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  1. This week I want to go over a few things that all go hand in hand. Attack move mechanic / trading damage effectively, itemization for the matchup and knowing your win conditions. While this might look like a lot to keep in mind, a lot of this you do without really realizing you are doing it. The focus tonight will be on improving these skills. You all know that to win fights in lane you should poke your opponent out a bit before you just all in them (most of the time) and you know generally that building MR items against an ADC like Jinx isnt going to do you any good (I hope). What I want to try to focus on with this is to get you to think about what the better item would be when you are getting to your mid to late game situations. Say you are Malphite in top lane and the enemy team has a Yi jungle and a Zed mid. Is it more useful to go with a Randuin's or would it be better to go with a thornmail? Maybe even a frozen heart? A lot of this will depend on who is ahead, who is doing more roaming, where you are compared to your lane opponent. There is no clear cut "always go with this option". This is where you might want to ask your team what they think would better suit the situation (see... Communication is key guys!). Now enter our last focus, Win Conditions. Knowing what the enemy team's win conditions will help you decide who you want to shut down harder. In turn knowing what your own win conditions are will help your team win as well. It does you no good as a Malphite to go full AP and dive bomb their back line when the rest of the enemy team is shredding through your team faster than you can delete 1 member of their team. With all that in mind I hope to see you Thursday!
  2. After a couple weeks of trying the new format I have got some feedback on the changes. I appreciate everyone that weighed in on what they liked and what they would like to see happen with the event. With that in mind I have decided to go with a modification in the monthly format. Instead of staying with groups of 5 going into normal games with a learning aspect in mind every week we will instead be doing this once a month at the end of the month. I got a lot of feedback about how the changes made to the event removes what people thought was the heart of the event, the lane breakdown at the end of the game. So what will happen going forward will be a 3 week set of our normal "old style" League of Learning with 5v5 in-house games with the last week of the month being the new format of groups of 5 going into normals with the idea in mind that you will be using what you have been focusing on in the previous weeks that month, putting all you have learned into practice. Any questions just let me know.
  3. This week our topic will revolve around Objective Control and Trading Objectives when its appropriate. Something I've run into a lot in games (even in our League of Learning games) is a ping or call out saying/indicating "they are doing dragon" or "they are starting herald/baron" which leads people to scramble to get there just in time to see it die. The purpose of these topics is to hopefully give us some focus on getting there BEFORE the enemy starts it. Ideally we get it before they have a chance to react. There are a lot of contributing factors to being able to take an objective such as a lane being pushed forcing the enemy team to spend more resources on that side of the map to get the wave under control, ganking a lane and getting a kill so that you have less enemies on the map for when you are actually going to group and take something (turret, dragon, herald, baron), hell even warding so you can see the enemy jungler is top lane and getting them to stay around and waste their time is pretty huge. Vision in general will be massive when you want to take objectives. Everyone has been in a game where you are pressing your advantage and pushing a tower but you don't have wards in the jungle so you can't see the flank that is about to wipe your entire team out. Point is when it comes to objectives there are a couple ways to look at them, one is to get vision and make sure you see anyone coming when you start taking an objective or when you know the enemy is taking an objective and you wont be there in time to do anything about it then you get something in return. They take dragon and you can't get there in time but you have your jungler top lane? Push top hard and take the turret. That way you still come away with something and you can look to set something up later with there being no T1 Turret in top (herald take?). I hope to see everyone there Thursday night and we will be continuing with the new format of running groups of 5 in normals.
