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  1. Fenix is the new Hero!

  2. what is your favorite role for overwatch

    Junkrat is (IMO) was the first hybrid character. He surely excels at Defense but he's long been my favorite poke hero and makes devastating offensive plays.
  3. NVIDIA 2080 Rumors

    Many PC hardware vendors have begun reserving video cards at MSRP as long as you build the machine with them. It isn't ideal for many people but if you are in a pinch for a card it could shave a few bucks off of a build.
  4. NVIDIA 2080 Rumors

    For a 10-30% performance increase (depending on what you are doing) it isn't worth it over the 1080TI.
  5. what is your favorite role for overwatch

    Sadly I like to play the roll that I see not doing well in a match. I'll play any roll but when I see a weak link I naturally want to pick it up.
  6. AMD Ryzen 7, is it worth it?

    Generally speaking the i7-7700k and i7-8700k etch out the Ryzen chipsets of equal price point (1800X). Intel excels in Higher clock speed Ease of overclocking Stability in overclocking Cooler temps (currently) cheaper price Ryzen excels in 3D Rendering Streaming I've been an Intel fanboy for a long time and for the past decade that has been justified. Ryzen has the potential to steal the spotlight soon but AMD isn't quite there yet.
  7. Overwatch Shennanigans (per Epic's request)

    @MadCast: Caster hit me up via PM (they e-mail me so I can respond quickly). I have quite a bit of event hosting experience and would love to help you out to get this off the ground.
  8. Overwatch Shennanigans (per Epic's request)

    I don't have the ability to commit to events these days (which is why I am not currently an admin) however if an event was hosted and I was available I surely would attend.
  9. Overwatch Shennanigans (per Epic's request)

    Skill not required Fun = Mandatory
  10. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    I've only dabbled in comp the last couple seasons but I am going to put some effort into it this next one. Highest rank 3335 (over 275 games) Current rank 2631 (over 33 games played) Mains: Zenyatta -> Tracer/Pharah -> Orisa/D.Va -> Hog/Mcree
  11. It is Tort

    Never heard of you
  12. They are such a weirdo bunch of goobers but Conors voice is undeniably unique and defined. I've enjoyed listening to him develop his range through their album progression.
  13. Overwatch free weekend 2/16 - 2/19

    Young punks, get off my lawn!
  14. Falcon Heavy Demonstration Launch

    Realistically, that car wouldn't survive re-entry. I'm just waiting for the official announcement that all of Musk's projects are specifically designed for colonizing Mars. SpaceX (Space Travel) Tesla (transportation) Solar City (Solar Generation/Storage) The Boring Company Neuralink (Real life interactive HUD)
  15. Falcon Heavy Demonstration Launch