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  1. Why are you bumping year-old threads?
  2. Your application will be considered after elections are complete. Thanks for applying.
  3. Welcome!
  4. Why is this experience fun?
  5. Very well. I'll return for another year.
  6. Welcome!
  7. I think I'll be available. Out for the following two, though. Vacation.
  8. I bought last night on a whim. We'll see if I get a chance to play soon.
  9. Let's go ahead and postpone. Khaos is in agreement.
  10. I don't think I'll be able to attend, based on agenda up north. Sorry folks.
  11. Welcome back.
  12. I have to go up to my parents' house this weekend. I will do my best to be available despite being on the road, but fyi in case I cannot make it.
  13. Original L4D or bust.
  14. Permissions updated. Your login name is now MadCast: WatchMeFail. Welcome officially to MadCast.
  15. So lame. I can't even express how angry I was. Thankfully, Steelseries has decided to accept my RMA, but it's gonna be a while before my communications are reliable again.