  4. Greetings ladies and gentlemen! This has been something I've been thinking about for a while and just haven't been able to pin down what I wanted to do. I have finally come up with something that I believe will help the event pick up some more interest as well as help MadCast more as a recruitment tool. I am going to change up the format that we use for our League of Learning event. The goal of this will be to address some of the issues that we constantly struggle with (balance, attendance, etc.) and just give the event a makeover in general. I have been using @MadCast: doublestufforeo as a sounding board for some of these ideas so I want to thank him for that. It has been very helpful. Please note that these changes will not take effect this week and will be implemented 4-26-2019. Now on to the changes for League of Learning. First off, this will become a public event. By that I mean instead of an in-house 5v5 with a higher ELO and a lower ELO we will now by going with 5 man teams that will be queuing up for normal games after I give my event into to everyone. We will break these groups up into each division (iron, bronze, silver, etc.) with some overlap obviously as we might not have 5 iron players or we might have 8 silver players. In this case we will have a little bit of overlap. The intent behind this change is to take advantage of Riot's built in rank system. I know there will still be a few issues with this as MMR will not always accurately reflect a person's skill but I am convinced that it will be a good move none-the-less. This will give us the benefit of having a more balanced group as everyone in your group will be around your ranking and the enemy team should be as well. We will still have topics of focus each week that we will work on as a group. The difference will be you are not facing MadCast members who you have played with over and over. You will have to adapt to what you see the enemy picking or banning (which means your favorite champion might not be perma-banned. R.I.P. Morgana). This also means you will not face the same opponents every game, every week. With this being opened up to the general League of Legends populous I will be more strict with rules and guidelines. This means nothing negative in /all chat. No taunting, no bragging, no condescension. This is us representing the MadCast community in actual games and everyone will be expected to adhere to the MadCast CoC. Any violation will be punishable according to MadCast policy. Any violations need to be brought to me so that they can be handled. Rules for the League of Learning event 1. You are expected to follow MadCast's CoC and all MadCast Event policies will still be enforced. If you can't do this you will be removed. 2. Be on time (5 minutes before the start of the event) or you won’t be playing that night. If you can't make the first game that’s fine but don't come in late expecting that you have a spot for that game. 3. I ask that you bring a positive attitude to the event. If you have had a rough day and don't think you are in the mindset to play calmly then step up and sit out. You can always spectate and give advice to your fellow gamers. 4. Spots are “first come, first served”. If we have new people to the event show up before you they get the spot. We will rotate people in as needed but with the new format of 5 mans I see this being less of an issue. Procedure for the event (general flow) Event prep to be done (forum thread, discord channels, announcement in discord) The new channel layout will look something like: LoL 1, LoL 2, LoL 3, LoL 4, etc. to accommodate the new 5 man format. I will start forming the lobby 20-30 minutes before the event. You do not have to join that early. This is simply me getting ready for the event and so I'm around if anyone has questions. You will be required to be there 5 minutes early (to anyone who is willing to help me get lobbies set up I'd appreciate it if you could be around 10 minutes early) so we can go through the topic of the week and start getting things organized. I will probably change the password from game to game to annoy @MadCast: Baal. (because its fun) 5 minutes to the start of the event I will be going over everything people need to know about the event (topic, forming groups, introduce candidates, etc.) I will also be asking for a "captain" of sorts for each 5 man group that will be responsible for posting a quick into in /all chat and the post game lobby. They get to be my eyes and ears in each game as I can't be everywhere at once. The event starts at 9pm EST which means people should be in lobbies and queuing up at 9:05pm. Game length will vary but we will have a 10 minute gap between each game where you can get up move around, go to the bathroom, get a drink, while we are going through our game rundown. The rundown will be lead by the "captain" mentioned above from each team. Remember to keep the topic as the focus of the discussion. With that general flow outlined I have a rough post template for the intro /all chat post and the post game lobby post. (this is open to change if you have any suggestions) /all chat - "We are MadCast Gaming. Check us out at and join our League of Learning event every Thursday 9pm EST." Post game lobby - "Greetings LoL players! We are a premade 5 man from the MadCast Gaming community. This is our weekly League of Learning event where we work on our mechanics in a group setting and have fun. If you are interested in League of most any group game (online and off) we would be happy to have you stop by and check out our website ( or stop in our Discord ( to check us out. " Unfortunately Riot has disabled copy/paste while in game for spam purposes. I do believe that you can still copy/paste in the post game lobby though. I'm also planning on making a list of topics that we will rotate through (like 10+ topics) and will be happy to add more if anyone has any suggestions for topics. I'm also open to the idea of bringing back multiple week topics where we work on the same mechanic over multiple weeks and build on that by adding another skill to focus on that complements the previous one. If you have any suggestions on topics specifically please head to the League of Learning Feedback thread and post them there. For any suggestions regarding the new format for League of Learning please post them here or message me directly.
