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  1. I am sorry for those of you who missed the band wagon, WoW was legendary. The 40+ man city raids, barrens chat, Burning Crusade. It was all very fun I didn't like Cata or MoP very much and now leveling a character takes a lot less time which makes sense seeing the level cap isn't 70 anymore, but it does take away from the low level fun I used to have. I did enjoy Garrosh's story though and I would tell you to give it a shot because you will never know until you tried OP. Many have said it is a really good expansion so I am sure you will enjoy it for a while. Good luck don't forget to tell us how you like it.
  2. I know its not my turn but I didnt see one up. NAME THAT ANIME
  3. I also had my toons on brandywine. I enjoyed the game its just that MMOs are a huge timesink
  4. Sign me up Can we get a 975 when its half off?
  5. I Shall download and name my self MadCast wombat probably so add me! I will try this new moba if it is free.
  6. I could play too, It is a pretty fun rage game.
  7. That shit was crazy! I love watching their cinematic shorts.
  8. You can count me in, day off and at 8pm I can make it!
  9. I just finished Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires game. I was Genghis Khan and I made my guy max level evil and united all of China! (PS3)
  10. Today there is a great 2k Games bundle. So games like Bioshock 1,2,infinite XCOM Spec Ops the Line and more for super cheap donation to charity! https://www.humblebundle.com/
  11. I wouldnt mind the no downtime one, it seems like it is a little less complicated to just direct connect instead of being sent from a different adress.
  12. Water, I need you in my life! Welcome to MadCast.