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Found 2 results

  1. This month for Behind The Tag, I will be interviewing the "Vile Temptress" of MadCast. Our very own, MadCast: Junodavidw. I hope you enjoy the read! MadCast: Listerfiend21: How did you find out about MadCast? MadCast: Juno: I originally found out about MadCast by looking for competitive teams on the League of Legends forum. I originally hit Diamond V and was looking at trying to get into the LCS playing on competitive teams. I was part of a community a year prior to that in 2012, and I guess a little bit of nostalgia hit me and I really wanted to have that again. Instead of the hardcore competitive team, I wanted more of a brotherhood to hang out and play video games. MCL: How did you come up with your MadCast name? MCJ: I have used the name Junodavidw since I was very, very little. This is a little of my life story here, but the first part of my name Juno actually comes from – *Someone sneezes in the background. Juno yells “GOD BLESS YOU!” * MCJ: - comes from an old character in an N64 game (Jet Force Gemini), where he and his sister, his name was Juno and her name was Vela they went out to go save the galaxy… The W actually stands for Westerman. Which came up around the time the first Sims came out where you had to create a family name and I dunno… Juno Westerman just kinda stuck. After a while Juno Westerman kinda got old and I wanted a middle name. I went through the alphabet a, b, c, d, e, all the way to z and Juno D Westerman kinda felt right. So, I looked up a list of names that were D, and David and Daniel were the ones that stuck out. David is the one I went with, and Westerman ended up being too long, so I shortened it to Junodavidw and used it since. MCL: Ohh ok, that’s pretty cool. For the longest time I always thought your name was Juno. MCJ: My actual name is Edward. I don’t sparkle and I’m not immortal, so… MCL: What are your favorite/least favorite things about MadCast? MCJ: My favorite thing about MadCast is, I can pretty much log on at any time and expect somebody to be playing something. Regardless of the game, and be able to join them and have fun. My least favorite thing about MadCast is that not enough people have heard about us. I think we need to get that out there. I want the whole world to know about MadCast. How cool this place is and all the cool games we play. It’s the place to be! MCL: How do you think we should do that? MCJ: Well, in business the best way to get word out is through word of mouth promotion. Tell your friends, family, kids, neighbor (I dunno if your neighbor will appreciate it). Tell your boss, tell your co-workers. “Hey you play video games? Yea, you should go check out MadCast. Cool place!” MCL: What MadCast members have you met IRL, if any? MCJ: I don’t think I have met anyone in the real world from MadCast. Sometime in the near future, I’m hoping to make it to one of the Pax’s or one of the meet-ups. MCL: I thought you knew Sleiphner? MCJ: Uh, Sleiphner does live nearby about an hour or two away, but we have not found time to go out and meet each other yet. MCL: What games do you play with MadCast? And what games do you play outside the community? MCJ: I originally started with LOL, but right now it’s taking a back burner on my list. I played a whole bunch of Dawngate and wanted to bring Dawngate into the community, but as of a week ago EA has announced that they are going to be stopping development of Dawngate. There is Heroes of the Storm coming up, there’s a little bit of Hearthstone that I like to play in the community. And there is always Diablo 3 that is an absolute joy to play. Outside of MadCast, I have at least 500 Steam games. To be honest I have a little bit of a spending problem, so if they are 80% off I tend to buy them. So, my Steam list is getting bigger and my actually played list is getting smaller. I’m hoping to set out and stream those games because I know it won’t only motivate me, but it would entertain people and get MadCast’s name out there.
  2. Hey guys! This weekend on Saturday, around 3:00pm MadCast time I'll be streaming Dawngate. I've acquired around about 15 beta keys, so if you're interested stop by! I'll be giving them out in groups of five. The reason being that each key is redeemable five times. See you then!