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Found 8 results

  1. To continue the *Special* Behind The Tag: MadCast Staff: 8th Anniversary Edition, MadCast: Sotarkadin interviewed the other founder of MadCast... MadCast Tort. * Sotar typed this up, so if there is anything misspelled it's his fault! * (Sotar forgot to start recording... so this is how it starts.) MCT - Maday summed it up perfectly but I expected it to be relatively small and tight knit. MCS – When you say you expected it to be relatively small, did you ever expect it to get to where it is now and the shape it is in. MCT – No not really to be honest with you. To be perfectly honest with you if I had my way MC would still be a lot smaller. MCS – I have heard that from a few people, especially those that have been around here awhile before the great influx of League players, you know about 18 months ago. MCT – Yeah, and I think it’s even further back than that. I mean MC has been around for 7 years. About 5 years ago is when it stopped being as small as I would have liked. MCS – What do you think have been the biggest changes, how has MC grown in those years besides just the size of it. MCT – IF you think about MC a lot of things people take for granted now had to be created. So for example the mentor program, RFMs and SFMs, all those things had to be created. So I think as MC has always been governed by the rules that were required and as we learned this isn’t working we got to change it up and try other thing and so the biggest changes of MC has been the hierarchy and structure of it. It’s very regimented now compared to 6 or 7 years ago. MCS – Let’s see. Other than the size of it, are you glad to see MC where it is now? MCT – Yeah, you know, it’s one of those things where I don’t agree with everything that gets done but it’s one of those things when we started MC the idea was we didn’t like that there were admins that were absent that dictated how we did things. We never liked that Maday and I. So I try not to be that way. MCS – Have you seen anything over the past couple of years, that made you want to come back and be more active to ensure changes either do or don’t get done? MCT – I think that’s really dangerous. From my position the people that run MC need to know that, they run MC for a reason. A lot of people think it’s a popularity contest it really is not. As someone who has seen the RFM voting for years, it’s not a popularity contest. There are people who have been very popular who have not made it there have been people who are not that popular who have made it. It’s not a popularity contest once you reach that echelon it’s very clear it’s driven by work load, work ethic and those kinds of things. So to be fair to that process I think it’s not advisable. Think about it right, you are a senior admin and then you make a wrong decision and then I am there to correct you, that doesn’t instill a lot of confidence. If I can’t trust the admins then I can’t expect FM’s associates or candidates to trust the admins. So no, there is nothing in the last couple of years that have lead me to want to come back. Having been in those shoes I know that a lot of these calls are judgment calls, even I may disagree with them. If I can see there was a process at work and people were trying to do the best that they could then that’s all you can ask of a volunteer at the end of the day. MCS - yeah I think it speaks to the strength of the community as a whole that you haven’t had to or even thought about doing that and to the strength of the admin and leadership that is here. MCS – One more question about the basic MC then we will get into some of the more fun questions. So what lead to the inclusion of LT as a staff member. MCT – You know like Maday said we have had 3 staff for most of MC. I think that Maday aid it perfectly, the first thing is LT, before he became a staff member he had won like 6 or 7 SFM elections in a row. When you talk about someone that is definitely the will, their leadership was the will of the community for so long. I think that LT pretty much earned the staff position. Number 2 from an organizational stand point if you look at MC there have been 3 staff members and we have always tried to have an odd number of SFMs. The reason is when you have an odd number there is no deadlock. MCS – makes the voting and everything easier, there is always an outcome of some kind. MCT – Right, the same is true of staff believe it or not Maday and I do not agree on everything. So there was a lot of time there was just me and Maday, I mean, what do we do. In order to do the tiebreak we had to bring in a 3rd person. So there is the MC general reason why and a why LT became that position. MCS – I want to say I joined in that time between after Scooba but right before LT. So for a little bit there it was just you and Maday. MCT – It’s funny if you look at the history of MC and you can tell how new certain people are. I think in one of the interviews you said, it was either you or Lister said, you know Maday works on the website. And you know for about 5 years I was the number one website person, I designed everything. Pretty much every graphic all the backend stuff, I worked on it day and night and Maday helped me. Then we switched over to the new software Maday took over, it’s just funny to hear people be so shocked I was the website person because I did it for so long. MCS – I think the other thing to is so many of the people over the last few years, I mean when I first joined you were around a lot, we did the LoL actual league that went on for a few months that didn’t go so well. You were a mainstay, you were front and center you were visual for the first year or so I was here and now you are just a name that people now. You can see why as those that have been here for awhile have moved on or faded off and those that are newer are more active and just unaware of the history. MCT – Right, I mean, look you asked me earlier what was one of the things I wanted when I started MC. I wanted it to outlive me. So a lot of people would say MC is going to outlive me so obviously m not important. No man, the whole entire of process, the procedures were made with the idea that this would survive me when I left. No matter how committed you are, let me tell you on the internet there’s probably few as committed people as especially the staff member of MC to MC. Even then you have people move on, like we said at the beginning life catches up with you and there comes a point where you have to have some succession planning. It doesn’t hurt my feelings it makes me chuckle. You know because it’s changed so much over the years, its changed so much over the years that people say, “What Tort ran the website?”, and yeah I did for many years. MCS- It’s just funny now, because like you said people didn’t know that, once we go that the new software it was Maday that seemed like was doing anything. MCS – Ok now we will get into some more fun more personal stuff. How did you come up with your MC name and with you being staff is this the same name you used before or did you come up with a new one when you created MC? MCT - it’s always been Tort. Tort is analog of civil wrong, I’m sorry criminal wrong. There is two types of main body’s of law in the United States. There is criminal law and civil law, and so when you break a criminal code it’s called a crime. When you break a civil code it’s called a Tort and so that’s where it comes from. MCS – I think those that have been long enough knew or I just assumed it had to do with the legal aspect of it. MCS – what MC members have you met IRL. obviously Maday I assume MCT – Maday, Scooba, odinuke, it’s hard to keep track of who’s still a member. Of all the current members I think it’s just Maday LT and Scooba. MCS – Maday was in the same boat, when he started mentioning people a lot of them just aren’t around anymore. MCT – Yah like I say you lose people. MCS – Since you aren’t gaming with MC right now, bc I know you have been doing other stuff do you play any games outside of MC when you get some free time. MCT – the only game I really play is company of heroes 2 and we are talking 1 game every couple of weeks. I think I have logged a total of 40 hours since the game came out. And you’re talking to somebody who used to log 400 hours before a game fizzled out. MCS - I remember back when you had time you would pop on every night and get at least a game or two of league with us. MCT – And you know that was part of it, League I never liked; I gave it the good ol’ boy try but just never appealed to me really. MCS – I know you always kind of gave your opinion when people started putting up those posts about why Bronze doesn’t matter or there’s not ELO hell or those types of things. It’s always those people who haven’t been there that made those posts. Like this season I started at bronze 5 got up to bronze 2 and then back to bronze 5. I just can’t seem to go anywhere MCT – You know it’s one of those things I always ask people when they say, “Oh anybody can make it out of bronze.” And I ask them did you start in bronze? If you go through all the people that are not in bronze in MC that hold that opinion, there is very few of them I think only 1 or 2 that actually walked the walk. Most of them are like, “how hard can bronze be I am in platinum?” Well where did you start, Platinum 4. <Lots of laughing> MCS – I have thought about it and I’m not going to do it this season since this season is almost over. For season 6 I want to keep a record to show people. I think at once point this season when I dropped from 2 to 5. It was about 8 games in a row where people either rage quit, AFK or state they are feeding on purpose because somebody did something they didn’t like. That was 8 straight loses. MCT – People like to say it’s the same thing, it’s not, it’s really not. There is a huge difference between bronze and just silver. Even between bronze 1 and the rest, once you get to bronze 1 it’s completely different. Once you get to bronze 5 dealing with nothing but dc’s and rage. It’s as far low as someone can go. MCS –People are either frustrated they are still there or just so toxic that that’s what keeps them there. MCS – So how old were you when you first started gaming? MCT – I was actually in college. MCS – PC or console? MCT – PC. MCS – Have you ever been a console player? MCT – OI actually bought a limited on Xbox, I spent like $1,000 and played it for like a month or two then never touched it again. MCS – That’s funny. What was the first game you started playing? MCT – Battlefield: Vietnam MCS – Is that what led you to the community you were in before, because I know Maday said the previous community was a BF one. MCT – That’s where I was. MCS – What are some of your gaming pet peeves? MCT – I really hate complainers, I would rather not play a game then complain about it. That’s why I quit playing League. Complaining, I hate complaining, I mean at the end of the day you’re playing a damn video game. MCS - Yeah, obviously if you are to that point, you aren’t having fun and should find something else to do. MCT – That’s what I have never understood about this grind it out mentality. It’s a video game, grind at work where you make money. MCS – That’s why I stopped playing ranked this season it stopped being fun. I went to just playing ARAMs which are fun or playing team builder where I can pick which champ and do what I want. MCS – As far as complaining would you consider that one of your pet peeves outside of gaming or do you have other ones in general. MCT – Yeah, I am generally not a complaining listening type of guy. MCS – other than gaming do you have any other hobbies or interests? MCT – Gardening and marathon running. MCS – Nice, any bid marathons that you have done? MCT – I have actually gotten injured both times before the marathon so it’s more like marathon training. MCS – I am working on that kind of stuff. MY goal is to do a 5k sometime this year as I just started being active and that kind of stuff. Are you going to try for another one as long as you don’t get injured? MCT - I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon a year ago in DC. MCS – When is that one? MCT – I believe it’s in Dec; I am trying to remember when it is. The sign up is In March and it’s in the fall. MCS – So when it’s nice out. MCT – Yah. MCS - Gardening, do you grow plants, vegetables or anything specific? MCT – I have a lot of flower beds. I like to come home and garden you know, I have a very stressful job. MCS – I can imagine, it’s got to be nice to just sit there and mess with that and not have to deal with anything else. MCT – Yeah it is. MCS – What do you consider to be one of your proudest moments in your life inside and outside of MC. MCT – In MC, you know, there have been a lot of moments I have been proud