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  1. I have to go up to my parents' house this weekend. I will do my best to be available despite being on the road, but fyi in case I cannot make it.
  2. Original L4D or bust.
  3. Permissions updated. Your login name is now MadCast: WatchMeFail. Welcome officially to MadCast.
  4. So lame. I can't even express how angry I was. Thankfully, Steelseries has decided to accept my RMA, but it's gonna be a while before my communications are reliable again.
  5. Face Iconoclast - Derek "End of the Line" Jordan I think Prince said he was an Anti-Hero.
  6. Deciding on archetype presently.
  7. Saturday works much, much better for me than Friday.
  8. My sincere condolences on your loss. This is good stuff - I cannot draw to save my life, so I'm always impressed by those who can.
  9. Permissions updated. Your login name is now MadCast: RellimGurl. Welcome officially to MadCast.
  10. Permissions updated. Your login name is now MadCast: mvargus. Welcome officially to MadCast.
  11. Welcome! We've had several European members - I'm sure that won't be an obstacle.
  12. This candidate was banned. This thread should have been locked - I will lock in 24 hrs.
  13. It might just be that the old thermal paste is worn off in a spot. That's happened to me. You might try replacing that. Plenty of videos on YT demonstrate how.
  14. I own a copy but have played literally once. I dunno if it's really my thing, but would give it a shot some night.
  15. Welcome!