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  1. Recommend me some shows

    Peaky Blinders (first 3 seasons are on Netflix and S4 started back up tonight!
  2. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    Small note about Junk's ultimate: Right now there is a bug that can entirely cancel and run your ult meter to 0% if you press Q while flying through the air. Make sure you are on the ground when popping ult.
  3. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    She's been a free SR climb for way too long. It's about time using your brain becomes a factor when playing her.
  4. EA Sets A New Record (Not A Good One)

    As most of you Reddit users have seen by now an attempted PR save by EA backfired in the most magnificent way. When a user called out EA for locking the most icon playable heroes in the upcoming Battlefront II release, a statement was made by the PR team attempting to explain their stance on the decision making process: This did not go over well and the Reddit community made it abundantly clear they weren't having any of it by downvoting the comment into history. The folks over at /r/dataisbeautiful provided this helpful graph that illustrates the other 9 of the top 10 most downvoted comments in Reddit history: At the time of this post the EA attempted PR save gone bad has reached -564,000+ votes and continues to tumble: EA has gone into damage control and announced they are dropping the price of playable heroes by 75% Reddit Thread
  5. Report odd site behaviors here

    After the most recent update the black text boxes have black text assigned to them:
  6. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    Roadhog and Mercy have undergone significant changes and Junkrat has been buffed since you've been away. Mercy is basically an entirely different hero now.
  7. Who is the weakest hero in OW?

    I agree about the mobility aspect of Doomfist. He has great engage and in the right hands can punish a single target or abuse the front line but unlike Genji who is rewarded for a successful dive by refreshing is switft strike, Doomfist is left to wolves upon engage.
  8. Who is the weakest hero in OW?

    Sombra is a character that absolutely requires team synergy. She is all but useless on her own. That said, when the team works around her hacks and obviously her EMP (which she charges very quickly if the team is playing off of her health packs) she is an absolute terror. I agree with the Doomfist assessment. At no time have I encountered a DF and thought to myself "oh crap".
  9. What were you for Halloween?

    Tired, so I took a nap
  10. Stranger Things Season 2 on Netflix!

    They had to do some backtracking to tie in this season with the first. It was never written as a running show. They did a great job developing the characters and clearly set us up for some bigger badder things in the seasons to come.
  11. World Series Preview

    Dodgers have big bats and a DEEP pitching roster. If I was a bettering man I'd put it on LA, but I'd love to see Houston take it. They are due.
  12. Broken

  13. Recently Returned to Overwatch

    Hitscan generally means "pick a class that shoots bullets". 76, McCree, Tracer, Widow, Bastion, and Sombra. You are likely having issues with flankers and/or Pharah if there is a call for hitscan DPS. Classes with AoE or delayed projectiles often have a hard time dealing with flankers. Reaper is a tank buster and nothing more (competitively speaking). I suggest getting handy with 76 or McCree to bolster your DPS utility.
  14. MLB Division Series Discussion

    Do or Die for my boys in blue tonight!
  15. MLB Division Series Discussion

    Redsox making it know then will not go quietly into the night.