of. Probably one of the best moments was when we were competitive in CoD. Outside definitely graduating from law school was definitely a lifelong dream. MCS – What law school did you go to if you don’t mind me asking? MCT – Indiana Bloomington. MCS – And in back to the other part when you were competitive. Is that other than the time you got the call on Christmas day? MCT - That was after. Maday and I were really competitive in BF2. But we only managed teams in CoD. MCS – Your dream job, what is your dream job if it’s the one you have now what makes it that way? MCT – I love arguing. And now I get paid for it. MCS – That’s pretty funny. MCS – What’s your top 5 favorite bands and/or artists? MCT – A lot of people are surprised to learn I am very big hip hop fan especially gansta rap. Like old rap like Tupac, Nas is one of my favorite rappers of all time. I like this Houston rapper Chamelionaire. I just really like the old stuff I don’t care for the new stuff. MCS = I am with you there give me Easy-E or Tru over any of the stuff they are playing now. MCS – On your iTunes or song list what would you consider your most embarrassing song on there? MCT – I really like Free Falling by Tom Petty. MCS – HAHA that is the complete opposite of everything you just listed. MCT – Don’t tell anyone from my old neighborhood. MCS – Other than the fact that you like hip hop what is something interesting that would surprise us about you? MCT – Most people are actually surprised to hear that I’m Hispanic. It’s one of the funniest thing ever to be sitting in a channel and somebody will say something about Hispanic people and everybody who knows I’m Hispanics is like, “uhh this is awkward”, especially some older members. I have written walls of text and I think a lot of people have conception of what Hispanic people can and cannot do in gaming. A lot of people who have met me over the years have been surprised at that. MCS – I would say with those people it’s just like if you told them you were from Europe or Australia. If you don’t have an accent they just assume you are white and American. MCT – Right, there have been a lot of people who just assumed I was white. MCS – other than gardening do you collect anything? MCT – Not really, Liquor bottles. I have a really huge bar in my house that rivals some restaurants. MCS – when you say liquor bottles do you mean empty ones that are cool or obscure. MCT – No they are all full. I have this huge book of thousands of drink recipes. I hand people that book and tell them to pick something and we can make it. MCS – That sounds amazing. MCT – IT is, it becomes a party game where people are trying to figure out if Ic an really make everything or not. MCS - If you won the lottery, excluding paying off your house and normal bill stuff, what would be the first three things you would buy? MCT - The first thing would be a BMW M5. Pay for all my families’ houses and stuff. This surprises people since I’m an attorney especially a private one. I am not that money driven. Like money doesn’t interest me that much. I could probably afford to drive an M5 right now it just seems so silly to drive such an expensive car. MCS – What is your dream vacation?> MCT – I hate traveling. To me going on vacation is more painful than lying on the couch all week. I actually took a vacation a few years ago where I spent the whole time on my couch and it was glorious. MCS - I would love to go on vacation more once they invent teleportation and you don’t have to deal with the actual traveling aspect of it, I would be fine. MCT – Yah, that’s’ my point I hate traveling, so many people love it and its bewildering to me. MCS – If you could relive the last 10 years of your life would you do anything differently? MCT – I would have tried to start having a kid sooner. I and my wife have been married for about 12 years. We didn’t try to start having a kid until really late, and we found out that we have to go through IVF. That was a huge expenditure that luckily by the time we tried to have kids we could afford it. I feel like if we would have given ourselves more time. MCS - I mean especially with IVF I heard it can be taxing especially on your wife. Having those extra years to work on it gives you more of an opportunity. MCT – It’s taxing financially, emotionally, it’s a very trying thing on a marriage. MCS – Lister and I didn’t have any issues I couldn’t imagine having to deal with any of that stuff. MCS – It’s the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know of them which 3 MC members do pick for your survival team and why? MCT - Munsa, Scooba and LT. Running MC is almost like running a zombie apocalypse and those are the people at the top right. That tells you about my judgment of them. Imagine you invest 7 years of your life into something and then you just stop. You have to think ok who I am going to hand this over to. That’s a lot of trust. MCS – You are stuck on a desert island, what 5 books and/or movies do you have with you? MCT - I am a huge fan of rise and fall movies and books. I love War & Peace, Count of Monte Cristo., I love Les Miserables. Those are all three rise and fall books. I also love rise and fall ganster movies, Goodfellas, Casino and Godfather. MCS – That’s a good variety there. MCT – I just love stories of people coming up from nothing. Most of those stories are tragedies too. MCS - I love all of those, now with Count and Les Mis. How do you compare the movie versions to the books? MCT – They are terrible, there is an actual movie and War & Peace and it was terrible. MCS - Nowadays when they try to do it with things like Twilight and Hunger Games don’t turn out that bad, but the books weren’t that great to begin with. When they try to do these epic literature pieces from before it just doesn’t work on film. MCT – People always ask me what’s the difference between literature and books. So if you read the Hunger Games 1000 times every time it will be the same and you will be exactly the same. In literature every time you come back and read it, it’s different. It’s not bc the book is different it’s bc you are different. It speaks to different stages and levels of your life. If you read any of those books I mentioned, each time it will be different. I don’t get that from something like Hunger Games, the story is the story. MCS – We have two more questions. If you were stuck in an airport bar on a 2 hour layover which MC member would you want to be stuck sitting next to and walking with? MCT – That’s really tough. I think Munsa is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. So Munsa, Scooba and I are really different. What’s funny is for many years at the beginning of MC, Scooba and I were always ideology opposed. That’s one of the biggest things I noticed, I find myself in agreement with Scooba more and more. I can’t tell if he’s hardened or I softened. I think Scooba is also really, really interesting. He has a different world view than me and those are the people that are really interesting to talk to. I don’t want to sit around with five people that are all going to agree with me. MCS – This question originally started with Team Disma stuff, Lister started changing it based on who she was interviewing, so for you it’s Team Maday or Team LT. MCT – Team Maday or Team LT, lol. Let me comment on that team stuff. There is only really two teams in MC, Team Maday and Team Tort. Those are the two fundamental teams, having said that I love both those guys. Maday is such a quiet guy but man if you piss him off. I can tell you this, I have known Maday for 8 years and the number of times he has come to me and been like look I’m super pissed I want to ban this person. It has happened less than 5 times. What I like about Maday is that he Is a really patient guy. There have been times where I wanted to ban people and Maday and are the reason some of these people in MC are still here. So to that extent it’s really hard to pick between those two guys. Team Maday is such a counter balance to me where as LT and I agree on a lot more than Maday and I. Who would I pick to join a team with? Think about it who did I pick at the beginning, so I have to go with Maday. MCS – I have to agree with you on the Maday aspect. I want to say Lister and I between Minecraft and some of the other stuff we have spent hundreds of hours in TS with him, I think she said she has heard him show a hint of anger in his voice once and I have never seen it. MCT – Right, now for many years it was me and Maday, and if somebody got banned there was a 99% chance it was me. So that’s the kind of reputation Maday got over the years. If Maday comes to the admins and says I want to band this person, we aren’t going to ban him just because it’s Maday and he’s staff member. We are going to ban the person because the group of people that Maday advocates to ban is so little he obvious has reason as to why they should be banned. Maday requires no explanation to me, if Maday says something; I’m like ok let’s go ahead and ban him. MCS – It’s kind of the opposite of the boy who cried wolf. It Maday is calling for something it’s obviously a big deal and should be handled MCT – Right. Here’s the thing with Maday if you get on that side of him, there is no appeal there is no coming back. MCS – I can imagine with as much as it would take to get him to that point, from what I know of him, I can’t see a reprieve from that.
  2. As promised, here is the 2nd part of Behind The Tag: MadCast Staff: 8th Anniversary Edition. MadCast: Sotarkadin was guest interviewing again for this one. I hope you enjoy(ed) learning all about how MadCast got started. If you haven't had the chance to read Part 1, I suggest you do so. For the 2nd part of this interview, we will be talking to someone who happens to have the horrible luck of being related to one MadCast: Disma (it's ok... we won't hold it against him). Our very own MadCast: LTTelamon. MadCast: Sotarkadin: How did you find out about MadCast? MadCast: LTTelamon: Well, MadCast Tort and I were law school classmates. So, I knew Tort on a personal level. One day Tort asked “Hey, do you play video games?” and I said “Well, yea I’m a gamer. In fact, I’m raiding four nights a week in WoW”. At the time he was talking about Battlefield. Battlefield was the big thing. Eventually, we got around to the fact that he was starting a community. So, I go to the webpage and it’s like five people. It was a pretty sharp website for four people, but it was still only four people. So, I create an account. At the time, MadCast standards were that every FM got to vote if you got in or not if you applied. MCS: (laughing) I heard about those times. MCL: And obviously that was a system that was deemed to be forsaken when we got big. I was one of the first few so it wasn't very taxing for me. MCS: So, who all was it at that time besides you, Maday and Tort? MCL: Um, Malacca, Gaslight, and MadCast: TacoJohn… MCS: Is he related to the other Tacos? MCL: No, no, no. In fact, TacoJohn wasn’t a PC gamer at all. He was basically a moderator. But he was a good friend of ours. MCS: That’s funny. MCL: Odenuiki (sp?), and HeavyDuty. I don’t know that they joined immediately but they all signed on and knew of MadCast. And at the start that’s all it was. And then there was Smikey (sp?). Smikey was this old guy, I think he was in his 40’s or 50’s. His soul mission in life was to pester Maday and Tort as much as he possible could, about every little thing on the website. If there was any little error on the website or anything that was remotely unclear, Smikey would make a post or send Maday a PM on the site. MCS: So, was he the Red of his time? MCL: Oh no, no, no. Red doesn’t hold a candle to Smikey. MCS: Was he somebody that you guys knew? MCL: From what I understand, he’s just someone who happened to cross the website one day. We didn’t know him. But I’m sure that Tort and Maday have some great stories, since they were the ones who had to deal with him. MCS: And at that time I’m assuming it was still Maday who was in charge of the site coding and that kind of stuff? MCL: Actually, you’d be wrong about that. Tort did a lot on the site. MCS: Really? MCL: Yea. Tort’s handoff of the site was when we switched from vBulletin to Envision Power Suite. Tort knew the old website very, very well. MCS: That’s interesting. I always assumed that with what Maday has done it’s always been him. MCL: Don’t get me wrong, Maday still did a lot of the graphics and things like that. But Tort was equally involved. He definitely designed certain areas. It was by no means only Maday. MCS: Which nowadays it’s only Maday right? I know he’s had people help him with a couple things, but he does the real grunt work right? MCL: Pretty much. As far as the technical side of things, yea Maday handles most of that. I do what I know to do. And I know enough to get