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  1. Go in to your console (normally the tilde key ` ) and type "dota_camera_lock 1" Or if you want to toggle it, you can type "bindtoggle 'key' 'dota_camera_lock" I don't recommend playing this way at all, but it will lock the camera on top of you hero and automatically move the camera around with your hero movement, which I believe is the behavior you are trying to replicate from LoL. Dota actually has some pretty powerful camera commands, so if there's something you hate about it, there's a pretty good chance you can fix it. In addition, I highly suggest hitting the book symbol at the top right of the screen when you play. These are the in-game guides, made by the community. Pick the highest rated one, or look out for ones made by a guy named purge. These will suggest items for you and even highlight skills that you should level when you get enough experience, while giving reasoning behind why leveling the skill is good. Makes things a lot easier, since you won't have to alt+tab to get to guides. Have fun!
  2. It is that time of year again. The International, the yearly "Super Bowl" of Dota kicked off today with wildcard matches, and the group stages start tomorrow. With a prize pool that hit a whopping 10.5 million dollars thanks to community input, this is without a doubt the biggest e-sports event of the year. Learn more about it here. As always, this event will be streamed on twitch via numerous streams as well as in game for free. New this year is the addition of a "New to Dota" stream, which is specifically catered to the viewer that is both new to Dota and new to Dota-likes in general. That stream can be found here: Here's this year's version of the reddit survival guide I posted last year, just in case that's helpful: Keep an eye on the Dota 2 blog for announcements of Pubstomps, the Dota 2 version of "Barcraft."
  3. I don't know if it will help you, but Dota has something similar and has some pretty good rules. I played in a league with Toodles for a recent tournament. I notice that your scoring system doesn't differentiate between the different roles. There are pros and cons to having the scoring system be the same regardless of player position, but just in case you want to consider another system, here are the rules for Dota fantasy in client. Have fun!
  4. It's not just design that gets better, its photo-fab processes. Advances in deep UV lithography are essentially what let moore's law exist. Also, relevant reddit AMA:
  5. Little late for this, but the term you are looking for is ascended glitch. Relevant tvtropes article (tvtropes warning!): You'll note that many developers adopt these as main gameplay augmentations. Examples include "skiing" in the Tribes series, bunnyhopping in Quake, Mutalisk stacking in StarCraft, and Bubble Hearthing in WoW. None were intended from the outset, but were well liked and thus officially added. To say that denying or animation cancelling only exists "because it always has" I feel is a mistake. It continues to exist because it is either well liked or adds a new level of skill to the game. It is a conscious developer decision.
  6. So the Denver Pubstomp was awesome. Something crazy about ~150 people yelling at an esports match like it was football or something. I won an inflatable courier, so that was great. The actual event was pretty awesome, and the final five games were great.
  7. I should also add that if you have your steam account synced to your twitch account, you have a chance for item drops from watching as well.
  8. Just as a heads up, this year's International will start in ~40 minutes. For those unaware, this is the largest Dota tournament of every year, with 16 of the best teams in the world battling for the largest single tournament prize pool ever assembled for an esports event. The event will be streamed on twitch and through the Dota Client via DotaTV for free. Additionally, there may be a pubstomp (Dota equivalent of Barcraft) in your area to watch the games. Registering for these events gives you a chance to get item drops and cool swag from Valve (ask Toodles how much he loves his TI2 courier!) The International Official Page: The International Survival Guide (reddit thread): Pubstomp Directory: Today starts with a play-in match for two wildcard teams. Quantic Gaming from the West, and Rattlesnake Gaming from the East. Afterwards is a 1v1 mid matchup with fan voted participants. Group stages start tomorrow.
  9. *emphasis mine The inverse is also true. A player with less games has a higher chance of having more wins than losses, assuming that players "true skill" is higher than the provisional ranking. In your case, the player would have a lower "true skill" than the provisional ranking. This is assuming of course that your opponents are not provisional but have ratings around the provisional level (i.e. you are matched up with relatively known skill average players.) With appropriate setting of k-values and relatively even ELO matches, it usually takes ~30-40 sampling periods to be at a relatively high confidence interval from a players "true skill." As a note, this has nothing to do specifically with LoL, but rather paired comparison statistics following the ELO model. You'll note that using trueskill ranking (provided below,) it can take as few as 5 games, the sample size you provided. The uncertainty (and thus games required) goes up depending on game type and number of players. You'll note that for a 2 team, 4v4 game, trueskill takes ~46 games. Articles for those interested: - be sure to check out the faq! Also of note is that lower on the trueskill page, there is an excel spreadsheet provided by microsoft for calculating 2 teams of 5 players (as their web calculator only does two teams of 4.) Might be fun to play around with.
  10. Agree completely, with the caveat that you must improve in skill as well during your time grinding. Although its tough to say that because ELO doesn't really measure "skill," it measures your odds of winning any given match-up (which is never 100%.) Your ELO will go up if you continually beat the odds, which should be 50/50 for an ideal game. In fact, the given example may be even more flawed depending how Riot implements their k-factor. Roughly, this is the rate at which your ELO changes. The following is speculation on a certain k-factor implementation. If your k-factor is higher with fewer games played, then of course players of high "skill" with few games played will skyrocket in ELO. Conversely, if you suddenly wake up as the unknown prodigy of LoL, but you're 5,000 games in to your account, it will take you more games to climb, even if you won the same number of games in a row as one of these players. Granted, you will get to the point where you win 50% of your matchups eventually, it is the nature of ELO. I highly suggest reading up on the math, and subsequently the troubles, with ELO systems. As added food for thought, I feel you shouldn't care nearly as much about your ELO as a number, but rather your ELO in relation to the people you play. I don't play LoL anymore, but in other games I play that utilize ELO, such as chess, I want to be matched against someone of equal skill to me. I don't want, nor do I care to be, matched up against Kasperov. And as I'm never going to equal Kasperov's ELO, that's just fine with me. I want a good match.
  11. Book Spoilers Below: Negative. Common theory is that Jon is the son of Lyanna (Stark) and Rhaegar (Targaryen.) I could go into reasons for this theory if you wish. I'm sure you'll find it makes more sense than Ned having an affair given his hangup on honor and how haunted he is by Lyanna's deathbed wish. Google R+L=J
  12. If you're looking for headphones, I have to second Malacca's link of I'm currently rocking a pair of Audio Technica AD700s and will soon be powering them with a hand built tube amp.
  13. We had a couple one sided games, but it was a good time. All Mid All Pudge was hilarious, even as a spectator. Great night, gents.
  14. Irishhhh and I have a group we normally play with. We aren't good, but if slots need filling at the last minute we may be able to help with that.