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  1. Writing Challenge 5/5/2014

    I've written a few different stories in response to this, but I didn't like most of them once I was done. So, here's my last attempt, haha. I kinda feel like writing something about Leon and how he felt during his time with Celena. Maybe I'll just do it for fun later.
  2. Writing Challenge 5/5/2014

    I'll do it since rife170 blackmailed me.
  3. Intro - Arithon Hanzo

    Welcome, Hanzo! Glad to see you have registered to the forums. Good luck with the candidacy.
  4. Intro - Kanadiana

    Welcome! Glad to see Nightly got you to sign up for membership! Good luck on your candidacy.
  5. The Best of "Your Grammar Sucks"

    The Raping Vs Rapping part had me in stitches. Link to what I am talking about: http://youtu.be/DS_zQw61PQE?t=14m33s
  6. Don't own Final Fantasy XIV?

    Getting onto Excaliber might be hard since they restrict character creation there most hours of the day. Your best bet would to try around 4am EST to get on. Once you get on Excaliber, please either grab the attention of Nightly, Veliant, or I on TS and we can send you a company invite.
  7. MadCast: Disma - Ask Me Anything

    Do I know you?
  8. We are aiming for the large house which is 1 million gil.
  9. RFM Appliction Nightly

    Good luck on the RFM! You've been doing an amazing job with FFXIV so far.
  10. Time-Consuming and Time-Wasting Vent Haiku

    Today is the day. I have finally achieved MY FINAL FORM. HUE.
  11. I DID IT!

    ....What on earth are you even talking about?
  12. Summoner Name: Mimira Level: 30 Primary Role: ADC Secondary Role: Support Least Preferred Role: Anything but ADC honestly. Willing to Captain: No.
  13. I'd be willing to help get the team into gold by playing adc. The only times it's not possible for me to play is Tuesdays and Thursdays since I am at class from 6pm-9pm.
  14. Introduction - Kit

    Oh hey, probably the only person who lives in bumfuck NH like I do! Welcome to Madcast! I'm Mimira in game and I'm an adc main. If you're still around later this evening we can get some games since I have class till 9pm.