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  1. Dauntless - F2P Monster hunter game

    Been enjoying it as well, definitely worth a free pickup during beta
  2. Rocket League Summer Road Map

    A lot of this sounds awesome. I bet it's pretty tough coming up with ideas to make and keep rocket league fresh, seems like they have a pretty good dev team.
  3. Whats your favourite book?

    Mine is definitely The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Most specifically the whole series together as they're all short books and can be read in one normal sized volume. It has just enough science fiction but not overboard and it may be the only book that has literally made me laugh out loud, which it did several times.
  4. Sea of Thieves News

    Shame, I can't wait for all the extra content, also last Wednesday was a blast and I think the best stream to date for Sea of Thieves!
  5. Rocket League (05/13/2018) Members Only

    I will be there, I will be casting most likely but who knows maybe participating? Owning fools like woah?!
  6. Report for Booty 5/9@7:30 Est

    Count me in, I'm all about that booty!
  7. RFM Application: CoachRivers

    Looking for someone to RFM My Little Pony Island Adventure, oh look Coach is applying for RFM! Haha good luck buddy!
  8. WE MADE IT!

    Well guys, thanks for everyone who has supported us thus far, the stream has officially made it to affiliate which gives us a subscribe button and some other ways to make some money! Currently the stream is going to be using donations and subscription money to dump into our rocket league sunday tournaments to help grow it. The stream is not going to make a lot of money so if anyone has a twitch prime/amazon prime account and wants to use their free monthly sub on the channel we'd greatly appreciate it. You guys are the best and let's keep this train rolling!
  9. Madcast Streaming

    Bumping this thread, I only need 3 more follows, and this will help out our rocket league tournaments and possibly the whole community immensely. gimme dem follows boiz and grills.
  10. Madcast Streaming

    Indeed Maesen, I am currently looking into the second caster position, I have some ideas but nothing concrete from Full members yet. I am not really a huge part of the League community anymore (though I plan on remedying that soon) so I don't really know who to look for and call on for that but I do agree multiple casters is a much better experience for viewers and casters alike. I am going to sneak into some LoL games this week and do some scoping as well as Madcast: Mike plans on doing some fishing around as well. I still watch LCS pretty religiously so I'm hoping my game knowledge is still at a decent level to cast despite my limited time in game lately, but we'll find that out later as well
  11. Madcast Streaming

    Hey guys, I already made one post about this but I didn't get much response. I've started streaming at Https:// in order to cast our rocket league tournaments on Sundays. The stream is doing very well considering it is just a few weeks old but at the time of this I am at 42/50 followers to become an affiliate. If I get the last 8 I will then get a subscribe button which will allow some people who have amazon prime to start generating a small amount of revenue for the stream which would be a big help for prizes for the rocket league tournaments. I humbly ask that if any of you have a twitch account that you please login and hit that follow button to help us out! Thanks in advance. Also, I am very likely going to start casting the Madcast League Season 3 matches and am still open for any other suggestions from people if they would like stuff casted or streamed. I will also be streaming some other games whilst playing with Madcast members so that hopefully the stream grows Madcast and Madcast grows the stream in an endless cycle til we take over the world!
  12. Reintroduction!!!! Nemesis336699

    He's Back!
  13. New Stream Needs Madcast Participation

    If anyone is wondering, the stream is going to start a little before 3 PM EST for the Rocket League tournament so that would be a swell time for people to show their support.
  14. New Stream Needs Madcast Participation

    I will definitely start posting the videos on the forums, the first week we didn't even record the stream like noobs. But the stream gets a little better every week so we will get them up soon!
  15. New Stream Needs Madcast Participation

    Hey guys, I just recently started streaming in order to assist in blowing up some of our Rocket League tournaments which Madcast:Shattered currently hosts on Sundays. In just a few short weeks we have significantly grown the tournament and the stream alike but I need more followers to become and affiliate. The goal once affiliate is reached is to use any profits from the stream to keep growing the tournament and offering better prize incentive to participants. What I would appreciate fondly is if anyone here has a twitch account, they could just swing by and throw a follow to the channel. I appreciate any support ahead of time and feel free to stop by and watch the stream, most specifically early sunday afternoons while we are doing the Rocket League tournaments. Thanks Madcast, you're the best! P.S. If you guys have any games with spectator slots and you need someone to stream events, I will do my best to accomodate, just let me know!