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    Bamberg, Germany
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    Running. Reading, Writing, Video Games!

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    Originally from Whitehorse, Yukon. Moved to Edmonton, Alberta and then attended Auburn University in Alabama. Received my BA in English and then attended the University of Washington and received my Ph.D. in English Composition. I live in Bamberg, Germany with my wife, 2 daughters (an additional one on the way) and 4 dogs.
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    MTG, LoL, Writing, Reading and Drinking Whiskey
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    NA - Bobo the Bear EUW - Meta Knight22
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  1. I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays! Please be safe while traveling and enjoy your relaxing time off! Oh, and play video games too!
  2. Awesome Sauce! Congrats, bud! I wish you both the best!!!
  3. We have so many people playing now, we might be able to start up 2 different groups. :-)
  4. Heya guys- I am back into HotS. Feel free to add me (Jadinite#1996) so we can play some. I don't know if there is a party feature that MadCast can utilise to party up while online, or if we all just need to add each other.
  5. Poppy and Elise! My main top laners. :-P I had to make it seem that the name choices were my wife's idea though. :-P
  6. I would love to get back into HotS! I need to download it again, but I read that we play together every Tuesday at 8:00. :-)
  7. The new masteries seem to be a bit underpowered. You dont really start with any additional AP or AD from them, and they seem to only be focused on late game. Additionally, taking out mana pots, changing the health pot to 150 hp and increasing the price to 50g makes jungling a bit more difficult. I would love to see how people adjust and change with the times. If you have any input, please let me know.
  8. I just got back, but would love to get into HotS and LoL again. My ign is 'Who is that Guy'
  9. Hi guys! I know it has been a while, but I am back from Afghanistan. I am ready to get some gaming in! Just a brief update- - My wife and I have a new addition to the family. Her name is Poppy Elise, and she is 7 months old now! - I will be moving to Cleveland (well, Aurora area) in February, so if you are familiar with the area, please let me know a good place to look into residing. - I am finished contracting, so I will be around more often! Again, I can't wait to start playing again and meet the new community!
  10. Void Fizz...... I guess I get a skin for not playing. Lol
  11. Awesome! I look forward to playing with you some more!
  12. Flohican, nice to meet you! Are you applying for FM+ at this time?
  13. Well, MadCast friends- I bought GW2 a few months ago (US/Canada Version), and it has been sitting on my desk ever since. It is still in the plastic and has never been opened. I am giving it away to someone who does not own a copy of GW2 and would like to play it. The rules are simple. Choose a number between 1-1000. The closest person to my chosen number at the end of the weekend (December 1st @11:59pm) will win. Do not enter to win the GW2 game if you are not comfortable giving out your mailing address. This contest is open to all FM+ ***I am in Europe, so the shipping might be a little slower than the US/Canada parcel system***