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Found 1 result

  1. This month we have a *Special* Behind The Tag: MadCast Staff: 8th Anniversary Edition. I thought it would be interesting to get a look at the beginnings of MadCast. This will be a 2 part Anniversary Edition. The 2nd half should be posted on Saturday. For Part 1 of Behind The Tag: MadCast Staff: 8th Anniversary Edition, we will be talking to one of the founders of MadCast. Our very own silent TS creeper, MadCast Maday. MadCast: Listerfiend21: What lead to the creation of MadCast? MadCast Ma’day: Um, that was (long Maday pause) the prior clan that both Tort and I were a part of, um not only were they having a lot of inner drama between a large portion of their members and other people, but Tort and myself were doing a lot of the work already with um, kind of keeping everything running. Because mostly the clan then was all Battlefield oriented. So we were trying to basically keep everything going by making the needed adjustments. But then the clan leader would come out of nowhere and just completely undo everything that we had just done. So not only were we a little upset about the whole situation, but we were starting to wonder why we were bothering to do this for someone else’s place who only decided to show up randomly and undo everything we did. As opposed to simply just creating our own thing that didn't have that problem. MCL: What did you envision for MadCast when it all started? MCM: (long pause) MCL: Did you hear that last question? MCM: Yea, I did. It’s just I’m trying to uh… (longer pause) I mean I guess a few of the key points was, we didn't want an upper leadership structure that was entirely one person in power kind of thing. We very much so wanted to go with a checks and balances setup. Which is why various elections for various admins is very much so vote based. Instead of saying “Oh yea, this person’s an admin now.” And the other part of MadCast, was that because we saw what happened when a clan was entirely focused on one game and how once the game starts to kinda die out, the clan if it’s, its only game starts to die with it. We wanted to create a place that would survive beyond just a single game. And then, the very last aspect of it, of our idea and what MadCast should be is simply that yea, we may have founded it as co-founders or being at the highest tier of admin as being staff, the community is built and is supposed to function in a manner where the community will survive beyond just the staff that are there to run it. We didn't want a community entirely based upon a single person’s upper admin presence. MCL: Did you imagine MadCast would be where it is now? MCM: I guess in our minds we kind of always had a notion that MadCast would be what it is. It was just entirely the length of time that it takes to get to those places that we left entirely up to however it happened. We've said it in times past, where MadCast can be like hundreds of members strong but you sacrifice certain things to have those kinds of numbers too fast. And part of MadCast original ideals, was that we didn't just want a bunch of people that just simply came to us. We wanted people that actually formed more dynamic friendships than just playing a game here and there. Trying to get that interaction and getting people to work together under that scope of magnitude takes longer than assimilating hundreds of people in quick fashion. MCL: How has MadCast changed and grown in the last eight years? MCM: How’s it changed and what now? MCL: And grown? When you guys started, did you bring anybody over from the clan you were in? MCM: I think there were like maybe a couple, but for the most part I mean a lot of the people that came with us to start MadCast, were already friends of Tort and myself. There were only a couple people from the prior group. That wasn't really the terms we wanted to leave the other group on, as far as like taking massive people with us. We didn't want to be THOSE people. That was really a point of where we left and if some people were that determined to come with us, we weren't going to stop them but we weren't going to tell them they couldn't be a part of the prior place. (long pause) But how has it grown? There are all kinds of historical threads kind of outlining the various changing over the years. MCL: Well yes, but not everyone can read those threads. MCM: Right. Well, obviously MadCast started out at one game but we play multiple games now. Which was one of our goals, not basing our existence on a single game. I would say, some of our original structural ideas have definitely evolved since the beginning. But then again, you can only plan for so much. And certain things happen, you just have to roll with the punches on how to react to them. MCL: The mentor program started in 2012 right? That isn't something you guys were doing at first was it? MCM: No, but then again, the candidate process wasn't always there. The first couple years we didn't have a candidate process. You were either hanging out with us, or not. If a person wanted to join MadCast at the start, the FM’s had quite a bit of a say in if they could join or not. That’s kind of a glimpse