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  1. This was literally the first thing I saw in my work Slack this morning.
  2. until
    See thread.
  3. MadCast Town Halls are meetings where community representatives and general administration will be present to give reports and answer questions from the community. The next Town Hall will be in our Discord October 7th, 2019 @ 9PM Eastern. In addition, senior admins will be available and opportunities will be given for FMs and candidates to ask questions or express input about MadCast's game offerings, administrative policy, and other matters of concern. See y'all there!
  4. So there are gonna be several links in this post directing you to other places. I don't think it entirely necessary to repeat everything someone else has already written. That said, I'll be giving a sort of high level overview of things that are changing and stuff you should (or shouldn't) do before you get started. First things first. If you already own Destiny 2, LINK YOUR ACCOUNT! Destiny 2 is moving away from launcher and once it is gone it is gone for good. If you haven't linked your account your characters, currency, and progress from you account goes does with it. An FAQ about how this is gonna work is included in that link. Moving on. If you want some insight into what's coming in Shadowkeep from the Bungie team, it's probably worthwhile to check out this ViDoc. Along with that, you should probably check out their last TWAB (This Week At Bungie) before the release next week. Alright, let's get to some of the questions. Q: What do I need to do before launch? A: Not much really. Paul Tassi at Forbes makes several suggestions here. I mostly echo that post. Since launch is so close unless you really want to grind there isn't a lot that I'd suggest pushing for. Be sure to do the things below. Link your account Finish the campaign Dismantle your Eververse gear (and most other gear as well) Q: If I don't buy Shadowkeep, will I still be able to play with people who own it? A: The short answer is yes. If you are F2P or someone that bought Forsaken, this is the best answer. Q: My power level is like 200. How will I catch up? A: Don't worry about it! If you are one of the people who didn't hit the gear cap of 750 or max level, it doesn't matter. You'll be boosted to 750 with Shadowkeep's launch and the level up system is going away. Q: What if I already bought Forsaken but didn't buy the annual pass. Do I still need to buy it since it is all bundled together now? A: If you already purchased Forsaken but didn't buy the annual pass, worry not! The annual pass is now included for anyone that purchased Forsaken. Q: Alright Prince, you've made a good case for me playing the game but what about the wonky ass story? A: Overall, this is where Bungie has struggled most but that doesn't mean the story is bad. Honestly, it's really good and they are getting better at telling it. That said, some people outside of the game are better at putting it all together in an easy way to follow. My name is Byf and Myelin Games do a great job at filling in the gaps in the story that aren't directly told in the game. If you are completely new to Destiny 2, this recap of the Destiny lore is a worthwhile watch (you don't have to watch it all at once)! That covers most of the big questions that I've seen, but if you folks have more feel free to reply to this post or hit me up on Discord. Thanks for reading!
  5. So as most of you already know, I kinda shoot off the cuff on these things so if I ramble a bit please forgive me. With the launch of Shadowkeep we'll be taking another dive into Destiny 2 as a community by featuring it as our Featured GOTM. While this isn't an official launch of a new "main game" branch, I do plan to put in a bit of effort to make things grow as I expect there will be renewed interest in the game. If you are wondering why I expect to see renewed interest you haven't been paying attention Destiny 2 is going free-to-play on the October 1st and moving over to Steam. Obviously this is gonna bring a lot of new players, and some of the old players back. However, If you played D2 back in the beginning your reaction might be "meh". Even as a hardcore D2 player, I wouldn't blame you. It was an okay campaign and then a mediocre grind. If that burned turned you off, I get it. That said the game is much better today. That's not just me saying it either. Since the launch of Destiny Forsaken, several outlets have said much of the same: Business Insider Polygon PC Gamer I don't expect positive words and a few good reviews to convince you to join up again, but if you haven't tried or you found something about it compelling the last time you played Shadowkeep will be a great time to jump back in. I'll be around the evening of launch from about 7pm Eastern til 11pm (or close to it) to help answer any questions, get people invited to the clan (or you can go here), and to help folks learn the ropes. In the mean time, feel free to pre-load the game now. It is a hefty 73gb download so best to get started ahead of time. Also, I'll be following this post with an FAQ post to talk about what things you should to do prepare as well as what's coming next. Thanks all! P.S. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!
  6. Can we stop pretending the Harbaugh is a great coach now?
  7. Hosted by @MadCast: Baal. More details HERE
  8. Congrats, @MadCast: Shattered! I'm sure you'll continue to hold it down like a muhfuggin' bawse!
  9. I see what you did there, @MadCast: doublestufforeo