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  1. Munsa was such a cutie 10 years ago!

  2. Munsa was such a cutie 10 years ago!

    They grow up so fast...
  3. Introduction: DrMedicTM

  4. February Film Drinking Game

    Obviously not Transsexual Transylvania
  5. February Film Drinking Game

  6. Super Bowl LIII

    When the season finale of your favorite show is literally the same every year.
  7. Secret Hitler For February the 8th

    May want to start a bit later. Those 9-5 workers won't be home yet even in EST and that is 2pm for the west coast. Just an idea.
  8. Secret Hitler

    Thanks for getting this out there. I wanted to see if the community would be interested but don't have the time to organize this. I will join the crowd of "if I'm available I'm totally in"
  9. Intro - damehasclass

  10. Anyone want to practice some combos?

    I don't get to play nearly as much these days but when I do play, I play Overwatch. Shoot me an add and we'll see if we can't group sometime.
  11. Happy Birthday MadCast: The Prince!

    I almost caught up to you this time. Maybe next year!
  12. MadCast Holiday 2018

    I always appreciated MadCast enjoying a time of rest in honor of @MadCast: The Prince and my birthday.
  13. MadCast Angel - 2018

    Passing along a thank you note from the shelter we sponsored this year:
  14. Member to Member Award Nominations

    Please award @MadCast: bait and @MadCast: CoachRivers the MadCast Angel badge.
  15. MadCast Angel - 2018

    Bump. Shopping is complete. OP has been updated with details.