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  1. We should get some Golf With Your Friends nights!

    That game is fun for sure.
  2. Back after a hiatus

    Welcome back.
  3. MadCast Holiday 2018

    The Staff and admins of MadCast Gaming wish you a joyfilled holiday season. Each year, our admins and Staff give a large portion of their free time to provide content for MadCast and assure the community runs smoothly. However, MadCast has always held strongly to the principle that RL takes precedence and the holidays are a time to be spent with your family. Thus, MadCast Holiday begins today, December 24, and ends January 2. During this period, administrative responsibilities and obligations are likely to be delayed. No candidate votes will take place during this period, no scheduled events will be run, and you may notice a decreased admin presence. Please feel free to game as usual, if that's how you want to spend your holiday time. Please also note that elections will follow shortly after regular MadCast activity resumes in January. From all of us, please have a wonderful holiday, enjoy the time with your families, and we'll see you all in 2019.
  4. I'm back

    Welcome back. People are still playing LoL. I don't know the populations of the community LoL channels but I'm sure we can get that squared away.
  5. Battlefield V

    The game is $40 at Target this week, incidentally.
  6. Gencon

    I live in Indy, so I'm available for the same.
  7. MadCast Angel - 2018

    This cause is super close to my heart, having worked in child welfare for many years. Kids in this area have suffered greatly. If you can spare something to put a smile on their face this holiday, please consider doing so.
  8. Battlefield V

    I'm going to just forego the obvious joke here.......
  9. Magic The Gathering Arena

    That Harpy is gigantic. I personally prefer to grind drafts, but I've put a little money into gems, so that's an easier option for me than for some. If you have a good track record in successful drafts, that's the best way, I think. If you're newer, I'd focus on making sure you finish your daily quests. I don't necessarily recommend buying packs personally, but if you're constructed focused, that may work.
  10. Magic The Gathering Arena

    Arena has all Standard legal sets. It's not terrible - still sorta buggy, right now, but worth checking out if you're so inclined.
  11. BIG NEWS!!!!!!

    Congratulations! Thank you for your service.
  12. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    Alright, here's the list of available giveaways: VoShay has offered a game or games to everyone donating above $10. Those games will be distributed in order of donation, and the list of games is available on the first page of this thread. See his post for details. The following will be distributed to donors of $25 or more: 3 hrs of gaming w/ LTTelamon and friends The following will be distributed to donors of $15 or more: 3 hrs w/ Epic, which could include LoL coaching 1 copy of Magicka 2 One chibi drawing of any video game character from Kitty Stark Games from majorhoward (see first page post for details. I will draw 3 names.) This means most donors will be receiving something. I will be using the List Randomizer from, and will select the prizes in the order listed above. Here goes: Winner of 3 hrs w/ LTT and admin friends: Kitty Stark Winner of 3 hrs w/ Epic, possibly coaching: Usefully Useless Winner of 1 copy of Magicka 2: Vyoletta Winner of 1 chibi drawing of any video game character: Aeryx Winner of games from majorhoward: Akisuke, CoachRivers, Lurama
  13. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    If it works for you, I'm going to draw random names from the folks who qualified. Would you like me to draw someone for you?
  14. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    Thanks to all drive contributors. I will wrap this up late this evening.
  15. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    WE DID IT. Thanks so much to the donors! All giveaways will be distributed at the conclusion of the drive. We're still live until midnight. Please contribute if you're able.