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  1. im down to play alot of the time feel free to hit me up
  2. I currently play Horde On the Thrall server I can totally help you do instances and such
  3. Server is up and running strong I play it at least a little every night so it stays up to date so far no real lag issues feel free to check it out or ask me about it.
  4. Hard to tell if enough people play and want it to become pvp im ok with that. will remove Annunaki and Dragon gods I plan to make it fairly flexible following what the majority wants while keeping it fun for everyone
  5. its hosted in New York so it will be near 24/7
  6. Hello everyone! I just wanted to let all the ark players know that I have started my own Ark server! Currently it is PVE with the Annunaki Genesis mod mixed With Dragon gods The Rates are 15x for all Current map is TheIsland with plans to change to Ragnarok once Annunaki becomes stable on it. Server is 60 slot so plenty of room for everyone. If we reach alot of constant players im more than happy to upgrade the server if things start to bog down a bit. Would love to welcome anyone that would like to play In the event they the majority tires with Annunaki I would be happy to change it up there are plenty on interesting mods out there Feel free to contact me with any questions Nevard's Ark Server
  7. Little late to the thread party but this was REALLY fun and I would love to play with anyone from either team again.
  8. If there are any openings Ill be happy to kill some admins
  9. I have seen this and once i started i could not stop watched ALOT at one time lol great anime
  10. Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari Cross Ange Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Absolute Duo Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? These are all pretty good
  11. I shall at a minimum be giving this game a try hope to play with some of ya
  12. im not really sure what happened the video was fine and now there is loads of jumping and its all messed up youtube
  13. Not the best Quality ( next video should be better ) But this is me and shattered owning it up on the new FREE Stand Alone Ark: Survival of the Fittest. They have Free for all, 2 man Tribes , 4 Man Tribes, 6 Man Tribes so plenty of room for others to join the fun! PS at the very minimum you can watch the vid and at 51:57 you can see Shattered get Sniped of his rex near the end and never make the platform lol
  14. not sure where to post this I just got a question. I plan to start streaming some of the games I play to raise awareness of them in Madcast. Ark Survival Evolved, Overwatch, Blade & Soul and more maybe show some people that are interested what its like or just something fun to watch. My question is If anyone can give me a quick run threw on making a Twitch Template? not sure if im calling it the right thing. Example: where streamers put their About me , pc specs ,stream info ect. I understand that I can just type that all out on the page but that is rather bland I want to at least put enough effort to make it look decent. Is it simply a picture that they post there? or how does it work. Im sure I could find a vid on it But I would prefer to ask my friends in Madcast first.