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  1. Any Garbage SC2 Players Want to Play?

    My gaming time does not lend itself to scheduling around events but that does sound fun. My play time is mostly pick-up free time here and there so please forgive me for not committing off the bat.
  2. Netflix!!!!

  3. Any Garbage SC2 Players Want to Play?

    I'm looking for fellow bottom of the barrel scraping people who barely understand the game to play against. I have no interest in getting better but I enjoy the absurd, no strategy, winging-it style of play. If you are a dumpster truck tier player like myself let me know if you are interested in seeing who the smartest kid on the short bus is.
  4. Whats your PC setup like?

    It's a Vortex Poker II with white LED's, Cherry Blu switches with silencers, and Ducky key caps. I'm quite proud of my keeb.
  5. Whats your PC setup like?

    Samsung 49inch QLED With my birthday being the day after Christmas I put all my eggs in one basket and asked for the monitor. Worth every penny.
  6. Whats your PC setup like?

    My desk is 25+ years old but it has served me well. I have aspirations of wall mounting this set up along with various other cosmetic upgrades but for now this will do. I can see Discord/Steam/Battlenet all on the same screen while still playing in widescreen format on this monster.
  7. Chill Games

    I've been installing games that support widescreen and playing through them again:
  8. Happy Birthday MadCast: The Prince!

    Guys I think we broke him 🙃
  9. Happy Birthday MadCast: The Prince!

    As is tradition I will take up the mantle of year 32. I hope you treated her well.
  10. MadCast Angel 2017

    Photo album added to the OP. I still need to provide proof of purchase but for now you can see the awesome impact you all have helped provide this holiday season.
  11. MadCast Angel 2017

    Shopping complete. I will update this thread with pictures and proof of purchase before the weekend is out.
  12. MadCast Angel 2017

    I will ensure your donation is contributed to the MadCast Angel drive. Thank you very much!
  13. MadCast Angel 2017

    7 hours left to contribute!
  14. MadCast Angel 2017

    Friendly reminder that there are only 24 hours left to participate. The drive will close at the end of Friday and I will begin shopping Saturday. Thank you again to all that have contributed thus far!
  15. I've Never Played That Zelda Game...

    A friend of mine was the victim of a hilarious autocorrect. I couldn't let her off the hook too easily so I... did a thing...