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Found 1 result

  1. To continue the *Special* Behind The Tag: MadCast Staff: 8th Anniversary Edition, MadCast: Sotarkadin interviewed the other founder of MadCast... MadCast Tort. * Sotar typed this up, so if there is anything misspelled it's his fault! * (Sotar forgot to start recording... so this is how it starts.) MCT - Maday summed it up perfectly but I expected it to be relatively small and tight knit. MCS – When you say you expected it to be relatively small, did you ever expect it to get to where it is now and the shape it is in. MCT – No not really to be honest with you. To be perfectly honest with you if I had my way MC would still be a lot smaller. MCS – I have heard that from a few people, especially those that have been around here awhile before the great influx of League players, you know about 18 months ago. MCT – Yeah, and I think it’s even further back than that. I mean MC has been around for 7 years. About 5 years ago is when it stopped being as small as I would have liked. MCS – What do you think have been the biggest changes, how has MC grown in those years besides just the size of it. MCT – IF you think about MC a lot of things people take for granted now had to be created. So for example the mentor program, RFMs and SFMs, all those things had to be created. So I think as MC has always been governed by the rules that were required and as we learned this isn’t working we got to change it up and try other thing and so the biggest changes of MC has been the hierarchy and structure of it. It’s very regimented now compared to 6 or 7 years ago. MCS – Let’s see. Other than the size of it, are you glad to see MC where it is now? MCT – Yeah, you know, it’s one of those things where I don’t agree with everything that gets done but it’s one of those things when we started MC the idea was we didn’t like that there were admins that were absent that dictated how we did things. We never liked that Maday and I. So I try not to be that way. MCS – Have you seen anything over the past couple of years, that made you want to come back and be more active to ensure changes either do or don’t get done? MCT – I think that’s really dangerous. From my position the people that run MC need to know that, they run MC for a reason. A lot of people think it’s a popularity contest it really is not. As someone who has seen the RFM voting for years, it’s not a popularity contest. There are people who have been very popular who have not made it there have been people who are not that popular who have made it. It’s not a popularity contest once you reach that echelon it’s very clear it’s driven by work load, work ethic and those kinds of things. So to be fair to that process I think it’s not advisable. Think about it right, you are a senior admin and then you make a wrong decision and then I am there to correct you, that doesn’t instill a lot of confidence. If I can’t trust the admins then I can’t expect FM’s associates or candidates to trust the admins. So no, there is nothing in the last couple of years that have lead me to want to come back. Having been in those shoes I know that a lot of these calls are judgment calls, even I may disagree with them. If I can see there was a process at work and people were trying to do the best that they could then that’s all you can ask of a volunteer at the end of the day. MCS - yeah I think it speaks to the strength of the community as a whole that you haven’t had to or even thought about doing that and to the strength of the admin and leadership that is here. MCS – One more question about the basic MC then we will get into some of the more fun questions. So what lead to the inclusion of LT as a staff member. MCT – You know like Maday said we have had 3 staff for most of MC. I think that Maday aid it perfectly, the first thing is LT, before he became a staff member he had won like 6 or 7 SFM elections in a row. When you talk about someone that is definitely the will, their leadership was the will of the community for so long. I think that LT pretty much earned the staff position. Number 2 from an organizational stand point if you look at MC there have been 3 staff members and we have always tried to have an odd number of SFMs. The reason is when you have an odd number there is no deadlock. MCS – makes the voting and everything easier, there is always an outcome of some kind. MCT – Right, the same is true of staff believe it or not Maday and I do not agree on everything. So there was a lot of time there was just me and Maday, I mean, what do we do. In order to do the tiebreak we had to bring in a 3rd person. So there is the MC general reason why and a why LT became that position. MCS – I want to say I joined in that time between after Scooba but right before LT. So for a little bit there it was just you and Maday. MCT – It’s funny if you look at the history of MC and you can tell how new certain people are. I think in one of the interviews you said, it was either you or Lister said, you know Maday works on the website. And you know for about 5 years I was the number one website person, I designed everything. Pretty much every graphic all the backend stuff, I worked on it day and night and Maday helped me. Then we switched over to the new software Maday took over, it’s just funny to hear people be so shocked I was the website person because I did it for so long. MCS – I think the other thing to is so many of the people over the last few years, I mean when I first joined you were around a lot, we did the LoL actual league