  5. This week we are going to be covering a few topics at once. We are going to cover pick and ban phase/team comp, Itemization and attitude as these topics all build on each other. Your pick and ban phase determines your teams strengths and weaknesses. Do you want a strong team fight so you can control fights over objectives? Maybe you'd rather have a pick comp so you can have the numbers advantage when you go for the objective (assassin/CC oriented comp)? Maybe your more interested in taking towers with your team around you (siege comp)? Perhaps you don't need your team to be around while you take the tower (split push comp)? All of this is decided in champ select and is something you need to keep in mind when playing the game. This also means that you should be paying attention to what the enemy team is picking. It helps greatly to know what their team is looking to accomplish as well. Then you have Itemization. You will gain nothing by going into the game on Malphite and build Randuin's, Deadman's, Thornmail and Gauntlet when their team is Swain, Zac, Syndra, Corki and Janna. Your armor is no use against all that AP. Look at what your enemy laner builds, hit tab frequently in game to check what the enemy team has built (your lane and other lanes too). Then build on that idea. Does your team need a massive tank that can go in and soak a couple ultimate's while your damage dealers go to town? Maybe you are the main source of peel for your team. It might help to build items that facilitate that (Randuin's for the aoe slow, banshee's for the anti-lockdown). Or you just run at them to disrupt the team. In that case Righteous Glory might be in order. All these things come together with your team when you decide on what you want to accomplish in the match. Before you start the match just take a minute to decide what your team is wanting to go with as a team comp. And last but not least, attitude. You will get nowhere if you don't have the right attitude. If you get behind in lane then ask your team what you should be doing to stay/get back into the game. If this means picking up cs in a side wave as it crashes into your tower instead of dying under tower in mid then swap around. If you need to ask your jungler if you can take a couple camps to get the last bit of gold you need for your item. Communicate that you are not able to fight or if you are sitting there in lane strong make sure your team is aware of that. All that being said here are this weeks videos on the topic. See you on the rift. I really love Locodoco. The dude is funny as hell. I really like the explanations given in this video. Here are a couple other videos that I found helpful as well. They go over some good and bad habits players have or need to break.
  6. Hello everyone. League of Learning is upon us again and this weeks topic we will be covering the importance of trading around cooldowns. This isn't just doing damage to your lane opponent while they are down summoner spells or an ult. This is knowing your opportunities to take objectives while spells are unavailable for the enemy. This could mean something like mid has no flash and no ult because they just tried to kill your mid but failed and dragon is about to spawn in 1 minute. Knowing your enemy has no flash or ult when a big objective is coming up can be a huge advantage going into a situation that is likely to result in a teamfight. The same thing can be said for your team. If you just used flash and ignite on Darius top lane trying to get a kill but failed when rift scuttle / baron vision is being fought over then you might want to make sure your team is aware and then you can decide if its still a fight your team can take around scuttle / baron. Remember than trinket vision is also a huge factor in deciding when to fight/poke/play safe. You don't want to be pushed past river and hitting top tower when you don't have vision in the river and all of a sudden you see scuttle has just been taken and you are overwhelmed with the dread that comes from knowing that you actually have 3+ people about to jump on you and there is nothing you can really do about it. Here are a couple videos on the topic and a couple tangent videos that have been linked in the past that are relivent to the subject at hand. Enjoy everyone and see you at the event!