around the backend of things. But I try not to mess with too much because I know Maday has spent a lot of time on it. MCS: That’s interesting. It’s always nice to know the humble beginnings. MCL: Oh man, yea. MCS: Did you ever imagine MadCast would be where it is now? MCL: I think we had very different visions on what MadCast would become. I believed that we would grow. I am and have always been a proponent of a smaller group. Precisely because I value certain characteristics of community, where we all know each other, we all like each other, we can all play with each other. The bigger we get, we lose those characteristics. Which is why I’m somewhat nostalgic of the older days, because in those days there were maybe 30 of us at a certain point. But any of us would get together and pop a server or shoot the shit about whatever. The other thing that probably is much less common now than it was then, MadCast policy was much more widely discussed in the context of here’s our situation, here’s what we are going to do about it. And FM’s would chip in. MCS: And I remember that because when I first joined we weren't as big as we are now. It was a lot more open to here’s what we’re thinking. MCS: I know Lister and I know already, but how did you come up with your MadCast name? MCL: I get this one a lot. My name comes from a character from the Wheel of Time, which is my favorite fantasy series. Probably my favorite book series ever. From a character Lews Therin Telamon. I have used Wheel of Time characters as alias’ going back to early college. So, it was long before MadCast that I ever stumbled upon that. I would say I've been going as LTTelamon predominately for the last eight, nine years. MCS: Or Lt. Lemons based on whose reading your name and how drunk they are. MCL: Yea, and how bad they want me to kill them. Yes. MCS: Besides Tort, who else from MadCast have you had the pleasure of meeting IRL? MCL: Oh man, it’s a list. Obviously one MadCast: Disma who is my brother. Malacca, Gaslight, Odenuki, HeavyDuty, Scooba, Prix, Spackemknacks, Bait, obviously Maday, who else? Prince, RedJustice, VoShay, Rife, Sleiphner, AndromedaCat, Baron… MCS: Yordle, I would assume? MCL: Yordle, umm I feel like I’m missing someone. MCLister: Mavrick. MCL: Was Mavrick there? MCLister: Yep. MCL: That’s right. That group and my group were kind of separate because we stayed in a different hotel. That was a fun trip though. Let’s see who else? I still feel like I’m missing one. MCS: What about Spoon? Did you ever meet him in the original meet-ups? MCL: I never met Spoon. It’s bugging me now. I may have to pull up the website. And there are some other obvious names; Sleepcoma and Khaos are both college buddies of mine. I brought them here. MCS: See that’s interesting because that I did not know. MCL: Mmhmm. Two of my best friends in the world. Gotta look at the member list so I don’t get thrown under the bus for forgetting someone. MCS: Or you could just PM Lister later with the names and she can insert them like you answered their names. MCL: That works for me. Alright, you can keep going. I know I’m forgetting someone important though. MCS: Let’s pretend you have a week off work and actually have time to play games right now, what games would you be playing with MadCast and what games would you be playing outside of MadCast? MCL: I would say Heroes of the Storm is my most played game right now. I am a longtime board game lover, so I play a lot of board games in my spare time. If something like that is going on, I’ll generally do that. But HotS is the game I’m playing most right now. That said, I played League last night so it’s not off my radar. I’m a big fan of sports games, but I don’t tend to play those with MadCast because there isn’t a big following here. But like FIFA and things like that I play. MCS: PC or console? MCL: Console. I feel like sports games are better played on console. MCS: I would agree. I play my Madden and stuff on console. MCL: Yea. Madden and all that stuff… I’m pretty much into all sports games. MCS: I’m excited to hear that you played League last night because that’s all that I’ve really been playing the last couple of weeks. I’m hoping when I find time and things start calming down on the weekends, I want to start getting ARAMS together again. MCL: Absolutely. MCS: Good times on the weekends. MCL: Pacov and I busted out a few ARAMS last night. MCS: It’s actually what I was playing when you joined the channel. You said you were gonna be a few minutes late so I queued up an ARAM. MCL: I actually made it back a little more quickly than I thought. Which is exciting for me because usually I’m late. MCS: I appreciate the haste. MCL: (laughing) No problem. MCS: How old were you and what can you remember about your first gaming experience? MCL: PC or Console? MCS: Just in general. How old were you when you first started and what can you remember? MCL: My first gaming experience was with the Intellivision. We had the Intellivision game bowling and my parents would play that. I remember that very well. I had to have been around three or four and I wasn’t very good. But that was my first gaming experience. Nintendo didn’t exist yet. MCS: Yea, so Lister over here, as you said that (to herself because she didn’t want to say it in TS) asked what the hell that was. MCL: The Intellivision? MCS: Yes. MCLister: Sorry I’m not that old. MCL: Oh man. I agree, it was way back before Atari. It was fun though dude. MCS: Yea, I had an Intellivision, Atari, a Commodore. I grew up on all of those. MCL: When I was like five or six we got a Nintendo. Also, when I was in that range we bought a Commodore Amiga. Amiga was the strongest personal computer graphics platform at the time. And from there we had so many games on that thing. I credit my parents because I was exposed to computers at a very young age. I grew up knowing how to use a computer. I could type reports before people knew that you could do that on computers. MCS: Yea, that’s how it was in our house. MCL: From there I was a console gamer from there on out. I had a Nintendo. I won a SNES in a raffle at the McDonalds by our house. I remember pretty vividly because I must have put so many entries in that blasted box. Half the names in that box must have been mine. I don’t know if any of you remember that far back, but the Super Nintendo was in HUGE demand and you couldn’t buy one. I think it was right around Thanksgiving time that they called and said you won. I remember being very excited. It was a good time. MCS: You do remember that I’m older than you right? MCL: Yea, but that doesn’t mean you remember. MCS: I remember our first Nintendo I got was, my friend at school (who wasn’t a very nice kid) had gotten in trouble and his mom sold his console and all the games for it to my mom for cheap. I spent hours playing Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. MCL: Yea! The big deal with the kids on my street was we would trade games. You would take your games to school and give it to one person and they would give you one of their games. MCS: I remember those days. MCL: That’s how I played the first Ninja Gaiden. I traded someone for it. MCS: I had the original Zelda and the original Final Fantasy that they made on the NES. MCL: I had the original Zelda and Zelda 2. I had the first three Dragon Warrior’s. I did not have the original Final Fantasy. MCS: I remember playing the first Ninja Gaiden though. I remember the level where you had to jump and the wind would blow. MCL: Yes! MCS: You had to time it just right. I kept falling through the pillars every time. MCL: You know the other one that used to get me when I was a kid? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. MCS: I was reading an article recently and they were talking about some of the hardest games ever and that was on the list. MCL: The swimming level was so unforgiving. You had to disable bombs and there was a time limit. There was electrified seaweed and if you swam through it, it would shock you. MCS: Yep! That was specifically the level they mentioned in the article. MCL: And of course whenever you mention insanely difficult NES games, you have to mention Battletoads. Which I owned and it was great. But you almost had to cheat to beat Battle Toads. It was so ridiculous. It was a fun game until you got to the speed levels. MCS: Back then you didn’t have saves. You sat down to play and played until… MCL: That’s when you’d beg your mom or dad not to turn the Nintendo off. MCS: Right. You’d pause it and turn off the TV and go to bed. MCS: Outside of gaming, what are your hobbies and interests? MCL: Very big into music, always have been. I was a singer when I was younger. I don’t sing much anymore. I’m a passionate sports fan. College basketball and soccer are my two biggest passions. I’m a pretty avid reader. This is well known, but I’m an avid gambler… (Hence the name Bragamon) MCL: … what else do I like? I like a good steak. MCS: Who doesn’t? MCL: Right. Vegetarians. That’s who doesn’t. MCLister: They don’t matter. MCS: We won’t consider them. MCL: (laughing) I like to spend time with my friends. I like tabletop gaming, which I know there is a small following for here. I have GM’d some very successful games. Khaos I think, is threatening to supplant me in terms of GM skills as his campaigns diversify and improve. MCS: He just had that poll. They’re gonna do what Edge of the Empire? MCL: Yea. MCS: I really want to get involved in those but I can’t do that 11 or 12 o’clock in the morning thing. MCL: Yea, the time slot is rough but Khaos does it for a reason. He’s got a demanding schedule just as I do, and that’s the time slot he has. That’s how you GM and have three kids folks. MCS: I couldn’t imagine that. I can’t even play with the one kid that we have. MCL: (laughing) Khaos is my hero, that’s why. MCS: Just to give you some cliff notes for that, since you like singing, Lister will be adding the “Numa Numa” video into the interview. MCL: Oh fuck. MCS: Just thought I’d give you a heads up on that. MCL: Thanks. I appreciate that. MCS: I do have to say, you guys are the ones who got me into playing Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and some of those other ones that we’ve played. Like Puerto Rico. I never even heard of those games until I started playing with you guys. MCL: I’m preaching the gospel of board games. I firmly believe that most people think of board games as hours upon hours of endeavors for nerds. And I think that board games are pretty much fun for anybody. They can be short, they can be fast and frantic, they can be combative, or they can be cooperative. I say that as someone who has briefly sold board games for a living. MCS: Since I would consider myself an extreme novice at board games, have you ever watched Wil Wheaton’s series for tabletop? MCL: Yes I have. MCS: That’s where I kind of found out about other games. Once I kinda got into board games through you guys, I found out about that. I started watching that cause I like Wil Wheaton and never heard of almost any of the games he plays. There have been a few like Settlers of Catan, where I’ve been like “Ohh, I’ve heard of that one!” MCL: Mmhmm. MCS: I was so excited. MCL: I think that tabletop has been an incredible move for the gaming industry because it made some of this stuff approachable and cool. MCS: And to me that was the fun part of it. Even though I didn’t know what game they were playing, the guest that he had on there and their interactions made it like a talk show. MCL: And that’s how I feel board games are. They are social interaction based. Even the more heavy stuff, it’s not about the rules of the game. It’s about the double crossing, the elaborately planned rouse, it’s the stories you’re going to tell about those games. I still tell stories about games that we played in high school. It’s well known in this community that I’m the worst dice roller alive. We regularly played Risk, and Axis & Allies, and games like that. And I lost a lot of games of Risk. I lost a lot of games of Axis & Allies. But we still tell those stories. And as we diversified, we started playing tabletop. We started playing some more diversified board games. Some of my most favorite gaming experiences are some of the lighter board games. They are light, social, entertaining, and they are short. MCS: And I feel like some of those board games, I feel like MadCast could have a huge following if they were free to play. I feel like having to buy some of them to play online is a hurdle. MCL: I agree. I think that among other games, as big as like Hearthstone is, Dominion is a better game. But Dominion requires you to buy at the start. MCS: Don’t you have to buy packs like Magic? MCL: No, it’s not like Magic because they aren’t collectible. That’s more of the Hearthstone model. There are just sets that you buy to