WoW Patch Notes 7.1.5

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New Features


New Bonus Event - Mists of Pandaria Timewalking

For players at level 91 and higher, a new Bonus Event every few weeks.


  • Temple of the Jade Serpent
  • Stormstout Brewery
  • Shado-Pan Monastery
  • Mogu’shan Palace
  • Siege of Niuzao Temple
  • Gate of the Setting Sun

New Timewalking Vendor on Timeless Isle, offering:

  • Reins of the Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent (Yu’lei, Daughter of Jade mount)
  • 2 new pets—Infinite Hatchling (dragonkin) and Paradox Spirit (aquatic)
  • Reputation Tokens for all major Pandaria factions and friendship items
  • 2 new Toys—Adopted Puppy Crate and Portable Yak Wash
  • Chilled Satchel of Vegetables, to help chefs who've missed out on Pandaren cuisine
  • Updated equipment selections from Pandaria factions


Brawler’s Guild Returns!

After a quick break to mend some wounds and broken bones, everyone’s favorite fighting series is back. A new set of challenging encounters are coming to town, and it’s up to you to muscle your way past them for glory and prizes.

New solo boss fights:

  • Ogrewatch
  • Master Paku
  • Ash’katzuum
  • a Seagull
  • Ray D. Tear
  • Johnny Awesome
  • Burnstachio
  • Stitches
  • And many more!


  • The Brawler’s Burly Basilisk mount
  • Pugilist’s Powerful Punching Ring (transports you to Brawl’gar or Bizmo’s)
  • New shirts and Achievements
  • Tylarr Gronnden (new battle pet)


Invites to the Brawler’s Guild have been reset. Please look for a Blood-Soaked Invitation when opening emissary bags or completing dungeons. If you just can’t wait to get your invitation, you might want to fight the elite vrykul of Shield’s Rest in Stormheim, who know a thing or two about brawling.


New Micro-Holidays

Many special days of the year are coming to Azeroth. Prepare to join everyone as, for one to three days, players celebrate unique occurrences such as the Hatching of the Hippogryphs, Spring Balloon Festival, and the Thousand Boat Bash.


Updated Features


Artifact Knowledge and Class Hall Updates

New Bind-on-Account items are available from the Artifact Researcher in your Class Order Hall. These items can be sent to alternate characters to immediately get them to higher Artifact Knowledge levels.


For new players just reaching 110, there is a new set of repeatable quests that will allow you to immediately exchange Order Hall Resources for Artifact Knowledge up to Artifact Knowledge level 15.

The time it takes to complete Class Hall research has been reduced. A shorter time to complete Class Hall research for Tiers 3, 4, 5, and 6 will make it easier to upgrade your Class Halls on alts and new characters.

Find Premade Groups from the Quest Tracker

When you’re looking for players that are doing the same World Quest, you can now easily search for groups in the Quest Tracker. For group quests, a small button will appear next to the quest name. For all other quests, right click the quest name and then click “Find Group.” This will automatically launch a search for groups of players who are doing that quest. If none are found, you can start a group with one click – all the details will be filled in for you.

More Group Finder updates:

  • A new option allows you to make groups only visible to friends and guildmates of people in the group.
  • When searching for groups, groups who need your role (based on your active specialization) are sorted to the top of the list.
  • You will receive a more descriptive message when you are declined when attempting to join a group that is full.


Legion Companion App

The Legion Companion App has been updated to support World of Warcraft Patch 7.1.5, including bug fixes and functionality improvements.


New Legendary Items

Many new and wondrous Legendary items are now to be found in the Broken Isles. The hunt is on for new Legendaries for every class!



  • Many 3-star recipes have had their drop rates increased.


  • Four new neck enchants have been added. All four enchants have 3 ranks:
    • Rank 1 recipes can be purchased from a vendor in the Farondis Hub.
    • Rank 2 recipes are found on creatures in specific Broken Isles zones (except Suramar), as long as you know the rank 1 recipe.
    • Rank 3 recipes are found in emissary chests for those zones, at a 20% chance.  The rank 3 recipe requires knowledge of the rank 1 or 2 recipe.
  • Mark of the Ancient Priestess now heals for 400% of spell power.
  • Mark of the Claw now gives 1000 haste and Critical Strike (was 550 at level 110).
  • Mark of the Trained Soldier gives 600 Mastery (was 300).
  • Mark of the Hidden Satyr damage is now 200% spell power or 250% attack power, whichever is higher.


