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  1. It's not a diet thing, It's a i have a $5 bill until payday but I wanted to eat tasty treats
  2. Not sure what's worse, Necroing a thread or creating a somewhat duplicate one BUT! Tonight I had to make the hardest decision in my entire life. Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Chips a'hoy or a box of 18 individually sealed assorted M&Ms (Regular, Peanut, and Peanut Butter) which were on a good sale.
  3. Glitterbell- Warrior - Granok - Dps/tank
  4. I need to settle down on a character and join the guild. I keep deleting them /facepalm
  5. If it's anything at all like Eve in respects with PLEXX then it will be possible to get enough money to buy CREDD without too much of a time investment, but really that's gonna be up to the players selling. I remember reading somewhere that Carbine wanted to keep an eye out on CREDD sales so it doesn't become unrealistic. As far as Exiles or Dominion, I have a preference to the Exile races. Well that and I have a hard time with the Dominion with their crazy church and stuck up attitudes >.>
  6. I have been down for Wildstar for so looooong. I have it pre-ordered and have been playing on the beta weekends. Ill be keeping tabs on this thread since I want to make sure I can get on the same faction/server as the other madcasters.
  7. At least something about that game turned out to be good.
  8. The realm firsts aside this is pretty awesome. I was just looking at the achievements the other day thinking "i wonder if someone has done everything again".
  9. I still wish he would slap people with his mustache of power.
  10. This was super intense and pretty kewl to watch, thanks for sharing.
  11. This was pretty funny stuff, though the theme song may be ruined for me now D:
  12. Is it bad of me that I've been collecting the books as I find them at a local Goodwill, but I don't want to read them because I'm in love with the television series and don't want spoilers
  13. Do they grow big and uber fluffy if you shove biscuits in their mouths?
  14. This was my first reaction when seeing his glorious face/muscles.