at how much has changed since that time. Once you've crossed a certain threshold of how many members you have, waiting for the majority of your members to chime in would just take a long time. MCL: When did the RFM and SFM ranks start? MCM: (long pause) Shoot, I can’t really pull dates out of my head. MCL: Old age is getting to you. MCM: Well, SFM’s were kind of always a thing. We didn't have them in the very beginning but the moment we started having admins, where they started were SFM’s. RFM’s didn't come into play until like a year or two after we had SFM’s. We realized it was quite a daunting jump between SFM’s and RFM’s. That’s where we figured out that we needed some kind of in between FM and SFM, to get yourself more acclimated to the way MadCast runs. MCL: Any other major changes that MadCast has gone through? Like the website has changed… MCM: Yea, the website has changed. Originally the site was built on vBulletin software, and now it runs on Invision Power Suite. The company that bought the vBulletin software after that didn't have a good history with good customer service as far as development. There were a lot of failed deliveries to features and promises that they showed for the software. There was quite a bit. And thus we went to a software that was much more proven. MCL: So, I know there are threads in the Historical section, but how did the crash happen? MCM: You’re wondering what exactly caused it? MCL: Yea. MCM: The database got corrupted pretty much. That was on vBulletin at the time. The web host that was hosting our site, all of a sudden decided to update the MySQL database version. The MySQL is the database software that basically stores the information. So, the version of vBulletin that we were running required a certain version of MySQL software but the web host decided to just update. The problem was that the update changed a lot of communication with certain tables within that database file. So, when the update happened all of a sudden the database software no longer knew how to properly communicate with our database anymore. MCL: Ah ok. MCM: Yea, it was a lot of tech details. The database just wasn't upgraded properly and it just kinda got demolished. The only way to recover data from that database file was to literally open it in a text editor or in an Excel sheet. MCL: That sounds like it would have taken forever. MCM: Yea, I want to say there were close to 200,000 posts on the site when it crashed. MCL: Just think if Jobo was around back then. There would be a lot more than that. MCM: Yea, but his post aren't exactly long either. MCL: What led to the inclusion of LT as a Staff Member? MCM: Well, it was just Tort and I for a little bit when we first started, but for a while Scooba was a Staff Member and the whole having three of Staff made a lot more sense to us. Then it’s not just two people, and you can actually have differing ideals. Not only that but when a decision comes from Staff you have a majority. I mean the spot sat vacant for a while but there were some years in there where we just didn't have many people that could really handle the Staff position. LT had been an SFM for like two years plus running. It was just a matter of time that we brought another Staff Member in. Not only was that but Tort becoming less active with his life and career taking over his time. The intention was always to have three Staff Members. We could operate with two but it becomes a bit awkward sometimes with two. MCL: How did you come up with your MadCast name? I’m sure it’s a mystery to many. MCM: How my name became Maday? MCL: Yes, how did you become Ma’day? MCM: Well, back when Tort and I were playing Battlefield my soldier name was JFMaday. MCL: Joey Maday. Don’t know what the F is but Joey Ma’day. MCM: No, not Joey. But otherwise yes, Maday is my actual last name. MCL: With two y’s. MCM: No. MCL: Are you sure? MCM: Yea. MCL: What are your favorite and least favorite things about MadCast? MCM: (pause) I would say my favorite part of it would be just the fact of seeing all the people having a good time playing together. Brings a sense of pride knowing that. But for least favorite, I would have to say the completely unnecessary drama that people seem to think they need to conjure up. MCL: But drama is so fun! MCM: If I wanted drama I’d watch soap operas. MCL: You’re not a fan of soaps? MCM: No! MCL: Really? MCM: I don’t even really watch actual TV, so I’m certainly not gonna watch soaps. MCL: You don’t watch TV? MCM: Nope, I don’t have any sort of cable package. MCL: What MadCast members have you met IRL? MCM: Alright, I've met Tort, LT, Scooba, Malacca, I believe TacoJohn, HeavyDuty, Bait, Spackem, Prince, RedJustice, Sleiphner, Cinchil… MCL: Don’t forget Yordle. MCM: Ah yes, I've met Yordle, Munsa, Trevman… MCL: Sleep. MCM: Was Sleep at GenCon? MCL: Yea. MCM: Oh yea, guess he was. I think VoShay was there, Mavrick… MCL: Rife. Or did you say him already? MCM: Nope. AndromedaCat and Baron. I've met Disma… MCL: Nobody cares about Disma. MCM: But otherwise um, I had other friends like Jester who is a member. MCL: Have you met Spoon? MCM: I’m not sure. Maybe? MCL: Is he the one who joined because of the sticker on