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Found 30 results

  1. This week we are going to be focusing on how to close out a game. Everyone has had games where they are clearly ahead for most of the game but just can't seem to make that final push to end it. It's especially frustrating when the game gets turned around and you lose after having such a comfortable lead. I have a couple of short videos to help out.
  2. This week we will be taking a break from focusing on mechanics and revisiting the very important topic of mentality during the game. This effects the game in lots of indirect ways as well as some very direct ones. Say your team has one specific person calling out plays, when to rotate, where you need vision, when objectives are spawning, when people were just seen walking over a ward. If that person constantly has people challenging them during the call or constantly after it that person is likely to stop calling things out all together. Maybe you have a team member constantly being dove under tower because the enemy jungler has shown up 2 or 3 times for ganks and got the lane ahead. They are less likely to be vocal about their lane leaving or even putting vision around the jungle to see a potential flank. My point is I want people to understand that this happens to everyone. Instead of beating yourself up or your team up over it try to isolate what you could have done different to prevent the situation. Ask your team what they suggest in a particular situation. Before you get mad at a team member for feeding as yourself would you want to be on the receiving end of that? We have all been there. Don't be a part of the problem and instead look at things from a different perspective. Keep an open mind about receiving advice as well as being tactful when giving advice. Here are a couple videos on the subject at hand (the second one is really long). Enjoy.
  3. Hi. So I been practicing league a lot for the few months now. I'm looking to get some help with some higher ranked players cause I really do want to improve and i'm willing to be teachable. I have been keeping up with a consistent set up for farming practice almost every day. I know my knowledge of match ups is very low for what it should be. I'm really looking to improve all around. I play Adc with a second in mid but I haven't touch mid in a long while now.I know league of learning is so post to help people improve but I still don't feel like I'm getting the improvement that I'm wanting. If anybody is willing to help that would be great. Leave a comment below and I'll pm you to set up details. Thank you to any one that is willing to help this Iron 1 play to get gud.
  4. Tonight's topic teamfight positioning and target selection (or peel for your damage dealers). As always people, remember to have fun and keep it competitive! Here are some awesome videos on the subject. I suggest taking a peek at them.
  5. Welcome back to League of Learning. This weeks topic we will be building on the last 2 weeks and covering how to trading in lane. This is going to be something that the lower ELO players will benefit from much more than the higher ELO players will but its still something everyone should practice as it has a huge impact on the game. Successful trading in lane gives you pressure and allows you to roam to other lanes or even take objectives safer. Pushing your lane opponent out of lane by trading with them successfully is going to give you a level advantage as well as a gold lead. The less time they can stay in lane means less xp/gold for them and more for you. Some helpful videos for the subject at hand Now the one above still has a lot of great info but there is one thing that has been changed sense this video came out. Abilities now agro minions when they hit an enemy champion in range. Keep this in mind when you go for aggressive trades in minion waves.
  6. League of Learning is once again upon us. This week we will be covering pushing your lead / playing from behind (depending on what end of the game you are on). I have a few videos to link that cover this topic. Some rather in depth some just brush the surface but I think all of them are relevant.
  7. Hi there everyone. Time for League of Learning again. This week will start the first of a 4 week topic where we will start with one topic and build on it from week to week. I want to start with lane positioning when denying CS or favorably trading with your opponent. This, done properly, gives you a great advantage in game. It will allow you to get more favorable backs when you need items, lets you deny CS to your opponent, give you pressure to get deep wards in a bit safer, poking them out of lane and the obvious advantage of maybe allowing an all in to get a kill. All this gives you small leads that you can build up to snowball your lane and hopefully bring that to the other lanes as well. Now for jungling this can mean ganking a lane to get your lane further ahead or invading the enemy jungle to deny XP. This in turn will allow you to take objectives safer and push towers faster. Remember to be there early to get a spot and help us out by getting sorted early.