increase your cards. MCS: Gotcha. MCL: Maybe Hearthstone was a bad example because it’s not entirely free to play either. But I think that Dominion would be bigger if it were free to play. MCS: I’d say the most fun I had was those nights we would play Puerto Rico. Granted it took me forever and I never knew what was going on half the time because I was still learning. But I had a blast playing. MCL: Puerto Rico is great for people who have the patience to learn it. It’s one of my very favorite games. It’s so elegant and strategic but yet it seems to have a good flow to it constantly. MCS: I would agree. I definitely had fun with that one. MCL: I’ve played a lot of board games and find Settlers of Catan very hard to go back to now. When I play Settlers of Catan I feel like a lot of things are just out of my control. I roll the dice, I get to do something. That’s pretty much my turn. In other games I have a lot more choices and I prefer that. Even Settlers is a world beyond the basic board games that people grew up with. Clue, Monopoly. Monopoly is the worst. I roll the dice, I land somewhere. That’s all I can do really. MCS: Monopoly destroys families. MCL: (laughing) It destroys people from becoming board gamers. I say that as someone who grew up playing Monopoly. I just don’t think I could ever go back. I don’t think I could play another game of Monopoly now. MCLister: Monopoly is the greatest game EVER! MCL: Omg Lister, nooo! MCLister: I love Monopoly! MCL: Ughh. I don’t begrudge people for that because it’s very nostalgic. A lot of us grew up playing that game. MCS: Now the only thing I do with Monopoly is collect them. We have the WoW, Transformers, Star Wars, and Vegas ones. I kind of look at those as collectors but that’s it. And I grew up also playing Risk and Stratego. MCL: Ah, Stratego. Absolutely. (This conversation continues for another ten minutes or so.) MCS: Top 5 favorite bands/artists? (I don’t think this is the order that he likes them, but it’s the order he gave them in.) MCL: 5. Coheed and Cambria 4. Third Eye Blind 3. Motion City Soundtrack 2. Jimmy Eat World (Has a soft spot for them since they are from Tempe) 1. AFI MCLister: Finally one that I can agree with you on! MCL: WOW! MCS: You should have heard the huffing and guffawing back here as you were listing these. MCL: The hate is strong. MCLister: I like AFI. They are awesome. I saw them back in ’01. MCL: AFI was here and I didn’t get a chance to go. I was very disappointed. I think they may have actually opened for Linkin Park. I would really love to see them. Particularly, I think Decemberunderground is a great album. MCS: What’s the most embarrassing song on your playlist? MCL: Oh man. Right now I’d have to say Blue by Eiffel 65. I don’t know why I like it, I just do. MCS: What would you consider one of your proudest moments in your life? MCL: Alright, we’re gonna get personal here. My first job as an attorney out of law school. MCS: Was that when you were a Public Defender? Didn’t you do public stuff for kids right? MCL: Yea, that’s where we’re gonna go with this. I was a Staff Attorney for the Indiana Department of Child Services. What that means was I worked for the government, taking abused and neglected children out of homes where they were being abused. Proving that the parents abused and neglected them. And in some cases taking them away permanently and proving that, that was necessary. It’s one of the more emotional things one can do with one’s life. I think it significantly changed me as a person. It greatly affected me to the point where after one of the lower moments I struggled for a while. We had a kid that was under our care (although he was sent home) die. MCS: Oh shit. MCL: I don’t know how to explain what that felt like, except that it haunts you. Because you constantly second guess yourself, as to if there something you could have done for a poor child who couldn’t protect themselves. MCS: I can’t imagine what that feels like. MCL: Yea, and I don’t say that for sympathy. It was a very rough time for me, but I got through it. The reason I say it’s the proudest - through some hard work on my part, but more hard work on the people who were out there in the field doing this stuff, working with these families, we saved some kids from what would have been terrible lives. We put them with families who loved them, treated them with respect, and raised them to be great kids. I have in my possession, certain items from a couple of those kids to remember them by. And whenever I look at those I feel very, very proud of what I was able to accomplish. Because what do you compare to saving a kids life? MCS: I’d assume that the good would far outweigh the bad for those that you saved. (Squeaking from our dogs chew toy can be heard in the background. She wanted to be part of the interview as well.) MCL: There was a lot of good and a lot of bad. It kind of just wavered back and forth. MCS: How long did you do that for? MCL: I did it for three years and at the end of it, I just couldn’t do it anymore. MCS: I’m impressed. Three years seems like a long time to try to shoulder that. (More squeaking.) MCL: The average burnout rate was around two. MCS: Alright, let’s move on to happier topics now. What would you consider your dream job? MCL: That’s a good question. I grew up wanting to be a Rockstar. And I would still love to be a lead singer in a band. I don’t think I’ll ever give that idea up, even if I don’t chase it. MCS: Would you play guitar too or just sing? MCL: I tried to play guitar. But I don’t have a lot of musical instrumental talent. I own a guitar. I can play a few chords. I can string a few chords together. But as far as having any talent, no not really. I don’t really have your stereotypical lead singer look. I’m not like either, tatted up - slash - pierced 17 times or drop dead gorgeous. So, I have to rely on talent and I have some talent. But these days it’s not what it used to be. There’s that. I would love to do that. I would love to work in sports. Some days I think I would love to teach. MCS: Teach sports or just in general? MCL: Teach in general. I have an ongoing passion for working with kids. Some days I would like to be a teacher. Not on payday, but other days. Another thing I think about a lot, I’d like to be a professional poker player. MCS: I could see you doing that lifestyle. MCL: I think it would fit me. I’m not the sort of person that gets overwhelmed by risk. Which a lot of people, that’s the scary part for them. I’m willing to gamble on myself. I also have a lot of talent that I feel I shouldn’t waste. MCS: Basically what you’re saying is, you have a whole list of dream jobs that you would just pick one at random if you had to. MCL: I feel like there are a lot of things I could have been good at. I’m not saying that to be arrogant. I think there are a lot of things I would have been terrible at. MCS: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or we would find interesting. MCL: This is hard for me because I’ve done AMA’s on the forums before. I don’t know that I have any hidden talents or anything like that. One notable fact about me though, I’m a natural speed reader. I can do about 150-200 pages an hour. MCS: Nice. MCL: Which has helped me a ton over the course of my academic career. MCS: I could imagine with all the stuff you guys have to read and consume. MCL: Right. So, that’s been a big help to me over the course of time. MCS: If you won the lottery, what would the first 3 things you bought be? MCL: See, it wouldn’t be buying first. It would depend on how much I won. But let’s just say it was over $100,000,000… the first thing I’m gonna do is payoff student loans. Because that is really important to me. Freedom is what that represents. The next thing I’m going to do is give all of my immediate family members 5 million. MCLister: Even Disma? MCL: Even Disma. But I might put his in a trust and put a trustee on it so that he can’t spend it unless the trustee gives him permission. MCS: That is awesome! MCL: Just to screw with him. After that, I’d buy a condo in Las Vegas and a house back home. And probably an apartment in Phoenix because I like Phoenix too. MCS: Well hopefully it comes true because then you can come out here with us. MCL: There ya go. Then we can go drinking at Four Peaks. It would be great. MCLister: We’ve been wanting to go there for a while now. MCL: So good. MCS: So far from our house. MCL: Really? Is it that bad? MCLister: Not really. It’s pretty close to my work. MCL: Yeaa! I used to be within walking distance of Four Peaks. MCS: If money was no option, where would you go on vacation next year and what would you do there? MCL: I would go to England and spend probably a few months following around Manchester United. And after I got done with that I’d go to New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Italy, and Germany. And then I think I’d be ok. MCS: You’re stuck on a desert island and can bring 5 books or movies with you. What do you pick? MCL: Uh, certainly books. I don’t know where I’d get power. MCLister: Are you gonna be like Maday? MCL: I’m a lawyer what do you want? I’d bring with me… this is really hard too. 5. Complete Works of Shakespeare 4. Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes 3. The Matrix 2. Wheel of Time Series 1. Dresden Files Series MCS: It’s the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know about them, which 3 other MC members would you pick for your survival team? And why? MCL: MadCast: Munsa – For the grunt labor. Somebody has to do the dirty work. MadCast: Tort – He’s a devious bastard. He always has a plan for everything. We will need a plan if the zombies are coming to get us. MadCast: Disma – So I have someone to trip and feed to the zombies as I’m running away. (Laughing) MCS: I find that amusing because the first thing Linds said “Please don’t say Disma.” MCL: Somebody has to be zombie food! MCS: You’re stuck in an airport bar on a 2 hour layover. Which MadCast member would you want to be stuck next to? MCL: There are a lot of answers to that question. I feel privileged to say that. I have a lot of good friends in this community and any of them would be good company. I’m going to try and go outside of my usual circle here. I would say maybe Thortt. Thortt and I would have a good time at the bar. MCS: (laughing) Ok, so did not see that coming. I can concur, with just as much as I know Thortt. I could see that being an entertaining few hours. MCL: I don’t get to talk to Thortt as often as I would like but he’s a good guy. I would enjoy the company. MCS: Because I hate him with such a passion, can you give us a little backstory on how Team Disma started? MCL: That’s a MadCast creation. There was no Team Disma before MadCast. What slowly began to happen is MadCast: Disma had his ego develop progressively as he got older, and people seemed to think he was good at video games which I still don’t understand. From there a few people started to jokingly lauding him with affirmation and he began to proclaim his cult like message. It grew and spread like a cancer. Suddenly, there was this monstrosity and no one knew how to stop it. MCS: It’s now such a mainstay of MadCast. You’re either for Team Disma or want him to die. MCL: I think Jobotoo might have a bigger following than Cult Disma. I don’t think Team Disma is as populated as it used to be. I think some of the regulars either wandered off into the sunset or they’ve realized what they’ve become. MCS: And I feel that most of it was centered around League at that point. It was always those drunken nights of ARAMS where it was either Team Disma or the other team. MCL: And we can laugh about that and I encourage that. But I also, begrudgingly have to credit him with that. The idea of that was not so much to feed his ego, but he certainly enjoyed that portion of it. The idea was to make something fun for us to compete about, and talk shit about, to make the games interesting. MCS: I remember that. That became such a drive for that. Depending on my level of intoxication that night, depending on whether or not I was part of Team Disma or against Team Disma. MCL: I will tell you this and we could probably tell a lot of stories about things like this, but one MadCast enterprise that never got off the ground between myself and one MadCast: Disma, is a project we were going to call The Great ARAM War. We were going to pick Disma and myself as opposing generals of two armies and run a quote unquote campaign against each other. And write story to correspond with it. MCS: I feel like this needs to become a thing. And I will help. MCL: (laughing) I think the time has come and gone. At the time it seemed entertaining. I think it also might have injected more seriousness into the rivalry than necessary. Cause what it really is, is about having a good time.