  7. This week I am wanting to focus on the jungle and how you can influence your lanes with proper ganking. As I am not a jungler this is something I have little first hand knowledge on but thats why Google/YouTube exists. I grabbed some wonderful videos on the topic to help people learn how to gank properly as well as to help prevent a successful gank in your lane. While this is mostly a focus that affects the early to mid game (a.k.a. lane phase) I still think its massively important for people to understand how to handle repeat ganks (camping) and ganks in general. Keep in mind that preventing a gank is far less straight forward but knowing what a jungler is looking to do and how they do it will help you stay one step ahead of the enemy teams jungler. So here are your videos. I hope you learn something from them. I know I did.
  8. This weeks topic is? We surveyed 100 MadCast members and this was the top answer "teamwork"! That's right folks, we are focusing on what I feel is the core of this entire event, teamwork. This doesn't just mean helping each other out, this means working together to play the best you can and accomplish the most in your games. No one role wins games. Its a group effort and that's what we are going to hunker down and look at this week. This means we need to have 1 shot caller per team (not one person calling out whats going on but 1 person who has the final say in decisions. i.e. do we baron or do we take a base turret). We all help with vision. This does NOT mean that you place 1 ward in the river bush and call it a day. You need to use wards effectively so your team knows if there is a jungler top side or taking scuttle crab. Just because you have a strong hunch that the jungler is around doesn't mean he actually is. Vision will guarantee that you know so utilize it. We are all in voice comms to make sure your voice is heard. This does NOT mean that you ignore the use of pings. Pings are crucial for timing things out. In voice you can say that the jungler was just bot side and forced your flash but you also got ignite from the enemy support. This does give information but who is going to remember the time when this happened? PING IT. Its not hard and it helps a great deal when planning ganks and if its worth staying an extra 15 seconds in lane until you get a more favorable in on the enemy team. All in all people I think the event has been going great and I want to make sure we are all getting something out of it so make sure if you have any suggestions for topics that you leave a comment in the Feedback thread HERE. I do have a couple short (and yes, older) videos that are relevant to the subject at hand.
  9. This week we are going to be focusing on how to close out a game. Everyone has had games where they are clearly ahead for most of the game but just can't seem to make that final push to end it. It's especially frustrating when the game gets turned around and you lose after having such a comfortable lead. I have a couple of short videos to help out.
  10. This week we will be taking a break from focusing on mechanics and revisiting the very important topic of mentality during the game. This effects the game in lots of indirect ways as well as some very direct ones. Say your team has one specific person calling out plays, when to rotate, where you need vision, when objectives are spawning, when people were just seen walking over a ward. If that person constantly has people challenging them during the call or constantly after it that person is likely to stop calling things out all together. Maybe you have a team member constantly being dove under tower because the enemy jungler has shown up 2 or 3 times for ganks and got the lane ahead. They are less likely to be vocal about their lane leaving or even putting vision around the jungle to see a potential flank. My point is I want people to understand that this happens to everyone. Instead of beating yourself up or your team up over it try to isolate what you could have done different to prevent the situation. Ask your team what they suggest in a particular situation. Before you get mad at a team member for feeding as yourself would you want to be on the receiving end of that? We have all been there. Don't be a part of the problem and instead look at things from a different perspective. Keep an open mind about receiving advice as well as being tactful when giving advice. Here are a couple videos on the subject at hand (the second one is really long). Enjoy.
  11. Hi. So I been practicing league a lot for the few months now. I'm looking to get some help with some higher ranked players cause I really do want to improve and i'm willing to be teachable. I have been keeping up with a consistent set up for farming practice almost every day. I know my knowledge of match ups is very low for what it should be. I'm really looking to improve all around. I play Adc with a second in mid but I haven't touch mid in a long while now.I know league of learning is so post to help people improve but I still don't feel like I'm getting the improvement that I'm wanting. If anybody is willing to help that would be great. Leave a comment below and I'll pm you to set up details. Thank you to any one that is willing to help this Iron 1 play to get gud.
