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  1. Intro - Mikeanike

    Mikeanike has failed to achieve the necessary votes to become a full member of MadCast. Mikeanike may contact an SFM for a brief explanation of the reason(s) their candidacy was unsuccessful. Failed [C]'s may re-apply unless banned. If successful on their second try, they become tagged full members on a probationary basis for 20 days, with probationary status converting to complete full member status on the 21st day barring Staff objection.
  2. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

    Who's playing? The first one was SUPER underrated, especially considering how many L4D fans we had around here. I'm planning on picking it up, but I wanna gauge interest to see who'd be down to join me. What's really good team?
  3. what is your favorite class / main class

    Havoc DH/Outlaw Rogue I just like both playstyles. I feel fairly unique in what I am doing with either one of them.
  4. any ideas for easy mid toons to learn

    I'd say Annie or Kayle. They are mechanically easy to play and have enough utility to provide value to your team even if you manage to get behind. Edit: Sorry, I missed the minus Annie part. Would replace with Corki in that case.
  5. Normal Leviathan Raid Guide w/timestamps

    It was definitely helpful. I can do this thing with my eyes close nowadays.
  6. Titanfall 2 2/22/18

    Is $5. I don't know if I'll play anymore than the campaign, but for $5 bucks it is a damn good deal. Link
  7. You know you are nerds when...

    ...You get your wife an SSD for Valentine's Day and she gets you a Nintendo Switch. We know each other well.
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  9. Too late to begin the game?

    I don't think so. I think now is probably a better time than ever to get into D2.
  10. What's your all time favorite story game?

    I forgot to add Horizon Zero Dawn and Jade Empire.
  11. Monster Hunter World

    Between my 3DS and PSP I've probably sank 600+hrs into MH games. This was a dream come true to have it on consoles.
  12. Monster Hunter World

    I picked up. I won't have a lot of time to play until next week, but I'll be around. PSN: ThePrinceTNO
  13. What's your all time favorite story game?

    Knights of the Old Republic and Bioshock stick to me in a special way.
  14. 100 Thieves!

    No crowns here (outside of my own), just celebrating my team.
  15. 100 Thieves!

    2-0. Aphromoo got at his old squad today.