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  1. I knew this thread was about disma even before I opened it
  2. India does have cake and it's amazing .. You should try this Indian sweet which has the texture like a cake called 'rasgulla' or 'rasmalai' and also 'gulab jamun' I'm sure you will love it
  3. i personally feel all governments are corrupt i am currently living in India and i can give you first hand information that the government is very corrupt here the good politician is the one who is less corrupt and does a bit more for the people ..the majority of the people here have this passive attitude that "if he steals from the people and gets money i dont mind as long as he doesnt steal too much and atleast develops the state and country somewhat" India is one of the countries with the most amount of black money on offshore accounts which the Indian government cant access .. but i really hope that with the new BJP government and Mr. Narendra Modi that will change as he is clamping down on the corruption... but as i said before i am sure modi is also corrupt just like other politicians in this country but he is taking money and also developing the country which supposedly makes it ok ..but there is always a diamond in the rough .. once in a while you will come across a MLA or a MP who literally takes no kickbacks on any policies or any permissions granted.. and hopefully someday the world will not be corrupt anymore but i'm sure that this wont happen in my lifespan I have friends who's parents are Mla's and MP's and i know how their lifestyle is and the cars they roam around in and the money they throw away like its nothing i hope it ends because an elected official of the government is a servant of the people , he should'nt steal from the people ... i wish had the time to elaborate more... these are my 2 cents hopefully you people know who MLA's and MP's are .. I think its the same electoral system in Britain also
  4. i absolutely love this video and the music is amazing
  5. the trolling on the video sabre posted is realllllll
  6. robocubicle


    i turned into the beer one ... lol and ya that mama one catches the eye
  7. i used to play duck hunt... ohh the memories sweet memories ..
  8. i will speak to an admin about this
  9. welcome to MadCast lumi
  10. welcome to MadCast... good luck on your candidacy .. will try to get in touch with you as soon as i can ..