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  1. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    Just a few days left to donate! Thank you to all donors thus far.
  2. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    With one week to go, we're so close to the goal! Let's break through and pass it!
  3. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    Thanks to Lurama's generous offer, we are closing in on our goal! Thanks to everyone who has contributed! Please take a moment to contribute if you can do so and have not yet. There's still time!
  4. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    Total updated. Still some distance to go, but substantial progress today! Please consider donating today, and if you do so, Lurama's matching offer may still be ongoing! Let's push a little more forward tomorrow!
  5. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    Thank you, Lurama. Folks, let's make sure we get the most out of that offer!
  6. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    Bump! Please consider donating to support the continued growth of the community!
  7. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    Nobody is saying my presence is all that desirable. 😂 I will create a list tonight of all the available giveaways.
  8. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    Awesome! Thanks!
  9. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    I write tonight to kickoff the 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive. As you know, funding for MadCast assets comes largely from the community. This includes the website and other MadCast resources. Please note: no one has ever, in the history of the community, been required to donate or pay money to retain MadCast membership. Please do not feel the need to post if you cannot donate. I assure you, we understand. However, for those of you who are financially capable of doing so, we urge you to consider supporting the community through donations during the drive. I will sweeten the pot by offering this, at the outset: at the conclusion of the drive, I will randomly select a donor above $25. That donor will receive 3 hours of games with yours truly, and perhaps some admin friends! You pick the game! My occasions to game are less frequent than they once were, but this drive is important to the community, and I'll make time to honor this offer. We are setting the goal for this year's drive at $800. This drive will last for two weeks. Other incentives to donate may be added as time goes on. I will keep the community posted on our progress as the drive progresses by bumping this thread. If you wish to be anonymous, please indicate so in your donation, and we'll ensure your name is not posted. To donate, please hit the Donations tab above, and follow the instructions. Select September 2018 when you have a chance to select the month for which you're donating. Please also think about setting up a recurring donation to support the community. It's easy to do and makes the finances of the community much easier to manage. We greatly appreciate our recurring donors. If you have the ability to support the community, I ask you to do so. Even small donations are meaningful. Thank you in advance for your contribution to help keep MadCast a place we can all enjoy for years to come. 0---------100--------200---------300--------400--------500--------600--------700--X------800! (GOAL) Updated September 23, 2018. Drive Ends September 26, 2018.
  10. Play Diplomacy

    I'm not saying don't play it. I'm just saying this game is two things: 1. Very long 2. Very cutthroat
  11. Play Diplomacy

    Do not play this game if you can't handle being stabbed in the back repeatedly.
  12. Intro: StargazerLili

  13. Premier League 18/19

    Likewise, I am a huge United supporter.
  14. MTG Arena

    I have keys, if anyone wants one.
  15. Golf With Your Friends

    As you well know, I have no problem beating folks in actual miniature golf.