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    gaming, anime, vocaloid stuff, card games and board games, and i like cute things :3

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    - currently completing university engineering program
    - i dont have a very exciting life :/
  • Interests
    gaming, anime, vocaloid stuff, card games and board games, and i like cute things :3
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  1. Pretty good EDM track: And a pretty good DnB track:
  2. GL cinchil \o/ you can do it \o/ wreck that bot lane ;D
  3. here, have another nice song \o/
  4. Haven't posted here in a while, yay \o/ this song is pretty awesome, the story builds intrigue...can you figure out who stole the diamond? :3 also, Giga-P so good \o/
  5. I finally overcame the combo anxiety and pwned this song (i ended up dropping 1 slider so i was one note short of a true full combo T_T) Also this song is pretty good and the map is really fun...this map is a perfect example of "nailed all the hard parts...failed all the easy parts." so many silly misses XD in other news...i broke into the top 20,000 in the global rankings \o/
  6. Although people continue to cite Moore's Law, whats been happening recently is that we have been unable to make big gains in processor clock speeds. Therefore, since semiconductor processing technology has been progressing very quickly, its enabling us to fit more into smaller packages. This made the natural course of evolution be to start to increase the number of processing units. While its nice to think that more cores = better, this is NOT universally true. Adding more and more cores to a chip creates a lot of new technological challenges. One thing (mentioned earlier) has to do with the way caches are designed for multicore systems. You wouldnt necessarily want an a larger L3 cache, since the truly fast caches are L1 and L2, and those are usually per core/die (if you have a multi-core system spread across multiple dies). The problem with increasing the number of cores is that more and more processing is required to maintain coherency between the processors, so its a double edged sword really. You also need application programmers to write their programs differently to actually make use of all the cores. Servers nowadays make use of multiple dies to put together something on the order of 40 processors. This supplemented by large caches and RAM enable very fast computations. Although its true that we are able to make things smaller and smaller, we're starting to reach a critical point in how small things can be made before you run into quantum effects. As for what juno said, AMD's processors have worse per-thread performance than intel processors, which is why they put more in. I also don't remember if AMD processors support hyperthreading, and if they dont you're essentially comparing 8 AMD cores performing on the same level as 4 intel cores. Not everything I said may have been 100% correct but this is some general knowledge i have from studying computer architecture and application optimization stuff.
  7. I personally get my anime in 2 ways: for stuff thats ongoing I just look here every day for new releases: Otherwise i go to its a torrent tracker that has a LOT of anime on it, and also has music, and a lot of other stuff Personally I could never watch anime streamed online because the quality is too low XD (im picky)
  8. Hands down, these are the two most satisfying clears ive ever got up to this point. finally beat the hardest difficulty of Caramel Heaven: and the hardest diff of Higurashi Moratorium: Two awesome Gumi songs
  9. uuu this is so cute
  10. Dang osu!mania is fun... too bad i suck at it tho T_T
  11. im having mixed feelings mostly because i feel like its taking the brightness and contrast im used to away from me at night...but ill give it some time i guess
  12. if by level you mean difficulty, i mostly play insane lvl maps also, if you're interested in/already play osu, there is this other thread where (recently its mostly mist and I) talk about it and post replays: you can always add me in game and send me a msg if you want
  13. Nice SS, I hope it didnt take you too many tries to get it lol, that can be really frustrating XD As for me...these 2 are a couple of the hardest maps ive been able to clear lately, though my accuracy on them is really bad T_T it was really satisfying to clear them.
  14. Thanks to osu i now really like じっぷす(Zips) music:
  15. lol Mist, at first i thought i was watching myself play cause u use the same skin i use :3 (tho i changed mine up a bit) And i know that sometimes my brain will play a part of a map wrong over and over and its really hard for me to fix it XD. Nice scores I dunno how you can play with the lighting on lol. Having the circles pop up after clicking a note confuses me too much so i have to turn it off XD. Also this song...i cant focus on the map cause its so cute uguu~ ...and also dat annoying lol