  3. This month we have a *Special* Behind The Tag: MadCast Staff: 8th Anniversary Edition. I thought it would be interesting to get a look at the beginnings of MadCast. This will be a 2 part Anniversary Edition. The 2nd half should be posted on Saturday. For Part 1 of Behind The Tag: MadCast Staff: 8th Anniversary Edition, we will be talking to one of the founders of MadCast. Our very own silent TS creeper, MadCast Maday. MadCast: Listerfiend21: What lead to the creation of MadCast? MadCast Ma’day: Um, that was (long Maday pause) the prior clan that both Tort and I were a part of, um not only were they having a lot of inner drama between a large portion of their members and other people, but Tort and myself were doing a lot of the work already with um, kind of keeping everything running. Because mostly the clan then was all Battlefield oriented. So we were trying to basically keep everything going by making the needed adjustments. But then the clan leader would come out of nowhere and just completely undo everything that we had just done. So not only were we a little upset about the whole situation, but we were starting to wonder why we were bothering to do this for someone else’s place who only decided to show up randomly and undo everything we did. As opposed to simply just creating our own thing that didn't have that problem. MCL: What did you envision for MadCast when it all started? MCM: (long pause) MCL: Did you hear that last question? MCM: Yea, I did. It’s just I’m trying to uh… (longer pause) I mean I guess a few of the key points was, we didn't want an upper leadership structure that was entirely one person in power kind of thing. We very much so wanted to go with a checks and balances setup. Which is why various elections for various admins is very much so vote based. Instead of saying “Oh yea, this person’s an admin now.” And the other part of MadCast, was that because we saw what happened when a clan was entirely focused on one game and how once the game starts to kinda die out, the clan if it’s, its only game starts to die with it. We wanted to create a place that would survive beyond just a single game. And then, the very last aspect of it, of our idea and what MadCast should be is simply that yea, we may have founded it as co-founders or being at the highest tier of admin as being staff, the community is built and is supposed to function in a manner where the community will survive beyond just the staff that are there to run it. We didn't want a community entirely based upon a single person’s upper admin presence. MCL: Did you imagine MadCast would be where it is now? MCM: I guess in our minds we kind of always had a notion that MadCast would be what it is. It was just entirely the length of time that it takes to get to those places that we left entirely up to however it happened. We've said it in times past, where MadCast can be like hundreds of members strong but you sacrifice certain things to have those kinds of numbers too fast. And part of MadCast original ideals, was that we didn't just want a bunch of people that just simply came to us. We wanted people that actually formed more dynamic friendships than just playing a game here and there. Trying to get that interaction and getting people to work together under that scope of magnitude takes longer than assimilating hundreds of people in quick fashion. MCL: How has MadCast changed and grown in the last eight years? MCM: How’s it changed and what now? MCL: And grown? When you guys started, did you bring anybody over from the clan you were in? MCM: I think there were like maybe a couple, but for the most part I mean a lot of the people that came with us to start MadCast, were already friends of Tort and myself. There were only a couple people from the prior group. That wasn't really the terms we wanted to leave the other group on, as far as like taking massive people with us. We didn't want to be THOSE people. That was really a point of where we left and if some people were that determined to come with us, we weren't going to stop them but we weren't going to tell them they couldn't be a part of the prior place. (long pause) But how has it grown? There are all kinds of historical threads kind of outlining the various changing over the years. MCL: Well yes, but not everyone can read those threads. MCM: Right. Well, obviously MadCast started out at one game but we play multiple games now. Which was one of our goals, not basing our existence on a single game. I would say, some of our original structural ideas have definitely evolved since the beginning. But then again, you can only plan for so much. And certain things happen, you just have to roll with the punches on how to react to them. MCL: The mentor program started in 2012 right? That isn't something you guys were doing at first was it? MCM: No, but then again, the candidate process wasn't always there. The first couple years we didn't have a candidate process. You were either hanging out with us, or not. If a person wanted to join MadCast at the start, the FM’s had quite a bit of a say in if they could join or not. That’s kind of a glimpse at how much has changed since that time. Once you've crossed a certain threshold of how many members you have, waiting for the majority of your members to chime in would just take a long time. MCL: When did the RFM and SFM ranks start? MCM: (long pause) Shoot, I can’t really pull dates out of my head. MCL: Old age is getting to you. MCM: Well, SFM’s were kind of always a thing. We didn't have them in the very beginning but the moment we started having admins, where they started were SFM’s. RFM’s didn't come into play until like a year or two after we had SFM’s. We realized it was quite a daunting jump between SFM’s and RFM’s. That’s where we figured out that we needed some kind of in between FM and SFM, to get yourself more acclimated to the way MadCast runs. MCL: Any other major changes that MadCast has gone through? Like the website has changed… MCM: Yea, the website has changed. Originally the site was built on vBulletin software, and now it runs on Invision Power Suite. The company that bought the vBulletin software after that didn't have a good history with good customer service as far as development. There were a lot of failed deliveries to features and promises that they showed for the software. There was quite a bit. And thus we went to a software that was much more proven. MCL: So, I know there are threads in the Historical section, but how did the crash happen? MCM: You’re wondering what exactly caused it? MCL: Yea. MCM: The database got corrupted pretty much. That was on vBulletin at the time. The web host that was hosting our site, all of a sudden decided to update the MySQL database version. The MySQL is the database software that basically stores the information. So, the version of vBulletin that we were running required a certain version of MySQL software but the web host decided to just update. The problem was that the update changed a lot of communication with certain tables within that database file. So, when the update happened all of a sudden the database software no longer knew how to properly communicate with our database anymore. MCL: Ah ok. MCM: Yea, it was a lot of tech details. The database just wasn't upgraded properly and it just kinda got demolished. The only way to recover data from that database file was to literally open it in a text editor or in an Excel sheet. MCL: That sounds like it would have taken forever. MCM: Yea, I want to say there were close to 200,000 posts on the site when it crashed. MCL: Just think if Jobo was around back then. There would be a lot more than that. MCM: Yea, but his post aren't exactly long either. MCL: What led to the inclusion of LT as a Staff Member? MCM: Well, it was just Tort and I for a little bit when we first started, but for a while Scooba was a Staff Member and the whole having three of Staff made a lot more sense to us. Then it’s not just two people, and you can actually have differing ideals. Not only that but when a decision comes from Staff you have a majority. I mean the spot sat vacant for a while but there were some years in there where we just didn't have many people that could really handle the Staff position. LT had been an SFM for like two years plus running. It was just a matter of time that we brought another Staff Member in. Not only was that but Tort becoming less active with his life and career taking over his time. The intention was always to have three Staff Members. We could operate with two but it becomes a bit awkward sometimes with two. MCL: How did you come up with your MadCast name? I’m sure it’s a mystery to many. MCM: How my name became Maday? MCL: Yes, how did you become Ma’day? MCM: Well, back when Tort and I were playing Battlefield my soldier name was JFMaday. MCL: Joey Maday. Don’t know what the F is but Joey Ma’day. MCM: No, not Joey. But otherwise yes, Maday is my actual last name. MCL: With two y’s. MCM: No. MCL: Are you sure? MCM: Yea. MCL: What are your favorite and least favorite things about MadCast? MCM: (pause) I would say my favorite part of it would be just the fact of seeing all the people having a good time playing together. Brings a sense of pride knowing that. But for least favorite, I would have to say the completely unnecessary drama that people seem to think they need to conjure up. MCL: But drama is so fun! MCM: If I wanted drama I’d watch soap operas. MCL: You’re not a fan of soaps? MCM: No! MCL: Really? MCM: I don’t even really watch actual TV, so I’m certainly not gonna watch soaps. MCL: You don’t watch TV? MCM: Nope, I don’t have any sort of cable package. MCL: What MadCast members have you met IRL? MCM: Alright, I've met Tort, LT, Scooba, Malacca, I believe TacoJohn, HeavyDuty, Bait, Spackem, Prince, RedJustice, Sleiphner, Cinchil… MCL: Don’t forget Yordle. MCM: Ah yes, I've met Yordle, Munsa, Trevman… MCL: Sleep. MCM: Was Sleep at GenCon? MCL: Yea. MCM: Oh yea, guess he was. I think VoShay was there, Mavrick… MCL: Rife. Or did you say him already? MCM: Nope. AndromedaCat and Baron. I've met Disma… MCL: Nobody cares about Disma. MCM: But otherwise um, I had other friends like Jester who is a member. MCL: Have you met Spoon? MCM: I’m not sure. Maybe? MCL: Is he the one who joined because of the sticker on your car or was that someone else? MCM: That was Trevman. Oh yes, I've also met Bait. MCL: (laughing) Yea, you said Bait already. MCM: Did I? MCL: Yep. You met him when you guys had the meetup at Scooba’s house right? MCM: Yea, that was when the crash