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  1. Bigdommer will be your Man-at-Arms! We shall bring light to even the darkest dungeon!
  2. On the note of prizes from Dez, I think people should know that the outpouring of support for the stream awarded the winners prizes (which I just got around to giving since I had a baby). But as long as the stream can support it I intend to continue the prize streak, so next season, the more support there is the more/better the prizes will be. Should be good incentive for people to not only try their hardest and work on teamplay since prizes are on the line, but also incentive for people to support whoever is streaming the events!
  3. Just thought I'd share with those of you in that did not know, my first child was born 12/19 at 9:57 AM. I haven't slept since
  4. What's the name of the club, so I can just search it and join and maybe invite friends if anyone I know plays
  5. Finals are tonight at 9:00 EST! It will be streamed at Be there or be square!
  6. Post was too long didn't read...
  7. I'm going to repeat my critique from the town hall. This event in particular should absolutely be streamed. If you find yourself as the 11th man and just spectating when you have the ability to stream, then you should fire that stream up fellas and gals. The stream will give an outside look and critiques in real time if you want to go back and watch your VOD, especially after your lane match tells you what they think you were doing wrong, would be a lot easier to see it first hand.
  8. I feel like I've been set up for failure.
  9. Tonight's match between Luna's Team and Kyro's Team is starting late but will be streamed. I think Luna said around 9:30EST.
  10. Bro, you are literally doing what I have been trying to do for years but my wife won't let me. I ended up having to put a raspberry pi in a prebuilt arcade stick box and just hook it up to the tv with nothing better than N64 and older arcades on it. You are a lucky lucky man, and if you can figure out a way to convince my wife to let me do that, then I'll join you and be nagging you for advice building mine
  11. Great news! I hope your hard work pays off for you!
  12. Hey guys, I don't know how many people play magic the gathering or used to but they have a new online client in beta called arena. It is a very dumbed down version of the magic online client and does not include most of the sets. I think it is just using Ravnica block and 2019 core, however, it is set up more like hearthstone where you can earn cards and currency through quests so it is definitely a much cheaper/free option if you just wanted to mess around and play online.
  13. Coach Rivers and myself play it a little bit. We've been sort of enjoying/sort of frustrated with the royale.