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  1. I quit playing SWTOR because I couldn't marry Aric Jorgan. kidding
  2. Last bump before going on Ebay
  3. http://wardscore.loltools.net/?name=von%20snow&region=na
  4. I recently picked up a PNY nVidia GTX 760 to SLI with my Zotac nVidia GTX 760 but did not achieve the desired outcome so no need for the 2nd card. I've had the Zotac for about 7 months and have had no issues with it. I recently purchase the PNY and have been using it but the previous owner had been using it for about 6 months. Both cards look practically brand new and come with original boxes. The Zotac came with a couple power cable converters so if you want the Zotac you'll get those too. Asking $130.00 for either which is what I paid for the one I just picked up. Not trying to make any money but since I have no use for it, no reason to just let one sit in a box. Can arrange for local pick up in within about 15 miles of North OC or I can ship at buyers expense. Both currently retail for around $200.00 but not a lot in stock since they were replaced by the 900 series which are also running around $200.00 PNY GTX 760 Zotac GXT 760 PNY GTX 960 Zotac GTX 960 Feel free to ask any questions on thread, via PM or come find me in TS, I'm on most evenings in the LOL room.
  5. Someone gonna have to bail you out?
  6. Von

    Ranked Teams

    Haven't had 5 on that wanted to play...I've also been sick for the last week. Hopefully we'll be able to finish placements in the next week.
  7. Von

    Ranked Teams

    I had to make a new team, due to the limited number of edits per week on the existing one, I ran out of invites. MTD and Memnoc - Still need you two to add me to friends list so I can invite you. Anyone else who's interested please add me to friends list.
  8. Von

    Ranked Teams

    Ok, add me in game so I can invite you to the team.
  9. Von

    Ranked Teams

    Probably Jungle, ADC or Top
  10. Von

    Ranked Teams

    bump, could use a few more
  11. Von

    Ranked Teams

    Invites for those that have added me in League are out. Looking for a few more people....most common times will probably be between 6 - 8 PM PST on weekdays when we have 5 on with some adhoc games on the weekends.