happened. MCL: I think I've heard stories about that trip. I somewhat remember Scooba talking about it. MCM: See, Bait was also involved in the whole New Jersey trip too. That whole Philadelphia airport, extreme Bait fail. MCL: You know you forgot to mention Pool and Nicole. MCM: Oh yea, I've met them too. MCL: How old were you when you first started gaming? If you can remember that far back. MCM: Well, I really started playing games back when the Nintendo Entertainment System was THE console. I guess for the most part that was when the journey first started. I mean, we had an Atari but I was so young at that time. MCL: You mean you didn't have a Commodore 64? MCM: Nope, an Atari. MCL: What are some of your pet peeves? MCM: (long pause) Some of my pet peeves… MCL: Besides being called Joey. MCM: Um, misspelling my name even though it’s right there in front of your face. I can’t get overly upset about people mispronouncing it, but ya know. MCL: How would you mispronounce Ma’day? MCM: I’m not gonna grace that comment with a response. MCL: Technically you just did. So, gaming pet peeves? MCM: I would say the biggest one is an overly sensitive microphone on voice activation. Big pet peeve. MCL: Especially during the Town Hall. MCM: See there’s a reason I really don’t run those anymore. MCL: Is that why? MCM: It’s only part of it. I was kind of just growing tired of being the only one to run it month after month. MCL: Other than gaming, what are your hobbies and interests? MCM: I bowl, I golf, watch movies. MCL: Do you play golf better than you bowl? MCM: I've never really hurt myself on the scale that I did at the meeting, no. MCL: What is one proud moment in your life; inside and out of MadCast? MCM: (long pause) I’m a thinkin. MCL: Ok. MCM: Well, for the proudest moments, there were a couple of times that MadCast was featured in various podcasts, or match coverage's like competitive casting. Just the fact that we were worthy enough to be casted in those things, it’s a pretty proud moment. MCL: Do you have one for outside of MadCast? MCM: I would have to say it was when I moved out of my parents place after I had to move back in with them for a couple years. I don’t know, having to move back home with your parents at an older age, you don’t exactly feel great about oneself. Not always a fault of the parents, but a person likes to feel that they can be self-sufficient. MCL: Makes sense. MCL: What was one low-point in your life? MCM: There were a couple of them. First one was just a failed relationship after three years. It’s kind of daunting to go three years and just kinda falls apart after that. The other one was another three year relationship and was because I was over prioritizing gaming over the relationship and it kinda just destroyed it. So, it was uh pretty harsh reality call of getting priorities rearranged better. MCL: Were you playing WoW a lot with that last one? MCM: Nope. That was actually a fault of Battlefield. Lot of hours were played in Battlefield. MCL: Most embarrassing song on your playlist, cause I’m pretty sure you don’t use iTunes? MCM: You’re damn right I don’t use iTunes! You’re gonna make me open up my playlist huh? MCL: Yep! MCM: (very long pause) I guess I would have to say, it would be a Justin Timberlake song. MCL: That’s not embarrassing! MCM: (trying not to laugh) Yea it is! MCL: Alright, is it “Cry Me a River”? MCM: No. MCL: Well what song is it? MCM: Uh, “Rock Your Body”. MCL: Ohh… ok. MCM: Yea, see! MCL: I asked you this question in your AMA that you did forever ago, but let’s see if it’s changed any. It’s the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know about them, which 3 other MC members would you pick for your survival team? And why? MCM: Well, I’d probably still pick Scooba. MCL: Did you have to go back and look at who you picked before? MCM: No. MCL: I was gonna say, I remember who they were. MCM: Well, who were they? MCL: I need to know who you’d pick now and then I’ll tell you. I have to see if it will change. But Scooba was one of them. MCM: MadCast: Scooba – We’re bros. I think we could handle it. We’d figure it out. MadCast: Butterslit – Well, out of all the mess you've gotta have something to laugh about. MadCast: Kelica – She probably lives on the most dangerous continent in the world and if that hasn't gotten her, I’d probably be pretty good I’d imagine. MCL: Is she a new member? MCM: What?! MCL: Wait who did you say? MCM: Um, Kelica. Kelcy the Australian. MCL: Ohh, Kel-i-ca. MCM: Ok, that’s how you pronounce it. MCL: The last time it was Scooba, Andromeda, and Cindy. (Kelcy - I know who you are! I blame MaYday for not knowing how to pronounce your name!) MCL: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or we would find interesting. MCM: Wasn't that asked in the AMA? MCL: I don’t fucking know. That was a long time ago. A lot of the new people aren't going to go back and read those. You know people are lazy. MCM: Yea, I know. Apparently the search function is so difficult to use. Ok, something interesting that a lot of people probably don’t know about me… yes, I am Staff; no I am not a lawyer. MCL: And you’re the only one. MCM: That’s right! But apparently there’s a lot of rumors going around that I’m a lawyer. MCL: Really? MCM: Yea, apparently I keep on hearing that people are made aware that most of the Staff or all of them are lawyers. MCL: Is that why they think you’re so scary? MCM: I don’t know. MCL: Interesting. MCL: If you won the lottery, what would the first three things you bought be? MCM: A new vehicle, a new house, and then most likely a top of the line custom computer. MCL: You’re stuck on a desert island and can bring 5 books or movies with you. What do you pick? MCM: I guess one of the books would be, probably the Idiot’s… (Ma’day dropped connection) MCL: Welcome back. MCM: Well that was odd. So, did you hear the one book? MCL: No, all I heard was the idiot. MCM: Go figure. It’s supposed to be the Idiot’s Guide to Surviving on a Desert Island. MCL: Ok. MCM: So here’s the other question though; if you have the movie, do you have the TV and such to watch it? MCL: Fucking Maday! There’s always gotta be that one person. Leave it to you. Yes, you’d have all the essentials to watch it. MCM: But would you have power? MCL: I’m gonna fucking kill you! MCM: Hey, they need power to run! MCL: This is like that thing that CaptDiabetus had where you’re locked in the basement for 12 years. MCM: So, you’re basically saying I have a laptop and have a solar pack to watch the damn thing. MCL: (rolling eyes and clenching fists) Sure. MCM: Or maybe you should just make that a requirement. MCL: Or maybe you could just stop being a pain in the ass and answer my question! (Long pause) MCL: Ma’day? MCM: (smartass tone) Heh? MCL: Are you gonna answer my damn question? MCM: I’m thinking! Does Star Wars count as one or does each episode count as a movie? MCL: It comes in a box set doesn't it? MCM: Uh yes, I think so. MCL: If it comes in a box set we’ll count it as one. I’m pretty sure Fayea said the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and I let it go as one. That just makes your answer even more difficult because you have to think of more now. MCM: Can The Hobbit be included with Lord of the Rings? MCL: No, because The Hobbit is different than LotR. Duh! MCM: You know they’re gonna sell that in the whole set. Come on! MCL: They don’t include The Hobbit with LotR. MCM: It’s the same story! MCL: But The Hobbit Trilogy is different than the LotR Trilogy. MCM: Yes, but they are the same story though. MCL: No, cause The Hobbit is awesome and LotR sucks. MCM: Ok, you know how in Star Wars there are the prequels? Well, The Hobbit is merely the prequel to LotR. MCL: FINE. You can include them with the stupid LotR. MCM: Good. Then I would take all of the Star Wars, the whole LotR story… MCL: With The Hobbit… MCM: Yea. MCL: Ok, so you have three because you have Star Wars, LotR (with The Hobbit), and your Idiot book. Should we add the Harry Potter set in with this? MCM: No! MCL: How about Twilight? MCM: Hell no! MCL: Fifty Shades of Grey? MCM: Noo! MCL: Well, you already have two other sets. Figured I’d add a couple more in. MCM: I’ll have to say the Lethal Weapon movies. MCL: Those don’t come in a box set. MCM: Yes they do! MCL: Are you sure? MCM: Yep, cause I own it! MCL: You’re gonna go with those over Die Hard? MCM: Oh, thank you for reminding me. The last movie would have to be Pulp Fiction then. MCL: Ugh, horrible movie! MCM: WHAT?! MCL: That was a terrible movie. MCM: How dare you! MCL: Alright, you've got the book, Star Wars, LotR/Hobbit, Lethal Weapon and shitty Pulp Fiction. Is that correct? MCM: I’m thinking it over real quick. (Pause for effect) MCM: Um, I’d like to swap out Pulp Fiction for something. MCL: Good choice! MCM: Hater! MCL: Hey, you’re the one choosing to switch it out. (Pause for effect again) MCL: Is this a tough choice? MCM: I almost wanna say the Marvel movies. MCL: You’re just trying to go for all the box sets aren't you. MCM: YES! MCL: But see they don’t box those together MCM: You know they will. MCL: But because at this current moment in time they don’t, you can’t choose them as a box set! You will have to pick your favorite one out of the bunch. MCM: Then I guess to current date, we’ll just have to go with The Avengers. MCL: Much better choice than Pulp Fiction. MCM: But good lord, do you know when they do box all those movies up, how much they’re gonna make on that? MCL: It will be a shit ton. Box sets already cost quite a bit. (book/movie recap) MCM: 5. Idiot’s Guide to Survive on a Deserted Island 4. Star Wars Complete Saga 3. LotR/Hobbit Trilogy(s) 2. Lethal Weapon Complete Series 1. The Avengers MCL: One last question… If you were stuck in an airport bar on a two hour layover, which MadCast member would you want to be stuck next to? MCM: Go over that question again. MCL: If you were stuck in an airport bar on a two hour layover, which MadCast member would you want to be stuck next to? MCM: I’d have to say it would be a tossup between Scooba and Munsa. MCL: Yea, they are definitely both entertaining while liquored up.
  4. I decided to switch up this month's BTT and make it a bit more exciting. I had Sotarkadin (or Brotarkadin as this month's interviewee, calls him) be a guest interviewer and ask the questions. Before you decide to read ANY further, this interview is EXTREMELY NSFW. Read at your own risk... For this month's Behind The Tag, Brotarkadin interviewed someone who loves Murlocs just as much as I do, the very colorful... MadCast: FS.
