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  1. If you still need people finally found out I'm available Summoner Name: I Souri I Level: 30 Primary role: Support Secondary: Mid Least Prefered: Jungle Willing to captain: If you need
  2. Love the video. Going to have to get her now. Though...I am wondering why tibbers was in the video.
  3. How fun can't wait for the reveal! And such a tease....
  4. Could I get into the free company? My name ingame is Souri Evensong
  5. Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar....(also can't have snickers so kinda bias)
  6. Only one I've ever played was the n64 one. still have it and never have beaten it. would be nice to get a new one
  7. Ya also you can "apply" for coaching too from ppl and they are super flexible from what you need to learn to even watching how you play. This might be a good thing to try out.
  8. I would love a bliz if you still have any available
  9. Intense....but mad respect for those who can create stuff like that.
  10. So I'm not much of a prankster but I do love watching prank videos. Found this video randomly and thought I should share it. Also on a side note....anyone got any good stories of pranks either done to you or wonderful pranks that you have done?
  11. Now granted this isn't really something practical to wear but it was something I enjoyed watching and I loved the game.
  12. I knew from high school that I wanted to do something in graphic design so I started in University of Oregon going through their journalism/advertising program. Though since that really didn't match with my goals (more advertising and not creating), I moved back to Portland and transferred into Portland State University. I graduated from there in 2011 with a BA in Graphic Design and a minor in Advertising Management. I currently work as a barista at Starbucks, so I'm not really using my skills at the moment. I'm kinda at a cross roads due to the fact I'm unsure of how to break into the field and I'm also doubting myself if I even have enough skills to do so. So maybe going to go back to school? I just turned 24 so I guess that isn't too uncommon?