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Found 9 results

  1. This week we are going to be focusing on how to close out a game. Everyone has had games where they are clearly ahead for most of the game but just can't seem to make that final push to end it. It's especially frustrating when the game gets turned around and you lose after having such a comfortable lead. I have a couple of short videos to help out.
  2. This week we will be taking a break from focusing on mechanics and revisiting the very important topic of mentality during the game. This effects the game in lots of indirect ways as well as some very direct ones. Say your team has one specific person calling out plays, when to rotate, where you need vision, when objectives are spawning, when people were just seen walking over a ward. If that person constantly has people challenging them during the call or constantly after it that person is likely to stop calling things out all together. Maybe you have a team member constantly being dove under tower because the enemy jungler has shown up 2 or 3 times for ganks and got the lane ahead. They are less likely to be vocal about their lane leaving or even putting vision around the jungle to see a potential flank. My point is I want people to understand that this happens to everyone. Instead of beating yourself up or your team up over it try to isolate what you could have done different to prevent the situation. Ask your team what they suggest in a particular situation. Before you get mad at a team member for feeding as yourself would you want to be on the receiving end of that? We have all been there. Don't be a part of the problem and instead look at things from a different perspective. Keep an open mind about receiving advice as well as being tactful when giving advice. Here are a couple videos on the subject at hand (the second one is really long). Enjoy.
  3. Tonight's topic teamfight positioning and target selection (or peel for your damage dealers). As always people, remember to have fun and keep it competitive! Here are some awesome videos on the subject. I suggest taking a peek at them.
  4. Welcome back to League of Learning. This weeks topic we will be building on the last 2 weeks and covering how to trading in lane. This is going to be something that the lower ELO players will benefit from much more than the higher ELO players will but its still something everyone should practice as it has a huge impact on the game. Successful trading in lane gives you pressure and allows you to roam to other lanes or even take objectives safer. Pushing your lane opponent out of lane by trading with them successfully is going to give you a level advantage as well as a gold lead. The less time they can stay in lane means less xp/gold for them and more for you. Some helpful videos for the subject at hand Now the one above still has a lot of great info but there is one thing that has been changed sense this video came out. Abilities now agro minions when they hit an enemy champion in range. Keep this in mind when you go for aggressive trades in minion waves.
  5. League of Learning is once again upon us. This week we will be covering pushing your lead / playing from behind (depending on what end of the game you are on). I have a few videos to link that cover this topic. Some rather in depth some just brush the surface but I think all of them are relevant.
  6. Hi there everyone. Time for League of Learning again. This week will start the first of a 4 week topic where we will start with one topic and build on it from week to week. I want to start with lane positioning when denying CS or favorably trading with your opponent. This, done properly, gives you a great advantage in game. It will allow you to get more favorable backs when you need items, lets you deny CS to your opponent, give you pressure to get deep wards in a bit safer, poking them out of lane and the obvious advantage of maybe allowing an all in to get a kill. All this gives you small leads that you can build up to snowball your lane and hopefully bring that to the other lanes as well. Now for jungling this can mean ganking a lane to get your lane further ahead or invading the enemy jungle to deny XP. This in turn will allow you to take objectives safer and push towers faster. Remember to be there early to get a spot and help us out by getting sorted early.
  7. Thursday is upon us once again everyone. With it comes our League of Learning. I want us to focus on something that we tend to use but don't utilize, summoner spell timings. By this I mean I'd like to focus on pinging the timing of summoner spells or typing them out in chat so we know when spells are on cool down and when they will be back up. I know most of us do this all the time anyways. I get that but this is where I feel we don't utilize this information. Most of us are in the habit of pinging out summoner spells or ults when we know they have been used but we don't do anything with that information or we don't pay attention to when they will actually come back up. This can lead to disastrous results when we think a flash is down before an engage or when we think Cassiopia doesn't have her ult when we tower dive her to push mid. I think it would do us all some good to think about our opponent's summoner spells and ult CDs before gearing up for a teamfight around objectives or when we are sieging towers. With this comes a great deal of team communication so keep that in mind when you are looking to roam, gank, push lane or TP into a fight. Make sure your team has all the information they need to help you take down your enemy. With the new season upon us its important to remember that while these are games with friends we should not stop being competitive and push ourselves to get better.
  8. Hello everyone. Our next topic of review for our wonderful League of Learning this week will be Shot-calling coupled with Team Fighting. I feel these two subjects are very closely tied together. I want everyone to keep this in mind when picking their champions. I'd like to put it out there that while split pushers aren't the best choice in a team fight oriented team comp they can still work. But again I'd like to remind you to keep the spirit of the game mode in mind when picking your champion this week. And remember to keep in mind all the subjects we have already covered. This is no time to be lax on your mechanics.
  9. Greetings everyone! Its time again for our League of Learning. In keeping with the theme of review for this series we will be focusing on Wave Management, Roaming, and with that comes Warding as always. I'm also going to be trying something new this week by creating a temporary League of Learning text channel in Discord. This will be setup the day of the event and be used for people to confirm they will be at the event. I'm also asking you to use it to indicate your Rank and Main Role/Off Role. I want to use this channel in an attempt to try and speed up getting into games, especially the second game.