  8. I will post some links i've found helpful during my long, painful, hard stuck gold league career. New, or old players having difficulties in ranked games could benefit from this obvious/not so obvious knowledge. If more people want to contribute with something they have found useful please do so. Builds, runes, and champions: Check this links if you want information on how to build specific champions, what runes to use, and what counters what each patch. Remember to use this as a guideline on what to do, if you don't feel comfortable doing the same thing everyone else try, and experiment by yourself., and championgg do basically the same thing they both give you information about what different elos are building for each champion, skill path, runes to take, counters, and some other miscellaneous information. Personally I prefer I find it easier on the eye, but if you want more in depth information(miscellaneous info more than anything) you may prefer Both pages can also link you to if you want to see what the pros are doing. Be careful when you check probuilds, professional players like to pull some shenanigans in their games that won't necessarily translate well into solo Q. Searching for opponents information: Use this if you want to see what type of player you are laning against, the general strength of the enemy team, or you just want to make fun of the iron IV enemy jungler. Porofessor is my to go page to check who am I playing against in ranked games. Youtubers, and tutorial videos: If you are more of a visual learner there are plenty of high elo players making tutorial style videos to help you understand the game. -Top lane: Jay Sea: Challenger Oceania, tryndamere one trick. Good for learning wave management, and priority in lane. -Jungle: IWillDominate: Challenger Na(Former professional player). His "how to dominate" series is really good if you want to learn about jungle timing, when to apply pressure, and how to play around objectives/lanes in real time. Warning: He may be a little intense in some videos. Foxdrop: Diamond EUW. Instead of full on gameplay he gives you short tip videos. You can learn about jungle pathing, the latest korean builds, and I like his accent. Mid lane, adc, and support I have no idea, help me fill this if you know any. General knowledge videos: Some videos that could make your life easier(in game) if you didn't have knowledge of it. -Attack move for range champions. -Using the tilde key to attack enemies hiding behind turrets. -Learns how to time summoner spells. Courtesy of Support Welfare for league of learning. Timers cheat sheet:
  9. Thursday is upon us once again everyone. With it comes our League of Learning. I want us to focus on something that we tend to use but don't utilize, summoner spell timings. By this I mean I'd like to focus on pinging the timing of summoner spells or typing them out in chat so we know when spells are on cool down and when they will be back up. I know most of us do this all the time anyways. I get that but this is where I feel we don't utilize this information. Most of us are in the habit of pinging out summoner spells or ults when we know they have been used but we don't do anything with that information or we don't pay attention to when they will actually come back up. This can lead to disastrous results when we think a flash is down before an engage or when we think Cassiopia doesn't have her ult when we tower dive her to push mid. I think it would do us all some good to think about our opponent's summoner spells and ult CDs before gearing up for a teamfight around objectives or when we are sieging towers. With this comes a great deal of team communication so keep that in mind when you are looking to roam, gank, push lane or TP into a fight. Make sure your team has all the information they need to help you take down your enemy. With the new season upon us its important to remember that while these are games with friends we should not stop being competitive and push ourselves to get better.
  10. I'm eager to begin watching the eSports side of League again. Fnatic post-worlds and Team Liquid are some of my favorites to watch. The EU rebranding is also pretty cool, but then I stumbled upon this work of art... 😂 What do you think of the rebranding in both regions? What teams are you excited to watch play?
  11. Hello everyone. Our next topic of review for our wonderful League of Learning this week will be Shot-calling coupled with Team Fighting. I feel these two subjects are very closely tied together. I want everyone to keep this in mind when picking their champions. I'd like to put it out there that while split pushers aren't the best choice in a team fight oriented team comp they can still work. But again I'd like to remind you to keep the spirit of the game mode in mind when picking your champion this week. And remember to keep in mind all the subjects we have already covered. This is no time to be lax on your mechanics.
  12. Riot has released an official breakdown on more details of the new Ranked system, and answer some FAQs: What do you guys think of the changes? I'm excited for the positional ranking and I think the "splashing" experience is a great way to get around a lot of ways people could abuse the system.
  13. Greetings everyone! Its time again for our League of Learning. In keeping with the theme of review for this series we will be focusing on Wave Management, Roaming, and with that comes Warding as always. I'm also going to be trying something new this week by creating a temporary League of Learning text channel in Discord. This will be setup the day of the event and be used for people to confirm they will be at the event. I'm also asking you to use it to indicate your Rank and Main Role/Off Role. I want to use this channel in an attempt to try and speed up getting into games, especially the second game.