  12. Tonight's topic teamfight positioning and target selection (or peel for your damage dealers). As always people, remember to have fun and keep it competitive! Here are some awesome videos on the subject. I suggest taking a peek at them.
  13. Welcome back to League of Learning. This weeks topic we will be building on the last 2 weeks and covering how to trading in lane. This is going to be something that the lower ELO players will benefit from much more than the higher ELO players will but its still something everyone should practice as it has a huge impact on the game. Successful trading in lane gives you pressure and allows you to roam to other lanes or even take objectives safer. Pushing your lane opponent out of lane by trading with them successfully is going to give you a level advantage as well as a gold lead. The less time they can stay in lane means less xp/gold for them and more for you. Some helpful videos for the subject at hand Now the one above still has a lot of great info but there is one thing that has been changed sense this video came out. Abilities now agro minions when they hit an enemy champion in range. Keep this in mind when you go for aggressive trades in minion waves.
  14. League of Learning is once again upon us. This week we will be covering pushing your lead / playing from behind (depending on what end of the game you are on). I have a few videos to link that cover this topic. Some rather in depth some just brush the surface but I think all of them are relevant.
  15. Hi there everyone. Time for League of Learning again. This week will start the first of a 4 week topic where we will start with one topic and build on it from week to week. I want to start with lane positioning when denying CS or favorably trading with your opponent. This, done properly, gives you a great advantage in game. It will allow you to get more favorable backs when you need items, lets you deny CS to your opponent, give you pressure to get deep wards in a bit safer, poking them out of lane and the obvious advantage of maybe allowing an all in to get a kill. All this gives you small leads that you can build up to snowball your lane and hopefully bring that to the other lanes as well. Now for jungling this can mean ganking a lane to get your lane further ahead or invading the enemy jungle to deny XP. This in turn will allow you to take objectives safer and push towers faster. Remember to be there early to get a spot and help us out by getting sorted early.
  16. I will post some links i've found helpful during my long, painful, hard stuck gold league career. New, or old players having difficulties in ranked games could benefit from this obvious/not so obvious knowledge. If more people want to contribute with something they have found useful please do so. Builds, runes, and champions: Check this links if you want information on how to build specific champions, what runes to use, and what counters what each patch. Remember to use this as a guideline on what to do, if you don't feel comfortable doing the same thing everyone else try, and experiment by yourself., and championgg do basically the same thing they both give you information about what different elos are building for each champion, skill path, runes to take, counters, and some other miscellaneous information. Personally I prefer I find it easier on the eye, but if you want more in depth information(miscellaneous info more than anything) you may prefer Both pages can also link you to if you want to see what the pros are doing. Be careful when you check probuilds, professional players like to pull some shenanigans in their games that won't necessarily translate well into solo Q. Searching for opponents information: Use this if you want to see what type of player you are laning against, the general strength of the enemy team, or you just want to make fun of the iron IV enemy jungler. Porofessor is my to go page to check who am I playing against in ranked games. Youtubers, and tutorial videos: If you are more of a visual learner there are plenty of high elo players making tutorial style videos to help you understand the game. -Top lane: Jay Sea: Challenger Oceania, tryndamere one trick. Good for learning wave management, and priority in lane. -Jungle: IWillDominate: Challenger Na(Former professional player). His "how to dominate" series is really good if you want to learn about jungle timing, when to apply pressure, and how to play around objectives/lanes in real time. Warning: He may be a little intense in some videos. Foxdrop: Diamond EUW. Instead of full on gameplay he gives you short tip videos. You can learn about jungle pathing, the latest korean builds, and I like his accent. Mid lane, adc, and support I have no idea, help me fill this if you know any. General knowledge videos: Some videos that could make your life easier(in game) if you didn't have knowledge of it. -Attack move for range champions. -Using the tilde key to attack enemies hiding behind turrets. -Learns how to time summoner spells. Courtesy of Support Welfare for league of learning. Timers cheat sheet:
  17. Thursday is upon us once again everyone. With it comes our League of Learning. I want us to focus on something that we tend to use but don't utilize, summoner spell timings. By this I mean I'd like to focus on pinging the timing of summoner spells or typing them out in chat so we know when spells are on cool down and when they will be back up. I know most of us do this all the time anyways. I get that but this is where I feel we don't utilize this information. Most of us are in the habit of pinging out summoner spells or ults when we know they have been used but we don't do anything with that information or we don't pay attention to when they will actually come back up. This can lead to disastrous results when we think a flash is down before an engage or when we think Cassiopia doesn't have her ult when we tower dive her to push mid. I think it would do us all some good to think about our opponent's summoner spells and ult CDs before gearing up for a teamfight around objectives or when we are sieging towers. With this comes a great deal of team communication so keep that in mind when you are looking to roam, gank, push lane or TP into a fight. Make sure your team has all the information they need to help you take down your enemy. With the new season upon us its important to remember that while these are games with friends we should not stop being competitive and push ourselves to get better.