  5. For this installment of Behind The Tag, I interviewed MadCast's very own Dexter Morgan (in Town of Salem that is) and regardless of her body count, she couldn't beat Sotar at poker. Our one and only MadCast: Fayea MadCast: Listerfiend21: How did you find out about MadCast? MadCast: Fayea: I found out about MadCast through the Guild Wars 2 branch. I started playing towards the beginning of the game coming out. I had a regular guild that I hung out with but had to go on hiatus for a while and when I came back one of my friends brought me to MadCast. I remember I really liked it so I applied. MCL: Is your friend in MadCast? MCF: No. They applied once, but didn't make it and they haven’t been around since. MCL: How did you come up with your MadCast name? MCF: Fayea is a name that I've been using for about 8 or 9 years now. It was kind of random. I took the word ‘Fey’, because I was really into elves and fairies and fashioned a name out of it that I could use. MCL: What are your favorite and least favorite things about MadCast? MCF: I like how no matter what it is you feel like doing, there are usually people around who are up to hang out and play. One of the more difficult things is, you start to establish groups, which is fine. I love the people in my usual group, but it’s hard to get people to breakout and meet other people and see new things here. MCL: I agree with you 100%. When I hosted monthly games, it was to try to get people out of their cliques and to play with others. Didn't really work so well. MCL: What MadCast members have you met IRL, if any? MCF: I recently met Bluejay, but that would be it I believe. MCL: That’s cool. How did it go? MCF: He was in town for work, so we went to dinner and chatted. It was nice. MCL: What games do you play with MadCast, and what games do you play outside of the community? MCF: With MadCast – I still dabble in GW2. I've started looking into Star Wars a little bit. I definitely love playing Cards Against Humanity with MadCast. Occasionally, things like Borderlands 2. Outside of MadCast – I play a lot of things. Ohh, I forgot Town of Salem. That game is the bomb! Anyway, I like to play Saints Row. I have some friends I like to play Trine with. MCL: What was that last game? MCF: Trine. MCL: What the hell is that? MCF: Oh, it’s this platform puzzle game that you can play with two other people. There is a rogue, a warrior, and a wizard. You can switch between the characters, but if you play with other people you can each play a role. It’s so much fun. MCL: Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out. MCF: (Singing) It’s a BLAST! MCL: How old were you when you first started gaming? MCF: I don’t know how old I was exactly. I know when I was younger, my dad bought us a PlayStation 2. He got that for us and we played it. Then he broke it by fiddling with it. He made it up to us and got us an Xbox. I was probably about 10 when we started getting consoles and stuff. And I probably got into online gaming about 14. MCL: What was your first online game? MCF: Flyff. Fly for Fun. MCL: Haven’t heard of that one. MCL: Other than gaming, what are your hobbies and interests? MCF: I love to cook, read recipes, knit. I've always liked Origami. Recently, I've been trying to Contact Juggle. That’s kinda difficult. MCL: Is that different than regular juggling? MCF: Yea. Well, in Contact Juggling, whatever it is that you are juggling with you try and keep on your body at all times. I don’t know if you've seen Labyrinth, but that would kind of be what it’s like. MCL: Of course. I love that movie! I use to think David Bowie was so hot in that, but now looking back I don’t know what I was thinking. MCF: (laughing) Yea, we've watched it recently and we always have to make comments about David Bowie. MCL: Gotta love his nice tight pants! MCF: Something about a bulge and goblins. MCL: What is one proud moment in your life; inside and out of MadCast? MCF: Well, outside is really easy. Of course the most amazing thing that’s happened to me is my kid. Inside MadCast I would have to say, I don’t know. I feel like I've grown a lot since I've been here. As a person, and as a gamer. MCL: What is one low-point in your life? MCF: Lowest point of my life was definitely my pregnancy. Which was a real bummer because it was something that I had always looked forward to when I was younger. Enjoying my pregnancy and preparing for my child was something I very much wanted to do. But for me was filled with fallout and struggle. It was a very difficult time for me. MCL: What is your dream job? MCF: It would be, to be a chef in a really nice restaurant. MCL: What is your favorite thing to cook? MCF: Umm, I love to make Baked Ziti. MCL: That sounds delicious right now! MCF: I've been making that forever with my dad. And he’s always looking for ways to improve his recipes. MCL: Top 5 favorite bands/artists? MCF: 5. Sonata Arctica 4. My Chemical Romance 3. Muse 2. The Rasmus 1. In This Moment MCL: Most embarrassing song on your iTunes? MCF: You know, I don't think anything beats Dragostea Din Tei MCL: Ah yes. Apparently this is LTTelamon's jam! MCL: It’s the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know about them, which 3 other MC members would you pick for your survival team? And why? MCF: I think the most important thing for me, for my survival team would be, people who are loyal and have a lot of will power. MadCast: ThrushLeafborn -Because she’s such a wild card. And an amazing confidant. MadCast: Lucemiya – She’s always got my back and is one of the sweetest people ever. MadCast: Kit – She’s really organized and she’s a BOSS. MCL: If you won the lottery, what would be the first 3 things you bought? MCF: Oh my goodness… hmm? Ok, so the lottery being how much? Could I buy a house? MCL: (Laughing) Sure. I don’t know, you’re the only person who has ever asked that. Let’s just say it’s one of the big ones. MCF: I would definitely get a house. Like a really nice one. And do it all up, the way I’d like. Umm… I don’t know. It’s not really an item but I’d definitely do a lot of traveling. I've always wanted to see the world. And games. Lots and lots of games. MCL: Well, the travelling kind of goes into my next question… MCL: If you had the money, where would you go on vacation next year and what would you do there? MCF: I think hands down, the place I've always wanted to go is Egypt. I would go to Giza and see the Sphinx. Not to mention the Pyramids. MCL: Ok, that was really weird. When you started talking about Egypt, I swore I had interviewed you before. I remember getting almost that exact answer for this question. I just remembered though, it was Zanmaros. MCF: I have to go see now! MCL: If you could relive the last 10 years of your life, what would you do differently? MCF: I’m honestly trying to think of something, but I don’t think I’d do anything differently. As much as it’s tempting to say you’d like to go back and change some of the worst or more difficult things. But then I wouldn't be where I am or who I am. And it’s not an idea that I like. MCL: You’re stuck on a desert island and can bring 5 books or movies with you. What do you choose? MCF: 5. Harry Potter Box Set 4. Pulp Fiction 3. Minority Report 2. The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe 1. Grimms’ Fairy Tales MCL: If you were stuck in an airport bar on a two hour layover, which MadCast member would you want to be stuck next to? MCF: You know, I feel like Juno’s a really funny guy. He’s entertaining and nice. I think he would be fun to spend a layover with. MCL: Juno is hilarious. He would definitely be a good choice.
  6. This month for Behind The Tag, I will be interviewing the "Vile Temptress" of MadCast. Our very own, MadCast: Junodavidw. I hope you enjoy the read! MadCast: Listerfiend21: How did you find out about MadCast? MadCast: Juno: I originally found out about MadCast by looking for competitive teams on the League of Legends forum. I originally hit Diamond V and was looking at trying to get into the LCS playing on competitive teams. I was part of a community a year prior to that in 2012, and I guess a little bit of nostalgia hit me and I really wanted to have that again. Instead of the hardcore competitive team, I wanted more of a brotherhood to hang out and play video games. MCL: How did you come up with your MadCast name? MCJ: I have used the name Junodavidw since I was very, very little. This is a little of my life story here, but the first part of my name Juno actually comes from – *Someone sneezes in the background. Juno yells “GOD BLESS YOU!” * MCJ: - comes from an old character in an N64 game (Jet Force Gemini), where he and his sister, his name was Juno and her name was Vela they went out to go save the galaxy… The W actually stands for Westerman. Which came up around the time the first Sims came out where you had to create a family name and I dunno… Juno Westerman just kinda stuck. After a while Juno Westerman kinda got old and I wanted a middle name. I went through the alphabet a, b, c, d, e, all the way to z and Juno D Westerman kinda felt right. So, I looked up a list of names that were D, and David and Daniel were the ones that stuck out. David is the one I went with, and Westerman ended up being too long, so I shortened it to Junodavidw and used it since. MCL: Ohh ok, that’s pretty cool. For the longest time I always thought your name was Juno. MCJ: My actual name is Edward. I don’t sparkle and I’m not immortal, so… MCL: What are your favorite/least favorite things about MadCast? MCJ: My favorite thing about MadCast is, I can pretty much log on at any time and expect somebody to be playing something. Regardless of the game, and be able to join them and have fun. My least favorite thing about MadCast is that not enough people have heard about us. I think we need to get that out there. I want the whole world to know about MadCast. How cool this place is and all the cool games we play. It’s the place to be! MCL: How do you think we should do that? MCJ: Well, in business the best way to get word out is through word of mouth promotion. Tell your friends, family, kids, neighbor (I dunno if your neighbor will appreciate it). Tell your boss, tell your co-workers. “Hey you play video games? Yea, you should go check out MadCast. Cool place!” MCL: What MadCast members have you met IRL, if any? MCJ: I don’t think I have met anyone in the real world from MadCast. Sometime in the near future, I’m hoping to make it to one of the Pax’s or one of the meet-ups. MCL: I thought you knew Sleiphner? MCJ: Uh, Sleiphner does live nearby about an hour or two away, but we have not found time to go out and meet each other yet. MCL: What games do you play with MadCast? And what games do you play outside the community? MCJ: I originally started with LOL, but right now it’s taking a back burner on my list. I played a whole bunch of Dawngate and wanted to bring Dawngate into the community, but as of a week ago EA has announced that they are going to be stopping development of Dawngate. There is Heroes of the Storm coming up, there’s a little bit of Hearthstone that I like to play in the community. And there is always Diablo 3 that is an absolute joy to play. Outside of MadCast, I have at least 500 Steam games. To be honest I have a little bit of a spending problem, so if they are 80% off I tend to buy them. So, my Steam list is getting bigger and my actually played list is getting smaller. I’m hoping to set out and stream those games because I know it won’t only motivate me, but it would entertain people and get MadCast’s name out there.