  14. Greetings everyone! Its time for our League of Learning event again. This week I'd like to revisit some of our topics we have done in the past. Topics: Champ select / team comp, warding, objective control Tonight we are going to focus on warding for objectives and as an extension to that overall objective control. I'd like to focus more on dragon control this week as the spawn timers got changed and I feel they are becoming a much stronger objective with the buffs to the first dragon of each type. This will all start in champ select. We want to put champions together that will allow for easier objective control but still fit well together. This can mean great team fighters, zone control for the corridors of the jungle, split pushers to create pressure in other lanes away from the objective being fought over or assassins that can create pics before or around the objective allowing for easier takes. While our focus is on these 3 things remember to keep the other topics we have covered in the back of your mind and always communicate with your team about what is going on.
  15. I drew this as a donation for the MadCast Appreciation Drive. Aeryx won the drawing and requested some Mafia Miss Fortune so here you go~ I may do more giveaways or donations in the future so keep your eyes out.
  16. Patch notes for 8.11 are out. Definitely some interesting AD and marksman changes!
  17. Teaser for the next champion is out! According to the latest champion roadmap he's an aggressive playmaker, and there are hints that he has some sort of execute and/or reset. Either way this teaser is super cool and I'm excited to see more.
  18. Hello there! I'm going to be raffling off a piece of free League of Legends art to the community - This may move to a once-a-month event or just be a one-time thing. Below is a piece that I did- I've done a few cute poro pieces, and I'd love to do some more. All you have to do below is list your favorite champion/skin theme and in a weeks time I will draw a random name from those who have put down for the contest! You do not need to be a full MadCast member to get one of these, candidates and forum users are welcome to toss their names in as well! 💖
  19. If you are looking for a duo partner to play ranked with, you are in the right place! Please keep replies as a means to post your information. Contact any potential duo partners outside of this thread to keep it slim and easy to read. Below is the forum template: ---------------------------------------------- League of Legends Name: Rank: Top Two Positions: Play Style (Be descriptive! How do you like to play?): Hours Available (Use Eastern Time Zone): Favorite Champions: Contact Me With (Skype, discord, league, etc - this is when you are not in TS): --- My Entree --- League of Legends Name: M4D Racer DeluxRank: Bronze 1Top Two Positions: ADC and Top Play Style (Be descriptive! How do you like to play?): Aggressive when appropriate. When bot lane, I like to try and get that first blood quickly to allow the lane to snowball!Hours Available (Use Eastern Time Zone): Anything after 5 PM on a normal basis.Favorite Champions: Cait, Miss Fortune, Irelia, NautContact Me With (Skype, discord, league, etc - this is when you are not in TS): Please just message me on the forms or league!
  20. Last Hitting Community-voted Game Guide Authors: Arksniper and HyndeSyte2020 ● What is Last-Hitting? ○ Last Hitting is the mechanic of performing the killing blow on enemy minions or neutral monsters. Doing this grants bonus gold and experience to the player that last-hits the minion. It is the single-greatest contributor to team/individual gold over the course of the early and mid-game. ● Why a guide on Last-Hitting? ○ In a word, you! The MadCast community voted for Last-Hitting as the game guide for September. It won with a 27% majority vote. ○ Aside from that, last-hitting is something that all players can share in common as an area with room for improvement. If you aren’t getting 100 CS (creep score or last hits) by 10 minutes and 220 by 20 minutes, this guide can help you! ● Understanding the Minions ○ Both teams spawn minions every 30 seconds from the Nexus that travel down each lane. Minions start spawning at 1:30. ○ Every 3 minutes the minions grow stronger, gaining HP/Armor/MR as well as increasing the xp and gold rewards for killing them ■ Note: the upgrade timer starts at 0:00, so the first upgrade will be at 3:00, not 4:30. ○ Minion Stats: ■ Melee Minion ● 3 per wave ● HP= 445 (+20) ● AD= 12 (+1) ● Armor= 0 (+2) ● MR= 0 (+1.25) ● Atk Spd= 1.25 ● Gold= 20 (+0.5) ● Timer= 30 seconds ● XP= 58.88 (+4.6) ■ Caster Minion ● 3 per wave ● HP= 280 (+15) ● AD= 23 (+2) ● Armor= 0 (+1.25) ● MR= 0 (+2) ● Atk Spd= 0.67 ● Gold= 15 (+0.5) ● Timer= 30 seconds ● XP= 29.44 (+2.76) ■ Siege Minion ● 1 every 90 seconds (30% less damage from