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  1. Just some guy.
  2. As some of you may know, I've been tossing this around in my head for a bit but I was somewhat unsure of what kind of role I'd be looking for if I did apply. After taking some time to think about it, I feel that there is a place where I can put my skills to use here in MadCast. I spent several years as an RFM and SFM in this community helping to oversee a very large growth in population, the rise and fall of several branches, the implementation of the CoC, and many other changes over the years. At some point between my life getting a lot busier with being married, working full-time, and then becoming a full-time student MadCast took a seat on the backburner for me. We weren't playing a lot of games that I was interested in and I'd spent so long as an admin I didn't know what to do as a regular FM. Over the past few months I've found that I've been itching to become more involved with helping the community grow again, and I'd like to focus on that. And no, I am not looking to push for the League of Legends boom we had in the past. My goal would be facilitating the growth of the multi-game part of the MadCast community outside of games that we consider to be "main" games. Very few of us only play a single game, and many of us share love for other games that we don't consider to be the "main" parts of this community. There is clearly opportunities for us to bring together people that normally do not play LoL or HotS, but would still like to play other games with their fellow MadCast members. I also believe that this could potentially draw in people that are good fits with our community but don't play with our "main" games. With a bit of time and effort I believe that this is a goal that I can accomplish given the opportunity. Thus, I'd like to submit this application to become an RFM. Thank you for your time, The Prince
  3. I had several crashes with Cortex enabled while playing Overwatch. It was severely hampering my ability to play. I also was having some issues tabbing between screens when it was enabled.
  4. I had it installed, but it was causing a lot of problems for me.
  5. Either one.
  6. I'm crying. This is hilarious!
  7. To me, Tera still has one of the best combat systems to ever exist in an MMO. I just wish that the gameplay was less... boring.
  8. Good looking out homie!
  9. Aye.
  10. I can do any of that. Mondays work for me, but I think most idea would be the Sundays in the late afternoon/evening. That said, I'm fairly flexible.
  11. Unfortunately to use your superstrenth is limited to only one arm and you look like the guy in Lady in the Water. My superpower is being able to understand and speak any language.
  12. So I'd like to add a little to Breeze's theft of HH2 upgrade. First off, the guys he had steal the thing are trainees of the AG and they weren't the easiest to convince to make the jump to stealing the thing. I mean they work for the AG and for Breeze and this move was a bit of a conflict of interest. That said, he has very loyal and well paid soldiers and Breeze isn't the type to take no for an answer. Anywho, His goal for stealing it was set the moment he found out what it did for Helpful Henry. He'd put together that with the HH2 upgrade that you could find just about anyone you are looking for, but on a long CD and the amount of information could be somewhat... vague. That wouldn't do. What if they could engineer HH2 to help people find each other? Think of a more advanced version of Tinder. What this device would do is let people find each other based on criteria about themselves and pair them with one (or several others should the choose), and a specific public meeting space. This space would be provided with a device to let the place know there are people heading to them as well and well trained guards to make sure that nothing fishy goes down. Profit for the local bars, eateries, and brothels as this would easily drive business. Profit for Breeze and Markuu because they'd provide the protection as well as the devices. And of course Breeze wants to use this for himself to find Rekon. Let it also be known that Breeze does not intend to keep the HH2 upgrade. Once his science team can create a duplicate copy they plan to return it to the person it was meant for, and he has agents working on finding that out now.
  13. hbd Maday!
  14. So Breeze is very much focused on expanding his legacy and would have spent his time doing such. First things first, he'd be taking advantage of the fact that there has been a shift in power due to the popularity of Dreamspheres and the rise of many of the lower caste to higher stations due to their newfound wealth. This would please Breeze in one way, because he'd be part of the rising tide and know people who are now wealthy and powerful. The thing that would not please him is that they are also taking advantage of the market for Dreamspheres. Thus, he'd been working tirelessly with Markuu to improve how Dreamspheres work. He knew eventually the market for the Dreamsphere would die down for people are relatively boring and their wants and needs for Dreams are unexciting. In a drunken story telling session with the new noble folk, he'd realized he had them all enthralled by his story of how he and the crew saved the Gutter with the Lady of Pain, and then it hit him. His memories would make the best Dreamsphere experience. Over the course of the month he'd spent a considerable chunk of his gold recruiting the smartest men he could find to help him duplicated his memory of the crews' last adventure until they came up with a device that was able to copy his memory to the Dreamspheres and put them into mass production. Needless to say, this was a tremendous hit, and no one else selling Dreamspheres had access to something quite like what he and Markuu had come up with. This however, was only the beginning for Breeze. He realized that he only had so many memories to pull from, and not everyone would want to be the murderous rogue that he was. So phase 2 of the operation was to find more people with more interesting memories to create Dreamspheres from. He'd hired both nobles and mercenaries alike to help him with this task. Either pay or recruit other famous folk, adventurers, actors, performers, nobles, etc,. to share their memories to be sold as Dreamspheres. Because of his fame due to most folk now having shared his experience in saving the planes, he'd had no problems recruiting folk to share their memories as Dreamspheres and the ones that didn't take the payment so peacefully... well Breeze certainly has a way with people. As a result of this, I'd imagine a few things would result. Markuu would become the go to merchant in the Lady's Ward. No one else would be making any money selling Dreamspheres, and thus he'd have raised the prices to exorbitant amounts for nobles for the New Dreamspheres and dropped the prices so low on the old ones others that all the competition dries up. Breeze and the crew become household names. While no one knows that Breeze is involved with the production of the Dreamspheres, they know that he was the first to volunteer his memories for them and he'd now had many people that both adore him and hate him for his rise. Breeze spent 15k of his gold acquired into recruitment and science for crafting the new Dreamsphere or DS2 as they call in it the Wards. Because he'd been training Aquisitor's guild recruits, he'd also been pulling the most dangerous ones for his side biz as he needed men well equipped for drugging and kidnapping the most famous of adventurers for crafting new Dreamspheres. Due to this, all but 500g of his monthly payment for training is all paid out to his recruits for when they are not doing missions for the guild, they are doing them for him. As an aside, Breeze is not looking to pay off his bounty in being wanted for the death of Kaylessa but instead is using his network to find any information regarding Rekon and if he's found giving him the option of paying off Breeze's bounty or coming to work for Breeze again. This thread remains unresolved.