  • A new quest has been added which rewards and unlocks a new shoulder enchant for Engineers: Boon of the Builder.
    • Boon of the Builder can be purchased from Hobart Grapplehammer after this quest is completed.
    • Boon of the Builder rewards Sprocket Containers from kills in the world, about once an hour.  These can contain guns/gun parts, engineering consumables, new goggle recipes, and a special new reagent called Hardened Felglass, used for goggles (see below).
  • Added a new quest at level 110 for that rewards the recipe for a Rechargeable Reaves Battery.  This item can be used once every 30 minutes and does not have charges.
  • Four new goggles have been added, with a base item level of 880.
  • Damage from the click effect for all Legion goggles is now similar to the damage from Gunpowder Charge, with a shared cooldown.
  • The damage for Head Shot has been increased substantially. 


  • All Vantus Runes have had their benefit increased from 1000 Versatility to 1500 Versatility.
  • The material cost of all Vantus Rune recipes has been reduced by half.


  • There are six new world quests in Dalaran titled “Gemcutter Needed”. That means you, probably.





Death Knight

  • Blood
    • Blood Tap recharge time reduction per Bone Shield charge consumed increased to 2 seconds (was 1 second).
    • Bloodworms’ healing per bloodworm increased to 15% of max HP (was 5%).
    • Blooddrinker total health leech increased by 130%.
    • Bone Shield charges are now only consumed by melee attacks and Spectral Deflection.
    • Bonestorm heal increased to 2% (was 1%).
    • Gorefiend’s Grasp cooldown now 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).
    • Heartbreaker bonus Runic Power per target hit reduced to 2 (was 3).
    • March of the Damned duration bonus increased to 100% (was 50%).
    • Mark of Blood heal increased to 3% (was 2%).
    • Purgatory cooldown now 4 minutes (was 3 minutes). This cooldown resets on death.
    • Purgatory now always lasts 3 seconds after it activates, even if you briefly go into positive health.
    • Rapid Decomposition now causes Death and Decay to deal damage 15% more often (was 50%), and Runic Power generation changed to 1 per second (was 15% more).
    • Rune Tap damage reduction increased to 40% (was 25%).
    • Tightening Grasp cooldown reduction to Gorefiend’s Grasp is now 30 seconds (was 60 seconds).
    • Tombstone consumes a maximum of 5 stacks of Bone Shield, and now provides 6 Runic Power and absorb damage equal to 6% of your maximum health (was 3 Runic Power and 3% of health).
    • Vampiric Blood now increases incoming absorbs as well as heals.
    • Will of the Necropolis damage reduction increased to 35% (was 20%).
  • Frost
    • Abomination’s Might chance increased to 20% (was 10%).
    • Breath of Sindragosa damage increased by 64%.
    • Freezing Fog damage bonus increased to 30% (was 25%).
    • Gathering Storm damage increased per stack increased to 15% (was 10%).
    • Horn of Winter runic power gain increased to 20 (was 10).
    • Hungering Rune Weapon duration increased to 15 seconds (was 12 seconds).
    • Murderous Efficiency chance increased to 65% (was 50%).
    • Volatile Shielding damage school changed from Arcane to Shadow.
    • White Walker damage reduction increased to 30% (was 20%), and slow efffect increased to 70% (was 50%).
  • Unholy
    • Increased the damage of most Unholy spells and abilities by 6%. (Death Strike, Soul Reaper, Epidemic, Scourge Strike, Festering Strike, and Death and Decay)
    • All Will Serve damage increased by 15%.
    • Armies of the Damned (Artifact trait) ghouls' chance to apply their additional effects increased to 30% (was 25%).
    • Army of the Dead and Apocalypse ghouls damage has been increased.
    • Blighted Rune Weapon number of auto attacks affected increased to 5 (was 4).
    • Clawing Shadows damage increased by 20%.
    • Dark Arbiter cooldown reduced to 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).
    • Dark Arbiter damage increased by 36%.
    • Death Coil damage increased by 17%.
    • Defile damage increased by 20%, and Mastery per stack increased to 300 (was 200).
    • Ebon Fever now also causes Virulent Plague to deal 20% more damage over time.
    • Gargoyle damage increased by 50%.
    • Necrosis damage bonus increased to 40% (was 35%).
    • Pestilent Pustules triggers every 8 runes (was 6).
    • Portal to the Underworld damage increased by 33%.
    • Runic Corruption now has a 1% chance to proc per Runic Power spent (was a 1.25% chance).
    • Unholy Frenzy duration increased to 2.5 seconds (was 2 seconds), and the cap on extending it increased to 25 seconds (was 10 seconds). Buff now cancels on encounter start.