towers) ○ Do not spawn in lanes with Super Minions ○ Do 150% damage to turrets ● HP= 700 (+27) ● AD= 40 (+3) ● Armor= 15 (+3) ● MR= 0 (+3) ● Atk Spd= 1.0 ● Gold= 40 (+1) ● Timer= 90 seconds (60 seconds after 35 minutes) ● XP= 92 (+6.44) ■ Super Minion ● 1 per wave, per lane with enemy inhibitor down (30% less damage from towers) ○ 2 per wave when all enemy inhibitors are down ● HP= 1500 (+200) ● AD= 190 (+10) ● Armor= 30 ● MR= 30 ● Atk Spd= 0.694 ● Gold= 27 ● Timer= 30 seconds ● XP= 97 ● Phases/Decisions In-Lane Farming under turret: Farming under turret is a very important part of the laning phase based on how your lane will play out which is largely dictated by the champion match ups. For instance a common bot lane matchup may be Caitlyn vs. Vayne or melee champs vs. ranged champs where there is a large disparity in the range you are able to CS from. These lanes typically play out with one side being constantly pushed into the others turret and this is where this ability is important as it is one of the most difficult to get used to. As you know there are melee/caster/siege minions all of which can survive a different amount of turret hits before dying so here is a quick breakdown of how many hits they can survive. (Note: This means that the hit after the number marked will kill them. Not counting damage from your friendly minions) ● 0-10 Min: ○ Caster minions can tank 1 shot and will die on the next. ○ Melee minions can tank 2. ○ Siege minions can tank 6. ● @ 10 Min: ○ Siege Minions can tank 7. ● @14 Min ○ Melee Minions can tank 3. (Capped value) ● @17 Min ○ Caster Minions can tank 2. (Capped value) ● @20 Min ○ Siege minions can tank 8. ● @26 ○ Siege minions can tank 9. (Capped value) Now varying the champion you are playing on caster and siege minions may take an additional auto-hit so you may be able to pre the minion for the final hit before they take the first tower shot. Now the part where it gets tricky is when your minion wave comes into contact with the enemy wave and then numbers can be thrown all over the place leaving it to more of a feel than a science. Freezing your lane: Freezing a lane can be very fun for you and very annoying when happening to you. The importance of learning this mechanic is vital when you have the ability to zone out and enemy champ. For instanced a carry and support bot lane can often cause the enemy laners to withdraw from the lane due to high pressure. Once they are zoned from the exp points and gold you will sky rocket ahead of them in terms of power making it even easier to keep them zoned. This is where freezing can come in handy. If the opposing side has cleared all your minions leaving their minions to continue pushing you can kill all of the melee minions leaving only the casters up, this will cause early damage on your incoming minions leaving the lane to favor pushing to you as they have more minions out than you. By managing these caster minions you can keep your lane in the spot you want for a relatively long time. This can also come in handy when you have lost the protection of your first tower by holding the minions in lane near your second tower you gain safe free farm should the other laner choose to leave. Pushing your lane: Pushing a lane is a good way to hinder your enemy's ability to last hit by constantly keeping minions in their tower range or if you are looking to push down a tower. Basically you want kill all the minions you can while still taking the last hit gold. This can be done via abilities such as Cait Q, Ahri Q, Sivir Q, or any other ability that can deal AoE damage or linear damage. It also gives you the opportunity to harass the opposing champ under turret and force them to leave lane. Resetting your lane: Resetting a lane is done when you are able to push a creep wave to a tower fast enough where yours will be killed by the time the next enemy wave arrives. This is commonly done when a champion is forced to return. This not only allows you to deny them CS and exp but returns the lane to its natural neutral state from which point it can be manipulated again. Learning CS with a new champion/improving CS on a known champion. Every champion has a different attack animation. Some are very quick, while others can be fairly slow and cumbersome. Often when getting used to last-hitting with a new champion, you can lose CS simply by thinking your attack animation had completed and movement clicking causing the attack to cancel. · The single-best thing you can do to get used to Last-Hitting with a new champion or a known champion is to create a custom game and practice last-hitting. ○ Try to get to 100 CS in 10 minutes. ○ Focus on memorizing the full attack animation of the champion ○ How long it is and it’s range ○ Know how much damage your auto-attacks do and get used to knowing when you should queue up your attacks · Masteries ○ Butcher/Brute Force ○ These both help you with doing extra damage on auto-attack to minions and are a nice addition to low-AD champs or champs you are trying to learn Learning Tools and additional guides: · Creep Score Calculator · CS per minute sheet · LeagueCraft Last-Hitting Guide References: · · · · · · · · ·
