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  1. basen


    Its been a very long time since i had posted on here so i decided to re-do an introduction. Hello my Name is Basen and i play just about everything. I was away for quite awhile due to my wife and I having a baby and her name is Katiana
  2. My thanks giving, Food,then ark, food then rainbow six, food then ark what has everyone else done??
  3. omg omg omg,u all are awesome at this game, i havent been able to guess any
  4. I recently started a new job about a month ago, and immediately jumped into an 80+hr a week schedule. Things have calmed down a little bit for me so hows everyone been doing??
  5. all of the ocean's movies 11,12,13 and every bond film is good if u dont mind older movies and the bourne series
  6. Omg!! this thread has helped me out so much on good animes to watch
  7. basen

    Portfolio help

    Do you think some time i could practice with you in teamspeak?? After i built up a little confidence in speech
  8. basen

    Portfolio help

    Thank you alot Jumbo!!! I am off of work tomorow so i shall be practicing.
  9. basen

    Portfolio help

    As for online portfolio I am interested in doing it myself because I really want to personalize my portfolio. Also thanks for the help!! Although I feel like I am gonna have trouble grammatically
  10. basen

    Portfolio help

    I am currently working to establish myself in the field of mixology. I have made a focus outline and set goals along the way for myself, the problem i am having is making my portfolio (both physical and online). I am also trying to advance myself in gramatically correct way of speaking and talking in the bussiness enviroment. This is a very serious goal of mine and i was hoping someone here might be able to set me in the right direction.
  11. I have gotten starwars off of this sale if any would like to play my name is MadCast Basen on steam. We shall fight along side each other in glorious battle
  12. i feel they should be tried as juveniles, because there age is so very young.
  13. Mine are Psych and Ray Donovan. Completely different from one another but these are my go to's
  14. They way they are testing for mental health these days removes almost any accountability for peoples actions. I mean seriously one girl said she though it was "probably wrong".