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    I'm an amateur game designer, very passionate about games and everything that goes into them.

    If you're looking for a potential collaborator on an upcoming project send me a PM.
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  1. This is the most worthwhile WoW has been in two expansions.
  2. Ranked into the top 100 on the NA server for Pokemon Online (similar simulator to the smogon one). That was with a Sandstorm team that his since had a few pokemon moved up to Uber. IIRC, it was Tyranitar (Weather Lead) Excadrill (Sweep) Garchomp (Sweep w/ Evasion Hacks) Ferrothorn (Obscene Wall) Jirachi (Iron Head/Serene Grace trolling) Gligar (Toxic Orb Staller)
  3. Oh yes. This will do most excellently. Which is why I regret to inform you all that I will be in Boston this Saturday and unavailable for our session. If you wish to have Cairn tag along as an NPC for the session that is fine by me, being the Clone he is he has somewhat predictable actions (for now). My apologies, see you all next week.
  4. I'll have a stream up and recording. Edit for link! Clickity
  5. Do we know when in the Star Wars timeline we'll be playing? I know we made some references to certain established figures but are we planning on sticking in that era?
  6. Won't be able to make it for the meeting tomorrow. Following Rife's methodology, I find myself most drawn to: En Guarde, followed by Beyond the Horizon, and finally The Dark Inquisition. I will again echo Rife in the sentiment that I find all three to be dripping in potential and would happily see any of them played out.
  7. Very effective hooks Munsa. Calling work to see what my schedule is now, will show up if I'm available.
  8. Vancouver is killing it in the gamer bar category. If they try to finance again I'd suggest they use that as a point of reference.
  9. I'm signing myself out tonight, apologies boys.
  10. Are you sure it's "gaming ennui" and not just ennui?