  21. *Support Alistar Guide - 2016 Season* >Runes: *Greater Mark of Armor x9 *Greater Seal of Armor x9 *Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9 *Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x9 >Masteries: 0/12/18 *Cunning: Wanderer --> Secret Stash --> Meditation --> Dangerous Game *Resolve: Recovery --> Explorer --> Veteran's Scars --> Insight --> Legendary Guardian --> Bond of Stone >Summoner Spells: Flash/Ignite, Flash/Exhaust >Items: *Beginning: Relic Shield, Health Potion x3 *Core: Eye of the Equinox, Mobility Boots (Mercury Treads/Ninja Tabi situational) *Options: Righteous Glory, Locket of the Iron Solari, Mikael’s Crucible, Dead Man’s Plate, Randuin’s Omen, Frozen Heart, Spirit Visage, Iceborn Gauntlet >Skill Order: Q at level 1, either W or E at level 2 depending on enemy harass, and the other at level 3. Max Q always for higher AOE damage in skirmishes and a lower cooldown on your primary CC. >Explanation: Alistar is a hard CC machine and very reliable support, but can have trouble early on, especially during the laning phase. The only powerful engage we have is our Q + W combo, but that has a significant cooldown, and doesn’t take full advantage of Alistar’s abilities in skirmishes. This build helps maximize Alistar’s early game threat and keep him from getting punished too much for his opportunistic playstyle. *For Marks and Seals we’ve chosen armor, because we’re going to get auto’d a lot, plain and simple. These runes ensure that we can take more harass, and survive through damage in early skirmishes. Glyphs are typical magic resist, and our Quintessences NEED to be movement speed to give us the ability to open up with a Q as opposed to requiring a Q + W every time we need to engage. *With masteries, starting in Cunning, we take Wanderer for more movement speed (which = more threat), Secret Stash, Meditation (to help keep mana for a Q), and Dangerous Game over Bandit because we intend on brawling with folks. Following that in the Resolve tree we take Recovery for sustain, Explorer for more movement speed in brushes, Veteran’s Scars for early chunkiness, Insight, Legendary Guardian to help with mid-late game durability, and Bond of Stone as a tanky support. *For summoner spells we’ll always want Flash for its value as both an initiate and escape, then either Exhaust to lockdown a large enemy threat or help in early 2v2s, or Ignite for kill potential. *Items don’t carry Alistar very far after speedy boots and Eye of the Equinox for warding because his ultimate is very powerful as a survival tool, and can soak up a lot of enemy damage. However, as the game progresses, your ultimate will not be as strong against your enemy’s scaling damage. The item options afterwards need to be suited against your particular opponents. Need to pick off overextending enemies? Righteous Glory. Hard CC messing with one of your carries? Mikael’s Crucible. Lots of magic damage? Locket of the Iron Solari. Enemy ADC a big problem? Randuin’s Omen. >Gameplay: *Early – Even though you don’t have poke, make sure you are using your positioning to help zone opponents and give your ADC a chance to farm. With your movement speed quints, wanderer and explorer masteries, your speed will give you the opportunity to open up on your opponents with a Q if they get too ballsy. If you need to defend your carry, don’t be afraid to blow your Q + W combo. *Midgame – Alistar’s strength is in his CC, so while you’re roaming around the map warding, look for openings to catch out enemies or gank other lanes. Your Q + W combo is only avoidable with either a well-timed dash or a Flash. *Lategame – Be careful, as you’re ultimate isn’t enough to keep you alive anymore. However, it’s still very possible to catch out vital enemy targets. If you’ve bought Righteous Glory, abuse it whenever you see a good opportunity to engage, but don’t go getting your team killed. In lategame teamfights, your priority should be either peeling for your carry, or locking down one of the opposing carries, depending on the level of threat they pose. Tips: 1) If you W an enemy into a wall, they will be stunned for the distance that they would have moved had you knocked them back in an open environment. 2) If you’re having trouble doing the Q + W combo, take Q off of smartcast! 3) If possible, save your ultimate until you start being focused/cc’d because it removes most crowd control. Remember: Violence solves everything. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, leave them in a comment below!
