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  1. Wanna give an update to the Lucian klepto idea; very good in solo lanes as lucian is a lane bully and is much safer in the solo lane. Also cant wait for dark harvest nerfs, I never want to see it again.
  2. Update to the 100thieves roster via twitter:
  3. @MadCast: Epic yes that is definitey going to be hard to beat. @MadCast: Aeryx I despised C9 back in the day because they always won haha, but I've had a change of heart due to their worlds success
  4. Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a post asking you guys what exactly are your favorite LCS teams out there. As you can tell from my in-game name I am a 100 thieves fan from the NA LCS NALCS: TL, 100T, GG, C9, TSM, CLG, CG, OPT, FOX, FLY LEC: Fnatic, FC Schalke 04, G2 Esports, Misfits Gaming, Vitality, Splyce, exceL Esports, Rogue, SK Gaming, Origen
  5. For a very brief readthrough: I believe early game will be a lot more passive and lane phase obviously drawn out. Once champions hit mid-to-late game, games will be decided with one main fight as we can see is becoming increasingly more prevalent leading up to patch 8.23. As far as theory-crafting goes, I think champions with safe wave clear will be high priority due to the changes in strength to minions; Sivir and mages to be specific.
  6. Thank you everyone for replying, I've had fun league of legends game with you all so far and look forward to more interactions
  7. Hello, I recently rediscovered this gaming community. I was once a member back in 2013, but I did not keep my membership due to inactivity and not playing as regularly. Here is an edited version of my 2013 application and introduction. With that being said, I would like to apply for a full membership. Hey everyone at MadCast gaming, my name is Jordan. I play league of legends mainly and I started right before Ziggs was released, which is my favorite champion. Additionally, I play overwatch, wizard101, and many other fun PC games. With that being said I would like to join MadCast Gaming in the near future In-game names: League: 100T Nare (Diamond 5) Blizzard: Jcnsk8er#1943 (overwatch, diablo, wow) Interests: League community nights and random encounters Cheers - Jordan
  8. My childhood wasnt that long ago, but i miss Ed, Edd, and Eddy! Great show
  9. Seriously? Thats awesome, im so bad at the game