  7. For this month's Behind The Tag, I will be talking to the MadCast member who loves cheesecake, is trying to start her own militia and the only person who is still a member of Team Disma... MadCast: Kit. MadCast: Listerfiend21: How did you find out about MadCast? MadCast: Kit: I was looking for a 5's team because I recently removed myself from a 5's team as a backup support. I was looking through the recruit forums and searched for "mature" and there wasn't many results, but what I did find was MadCast. MCL: How did you come up with your MadCast name? MCK: I've been going by Kit since I was in college. Everyone calls me Kit in my real life, except my family. Originally it was KitOnlyHuman because that's what I go by everywhere else, except MadCast obviously. MCL: Oh, that's right! You changed it pretty quickly after becoming an FM, didn't you? MCK: Very first day! MCL: What are your favorite/least favorite things about MadCast? MCK: My favorite thing about MadCast, that is a difficult one. I would have to say the age of the general populous of MadCast. It feels like I'm playing with other adults, because I came from a community that was mostly high school kids. It was overwhelming at how many stupid people there were who didn't understand real life yet. So, I think the best part about MadCast, not only the fact that it's mature, but the voting too. Voting is a big deal to me because I feel that it represents the community as a whole better, whenever you can vote the people who represent you the best. As for the least favorite thing I like about MadCast, well clearly there's no Sims 4 section... so that has to be it! MCL: What MadCast members have you met IRL, if any? MCK: I haven't met any in real life as of yet, except for SabreWolf. I met him before he was even a member, so I kinda pulled him in whenever I had just become a candidate. I met him in that month of his candidacy and we moved in together not long after. MCL: So, kinda going into that, how did you guys meet? MCK: We met on OKCupid. He searched me up by looking up League of Legends of all things. And in my profile it said "I play Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, and I'll kick your butt if you let me!" MCL: That's pretty cool. MCL: What games do you play with MadCast? And what games do you play outside the community? MCK: Well, I was the head admin of the GW2 branch and only played that for a long while. I played League of Legends a lot when I first came here but haven't been playing that much. I'll jump into that maybe once a week. I have played TF2 on the weekends with Scooba, Butter, and Munsa. I've played Terraria, Minecraft, and pretty much anything I can get invited to. Oh, and Talisman. Um, yea anything that MadCast plays together, I try to play with them. I play Sims 4 by myself. MCL: How old were you when you first started gaming? MCK: Surprisingly, ok well whenever I started gaming as a main hobby I was in college. But, my first memories were playing Pac-man on Atari against my mom because she used to play it in the arcade all the time. I only beat her once and that's all I cared to do and never played Pac-man again. We had a Super Nintendo and I would play Super Mario World and die and then get upset because I didn't understand why I wasn't good at it. I stopped playing. Then, I got a N64 for our family and I hated 3D games. I told myself I would never get used to 3D games. I played Mario 64 and would get motion sickness. After the Nintendo 64 incident, I didn't play video games for a long time. When I was 17 I started getting into gaming more, because I had a PS2 given to me with Final Fantasy X on it. And then from there I was in college and had a job so I bought all the Final Fantasy games and have been addicted to good stories ever since. MCL: What are some of your pet peeves? Gaming pet peeves? MCK: My biggest pet peeve is stupid people. But if I had to generalize it down a little bit more, I would say people who don't respect their elders. In any case, gaming pet peeves would be when people rage. I'm one of those people who laugh when I die. I'm like "Oh my god, I'm so stupid. Why did I do that lol." When people rage it just it saps the fun out of games. MCL: Yea, the whole raging issue is one of the reasons I don't really play League. I'm with you on that. I'd prefer to just run in and attack someone instead of just sit back and wait. But of course, you can't do that in League without getting screamed at. MCK: (laughing) I completely understand. MCL: Other than gaming, what are your hobbies and interests? MCK: I like doing art (digital), I like sketching when I remember that I have a sketchbook. Other than that, and my kids, that's really all I have time for. MCL: Speaking of the digital art, a question that a lot of MadCast would probably like to know... are we ever going to see our MadCast characters completed? MCK: (laughing) Probably not to be honest. I started on it, and had some of them done but it's still a work in progress somewhere on my computer. When I started working with GW2 group, that kind of took all of my time. MCL: What is one proud moment in your life; inside and out of MadCast? MCK: Inside of MadCast is the Oustanding RFM Award. I was so humbled and still don't think that I deserved it. Outside of MadCast, I would have to say it was probably the first time my son read a book on his own for the first time. My oldest son has PDD-NOS, so he's on the autism spectrum. So, focusing so hard can be difficult for him. MCL: What is one low-point in your life? MCK: When I first gave birth to my oldest son, I had Postpartum Depression really bad for over a year. It got very dark and I started going through a divorce towards the end of it, which didn't help matters. If I didn't have psychological help, I probably wouldn't be here today. MCL: What is your dream job? MCK: This is going to sound corny, but I've always wanted to be a mom. I want to be the Super Mom. The mom that has the frazzled up hair, in one hand holding a frying pan and is cooking, the other one has a clothes iron and has kids hanging on her skirt. MCL: Hmm.. ok haha. Don't think I've heard that before but it works! MCK: If I had to choose a professional job, I would say a secretary because I love organizing and Microsoft Excel, Word and that stuff. MCL: Top 5 favorite bands/artists? MCK: 5. Aerosmith 4. Sarah Brightman 3. Idina Menzel 2. Linkin Park 1. Marilyn Manson (Old shit only) MCL: Most embarrassing song on your iTunes? MCK: It's hard to say because I don't really get embarrassed that much, but probably Barbie Girl by Aqua. MCL: It's the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know about them, which 3 other MC members would you pick for your survival team? Why? MCK: MadCast: Sabre - If I don't pick him I'll get in trouble. MadCast: Munsa - He has a good head on his shoulders. MadCast: Disma - For entertainment and for someone to throw at the zombies in case we need to get away. MCL: If you could relive the last ten years of your life, what would you do differently? MCK: This is the part where I'm supposed to say "Nothing, I love my life!" But if I had to choose something, I would have gone to a different college. MCL: You're stuck on a desert island and can bring five books with you... what do you pick? MCK: Books - 5. How to Survive On a Desert Island 4. The Bible: King James version 3. The Tale of Despereaux 2. The Hobbit 1. A cookbook based on fruits/nuts MCL: If you were stuck in an airport bar on a two hour layover, which MadCast member would you want to be stuck next to? MCK: MadCast: Fayea, because she would be fun to be around while drunk.
  8. For this month's Behind The Tag, I will be interviewing the MadCast member who I am most familiar with (not by choice), MadCast: Sotarkadin. Hopefully, I don't learn anything I didn't already know, or you may never hear from him again! I hope you enjoy this month's Behind The Tag! MadCast: Listerfiend21: How did you find out about MadCast? MadCast: Sotarkadin: There is a guy I work with that I always talked video games with. Around the time Star Wars: The Old Republic came out we were talking about the game and I mentioned I was going to get it but didn't know what server to play on. He told me to roll on his server and join the guild he was in, which happened to be MadCast. Before you ask, no he wasn't part of MadCast, it was just a guild he was in that he knew a few people in. MCL: How did you come up with your MadCast name? MCS: When I first started playing WoW I wanted to name my toon Kratos (God of War was my game of choice at the time). That name was unavailable, so I chose Sotark (read it backwards you’ll get it). A few years later I made a paladin and named it Sotarkadin because I’m not very original with names. That name ending up sticking and here I am still using it almost 10 years later. MCL: What are your favorite/least favorite things about MadCast? MCS: My favorite thing has to be the variety of games that we play here in the community. I have found out about and played quite a few games that I never would have heard of if it weren't for MC. This also leads to usually finding somebody who plays a game you like. Least favorite is related to that, in that sometimes with all the games we have people find their little groups and won’t play with people outside of that group. That makes it harder for you to pick up a game and play if you aren't part of their crowd. MCL: What MadCast members have you met IRL, if any? MCS: Lister (obviously), Jobo, DanKnee (not Danny, he’s the fake one), Butter, Rife, and VoShay. MCL: Are there any MadCast members that you would love to hangout with? MCS: Thortt, Oliver, and Soupcup. MCL: What games do you play with MadCast? And what games do you play outside the community? MCS: Within MadCast I play: GW2, Wildstar, LoL, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Diablo 3, and TF2. Outside of MadCast I play: WiiU and any number of Steam games (Plants vs. Zombies, Prison Architect, and Dungeon Defenders to name a few.) MCL: What is your favorite game you have for the WiiU? MCS: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. MCL: How old were you when you first started gaming? MCS: I can’t remember the age but it was around 3rd or 4th grade. MCL: Tell us the first gaming experience you can remember. MCS: The Hulk for Commodore 64. It was a text based game where you typed in commands. MCL: What are some of your pet peeves? Gaming pet peeves? MCS: Hmm, pet peeves. People who don’t pay attention to information posted in stores. I worked customer service for almost 10 years and I hated it when a sign would say “CC machine down. Cash only”, then people would get mad and be like “Why don’t you have that up anywhere?” after they walked by a dozen signs saying it. I guess maybe it’s more just people who don’t pay attention in general. Gaming pet peeves is easy… people who think they are better than they really are. Like the guy in LoL who is telling everybody how to play and how good he is, yet he is 0/10 and the one causing the team to lose. I just hate arrogance in gaming. If you are good, your play will speak for itself. MCL: Other than gaming, what are your hobbies and interests? MCS: One of my biggest interests is sports. I will watch almost anything; football, soccer, arena football, basketball, tennis, golf. A couple of my hobbies include golfing and reading. MCL: What are some of your favorite sports teams/players? MCS: NFL: Miami Dolphins Soccer: FC Bayern Munich NBA: Phoenix Suns Golf: Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson MCL: What is one proud moment in your life; inside and out of MadCast? MCS: Inside of MadCast there are two. First, is the day I became an FM because that day honestly changed the landscape of my online gaming life. Second, would be the day I earned my RFM status, as it made me feel good knowing the SFM’s had enough faith in my character as a person to uphold the standards of being a MadCast admin. Outside of MadCast, I could be that guy and say the day I married MadCast: Lister and the day our daughter was born, but to me that is a given. If you aren't proud of those kinds of moments in your life, than you have issues. Honestly though, it would be the day I got my current position at work. Most people in MadCast probably don’t know this, but I am a Database Programmer at my current company. The first few years at the company I applied for different programming/engineering positions and was always told “Sorry, you don’t have a degree.” I was determined to not give up and taught myself how to program and started doing side projects to show what I could do. I was not going to let the lack of a piece of paper dictate what I could or couldn't do. Eventually, I had done some work on a few projects that got my name out there and I am now one of only two people in the group (of close to 60 programmers) who doesn't have a degree. The other is a friend of mine who helped teach me what I know today and helped push and drive me to get where I am today. MCL: What was one low-point in your life? MCS: In my early 20’s I lived in San Diego and had a very bad drinking and drug problem. The lowest point was the last time I ever got high. I was high on meth, had been up for a couple days or so, and woke up in the back office of my work (I was the Store Manager of Blockbuster at the time). Apparently, I had gone to work like that and called a few people in to work because I couldn't. I remember waking up, but had no recollection of the last 48 hours. That was the last time I've ever touched a drug. I also quit drinking for a few years, until I was able to regain control of my life. MCL: If you don’t mind me asking, how did you quit? MCS: I just quit cold turkey. There were no programs or counseling… I just realized where my life was headed if I continued down that path. MCL: What is your dream job? MCS: I would love to be a programmer at Blizzard. I love what Blizzard does and would love to go to work for them. MCL: Have you ever been attended BlizzCon? MCS: No, that is my life long goal. MCL: Top 5 favorite bands/artists? MCS: 5. Insane Clown Posse 4. Nick Cave 3. Hollywood Undead 2. Eminem 1. Blake Shelton MCL: So you have four rap/rock bands/artists and a country singer lol. I love it! MCL: Most embarrassing song on your iTunes? MCS: That’s easy, Loser Like Me by The Cast of Glee. MCL: It’s the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know about them, which 3 other MC members would you pick for your survival team? Why? MCS: MadCast: Lister – So we could repopulate the world. MadCast Ma’day – His computer, contracting/construction skills would hopefully make him useful for building and MacGyvering shit together. MadCast: CindyLouWho – Because zombie bait. MCL: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or we might find interesting. MCS: I have a genius IQ and have previously been qualified for MENSA, but was never really interested in doing anything with it. MCL: Do you collect anything? MCS: Anything that has Harley Quinn on it, doesn't matter if it’s a lanyard or POP! Vinyl figures. MCL: If you won the lottery, what would be the first 3 things you bought? MCS: A house, a car (not even an expensive one, just a reliable family car), and a new home theater system. I want the kind with movie theater chairs and screens on the walls. MCL: If you had the money, where would you go on vacation next year and what would you do there? MCS: I would go to Scotland. I would love to see the old castles there, and would love the chance to play a round of golf at St. Andrews. MCL: Come on, be honest with us… you just want to see some sexy men in kilts! MCL: If you could relive the last ten years of your life, what would you do differently? MCS: Honestly, at this point there is nothing I would do different. It’s been over 10 years since I was clean, so the last 10 years have been nothing but good for me. I've gotten married, had our daughter, have a great job, and a great gaming community to call home. MCL: Team Rife or Team VoShay? MCS: Sorry VoShay, but I bonded with Rife in a special way at our meet-up. MCL: Does Rife know this? MCS: There was alcohol involved so he might not remember. MCL: One last question… If you were stuck in an airport bar on a 2 hour layover, which MadCast member would you want to be stuck next to? MCS: Soup. I love Soup so much that I feel like we could have some great conversations over a few pints of beer. MCL: Isn't he like 19? I think you would be drinking solo.