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    IRL I am Dane Rickett. Corporate something or other with AT&T. I live north of Dallas Texas with my wife, two kids, and dog Gandalf.
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    Games of all types, soccer, home improvement, reading, movies, travelling, backpacking, fitness, etc
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  1. what is your favorite role for overwatch

    Defense all day with some healing sprinkled in here and there.
  2. Discord Suggestion

    I don't mind memes in the chats, as long as they are on-topic and don't get too spammy. Re: recent changes- I think the specific tags are huge. I was always offput by Slack/discord channels that spam @everyone and @here. Especially if it is content I'm not opted in to be interested in. The reduction in channels I like, mostly because TS liked being in a slim portrait shape on the far left of my screens and Disc just doesn't look great to me in anything but a more landscape aspect ratio. All that to say, I was not enjoying scrolling through all of the previous channels. Now it's clean and I can expand the channel trees I want on one screen. Having to clean up channels is something to get used to, but nothing more. Overall, Disc is pretty useful and the in-game control is very nice too.
  3. Whats your PC setup like?

    IDK how I missed that model being 144hz. On to the wish list it goes.
  4. Intro - Duraven

    Hey there and welcome! Yes, come to LOL for LOL tonight!
  5. Intro - Parmejon Cheese

    Was trying to think of a cheesy welcome, but this will have to fondue.... See you online!
  6. League of Learning 5-17-2018

    Well, that's it then... if anyone thought we were joking, sorry not sorry. This now has to happen.
  7. League of Learning 5-17-2018

    If I've learned anything, it's that you should always make the most money with the least effort. We need a mascot.
  8. League of Learning 5-17-2018

    MadCast LCS team incoming. That means we all have to live together in the same poorly furnished home.
  9. League of Learning 5-17-2018

    Yes and then we will be in LCS next year. It's a date.
  10. Whats your favourite book?

    Currently devouring Stormlight Archives and really enjoying them. Very hard to pick a favorite of all time though. Also, my kids are finally taking an interest in Harry Potter so I tend to drop everything and read to them when they ask.
  11. MadCast Promotes: RedJustice

    As long as there is lots of duck tape I'm in favor.
  12. Snapchat Codes!!!

    If you'd like to see random stuff that happens at work and a lot of my kids and dog, you can find my code below.
  13. Pyke: The Bloodharbor (Revealed)

    This one looks really fun. Excited to give him a shot and see how he does in lane as support. I like aggressive supports that make plays so this one is in my port (see what I did there?).
  14. Clash Team

    I'd be interested as well, depending on how it is scheduled and what the time commit looks like during the on weekends.
  15. MadCast League Season III Regular Season

    This was a lot of fun to watch and chat with some of the newer MadCast folks last week. Looking forward to it!