your car or was that someone else? MCM: That was Trevman. Oh yes, I've also met Bait. MCL: (laughing) Yea, you said Bait already. MCM: Did I? MCL: Yep. You met him when you guys had the meetup at Scooba’s house right? MCM: Yea, that was when the crash happened. MCL: I think I've heard stories about that trip. I somewhat remember Scooba talking about it. MCM: See, Bait was also involved in the whole New Jersey trip too. That whole Philadelphia airport, extreme Bait fail. MCL: You know you forgot to mention Pool and Nicole. MCM: Oh yea, I've met them too. MCL: How old were you when you first started gaming? If you can remember that far back. MCM: Well, I really started playing games back when the Nintendo Entertainment System was THE console. I guess for the most part that was when the journey first started. I mean, we had an Atari but I was so young at that time. MCL: You mean you didn't have a Commodore 64? MCM: Nope, an Atari. MCL: What are some of your pet peeves? MCM: (long pause) Some of my pet peeves… MCL: Besides being called Joey. MCM: Um, misspelling my name even though it’s right there in front of your face. I can’t get overly upset about people mispronouncing it, but ya know. MCL: How would you mispronounce Ma’day? MCM: I’m not gonna grace that comment with a response. MCL: Technically you just did. So, gaming pet peeves? MCM: I would say the biggest one is an overly sensitive microphone on voice activation. Big pet peeve. MCL: Especially during the Town Hall. MCM: See there’s a reason I really don’t run those anymore. MCL: Is that why? MCM: It’s only part of it. I was kind of just growing tired of being the only one to run it month after month. MCL: Other than gaming, what are your hobbies and interests? MCM: I bowl, I golf, watch movies. MCL: Do you play golf better than you bowl? MCM: I've never really hurt myself on the scale that I did at the meeting, no. MCL: What is one proud moment in your life; inside and out of MadCast? MCM: (long pause) I’m a thinkin. MCL: Ok. MCM: Well, for the proudest moments, there were a couple of times that MadCast was featured in various podcasts, or match coverage's like competitive casting. Just the fact that we were worthy enough to be casted in those things, it’s a pretty proud moment. MCL: Do you have one for outside of MadCast? MCM: I would have to say it was when I moved out of my parents place after I had to move back in with them for a couple years. I don’t know, having to move back home with your parents at an older age, you don’t exactly feel great about oneself. Not always a fault of the parents, but a person likes to feel that they can be self-sufficient. MCL: Makes sense. MCL: What was one low-point in your life? MCM: There were a couple of them. First one was just a failed relationship after three years. It’s kind of daunting to go three years and just kinda falls apart after that. The other one was another three year relationship and was because I was over prioritizing gaming over the relationship and it kinda just destroyed it. So, it was uh pretty harsh reality call of getting priorities rearranged better. MCL: Were you playing WoW a lot with that last one? MCM: Nope. That was actually a fault of Battlefield. Lot of hours were played in Battlefield. MCL: Most embarrassing song on your playlist, cause I’m pretty sure you don’t use iTunes? MCM: You’re damn right I don’t use iTunes! You’re gonna make me open up my playlist huh? MCL: Yep! MCM: (very long pause) I guess I would have to say, it would be a Justin Timberlake song. MCL: That’s not embarrassing! MCM: (trying not to laugh) Yea it is! MCL: Alright, is it “Cry Me a River”? MCM: No. MCL: Well what song is it? MCM: Uh, “Rock Your Body”. MCL: Ohh… ok. MCM: Yea, see! MCL: I asked you this question in your AMA that you did forever ago, but let’s see if it’s changed any. It’s the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know about them, which 3 other MC members would you pick for your survival team? And why? MCM: Well, I’d probably still pick Scooba. MCL: Did you have to go back and look at who you picked before? MCM: No. MCL: I was gonna say, I remember who they were. MCM: Well, who were they? MCL: I need to know who you’d pick now and then I’ll tell you. I have to see if it will change. But Scooba was one of them. MCM: MadCast: Scooba – We’re bros. I think we could handle it. We’d figure it out. MadCast: Butterslit – Well, out of all the mess you've gotta have something to laugh about. MadCast: Kelica – She probably lives on the most dangerous continent in the world and if that hasn't gotten her, I’d probably be pretty good I’d imagine. MCL: Is she a new member? MCM: What?! MCL: Wait who did you say? MCM: Um, Kelica. Kelcy the Australian. MCL: Ohh, Kel-i-ca. MCM: Ok, that’s how you pronounce it. MCL: The last time it was Scooba, Andromeda, and Cindy. (Kelcy - I know who you are! I blame MaYday for not knowing how to pronounce your name!) MCL: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or we would find interesting. MCM: Wasn't that asked in the AMA? MCL: I don’t fucking know. That was a long time ago. A lot of the new people aren't going to go back and read those. You know people are lazy. MCM: Yea, I