  22. *AP Jungle Cho'gath Guide - 2016 Season* >Runes: *Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration x9 *Greater Seal of Armor x9 *Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9 *Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x9 >Masteries: 0/18/12 *Cunning: Savagery --> Runic Affinity --> Merciless --> Dangerous Game --> Precision --> Stormraider's Surge *Resolve: Recovery --> Tough Skin --> Veteran's Scars --> Insight >Summoner Spells: Smite/Flash >Items: *Beginning: Hunter's Machete, Hunter's Potion/Health Potion x3 *Core: Stalker's Blade w/ Enchantment: Runic Echoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Sorcerer's Shoes (Situational options also include Mercury Treads or Mobility Boots) *Options: Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Void Staff, Zhonya's Hourglass, Abyssal Scepter, Morellonomicon, Nashor's Tooth, and 1 situational defensive item if needed (I.E Banshee's Veil, Spirit Visage, Randuin's Omen, Guardian Angel, or Frozen Heart) >Skill Order: Take E at level 1, Q at level 2, W at level 3, then choose between maxing Q or W depending on what you expect to be able to do. Maxing W is less damage than Q, and higher cooldown, but is very reliable damage and comes with an increased silence duration (it's also my preference). Maxing Q is higher damage and lower cooldown, but not guaranteed to hit unless accompanied by a slow and silence. >Explanation: Cho'gath is a deadly champion to be reckoned with. His massive burst and CC potential in both single target and AOE forms make him a formidable assassin or disruptor if built as such. My favorite way to play him, and the way I'll be explaining him, is as a terrifying nuke-monster that neutralizes his opponents before devouring them *The runes we've chosen are pretty self-explanatory. We're taking hybrid marks for maximum damage on jungle monsters without sacrificing much magic penetration, armor seals for reduced damage from jungle monsters, ability power glyphs for more damage and early game threat, and the same for quintessences. *As far as masteries go, in Cunning we're going with Savagery for easier monster kills, Runic Affinity as a jungler, Merciless because of its synergy with both our burst and Feast, Dangerous Game over Bandit, Precision for damage, and Stormrider's Surge because most of the other end-game masteries will not do us much good, and it's fun to eat somebody and zoom away like some kind of demonic hamburglar. Resolve will be our secondary tree. As much as I'd like to go into Ferocity, Cho is not particularly durable early on, being fragile to monsters, and susceptible to counter-jungling measures. We'll take Recovery over Unyielding because we're not planning on building much if any armor/magic resist, Tough Skin over Explorer for reducing the damage we take from jungle monsters, Veteran's Scars because it will beef us a up a little, and Insight over Perseverance. *With our summoner spells we have the common combination of Smite and Flash. Smite for jungling, Flash because it's wonderful for get-aways, surprise eatsies, and we're not gonna be chunky enough to warrant ghost. *Items we purchase are meant to help our CC, and maximize our burst damage. Hunter's Machete will give us more damage early in the jungle, and whether or not you grab Hunter's Potion or Health Potions x3 depends on how comfortable you are. On our first or second back we'll want to grab Stalker's Blade because it's slowing effect is highly recommended in combination with Cho'gath's abilities. A slow from SB + Feral Scream means our target will be both slowed AND silenced. A.K.A shit out of luck and ready to get hit with an undodgeable Rupture. Afterwards, our ideal core is Enchantment: Runic Echoes, Rabadon's, and Sorcerer's Shoes. If we've gained some chunkiness by building up Feast stacks on jungle creeps, we should be in a decent position to not get one-shot, and pose as a mega-threat to any and all enemy team members. If you are on a roll applying pressure early, you may consider Mobility Boots instead of Sorcerer's, and if they have sustainable CC that is stopping you from doing your job, you may consider Mercury Treads. Other options for big items include Rylai's for more consistent AOE slows and some chunkiness, Void Staff to blast through enemy Magic Resist, Zhonya's to live through massive spells, Abyssal against sustained magic damage, Morellonomicon for lower cooldowns to poke the enemy team, Nashor's Tooth (often accompanied by a large defensive item to allow it's continued use), in combination with a defensive item suited against