that went on for a few months that didn’t go so well. You were a mainstay, you were front and center you were visual for the first year or so I was here and now you are just a name that people now. You can see why as those that have been here for awhile have moved on or faded off and those that are newer are more active and just unaware of the history. MCT – Right, I mean, look you asked me earlier what was one of the things I wanted when I started MC. I wanted it to outlive me. So a lot of people would say MC is going to outlive me so obviously m not important. No man, the whole entire of process, the procedures were made with the idea that this would survive me when I left. No matter how committed you are, let me tell you on the internet there’s probably few as committed people as especially the staff member of MC to MC. Even then you have people move on, like we said at the beginning life catches up with you and there comes a point where you have to have some succession planning. It doesn’t hurt my feelings it makes me chuckle. You know because it’s changed so much over the years, its changed so much over the years that people say, “What Tort ran the website?”, and yeah I did for many years. MCS- It’s just funny now, because like you said people didn’t know that, once we go that the new software it was Maday that seemed like was doing anything. MCS – Ok now we will get into some more fun more personal stuff. How did you come up with your MC name and with you being staff is this the same name you used before or did you come up with a new one when you created MC? MCT - it’s always been Tort. Tort is analog of civil wrong, I’m sorry criminal wrong. There is two types of main body’s of law in the United States. There is criminal law and civil law, and so when you break a criminal code it’s called a crime. When you break a civil code it’s called a Tort and so that’s where it comes from. MCS – I think those that have been long enough knew or I just assumed it had to do with the legal aspect of it. MCS – what MC members have you met IRL. obviously Maday I assume MCT – Maday, Scooba, odinuke, it’s hard to keep track of who’s still a member. Of all the current members I think it’s just Maday LT and Scooba. MCS – Maday was in the same boat, when he started mentioning people a lot of them just aren’t around anymore. MCT – Yah like I say you lose people. MCS – Since you aren’t gaming with MC right now, bc I know you have been doing other stuff do you play any games outside of MC when you get some free time. MCT – the only game I really play is company of heroes 2 and we are talking 1 game every couple of weeks. I think I have logged a total of 40 hours since the game came out. And you’re talking to somebody who used to log 400 hours before a game fizzled out. MCS - I remember back when you had time you would pop on every night and get at least a game or two of league with us. MCT – And you know that was part of it, League I never liked; I gave it the good ol’ boy try but just never appealed to me really. MCS – I know you always kind of gave your opinion when people started putting up those posts about why Bronze doesn’t matter or there’s not ELO hell or those types of things. It’s always those people who haven’t been there that made those posts. Like this season I started at bronze 5 got up to bronze 2 and then back to bronze 5. I just can’t seem to go anywhere MCT – You know it’s one of those things I always ask people when they say, “Oh anybody can make it out of bronze.” And I ask them did you start in bronze? If you go through all the people that are not in bronze in MC that hold that opinion, there is very few of them I think only 1 or 2 that actually walked the walk. Most of them are like, “how hard can bronze be I am in platinum?” Well where did you start, Platinum 4. <Lots of laughing> MCS – I have thought about it and I’m not going to do it this season since this season is almost over. For season 6 I want to keep a record to show people. I think at once point this season when I dropped from 2 to 5. It was about 8 games in a row where people either rage quit, AFK or state they are feeding on purpose because somebody did something they didn’t like. That was 8 straight loses. MCT – People like to say it’s the same thing, it’s not, it’s really not. There is a huge difference between bronze and just silver. Even between bronze 1 and the rest, once you get to bronze 1 it’s completely different. Once you get to bronze 5 dealing with nothing but dc’s and rage. It’s as far low as someone can go. MCS –People are either frustrated they are still there or just so toxic that that’s what keeps them there. MCS – So how old were you when you first started gaming? MCT – I was actually in college. MCS – PC or console? MCT – PC. MCS – Have you ever been a console player? MCT – OI actually bought a limited on Xbox, I spent like $1,000 and played it for like a month or two then never touched it again. MCS – That’s funny. What was the first game you started playing? MCT – Battlefield: Vietnam MCS – Is that what led you to the community you were in before, because I know Maday said the previous community was a BF one. MCT – That’s where I was. MCS – What are some of your gaming pet peeves? MCT – I really hate complainers, I would rather not play a game then complain about it. That’s why I quit playing League. Complaining, I hate complaining, I mean at the end of the day you’re playing a damn video game. MCS - Yeah, obviously if you are to that point, you aren’t having fun and should find something else to do. MCT – That’s what I have never understood about this grind it out mentality. It’s a video game, grind at work where you make money. MCS – That’s why I stopped playing ranked this season it stopped being fun. I went to just playing ARAMs which are fun or playing team builder where I can pick which champ and do what I want. MCS – As far as complaining would you consider that one of your pet peeves outside of gaming or do you have other ones in general. MCT – Yeah, I am generally not a complaining listening type of guy. MCS – other than gaming do you have any other hobbies or interests? MCT – Gardening and marathon running. MCS – Nice, any bid marathons that you have done? MCT – I have actually gotten injured both times before the marathon so it’s more like marathon training. MCS – I am working on that kind of stuff. MY goal is to do a 5k sometime this year as I just started being active and that kind of stuff. Are you going to try for another one as long as you don’t get injured? MCT - I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon a year ago in DC. MCS – When is that one? MCT – I believe it’s in Dec; I am trying to remember when it is. The sign up is In March and it’s in the fall. MCS – So when it’s nice out. MCT – Yah. MCS - Gardening, do you grow plants, vegetables or anything specific? MCT – I have a lot of flower beds. I like to come home and garden you know, I have a very stressful job. MCS – I can imagine, it’s got to be nice to just sit there and mess with that and not have to deal with anything else. MCT – Yeah it is. MCS – What do you consider to be one of your proudest moments in your life inside and outside of MC. MCT – In MC, you know, there have been a lot of moments I have been proud of. Probably one of the best moments was when we were competitive in CoD. Outside definitely graduating from law school was definitely a lifelong dream. MCS – What law school did you go to if you don’t mind me asking? MCT – Indiana Bloomington. MCS – And in back to the other part when you were competitive. Is that other than the time you got the call on Christmas day? MCT - That was after. Maday and I were really competitive in BF2. But we only managed teams in CoD. MCS – Your dream job, what is your dream job if it’s the one you have now what makes it that way? MCT – I love arguing. And now I get paid for it. MCS – That’s pretty funny. MCS – What’s your top 5 favorite bands and/or artists? MCT – A lot of people are surprised to learn I am very big hip hop fan especially gansta rap. Like old rap like Tupac, Nas is one of my favorite rappers of all time. I like this Houston rapper Chamelionaire. I just really like the old stuff I don’t care for the new stuff. MCS = I am with you there give me Easy-E or Tru over any of the stuff they are playing now. MCS – On your iTunes or song list what would you consider your most embarrassing song on there? MCT – I really like Free Falling by Tom Petty. MCS – HAHA that is the complete opposite of everything you just listed. MCT – Don’t tell anyone from my old neighborhood. MCS – Other than the fact that you like hip hop what is something interesting that would surprise us about you? MCT – Most people are actually surprised to hear that I’m Hispanic. It’s one of the funniest thing ever to be sitting in a channel and somebody will say something about Hispanic people and everybody who knows I’m Hispanics is like, “uhh this is awkward”, especially some older members. I have written walls of text and I think a lot of people have conception of what Hispanic people can and cannot do in gaming. A lot of people who have met me over the years have been surprised at that. MCS – I would say with those people it’s just like if you told them you were from Europe or Australia. If you don’t have an accent they just assume you are white and American. MCT – Right, there have been a lot of people who just assumed I was white. MCS – other than gardening do you collect anything? MCT – Not really, Liquor bottles. I have a really huge bar in my house that rivals some restaurants. MCS – when you say liquor bottles do you mean empty ones that are cool or obscure. MCT – No they are all full. I have this huge book of thousands of drink recipes. I hand people that book and tell them to pick something and we can make it. MCS – That sounds amazing. MCT – IT is, it becomes a party game where people are trying to figure out if Ic an really make everything or not. MCS - If you won the lottery, excluding paying off your house and normal bill stuff, what would be the first three things you would buy? MCT - The first thing would be a BMW M5. Pay for all my families’ houses and stuff. This surprises people since I’m an attorney especially a private one. I am not that money driven. Like money doesn’t interest me that much. I could probably afford to drive an M5 right now it just seems so silly to drive such an expensive car. MCS – What is your dream vacation?