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Found 6 results

  1. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am so hyped for the fire bunny! I am also really happy for more realistic people as opposed to the childish chibi proportions, and I'm hoping they have a somewhat free camera or photo mode so you can really look around the world.
  2. Regardless of your team or skill level, let this be a thread where everyone can share their Trainer Codes and make some more friends to farm items off of! My Trainer Code is: 7422 8095 8705
  3. Sabre Wolf


    So I decided to pick this back up thanks to my kids getting hooked on Pokemon. This is an interesting adaptation to the FireRed version of the game series in that, you play the game like normal except that there are thousands of other players in the same instance you are. You can see other players battling, trading in all chat and riding by on a bike. It also has character customization and store. The game is also compatible with a game pad. I was surprised my account was still intact from god knows how long ago right where I left him! Best part of all, the game is 100% free to play! There is a bit of a set up process though.
  4. The Mystery Brawl Cup Introduction: This is a forum game I originally created when I was a developer for Pokémon World Online with another developer. In this game you take on the identity of a Pokémon and through attacking other participants, identify what Pokémon the other participants are. This game plays out over the course of a month with the 3 players obtaining the most points earning MadCash! Game Procedures: Any player who would like to join in must PM myself with which Pokémon they would like to play as. When you have received confirmation from me, you can then start playing.Any PM's regarding this game should have the title: [Mystery Brawl Cup]Players should introduce themselves into the game by posting “A new challenger has appeared”. This statement declares your official entrance into the game, and you may start attacking other players. Once you think you know what Pokémon someone is, you can attempt to guess who they are. Keep in mind that a bad guess will cost you some significant points, so tread lightly. If your HP reaches 0, you will be KO’d and must choose another Pokémon to re-enter the game as (remember that you must PM me your new choice, and receive confirmation from me before you actually resume play).Should a player feel as though another particpant has broken one of the rules; you may PM me about the matter and I shall investigate. I reserve the right to levy point penalties against players who do not follow the rules.Players are encouraged to keep track of their own scores and health, however the score in the Scorecard section is the official score. Rules and Regulations: All Pokémon start with, and have a maximum HP of 50.Pokémon with alternate forms or abilities that change type are played in their original form or typeAll moves used by the player must be learnable by that Pokémon. Check bulbapedia for a full moveset.When responding to somebodies attack, you must quote their attack post.You must use at least 3 different moves before you can re-use a move.Each Pokémon may only use the same move 4 times.You cannot attack someone until responding to all attacks initiated against you. [ you may respond and attack in the same post]You may only make 1 guess as to who someone is per post unless you are guessing within the same evolution line, in which case the guesses are read in the order that they appear.In cases where a user can recover HP, the player must post that they healed their HP, otherwise it will NOT be updated in the official score.UPDATE 8/9/13 This rule was supposed to be in the original draft, but was accidentally removed. It is being implemented. In order to allow the player who enters the brawl first to immediately partake and not get stuck waiting for other participants. The host (me) shall also have a Pokemon that participants may attack. Stipulations are as follows: I ( the host) shall not keep a score, nor attack any participant.You ( the players) are not allowed to guess which Pokemon I am.You ( the players) may not attack me if there is more than 3 players with Pokemon in play.Attacks against the host count towards your total move use. If you are attacking me, you may reference me as "Mist" or "The Host" Example of attacks and replies: Attack: I attack Munsa with Scratch! Response: Scratch is normally effective. I lose 1 HP, you gain 1 point. Scoring System: This is how the game is scored If attacked by a move that does normal damage: The player being attacked loses 1 HP The player attacking receives 1 point If attacked by a move that does x2 damage (Super Effective): The player being attacked loses 2 HP The player attacking receives 2 points If attacked by a move that does x4 damage (Ultra Effective): The player being attacked loses 4 HP The player attacking receives 5 points If attacked by a move that does x.5 damage (Not Very Effective): The player being attacked loses 1 HP The player attacking loses 1 point If attacked by a move that does x.25 damage (Extremely Ineffective): The player being attacked loses 1HP The player attacking loses 3 points If attacked by a move that deals x0 damage (Does Not Effect): The player being attacked loses 0 HP The player attacking loses 5 HP If a player guesses another player's Pokémon correctly: The player guessing receives 10 points plus however much HP the opponent had. They also recover 5 HP The player who had their Pokémon guessed is knocked out. If a player guesses another player's Pokémon incorrectly: The player guessing loses 20 points The player who had their Pokémon guessed receives 20 points, and heals 3 HP. If a player re-enters the game with a new Pokémon, the player has their score adjusted as follows: if(score < 0) score *=2 if(Score == 0) score = score if(score > 0) score *= .5 For those that are not sure how a move should effect their Pokémon, please refer to this chart here. Game Scorecard: 1st Prize: 200 MadCash 2nd Prize: 100 MadCash 3rd Prize: 50 MadCash
  5. I dunno how many of you guys like pixel art, or actually do pixel art, but I have quite a collection of works that I've made in the past. You can see what screenshots I've kept here: It would be awesome to hear your opinions, or even share some of your own pixel art if you have any. I'm anxious to know what you guys think and have
  6. Hey, I'm about 97% through the LoL download, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to play a few games with me as I try to learn the basics, I could always just find some random people to play with, but I would prefer to learn by someone who I know knows what their doing, if that even makes sense. -Thanks~ Fluidfire