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  1. Cooking on a budget

    Budget Bytes. Bites without breaking the bank.
  2. Tis the Season!

  3. Healthy Recipies

    GetMacroed /r/MealPrepSundays /r/1200isplenty SeriousEats
  4. Oklahoma meetup??

  5. Oklahoma meetup??

    I hardly need an excuse to go to Dallas. Some of my best friends live down there and I frequently jet set on long weekends. Dallas/Fort Worth is absolutely gigantic. I prefer the Dallas side. Lots of things to do in all the different neighborhoods. If the night life is your jam you'll hardly need to leave Deep Ellum.
  6. Oklahoma meetup??

  7. Opinions on Kamikaze?

    I'm in the camp of the sound bite that was like "so what's next, Kamikaze 2 where you dis people who dissed you about Kamikaze 1"? Dude still has it, just wish it had more substance.
  8. This is available at my local distro. I'll share a bottle and see what we think and report back. Thanks for the tips!
  9. Up my Pinot game. Avoiding spice or too much of the earthy tones I want something with a healthy mix of fruit taste (too much cherry by itself is blah) and pairs well with (most) popular dishes.
  10. Pup Reaply

    Hey Pup, A bit of constructive criticism out of the gate: Respect the MadCast name. It's spelling and capitalization are intentional. Take a moment to learn why, as first impressions go a long way. Good luck during your candidacy and you should be in good hands partnered with VoShay.
  11. Dual Monitor setup?

  12. MadCast Donations

    Structurally I think we have a few things to think about: Account Structure. Currently all funds are held in a PP account and bills are paid directly from PP. If we integrate a second payment option we need to then explore options for financial consolidation. Other than banks I'm not sure what the capabilities are when crossing various fund transferring services. To be clear, MadCast does not currently hold an account with a financial institution that participates in fractional reserve banking (aka a bank). Being a not-for-profit community means 100% of donations go right back to the community and as such the balance never reaches a notable value. Integration. We utilize add-ins designed to work with PP and the software that runs our site. Ease of use is integral to maintaining a steady donation stream and we certainly do not want to make things more difficult to contribute to MadCast. Audience. Measuring the gain of additional donation options is more of a factor than one might think. It's not as simple as "well at least the option is there". In addition to the reasons noted above we need to evaluate the cost/benefit ratio of expanding our financial footprint. For example if the decision is made to create a bank account we have to evaluate the cost of fund transfers, banking fees, currency conversion (why that is a fee makes no sense to me), and I'm sure other factors. Legality. I'll leave the details of this one to those that have educated themselves on law. What I do know is that creating a bank account is not black and white. Establishment, location, ownership, and again I'm sure some other factors muddy the waters a bit. Understand that I am not against the idea, and in fact encourage any ideas that may help better MadCast. I just want to be clear that this type of decision is much more complicated than simply voting yes/no.
  13. Whats your PC setup like?

    They say hind sight is 20/20 😎
  14. Gaming Slump

    Life + lack of gaming interest is why I've been largely absent. I've logged maybe 10 hours of gaming this year where as I would regularly log 10 hours a day on a weekend.
  15. RFM Application: RedJustice