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Found 4 results

  1. Friends, brothers in arms, and partners in crime: TLDR: Please help me spread the word about the company I started! (see links below) As many of you know I left my stable job three months ago and started a company with three other crazies (thus my lack of gaming lately). We are on the cusp of officially launching Spark, an online platform that allows individuals like you and me to invest directly in energy efficiency projects. Our mission is to make it possible for individual investors make a profit, make a difference, and build a more efficient economy. Energy efficiency is anything that makes buildings smarter consumers of energy (e.g. LED lights, boiler upgrades, automation systems) and it's a win-win for the economy and the environment. We'll be the first company to fund efficiency through "crowd" investment. If we do this right, crowd investment could help pave the way to billions of dollars invested, trillions of dollars saved in small businesses and communities, and huge reductions in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. This company has been a labor of love for our team over the last year. Investors want this, the world needs this, and we'll pour everything we have into doing it right and going big. Now that we've raised most of the $750k to cover our first 1.5 yrs of operations, I can't tell you how excited we are to make this happen. The big day (the first of many) is tomorrow, Monday Jan. 20th. That's when our website and "how it works" video will launch. The thing we need most right now is for people to find out about Spark, follow us on social media, and sign up for email updates. That's how we'll attract our investment, and that's what will make or break us. That's where you fine folks can really help us out. Come tomorrow, here are a few ways you can help us go big:Share a link to our website ( on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and any other places you have conversations--and let the world know what you think about us!Like us on Facebook ( us on Twitter ( us on LinkedIn ( this to anyone you think who would be excited about itAnd of course sign up for email updates on our website! Thank you Madcast! ~Jerin AKA Nikko Patten, Spark Co-Founder & CTO
  2. Some of you may be wondering where ive been all week. The quick answer is in the hospital. The long answer is a little more interesting. On Tuesday night on my way home from work a car rear ended me on the highway. I ride a motorcycle and was going a steady 60mph in the far right lane. The joker who hit me must of been going close to 100. Never saw him coming. First I knew of the situation was finding myself flying through the air. Which was pretty sweet until I realized I was about to eat hiighway at 60+ mph. I rolled through the impact best I could, but holy shit its a lot harder then rolling out of a skateboarding fall. Pulled myself off the road once I stopped rolling and called 911 from my mobile. The car stopped momentarily by my bike which ended up at the medium and then peeled out, taking off in a hurry. Police, fire truck and ambulance were there in 5 minutes, and I've been in the hospital since. Injuries: Turns out I'm a bloody lucky Irishmen. Not a single broken bone or sprain. Did suffer some serious road burn on my calves knees and buttocks. Clothes were shredded all the way through my boxers. Right knee is the worst off and may have more serious soft tissue dmg. Unfortunately doc can't tell how bad the knee is until the surface injuries heal. Tail bone and lower back are bruised to all hell and hurt like mad. Also have a small laceration to the spleen but theres been no internal bleeding so it seems my body healed that all on its own. Other then that I'm just bloody sore all over. I'm supposed to go home tomorrow and probably won't be able to do much else but sit at my brand new PC. So the good news is yall will likely see a ton of me in the coming weeks
  3. Jerin

    Intro: Jerin

    Greetings MadCast! Jerin here, and I'm very excited at the prospect of joining MadCast (Definitely interested in full membership). I was introduced to the site by MadCast: PoisonTaco via SWTOR testing. In addition to StarWars I'm equally excited about getting involved with the LoL players here. I've played league since beta and show no signs of getting tired of it. As for other games: TF2, StarCraft, MineCraft, WoW, and even some Global Agenda have all had their share of my screen time. I'm tempted to start my attempts at impressing you all here, but I'll restrain myself in the hopes that my actions in game will speak louder then any words. [Edit: Consider this my formal application for membership.] I look forward to meeting and gaming with you all. Cheers ~Jerin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. Jerin was taken in SWTOR testing (grrrr), so I'm running under the name "Trin" for the Beta.
  4. Warning this is lengthy, but figured it'd be good to have here in case the link gets taken down. Can't be 100% sure about the accuracy either, but i'd give it at least even odds of being legit. Looks like melee did get a little love. Super excited about a lot of the polishing promised for UI, social etc.. Can't wait!