Demon Hunter

  • Havoc
    • Increased the damage of most Havoc spells and abilities by 10%. (Blade Dance, Chaos Nova, Death Sweep, Demon Blades, Demon’s Bite, Eye Beam, Felblade, Fury of the Illidari, Metamorphosis, Throw Glaive)
    • Annihilation and Chaos Strike damage have been slightly increased.
    • Blind Fury now restores 35 Fury per second while channeling Eye Beam, in addition to increasing the duration.
    • Chaos Cleave now hits all nearby enemies, including the original target, for 10% of the damage it inflicts.
    • Demon Blades proc chance reduced to 60% (was 75%).
    • Demonic Appetite now has a 25% chance to create a Lesser Soul Fragment with no cooldown (was a 50% chance, 15 second cooldown). Consuming a Soul Fragment generates 35 Fury (was 30). Lesser Soul Fragments now spawn to the left or right of the Demon Hunter.
    • Demonic now lasts 8 seconds (was 5 seconds).
    • Desperate Instincts no longer replaces Blur, and now increases the damage reduction effect by an additional 15%.
    • Fel Barrage damage increased by 20%.
    • Fel Eruption damage increased by 30%, cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (was 35 seconds), and the Fury cost has been reduced to 10 (was 20).
    • Felblade’s cooldown resets 50% more often for Havoc Demon Hunters.
    • First Blood bonus damage increased to 300% (was 200%).
    • Mastery: Demonic Presence now increases Chaos damage by 11.2% (was 8%), and per-Mastery amount increased accordingly.
    • Nemesis damage bonus increased to 25%.
    • Netherwalk no longer replaces Blur. Cooldown increased to 2 minutes (was 1.5 minutes).
    • Soul Rending leech reduced to 70% (was 100%).
  • Vengeance
    • Increased the damage of most Vengeance spells and abilities by 9%. (Soul Cleave, Illidan’s Grasp, Shear, Sigil of Flame, Fiery Brand)
    • Abyssal Strike now reduces the cooldown of Infernal Strike by 8 seconds (was 5 seconds).
    • Agonizing Flames increases the damage of Immolation Aura by 20% (was 30%).
    • Blade Turning increases the Pain generation of Shear and Sever by 70% (was 50%).
    • Burning Alive’s Fiery Brand will now continue spreading from any target that has it, even if the initial primary target dies.
    • Demon Spikes now reduces physical damage by 10% (was 20%).
    • Demonic Wards now increases Stamina by 55% (was 45%).
    • Demonic Wards now reduces all damage taken by 10% (was only magic damage).
    • Fracture now costs 20 Pain (was 40 Pain).
    • Last Resort cooldown now 8 minutes (was 3 minutes). This cooldown resets on death.
    • Metamorphosis now also increases armor by 100%.
    • Metamorphosis overrides Shear with Sever, which deals 20% more damage than Shear and always creates a Lesser Soul Fragment.
    • Nether Bond has been removed.
    • New talent at level 110: Demonic Infusion
      • Draw from the power of the Twisting Nether to instantly activate and then refill your charges of Demon Spikes.
      • Generates 60 Pain.
      • Instant cast, with a 2 minute cooldown.
    • Razor Spikes increases your Physical damage by 30% while Demon Spikes is active (was 20%).
    • Sigil of Chains cooldown now 90 seconds (was 60 seconds).
    • Soul Barrier now:
      • Costs 10 Pain (was 30 Pain).
      • 30 second cooldown (was 20 seconds).
      • Base absorb (before fragments) and minimum absorb both increased by 50%.
    • Spirit Bomb now deals Fire damage (was Shadow).
    • Spirit Bomb’s Frailty now lasts 20 seconds (was 15 seconds), and heals the Demon Hunter for 20% of damage they deal to the target (was 15%).



  • Displacer Beast speed increase duration now 2 seconds (was 4 seconds).
  • Mass Entanglement duration now 30 seconds (was 20 seconds).
  • Renewal cooldown reduced to 90 seconds (was 120 seconds).
  • Balance
    • Increased the damage of most Balance spells and abilities by 4%. (Moonfire, Sunfire, Starfall, Lunar Strike, Solar Wrath, Starsurge, New/Half/Full Moon)
    • Echoing Stars (Artifact Trait) damage increased by 20%.
    • Fury of Elune damage increased by 17%.
    • Mastery: Starlight now increases Empowerment effects by 18% (was 16%), and per-Mastery amount increased accordingly.
    • Rapid Innervation now gives 10% haste (was 20%). <

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