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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to Kyen-Keil, the Forest World. Imagine a temperate rain forest, stretching to blanket most of a world not too unlike our own Earth. A world where instead of oceans, massive forests stretch down, down, and down- blotting out the sky and surrounding in darkness, mystery, and danger another world unknown to the dwellers above. Genre: Mystery-Thriller focusing on Exploration and Roleplaying Background: You will awake on the forest floor, in the 'Marianas Trench' of this world, with no memory of how you got there, or who you are- merely that you had some mission, that it was important, and you don't recall if you finished it. System: Sky Wars: Fantasy Conversion of Edge of the Empire Starting: Sometime in October Wanted: Brave Adventurers to take care of a Problem! If you feel you have the bravery to delve deep into the forest, indicate your interest below. Requirements: Available on Monday Nights from roughly 9pm EST to 12AM EST- likely extending to 1AM ESTish as often as not. Familiarity (even passing) with Edge of the Empire/FFG Star Wars OR a strong familiarity with Roleplaying Games generally A desire to focus on exploration and roleplaying over combat dungeon crawling.