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  1. i have notice level 1 and 2 counter jungling is very scary when it success.I had it done to me few times already and I never recover from them. level 1 is the worest without a leash at lvl 1 its really hard to solo red or blue buff. without double buffs the average time to hit lvl 6 for jungler is around 8+ mins. the biggest issue here is normally if you getting counter jungle and you not getting any help from your lane reason being they are losing already. so now you as a jungler is pretty usless to help, and it normally goes snowball from there. my feel the champion without mana cost gets a huge boost from this season, with all my jungler i been havining mana issues. so champions like mundo, shy, zac all got a buff from this season. jungler with a quick camp clear time does well too. one other thing i have notice about this seaon it might be the masteries but for whatever reason when you get to around 20% health you can be burst down really easy. a lot of time now i be in a fight thinking i can still get away then the next thing i know i got melted. i think i just need to play a bit more to get use to it. but i really dont want to waste too much time in pre-seaon before everything is set and stone.
  2. I started this season as a silver 3 or 4 during that time I didn’t know too many good players. The whole time I just want to improve my game and get better. During this time I always want some higher skill level players to point out what I was doing wrong and help me improve. I was part of a Taiwanese gaming group there some good players there but for some reason they don’t play in house or group games with the lower ranking people. (Not like MadCast) I mean you guys in the bronze and silver have no idea how lucky it is to have resources to have plat and even diamond players to play in the in houses. Anyways one day I play with this Taiwanese diamond player. He was just chating and telling people what is going on and reason behind his action. But what I learn from him was what to do during a team fight. From then on it’s like something clicked and I just start climbing in elo. Well I also change roles stop playing every role and focus on what I am good at. Season 4 my goal would be to play less spend more time with family.
  3. its never fun to be focus ban during inhouse ....... but thank to it learn more champions.
  4. the skin should of came out before they nerf her.....
  5. what is the point of the speaker?
  6. I don’t know about mysterious gifting thing, I mean i know you have chance to getting skin that is worth more then what you pay for. But it’s all random luck of draw plus the skin you can get could be bought. Not sure if you can get skin that is no longer available to be bought anymore. Another thing I got two skins yesterday and both on champions I don’t even play. What is even worst is one of the skins is just horribly bad….. Junkyard trundle……. If only the mysterious gift were cheaper maybe around 250RP each I might keep buying them like lottery hoping for the big payout. But for 490 RP you get your chance of skins from 520 to 3250. If you buy more than 10 times and not get one for the ultimate skin that worth 3250 or the skins you want. Anyways the odds is against us. good luck everyone keep it up to support Riot
  7. got Headless Hecarim and Haunted Zyra two of my most played champions. going to pass on Haunting Nocturne.... skin is just not that cool to me.
  8. With the season coming to an end I know a lot of people are trying for the gold reward. What I am going to do is take on few pupils and try to help them reach gold before the season ends. Don’t ask me how I am going to do it just be prepare and will to work for it. Disclaimer: result might vary there is no guarantee you will reach gold.
  9. From what i remember from the last one it last around 6 hours it depends on how far your team went. anyway i got the ok from my wife so sign me up. Summoner Name: Madeintaiwan79 Level: 30 Primary Role: Jungle Secondary Role: support Least Preferred Role: ADC Willing to Captain: No
  10. Twigs


    man i thought this is where you buy leage bobble head figures....
  11. second to that I saw this video and was hooked start to watch some of his jungling videos and I felt like i found a mentor.
  12. Personally i think this champ is really bad as an ADC. She has no gap closer or escapes kit. Sure her passive might come on but with hard cc she still dead. oh yeah I dont play ADC
  13. neither i palyed both and i stucked with LOL