know. Apparently the search function is so difficult to use. Ok, something interesting that a lot of people probably don’t know about me… yes, I am Staff; no I am not a lawyer. MCL: And you’re the only one. MCM: That’s right! But apparently there’s a lot of rumors going around that I’m a lawyer. MCL: Really? MCM: Yea, apparently I keep on hearing that people are made aware that most of the Staff or all of them are lawyers. MCL: Is that why they think you’re so scary? MCM: I don’t know. MCL: Interesting. MCL: If you won the lottery, what would the first three things you bought be? MCM: A new vehicle, a new house, and then most likely a top of the line custom computer. MCL: You’re stuck on a desert island and can bring 5 books or movies with you. What do you pick? MCM: I guess one of the books would be, probably the Idiot’s… (Ma’day dropped connection) MCL: Welcome back. MCM: Well that was odd. So, did you hear the one book? MCL: No, all I heard was the idiot. MCM: Go figure. It’s supposed to be the Idiot’s Guide to Surviving on a Desert Island. MCL: Ok. MCM: So here’s the other question though; if you have the movie, do you have the TV and such to watch it? MCL: Fucking Maday! There’s always gotta be that one person. Leave it to you. Yes, you’d have all the essentials to watch it. MCM: But would you have power? MCL: I’m gonna fucking kill you! MCM: Hey, they need power to run! MCL: This is like that thing that CaptDiabetus had where you’re locked in the basement for 12 years. MCM: So, you’re basically saying I have a laptop and have a solar pack to watch the damn thing. MCL: (rolling eyes and clenching fists) Sure. MCM: Or maybe you should just make that a requirement. MCL: Or maybe you could just stop being a pain in the ass and answer my question! (Long pause) MCL: Ma’day? MCM: (smartass tone) Heh? MCL: Are you gonna answer my damn question? MCM: I’m thinking! Does Star Wars count as one or does each episode count as a movie? MCL: It comes in a box set doesn't it? MCM: Uh yes, I think so. MCL: If it comes in a box set we’ll count it as one. I’m pretty sure Fayea said the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and I let it go as one. That just makes your answer even more difficult because you have to think of more now. MCM: Can The Hobbit be included with Lord of the Rings? MCL: No, because The Hobbit is different than LotR. Duh! MCM: You know they’re gonna sell that in the whole set. Come on! MCL: They don’t include The Hobbit with LotR. MCM: It’s the same story! MCL: But The Hobbit Trilogy is different than the LotR Trilogy. MCM: Yes, but they are the same story though. MCL: No, cause The Hobbit is awesome and LotR sucks. MCM: Ok, you know how in Star Wars there are the prequels? Well, The Hobbit is merely the prequel to LotR. MCL: FINE. You can include them with the stupid LotR. MCM: Good. Then I would take all of the Star Wars, the whole LotR story… MCL: With The Hobbit… MCM: Yea. MCL: Ok, so you have three because you have Star Wars, LotR (with The Hobbit), and your Idiot book. Should we add the Harry Potter set in with this? MCM: No! MCL: How about Twilight? MCM: Hell no! MCL: Fifty Shades of Grey? MCM: Noo! MCL: Well, you already have two other sets. Figured I’d add a couple more in. MCM: I’ll have to say the Lethal Weapon movies. MCL: Those don’t come in a box set. MCM: Yes they do! MCL: Are you sure? MCM: Yep, cause I own it! MCL: You’re gonna go with those over Die Hard? MCM: Oh, thank you for reminding me. The last movie would have to be Pulp Fiction then. MCL: Ugh, horrible movie! MCM: WHAT?! MCL: That was a terrible movie. MCM: How dare you! MCL: Alright, you've got the book, Star Wars, LotR/Hobbit, Lethal Weapon and shitty Pulp Fiction. Is that correct? MCM: I’m thinking it over real quick. (Pause for effect) MCM: Um, I’d like to swap out Pulp Fiction for something. MCL: Good choice! MCM: Hater! MCL: Hey, you’re the one choosing to switch it out. (Pause for effect again) MCL: Is this a tough choice? MCM: I almost wanna say the Marvel movies. MCL: You’re just trying to go for all the box sets aren't you. MCM: YES! MCL: But see they don’t box those together MCM: You know they will. MCL: But because at this current moment in time they don’t, you can’t choose them as a box set! You will have to pick your favorite one out of the bunch. MCM: Then I guess to current date, we’ll just have to go with The Avengers. MCL: Much better choice than Pulp Fiction. MCM: But good lord, do you know when they do box all those movies up, how much they’re gonna make on that? MCL: It will be a shit ton. Box sets already cost quite a bit. (book/movie recap) MCM: 5. Idiot’s Guide to Survive on a Deserted Island 4. Star Wars Complete Saga 3. LotR/Hobbit Trilogy(s) 2. Lethal Weapon Complete Series 1. The Avengers MCL: One last question… If you were stuck in an airport bar on a two hour layover, which MadCast member would you want to be stuck next to? MCM: Go over that question again. MCL: If you were stuck in an airport bar on a two hour layover, which MadCast member would you want to be stuck next to? MCM: I’d have to say it would be a tossup between Scooba and Munsa. MCL: Yea, they are definitely both entertaining while liquored up.