> MCT – I hate traveling. To me going on vacation is more painful than lying on the couch all week. I actually took a vacation a few years ago where I spent the whole time on my couch and it was glorious. MCS - I would love to go on vacation more once they invent teleportation and you don’t have to deal with the actual traveling aspect of it, I would be fine. MCT – Yah, that’s’ my point I hate traveling, so many people love it and its bewildering to me. MCS – If you could relive the last 10 years of your life would you do anything differently? MCT – I would have tried to start having a kid sooner. I and my wife have been married for about 12 years. We didn’t try to start having a kid until really late, and we found out that we have to go through IVF. That was a huge expenditure that luckily by the time we tried to have kids we could afford it. I feel like if we would have given ourselves more time. MCS - I mean especially with IVF I heard it can be taxing especially on your wife. Having those extra years to work on it gives you more of an opportunity. MCT – It’s taxing financially, emotionally, it’s a very trying thing on a marriage. MCS – Lister and I didn’t have any issues I couldn’t imagine having to deal with any of that stuff. MCS – It’s the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know of them which 3 MC members do pick for your survival team and why? MCT - Munsa, Scooba and LT. Running MC is almost like running a zombie apocalypse and those are the people at the top right. That tells you about my judgment of them. Imagine you invest 7 years of your life into something and then you just stop. You have to think ok who I am going to hand this over to. That’s a lot of trust. MCS – You are stuck on a desert island, what 5 books and/or movies do you have with you? MCT - I am a huge fan of rise and fall movies and books. I love War & Peace, Count of Monte Cristo., I love Les Miserables. Those are all three rise and fall books. I also love rise and fall ganster movies, Goodfellas, Casino and Godfather. MCS – That’s a good variety there. MCT – I just love stories of people coming up from nothing. Most of those stories are tragedies too. MCS - I love all of those, now with Count and Les Mis. How do you compare the movie versions to the books? MCT – They are terrible, there is an actual movie and War & Peace and it was terrible. MCS - Nowadays when they try to do it with things like Twilight and Hunger Games don’t turn out that bad, but the books weren’t that great to begin with. When they try to do these epic literature pieces from before it just doesn’t work on film. MCT – People always ask me what’s the difference between literature and books. So if you read the Hunger Games 1000 times every time it will be the same and you will be exactly the same. In literature every time you come back and read it, it’s different. It’s not bc the book is different it’s bc you are different. It speaks to different stages and levels of your life. If you read any of those books I mentioned, each time it will be different. I don’t get that from something like Hunger Games, the story is the story. MCS – We have two more questions. If you were stuck in an airport bar on a 2 hour layover which MC member would you want to be stuck sitting next to and walking with? MCT – That’s really tough. I think Munsa is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. So Munsa, Scooba and I are really different. What’s funny is for many years at the beginning of MC, Scooba and I were always ideology opposed. That’s one of the biggest things I noticed, I find myself in agreement with Scooba more and more. I can’t tell if he’s hardened or I softened. I think Scooba is also really, really interesting. He has a different world view than me and those are the people that are really interesting to talk to. I don’t want to sit around with five people that are all going to agree with me. MCS – This question originally started with Team Disma stuff, Lister started changing it based on who she was interviewing, so for you it’s Team Maday or Team LT. MCT – Team Maday or Team LT, lol. Let me comment on that team stuff. There is only really two teams in MC, Team Maday and Team Tort. Those are the two fundamental teams, having said that I love both those guys. Maday is such a quiet guy but man if you piss him off. I can tell you this, I have known Maday for 8 years and the number of times he has come to me and been like look I’m super pissed I want to ban this person. It has happened less than 5 times. What I like about Maday is that he Is a really patient guy. There have been times where I wanted to ban people and Maday and are the reason some of these people in MC are still here. So to that extent it’s really hard to pick between those two guys. Team Maday is such a counter balance to me where as LT and I agree on a lot more than Maday and I. Who would I pick to join a team with? Think about it who did I pick at the beginning, so I have to go with Maday. MCS – I have to agree with you on the Maday aspect. I want to say Lister and I between Minecraft and some of the other stuff we have spent hundreds of hours in TS with him, I think she said she has heard him show a hint of anger in his voice once and I have never seen it. MCT – Right, now for many years it was me and Maday, and if somebody got banned there was a 99% chance it was me. So that’s the kind of reputation Maday got over the years. If Maday comes to the admins and says I want to band this person, we aren’t going to ban him just because it’s Maday and he’s staff member. We are going to ban the person because the group of people that Maday advocates to ban is so little he obvious has reason as to why they should be banned. Maday requires no explanation to me, if Maday says something; I’m like ok let’s go ahead and ban him. MCS – It’s kind of the opposite of the boy who cried wolf. It Maday is calling for something it’s obviously a big deal and should be handled MCT – Right. Here’s the thing with Maday if you get on that side of him, there is no appeal there is no coming back. MCS – I can imagine with as much as it would take to get him to that point, from what I know of him, I can’t see a reprieve from that.