only been out for 9 or 10 days, but so far Skyforge seems like a very good game, that could possibly grow into something great- If you guys have any questions at all feel free to ask below, but I hope to see you in game!
  10. Also not sure if this applies to ESO or not, but you can use the voucher code ENCORE-ENCORE-ENCORE to save 20% allegedly
  11. their site is getting blasted, I can't even load the page to look at it right now
  12. Happy Birthday! May your day be full of Mike Tyson eating popcorn aggressively.