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  1. Anyone play POE

    man , i know this is older and i dont know how I missed it. POE is my main game and have so many hours I cant cant. add my as sscheffner in the game if you want to play or want some gear. I really looking forward to the abyss league.
  2. Does anyone do freelance web design?

    I've gotten some quotes from some local places but they all want me to sign up with their hosting service and charge me monthly fees. I already have plenty of hosting(through hostdime) and dont want the nightmare of not having my own website on my own hosting. Does anyone here do freelance design? My site is basically informational, with no real interaction or need for updating. You can see my outdated site here. Was looking at stuff like these links which look like templates to me. I just have no experience in the area. I am willing to do the data entry. Thanks, shane
  3. MLB Division Series Discussion

    ima happy camper..... now if we can just figure out the astros
  4. MLB Division Series Discussion

    i just screamed the f word so loud my neighbors heard....
  5. 2017 Fantasy Football

    im in!
  6. Twitch Prime Members = Free Overwatch Loot!

    its a pretty sweet deal if you have prime already ive got probably 6 or 7 games now for free, granted they aren't triple a, but good ones like banner saga 1 and 2. Also gots me some ingame MTXs for path of exile.
  7. Careers

    i own an appliance and tv repair company. my biggest customers are LG/Samsung.
  8. hawaii vacation

    hey peoples i am planning on taking my wife and my son to hawaii in may for my 10 year anniversay. Ive been looking at oahu for months now and just cant decide where to stay. people say stay in home a resorts just suck, but the houses im looking at seem like such a crap shoot on vrbo. has anyone stay on oahu and have any advice based upon their trip there? i was looking at mostly on the north shore, im not particularly interested in staying in honolulu.
  9. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

    i am so excited im considering telling my wife we are divorced the day of launch!
  10. Wireless Headset Recommendations? i just got these to replace my 930s that were like 6 years old. ive yet to have them cut out once and they are very comfortable. i would definitely recommend
  11. Is anyone a network admin?

    Mostly I am just trying to figure out which version of windows server to buy as well as a good server setup recommendation for a small business. Is just a stock generic one from dell going to be fine? server 2008 seems ok for me, i really dont like the idea of paying per user which is what the new server looks like
  12. Is anyone a network admin?

    I am trying to figure out a redo of my network at my work(i own the place and we need to fix some issues). I have some questions on windows server software and versions and what I should use/avoid. Specifically When I started we only had a few employees so running our invoice software off of winxp(it was a while ago dont mock me!) wasnt a problem, but now Im up to 10 current users sharing time, so I need to purchase a server and relevant software(it does have to be windows based). I was looking for sound advice. Shane
  13. Fantasy Football 2016

    im in. i got the reactivation email
  14. Web Host Change and Discord Trial Run

    its weird.... really weird. ill get used to anything but change is HARD, im so used to a client vs launching a browser.
  15. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

    i cant wait.. dawn of war 2 was just such a big letdown, i tried and tried to get into the squad combat and i just didnt like it at all. I still play soulstorm to this day