your opponent threats. >Gameplay: *Early - Krugs is my preferred starting point, because beginning red buff will make Cho able to respond to an invading jungler, or counter any early cheese that may come up. This also means that by the time you have both Rupture and Feral Scream, you will have a sizeable mana pool to gank with for a longer period of time. Farm up and try to build up stacks with Feast, but remember that with Stalker's Blade and Feral Scream, you have a surefire way of making an overextending enemy's life absolute hell. *Midgame - Objectives, through and through. Make sure you have pressure and ward coverage around areas like Dragon, and maybe Rift Herald. With Smite and Feast, you have one of largest neutral monster nukes in the game, and it's almost impossible for the enemy jungler to outsmite you. Also, if you see a fragile enemy out of place, don't be afraid to lock them down and assassinate them with your slow + silence combo. *Lategame - At this point, the enemies probably have some Magic Resist, and they're tired of your one-shot bullshit. You need to be careful about your fragility, whilst looking for an opening to insta-kill an enemy target (Void Staff is amazing). If you can't sneak around without getting group-ganked, you need to poke, poke, and poke some more before engaging with your AOE burst. Tips: 1) If you're having trouble gauging the amount of damage your Feast will do, remember that there is a visual effect when your Feast will kill someone. 2) Don't be afraid to eat minions! Your Feast cooldown is lower when you do so. 3) Remember to AA your opponents as well if you can get away with it. You're a mage, but your E damage is nothing to scoff at. Have fun 'nomming folks on the rift! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, leave them in a comment below!
  23. Hi all - I've organized some MC in house games in the past and am curious to see who would be into doing these again every week or so (time would be between 8PM-11PM EST - prob M-Sat) The tone of the games is to try to win, but consider playing champs you aren't quite as good at if we end up with an obvious mismatch (eg 10 people decided to join in - 9 are plats, 1 is bronze - the team with the bronze would be encouraged to not necessarily pick their best champ, etc). I'm a bit out of the loop and haven't played in a MC in house (outside of ARAMs) in months. Anyway, if you are interested and think you can make the time listed above here and there, chime in. Enough folks interested and I'll put forth some effort to organize a game in the near future. Looking for at least 10 people. I can probably get 3 of my non MC pals on most nights. Thanks!
  24. Not sure how many of you are interested in this sort of thing, but I'll post and you can check it out if you like. I just started a new vid series on my youTube channel that does some ranked game play analysis. The overall goal is for me to improve as a player by reviewing what I did right and wrong along with analyzing what folks are doing in game. Take a look if you like. No idea how frequently I'll be making these. Feedback is appreciated and hope you enjoy if you check it out. All vids in this series start off by showing the rank of all players in the game for your frame of reference. Oh - and here's a link to another type of breakdown I did recently. In that, I do a breakdown by explaining things in the blog followed by clips:
  25. The holidays have begun and a new set of summoner icons are available. A handful of them will only unlock AFTER the harrowing ends, but don't let that stop you. Summoner Icon Rewards - Each of the five icons can be unlocked by completing a certain task during the event, but will only unlock after The Harrowing ends Tomb Angel - Use a Harrowing ward skin (free)Spirit of the Altar - Buy any piece of Harrowing contentVilemaw - Venture into the Twisted Treeline (free)Iceborn Keeper - Surprise a friend with a mystery giftMorellonomicon - Earn all four rewards to unlock the fifth Harrowing 2013 iconLast year's Summoner Icon unlocks were a great way to encourage players to try different game modes, partake in the holiday spirit, and unlock some goodies at the same time. Nothing has changed in terms of how the event works, or what sort of rewards players can get, but the Icons are brand new and that's all that really matters in the long run. Edit: The Harrowing summoner icons are added by script, so they may not be available on your account immediately after you unlock them. Players should receive their icons no more than three days after the event ends (November 15).