  18. I'm eager to begin watching the eSports side of League again. Fnatic post-worlds and Team Liquid are some of my favorites to watch. The EU rebranding is also pretty cool, but then I stumbled upon this work of art... 😂 What do you think of the rebranding in both regions? What teams are you excited to watch play?
  19. Hello everyone. Our next topic of review for our wonderful League of Learning this week will be Shot-calling coupled with Team Fighting. I feel these two subjects are very closely tied together. I want everyone to keep this in mind when picking their champions. I'd like to put it out there that while split pushers aren't the best choice in a team fight oriented team comp they can still work. But again I'd like to remind you to keep the spirit of the game mode in mind when picking your champion this week. And remember to keep in mind all the subjects we have already covered. This is no time to be lax on your mechanics.
  20. LATEST PATCH NOTES: 9.17 As always, the latest patch notes are found on our website. Keep up to date with anything MadCast happening on our forums here. WEEKLY EVENTS: FUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY NIGHT LOL MAFIA LEAGUE OF LEARNING   OUR RECRUITMENT THREAD  
  21. Riot has released an official breakdown on more details of the new Ranked system, and answer some FAQs: What do you guys think of the changes? I'm excited for the positional ranking and I think the "splashing" experience is a great way to get around a lot of ways people could abuse the system.
  22. Greetings everyone! Its time again for our League of Learning. In keeping with the theme of review for this series we will be focusing on Wave Management, Roaming, and with that comes Warding as always. I'm also going to be trying something new this week by creating a temporary League of Learning text channel in Discord. This will be setup the day of the event and be used for people to confirm they will be at the event. I'm also asking you to use it to indicate your Rank and Main Role/Off Role. I want to use this channel in an attempt to try and speed up getting into games, especially the second game.
  23. Greetings everyone! Its time for our League of Learning event again. This week I'd like to revisit some of our topics we have done in the past. Topics: Champ select / team comp, warding, objective control Tonight we are going to focus on warding for objectives and as an extension to that overall objective control. I'd like to focus more on dragon control this week as the spawn timers got changed and I feel they are becoming a much stronger objective with the buffs to the first dragon of each type. This will all start in champ select. We want to put champions together that will allow for easier objective control but still fit well together. This can mean great team fighters, zone control for the corridors of the jungle, split pushers to create pressure in other lanes away from the objective being fought over or assassins that can create pics before or around the objective allowing for easier takes. While our focus is on these 3 things remember to keep the other topics we have covered in the back of your mind and always communicate with your team about what is going on.
  24. I drew this as a donation for the MadCast Appreciation Drive. Aeryx won the drawing and requested some Mafia Miss Fortune so here you go~ I may do more giveaways or donations in the future so keep your eyes out.
  25. Patch notes for 8.11 are out. Definitely some interesting AD and marksman changes!