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  1. I'm not building until the Ryzen 3 series is released. What's the purpose of buying the second gen if you know you're upgrading in a couple months?
  2. Obviously not Transsexual Transylvania
  3. When the season finale of your favorite show is literally the same every year.
  4. May want to start a bit later. Those 9-5 workers won't be home yet even in EST and that is 2pm for the west coast. Just an idea.
  5. Thanks for getting this out there. I wanted to see if the community would be interested but don't have the time to organize this. I will join the crowd of "if I'm available I'm totally in"
  6. I don't get to play nearly as much these days but when I do play, I play Overwatch. Shoot me an add and we'll see if we can't group sometime.
  7. I almost caught up to you this time. Maybe next year!
  8. I always appreciated MadCast enjoying a time of rest in honor of @MadCast: The Prince and my birthday.
  9. Passing along a thank you note from the shelter we sponsored this year: