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    Things are happening in the world of Interlopers Incorporated. Your former patron, one Johann Obed Trithemius, has been forcibly ripped from his imprisonment. Most of his powers were drained from him, and he retains little memory of his imprisonment or who took him. Accordingly, he has retreated from his position as leader of the Guild, and rejoined as an equal member. Some of you may have heard rumors of an "incident" that occurred during a City Watch pacification and peacekeeping operation. The exaggeration and spreading of rumors have done significant damage to the Guild's reputation, and a public declaration of values and mission is required to assuage both the public and the authorities of the land. Since II is now employee owned and operated, an organizational meeting of partners is required. On April 6th, to follow the 9PM MadCast Townhall with a short break inbetween, Interlopers Inc will gather as many members as possible to draft a statement of values, a series of governing rules, a... CODE OF CONDUCT, if you will. We will do as much of this in character as we can, but we will also allow time for the DM team to field questions, receive feedback and criticism, and outline goals for the coming summer. I, Munsa, know that some of you have hit some hurdles in your enjoyment of LD&D and tabletop in general. Those of you that have reached out to me, I hear you. Those of you that haven't, your perspective and opinion has value to me. In addition to having fun together, we will use this evening to make sure everyone who has said "I want to be a part of this" has their concerns heard and addressed. April 6th, to follow Townhall after a short break, Interlopers Inc. Guild Meeting. If you cannot attend, you are always free to approach any DM with feedback, criticism, and questions.
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    I hope everybody is doing ok. I am really sick this weekend. Not sure if it's normal cold, sore throat stuff or not, but will be taking precautions jsut in case. I was not concerned of this, but as soon as I woke up sick, the fear mentality took over. I hope everybody takes care of themsleves during this time.
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    Hi friends. Firstly, please be safe- wash your hands, avoid public gatherings, follow directions from local health care providers and officials, and monitor yourself for symptoms like a cough and fever. Secondly, even if you have symptoms or get sick, MadCast will be here for company and fun during a stressful time. For those of you with children, if there is interest in running some family friendly events (such as a simplified tabletop game) or a kid-friendly Minecraft server, we will investigate those options. If you have some extra time on your hands and are interested in running an event for any game or demographic, now is the time (and you should check out Living D&D if you have not already)! Thirdly, lots of people will be sharing information and thoughts about what is going on. I recognize that not all governments or government officials seem trustworthy or competent. Nonetheless, if you are sharing information about how people should protect themselves, please ensure you are basing that on professional advice, as it is easy for misinformation to spread online. MadCast is a gaming community, not a hospital. When in doubt, you should always, always listen to your doctor's recommendations! ------ Now for some other stuff from me: If you have a disability or health care plan and are confused or intimidated by the terminology and plan document, I am happy to take a look at it with anyone who needs. I am the plan administrator for my company and review various plan designs annually, so I have a good understanding of basic terminology and plan structures. It is worth noting that a number of major insurance providers are making temporary changes to their plans due to Covid-19 (for example, Independence Blue Cross is waiving all telemedicine copays for 90 days and lifting prescription refill limitations). Additionally, some short term disability plans have Quarantine Riders which would provide coverage for loss of income due to a health care provider recommended, or state mandated quarantine (these are not as common, but worth checking your plan document). Additionally, if you lose your job (or are at risk of that), I continue to offer help with resume and cover letter review. I do want to point out that the Department of Labor today issued new flexible guidelines allowing states to expand unemployment insurance coverage to those effected and unable to work due to quarantine or shutdown measures. The specifics are likely to vary by state, and may or may not be public yet, as this is a rapidly changing situation. The Department of Labor also published an FAQ about Covid-19 and the Fair Labor Standards Act, and Covid-19 and the Family Medical Leave Act today. OSHA has also released new guidelines regarding Covid-19 here. And finally, I wanted to share a list of pantry items that may be good to consider stocking up on if your area is shutting down and you have to make a grocery list in a hurry:
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    Stan has it right on the money. This boss just played him with a classic. He could have very easily chosen a different path. Let this be a lesson for everyone. All communication should be in written format. All he had to do was say "I am not quitting my job" and boss man would be singing a different tune. Or at the very least paying unemployment. Educate yourselves on your rights as an employee, friends.
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    Notes from tonight's session... The party starts off working to regroup, and Peruggia picks up a new party member in the form of a damp daddy Nautilid. Everyone gathers together to decide on what to do next, which results in Doc, Peruggia, and Agrias goes around the back of the building to look for ways to infiltrate, while Grunhilda sits at the vehicle to guard it and keep watch outside. Viri breaks off sneakily and enters the strange door through the mail slot to investigate on its own. Viri is able to creep through the building and find some creature hooked up to a machine and unaware, which it then attacks and consumes the corpse of for reasons. Meanwhile the other 3 break into a neighboring condemned building and climb to the rooftop where they hop across to the main building. Infiltrating down from the roof, they are able to investigate and learn some information regarding The Level 21 Crew. After gathering all the information available, everyone leaves the building and returns to Peruggia's penthouse to discuss things and rest up for the next morning, while Viri summons a blood hawk familiar. At 10am the promised valuable item from Chisk is delivered, and the party returns to Mama Fat's Bodega. After checking to make sure there was no ambush being set up for them, they enter the building and inform the halfling running the store that they have a meeting set up. The party heads downstairs, minus Viri who lurks in the store and waits to steal any food in sight and consume it. They meet the infamous Jabaxa, who asks them why they have broken into a remote Level 21 Crew location, stolen information, killed someone, and now offer stolen goods all just to get an audience with him. Amidst their discussion, Viri distracts the halfling woman upstairs and begins consuming some of the food, until she notices and screams, setting off an alarm. Everyone downstairs is made aware of Viri via a camera screen feed, while it attacks the old woman in a mad rage. After the party downstairs engages in combat Jabaxa ducks into an escape hatch in the floor while his henchmen try in vain to kill Viri's blood hawk. Doc and Peruggia follow Jabaxa in pursuit down the hatch tube, while Agrias goes upstairs after Viri and the blood hawk, just in time to see Viri kill and then start to consume the old halfling woman.
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    Say hello to Erasmus, the newest member of Interlopers Inc. **In game, Icarus did not actually get a dog even though he really really wants to.
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    ...or why you're not being excluded, but protected. I'd like to discuss the concept of Closed Sessions. Up until now, there have been no restrictions on who may listen as a silent spectator to any of the Living D&D Sessions. This is going to change in some instances as there are already sessions up that are slated to be closed. The reasons behind this can be numerous, but it's generally to keep any story or surprises intact for when the sessions are run multiple times. First things first, you are not being excluded! You are not being prevented from listening to the session because you may be disruptive, or we don't trust you in a meta sense to not spoil things for your next party, or anything like that. What we are doing is crafting experiences for the players, and with that, sometimes we want the players to be able to be a part of these experiences untainted by previous knowledge. With puzzles, surprises, twists and moral quandaries, these events can be amazing if you don't know what's coming. So please, if you know a session is closed, or if it being run in a voice chat labelled closed, please do not just jump in, even to just say hi. Doing so will interrupt the session at hand while we wait for you to leave (or move you somewhere else so we can continue). On this vein, we also ask that any players who have already done content that is closed session keep that content under wraps until that session is no longer being ran. Then it may be spoken of freely. This is also to preserve the surprises and such of the content. We all appreciate your compliance with this as we move forward into a new age of Living D&D!
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    "Did my husband decide if he's a man or a woman?" - Cloud
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    After discussing with @MadCast: JigglesTheFett and finding out I wasn't supposed to actually be a wild magicks sorceress, which was the backbone of Kyrel's story. I present the updated, (but still a fire breathing bitch,) Eirenell of Brass. (aka SlutDragon) Character Appearance: Eirrenel born of brass and flame -- adorned with a bewildering headdress of beautiful brass treasures and a deep gilded amber eye to seduce suitors into her lair. Her skin pearlescent, accentuating the deep brass of her talons; the shine of their edge just as alluring as they are deadly. Eirrenel's scales grace her body cascading down from her shoulders, along her spine, and fading out around her waist, and neck. She stands tall and slender, much unlike her kin. Her appearance takes after her mother, a beautiful siren, who had caught the attention of a draconic trickster, polymorphed into man. // Backstory: Eirrenel's mother, a beautiful siren, was tricked by the fates and a devilishly charming dragon who polymorphed himself into the vision of a radiant man. The ruse proceeded, unbeknownst to her mother until she sighted the scales upon her newborn daughter. Disgusted by the sight of her, Eirrenel's mother left her to rot on the stoop of the local brothel. It was there that Eirrenel was raised by a myriad of ever-changing faces. Once of age she learned the powers of seduction from the women around her, and was enslaved to paying the brothel back for her upbringing. Feeling helpless as she brought men, women, and all sorts of creatures into her quarters each evening, her despair and rage built within. Until one gruesome night she simultaneously discovered her magicks, and cast for the first time; she released an explosive nova of flame burning down the brothel, and all the doxies and patrons inside. Eirrenel fled the scene with nothing left but soot and ash upon her pearlescent skin, and what few precious coins and gems that did not melt in the blaze. For the first time in her life Eirrenel felt free from the confines of the brothel, but now enslaved to the endless chase of the law. Eirrenel laid low for many years, traveling from city to city using the only thing she knew, seduction and temptation to get by. Sickened that she had to resort back to selling her body, she devised a plan -- Eirrenel used what little she had to purchase a rickety shack that she could embellish with little trinkets and knick knacks, enough to give the illusion of comfort to her ... "clientele." She would then scout out those who were truly alone, in need of company and seduce them. These travelers were none the wiser crossing the threshold into her abode. After luring her prey to her lair, with one quick slash of her beautiful brass talons, take her revenge upon those that caused her years of torment.
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    With the October 2019 release of Shadowkeep, levels were removed and every player now automatically starts at a power level of 750. There’s a great post over on Eurogamer that wonderfully sums up how to increase your power level, but if you don’t want to click over, I’ll try and summarize here. Currently, there are 3 different power level caps. Soft cap: 950 Hard cap: 1000 Pinnacle gear cap: 1010 If you haven’t yet hit the soft cap of 950, this means that just about every armor and weapon drop will increase your power level. Examples include when Blue or Purple Engrams drop from killing enemies, levelling up vendors in the Tower like Zavala, Shaxx, or Banshee-44, completing activities like Public Events or Lost Sectors, opening up loot chests, any matchmade activity like Reckoning or Menagerie, or running the Shattered Throne dungeon. An important tip here! If you’re still working your way up to 950 and have figured out which weapons and which armor pieces you want to continue using, don’t upgrade them. As long as the piece with a higher power level is in your inventory (not in your vault), you’ll continue to get pieces that are higher and higher. Save your Upgrade Modules for later. Once you reach 950, meaning you have 1 of each type of weapon and armor at 950 power level, now’s when you move on to searching for Powerful Gear. A lot of these are weekly tasks highlighted in the map by a yellow circle or sun icon. These include things like the Weekly Flashpoint (a specific location that changes each week that will reward progress as you do heroic Public Events, heroic Adventures, and clear out Lost Sectors), the weekly 8 bounties completed for a vendor in the Tower, playing a number of Crucible or Gambit matches or Strikes each week, or earning XP for the Clan. It’ll also say next to them Tier 1, 2, or 3. This has to do with how much of a power level increase the reward will provide. For Tier 1 it’s 2 or 3 points, for Tier 2 it’s 3 or 4, for Tier 3 it’s 6. Try to do them in that order, Tier 1, 2, then 3, if you can. Keep on doing that until each and every weapon and armor piece is at 1000. Because you’re now getting to the point when you’re able to do more challenging content, here is when you’ll start to upgrade your armor and weapons. Again, you don’t have to, but if you want to, you can use Upgrade Modules to increase the power level of armor and weapons you’d prefer to use. If you’re not yet at the point where you want to bother with armor mods, my suggestion is to use the highest power level armor pieces but stick with the weapons you like using. Another tip! Usually upgrading costs 1 Upgrade Module. But say you’ve got a weapon or a piece of armor you like and you get the same exact thing at a higher power level! But the weapon perks aren’t the same because it’s a random roll, or the elemental affinity is different and won’t work with the armor mods you’re using. In that case, it’ll only cost you 1,000 Glimmer to upgrade it. As long as they both have the same name, it’ll only cost Glimmer. So keep an eye out. There are also some Powerful Gear drops that aren’t tiered. Those are Quest Rewards (like quests from Zavala or Shaxx that give you weapons), open world Exotic Engram drops (not the ones you can pick up weekly from Xur), and Prime Engrams. Prime Engrams will sometimes drop when defeating enemies or when completing Crucible matches. It’ll drop as a Purple Engram with some extra sparkle effects around it. You’ll know it when you see it. Once you hit 1000, the only way to increase your power level is Pinnacle Gear. Currently, you can get Pinnacle Gear from a few sources: the most recent raid Garden of Salvation, the most recent dungeon Pit of Heresy, doing a Nightmare Hunt on Master difficulty, getting at least 100,000 points in the weekly Nightfall: The Ordeal, and when it’s around, the 4 bounties you can pick up from the Iron Banner vendor. (Iron Banner is like Control in the Crucible, defeating enemies and capturing zones, except that power level will matter in terms of how much or little you can damage your enemies. In regular PvP power level differences don’t matter.) Let’s say you’ve finally hit the point where you know what weapons you want to run, what armor pieces you want to run, and you want to increase its power level. Increasing the power level takes 1 Upgrade Module. You can get these a few of ways, either buying them from Banshee-44 in the Tower (the cost to him is 1 Enhancement Core, some Legendary Shards, some Planetary Materials, and 5,000 Glimmer), doing his 2 weekly bounties, or from the Season Pass as you earn XP and level up. I’m going to be honest with you now. Working your way up from 750 to 950, and then at least up to 1000, it’s going to take a while. When the current season started, my power level was at 965. After 2 weeks of playing a few hours most evenings and weekends, I hit 1000. It can be a grind, especially when your Powerful drops are always the same kind of weapon or armor. And I know not everyone can play every day. I’m going to bold and hard increase the font size on something because as much as you want to quickly level up and do things with the rest of the group, it’s something to keep in mind. There is no rush. The game will be there. The clan will be there. You can do all of this in your own time. Yes, there are seasonal events and quests that come and go after 3 months, but there will always be things to do. The story missions will be there, most of the quests will be there (meaning some of the seasonal Exotic quest aren't around forever), the dungeons will be there. The raids will be there. As always, if you have any questions, reply here or hit me up on Discord.
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    I am hoping to be there as well!
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    Gabrial level 4 paladin. Sunday 8pm. I maybe working that day I'll give an update later this week
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    I'm no writer, but my boy deserved an ending. Shout out to @MadCast: Khaos on this one as well. And big ups to @MadCast: VoShay, Kwame expects Titian to teach these folks to shape up or ship out!
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    Who: Anyone What: League of Legends 5v5 inhouse When: Monday 3/23/20 9pm est. Come join MadCast and play in pick up Summoners Rift matches. Feel free to pick your OTP, if it doesn't get banned, and try hard to your hearts content. Captains will be chosen based on lowest current rank and teams will picked in a separate private channel (so no one gets their feelings hurt). Open to anyone and everyone, but make sure to sign up on the forum ahead of time to reserve your spot. Priority List: @MadCast: Ascent , @MadCast: Kitty Stark, @MadCast: Gokudera, @TsoSorry, @Pantyzzz ***MadCast CoC will be, as always, enforced.
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    Greetings everyone, We are throwing a community day on Sunday, March 22nd, starting at 3:00pm EST for you to come hang out, and just unwind. The days itinerary is as follows: 3:00pm EST // Greetings and thanks 3:10pm EST // Hosted by @MadCast: Cloud League of Legends inhouses (approx. 1.5 hours for 3 games) 4:40pm EST // Hosted by @MadCast: doublestufforeo Skribbl.io, (approx. 45 mins) 5:25pm EST // 5 minute break 5:30pm EST // Hosted by @MadCast: Qrow Cards Against Humanity (approx. 1hr) 6:30pm EST // Evening break for dinner 8:00pm EST // Hosted by, @MadCast: Kitty Stark Jackbox Party Packs ((yes I'm that hover-mom who plans her Disney trips down to the minute)) So please feel free to drop by on Sunday while we play a myriad of games, come and go at your leisure, and join in the shenanigans. I look forward to seeing you there.
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    intro IrishFox

    Hi names IrishFox just joined the discord recently recommended by my friend Wazap. I play Destiny 2, mhw, dbd, and poe. Also Wazap told me to mention how handsome he was.
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    MadCast: Kitty Stark

    D&D Quotes Thread

    @MadCast: Khaos: "As you bite it, what does the rotter taste like?" @MadCast: Chibiushi: "It tastes like victory."
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    MadCast: VoShay

    Yo Mama

    yo mama so fat she got other, smaller fat mamas trapped in her gravitational well.
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    Kitty's dominance in her lane allows her teammates to have easy lanes themselves
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    MadCast: JigglesTheFett

    Yo Mama

    Yo mama is so dirty, that anyone who's been to her house in the last six months is immunized against the coronavirus. #BringingItBack
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    You forgot to include the part where he is required to force-feed any allies. @MadCast: Wazap could teach you all about that.
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    I beat @MadCast: rife170 in lane. That was enough for me.
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    Thanks to everyone who came to play or hang out! The event was a lot of fun and I'll be trying to set up another one next cycle. The final score was: Admins: 90 points FMs: 109 points Also, a shoutout to myself and @MadCast: Ascent for being the MVPs of our teams!
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    Hello friends! With Prince busy DM-ing Friday evening, I'll be guest-hosting Friday Night Fights in Destiny 2. Things will start at 9:30pm EST (because time zones are a thing). It'll be an evening of some fun PvP, either teaming up and playing against other people or 2v2 or 3v3-ing in some private matches. See you then!
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    Is this our final initial list of buildings for the HQ? If so, I will begin the cartography.
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    MadCast: Icarus

    D&D Quotes Thread

    @MadCast: doublestufforeo - "Yeah we knew he was a spooky bitch." In reference to a "do you know who you work for question"
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    MadCast: Starlight

    Game giveaway

    sent! live that childhood!!! aye glad it worked
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    MadCast Promotes: Ascent

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    MadCast: Munsa

    Prologue: The Quake

    Prologue Traders go, and do not come back. Grim faced mountain folk come to the low lands, raw with wounds, speaking of goblins on the march. Still, commerce plodded along, finding no small supply of would be adventurers in desperate need of coin. Thus it was that a random assortment of talented individuals found themselves on the north road, many leagues from the safety of Mado Curas. After a long and peaceful trip, the caravan lingered. Caravan Master Kha'Os insisted that the farriers he treated with were never late, always careful, yet the decision was made to head south at first light, back to the safety of the patrolled farming hamlets and the walls of Mado Curas itself. A band of goblin pillagers, commanded by a warboss named Krieg, had other designs, and encircled the party before attacking. In a fracas of magic and might, the goblins were either driven off or slain, save Krieg, who was dealt a savage blow and taken wounded, yet alive back to the city. Paid handsomely by both their employers and the city, this group of eccentrics partook of Mado Curas' amenities. In a stupor of drink, food, and... other comforts, they were all approached by an only slightly-sinister, top hatted man who introduced himself as Johann Obed Trithemius, wealthy dilettante and investor-at-large. The florid man approached over a dozen such unique individuals, always with the same offer: Adventure, Glory, and Fortune. With rapidity, this organization of mercenary adventurers grew. Lacking any proper name (yet), a meeting of all these disparate souls was arranged, and it was there that either fickle chance or malevolent gods intervened. As Trithemius rose his voice to speak, an earthquake of apocalyptic magnitude shook the city. The opulent manor the adventurers had gathered in began to break apart, and their host revealed himself as a potent spellcaster. Shouting above the cacophony the top-hatted man waved his hands and created several fractal rifts in the air, beckoning everyone to jump through. Absent any other option, the adventurers did, and found themselves magically cashiered out of the building and split across the city. Quickly gathering their surroundings, they coalesced into two groups. The city had been rent in two, a large crevass now encompassing most of the governmental district. The adventurers wound their way through the rubble, aiding the people where they could and smiting both opportunists and monsters where peaceable means failed. Their efforts culminated in a fight against Warboss Krieg. Sensing no escape, the goblin downed a violent magical concoction, mutating into a near indestructible behemoth. Working in cohesion, the reunited crews met the warped goblin head on, dodging blows and countering fiercely while buying time for magical barrages. In short order, the warboss was cut down. Rallying at an impromptu camp set up by Trithemius, the gathered adventurers rest and recover. Around them, the city began a slow process of assessing damage, establishing order, and salvaging what remained.
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    The charity organization known as the ‘Right Hand of the Ko’Mai’Nu,’ or the Right Hand, is an organization more common in the South where the Soto-dath religion, and it’s zealots, are prevalent. This organization operates as a charity that seeks to feed, shelter, and train the general populace and is focused on a religion very similar to Zen Buddhism, which it happily professes to any who are interested but does not require of those receiving charity. The charity currently maintains five full-time unskilled laborers to handle the day to day operations, with two skilled laborers to supervisor and perform skilled labor as needed. (3 gold per day) The charity works towards two goals- in the short term, to take care of the local citizenry, in the long term, to rebuild infrastructure and grow the charity to perform further good works. The charity therefore spends half of its income on maintenance, good works, etc. and the other half on infrastructure. Infrastructure Level 1 : 1,200/10,000 towards next level. Infrastructure Levels Level - Gold Donated - Description Level 0 - 0 Gold - The charity operates out of a series of tents and a lean-to operating as a storage area. Level 1 - 7,500 Gold - The charity has a cottage with attached lodgings (for 50 people), operating at a larger capacity and housing its employees on premises. Level 2 - 10,000 Gold - The charity operates out of a lodge proper, designed to house many transients and Labor expands to 5 skilled laborers and 20 unskilled laborers (10 gold per day). It includes lodgings, a dining hall, and a meditation room. Level 3 - 100,000 Gold - The charity now operates out of a Temple Complex, designed not only to care for those in need but to instruct, proselytize and otherwise spread the word of Soto-Dath. It contains a Lodgings, a dining hall, a chapel, a meditation room, armory, and garden. As the charity receives income, those who donate to the charity will receive boons based on the size of those donations, as well as the size of the charity proper. Boons come in two flavors- Early boons are often available once. Later boons can be available once per day. One boon of a level the charity has reached may be gained by donation between sessions. A downtime action can be used to donate more gold and gain an additional boon between sessions. Level 0 Boons- A donation of 200 or more gold grants one of the following: Inspiration to a character without Inspiration. The character may choose 1 first level spell on the Cleric or Druid Spell lists. They may cast that spell once, and do not need to concentrate on the spell to maintain it for its full duration. They then lose access to this spell. The character gains ‘Soto-Dath’s Blessing.’ The first time the character falls to zero hp, instead of falling unconscious they expend this blessing and spend 1 hit dice, regaining hp equal to a maximum result. The character gains access to the feature ‘Soto-Dath’s Wisdom’ with three charges. When the character makes an Insight or Survival check, they may spend one of those charges to roll with advantage. Level 1 Boons- A donation of 500 gold grants one of the following: The character gains access to the Channel Divinity feature of the Life, Nature, or Protection Domains. The character may use this feature once before losing access to it. The character may choose 1 3rd level or lower spell on the Cleric or Druid Spell lists. They may cast that spell once, and do not need to concentrate on the spell to maintain it for its full duration. They then lose access to this spell. The character gains access to the Divine Sense feature, with 5 charges. These charges do not recharge and access to the feature is lost Level 2 Boons- A donation of 100 gold per character level grants one of the following: The character gains access to the Lay on Hands feature, as if they were a Paladin of their level. Their pool never refills however, and they lose the feature when the pool fully depletes. The character gains access to the Wild Shape feature, as if they were a druid of their level not of the moon. After they have used this ability once, they lose access to the feature. The character gains access to the ‘Patient Defense’ feature, as well as access to a number of ki points equal to their level. These ki points never refill, and the character loses access to this feature when they run out of ki points. Example Donation: Character Name, Date, Donation Amount, Downtime Used (if any), Boon(s) gained Titian, 3/1/2020, 400 Gold, 1 Downtime, Soto-Dath's Blessing and Soto-Dath's Wisdom
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    MadCast: Munsa

    The Emporium

    Are you a mildly successful adventurer? Laden with loot? Encumbered with swag? Bulging with ill-gotten gains? The Emporium will be our location to transact and record Out of Game purchases for MadCast Living D&D. You may spend your currency as long as you are not currently engaged in a two-night session. Any and all basic equipment available in the PHB is for sale at the listed price. When making a purchase, please make a post in this thread using the following format. Date of Purchase (Posting): XX/XX/XX Gold Before Purchase: XXXX Gold After Purchase: XXXX Items purchased: XXXX (XXcurrency), YYYY (YYcurrency) In addition to the basic items, there will be a rotating menagerie of more exotic and expensive items that will change as often as the game runners wish. Some of these items may be limited in number, disappearing when all are purchased, while others may have more reliably replenished stock but only be on sale for short periods of time. Check in regularly. Currently on Special Offer: Hand of the Hidden Master (2,000 gold): (Wondrous Item, requires attunement): While wearing this fell bracer, you can use an action to speak its command word. The bracer severs your hand, dealing 1d4 damage to you, and animates it as an undead crawling claw (MM 44). The creature acts on its own initiative count and follows your mental commands. You can return your hand by holding it to your arm and using an action to speak the command word again. Staff of Paranoia (2,800 gold) (Staff, requires attunement by a spellcaster): This staff has 10 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC and spellcasting ability modifier: Detect Poison and Disease (1 charge), Find Traps (2 charges), Glyph of Warding (3 charges), or Death Ward (4 charges). The staff regains 1d6 + 4 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff vanishes and joins the conspiracy against you. Lodestone Tankard (200 gold) (Wondrous Item): Created for dwarf drinking games and gnome pranks, this carved stone tankard holds up to 1 pint. It weighs only 1 pound when empty, but 50 pounds when completely full. Dappington's Divine Duds (3,000 gold) (Armor, requires attunement): At first, this gnome-crafted magical device appears as a smooth, violet orb the size of a muskmelon. Upon being held by a naked humanoid in front of a mirror, the orb will transform into a perfectly tailored outfit matching the users tastes and the current fashion trends. In addition to counting as an outfit fit for a Royal Soiree this armor confers a base AC of 13 to the wearer. On the one year anniversary of activating the Duds, they will revert to their orb form to allow for shifts in social tastes. Ethereal Stone (5,600 gp) - This finely engraved piece of alexandrite is covered in intricate rune work and seems nearly transparent with an otherworldly quality. When this stone is affixed to a nonmagical weapon, the weapon gains the Ethereal property, existing in both this and the Ethereal Plane. The weapon gains a +1 bonus and when used against an incorporeal creature deals an additional 2d6 damage. This weapon glows with a pale, purple light when incorporeal creatures are within 500ft. If affixed instead to a nonmagical piece of armor, the armor gains a +1 bonus, and provides advantage on all saves against force spells, as well as disadvantage to all incorporeal creatures who attack you. The armor also glows with a pale, purple light when incorporeal creatures are within 500ft.
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    @MadCast: Starlight: "Yay now we're spit friends!" ______________________________________________________________ @MadCast: Khaos "She starts laughing, like that scene from fight club." @MadCast: Kitty Stark: "I don't know what fight club is because no one ever talks about it."
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    Heyo, we're gonna be playing some more fun Jackbox Games this coming Saturday, March 28th, starting at 7pm EST. We even have the newest Jackbox Party Pack #6, which includes a lot of fun new games for everyone to try. I'll look forward to seeing you there, and as always anyone who signs up in this forum post will get priority for player slots in the games!
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    Yo Mama

    Yo mama so fat, when she reads silently to herself she hears her stomach growl in her head... also HI EVERYONE ❤️
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    Maybe this time i'll get more than 2 points lmfao
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    Kwame, had no doubt that he'd met his end. His armor had been crushed into his chest. Rings of chain and metal pushed into his now mostly collapsed chest. His trunk had been pulled nearly off of his face. One of his tusks had been partially broken off. All of this barely registered to him. He'd been injured before. Often bordering on grievously so. This time, however, was different. His blood burned. In the many cuts and tears he had suffered fighting this... abomination, his blood ran black. "All of our best efforts to fix him are having no effect. We have... attempted to manually stitch his trunk back together but our stitching is melting from his blood. Honestly, you can hardly call it blood now. It is almost like... and acidic ectoplasm," said the healer. "CUT IT OFF AND CAUTERIZE THE WOUND!" You'd never heard Kwame yell in such a way. No one had. Even in the most tense of moments, he was like like steel. Strong. Unflinching. Calm. Prepared. This is not like him. This is wrong. After a flinch, the doctor continued. "We cannot save him. No one that I have been able to contact is aware of how to flush this poison from his veins, but it will kill him. The fact that his is alive right now is more of a testament to his will than of anything we have done for him. We have been able to remove his armor, but his chest is collapsed. We've done a magical binding spell to around him to keep his insides within his body, but the blood seeps through. You said it was a monster made of men? What did it..." Kwame bursts from his room. He is wearing no armor, only a simple pair of trousers. Black blood continues to seep from his bindings. His trunk is gone. A still sizzling charred wound with two large nostrils is all that reminds. In his hands, he holds a note pad and a pen holding them both high to avoid dripping blood on them. Some how he manages to keep a steady hand as he writes, but looks as if his legs are far less stable. As he walks past you he tears off the paper, rolls it, and hands it to you with a single word, "Titian." Kwame says to the healer, "I cannot die here. I know that your human rites demand a burial, but... *cough* ... we Loxodon have our own. I must return to my home to In order for mine to be completed. Thank *cough* thank you... for your efforts." "You won't make it home. That is at least 8 days travel by sea. There is no way!" The doctor responds. "And yet, I must." Kwame says as he exits. As he leaves, you look at the trail of blood he has left on the ground and notice that the blood has burned holes through the rug that he has leading to his tent. ************************************** Kwame is aware his time is limited. He knows that he won't make it back home. This is why he left his sword and his armor. As damaged as they may have been, they should be returned to his people. He trusts that Titian will do this for him. He leaves his gold to the Ko'Mai'Nu and the rest of his possessions to Interlopers Incorporated. He feels himself changing. He needs to get away from the camp. The Showman owes him a favor. She has the resources to get him far from here. He sends a note to her and in less than a minute he receives a response. It reads: "Touch the runes. They will get you somewhere... isolated. You'll be missed Kwame." - The Showman He touches the runes and everything disappears. **************************************** The Cinder King laughs.
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    I'll hop on and do this with you Lizzie if you need another person to be a guide.
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    Playing a myriad of games ranging from League to Jackbox and back. All at no cost to you, the player, to just unwind and enjoy a good time. Hope to see you there.
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    I am excited, sign me up.
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    MadCast: Ascent

    The Emporium

    Date of Purchase: 03/13/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 3355gp Gold After Purchase: 2655gp Items purchased: 10 Potions of Healing - 500gp Lodestone Tankard - 200gp
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    I have awarded all of these people.
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    @MadCast: RedJustice @MadCast: Kitty Stark
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    @MadCast: JigglesTheFett & @MadCast: The Prince both require that sweet sweet 'Playing Old School' award pls.
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    Signup Masterthread: Munsa

    I'd like to sign up as a substitute if someone can't make it or whatever. Gabriel level 3 paladin. Sunday March 15. Thanks
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    I unsignup for the 14th
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    A timeless story of victory and defeat will have a new chapter written this Saturday, March 7th, starting at 7p EST. If you'd like to participate sign-ups will stay open until shortly before the event begins. Spectators are also welcome, as several participants will be streaming to Discord as they play. With the current signups the game teams and estimated start-times look like this: 7:00p - One Match of League of Legends: @MadCast: Cloud, @MadCast: doublestufforeo, @MadCast: Kitty Stark, @MadCast: The Prince, & @MadCast: Qrow VS @MadCast: Ascent, @MadCast: majorhoward, @MadCast: Pushover, @MadCast: rife170, & @MadCast: Wazap 7:40p - Three Games of Pictionary: MadCast: Cloud, MadCast: Kitty Stark, MadCast: Qrow, & @MadCast: Quanta VS @MadCast: LizzieJay, MadCast: rife170, @MadCast: Stan, & MadCast: Wazap 8:10p - One Match of Destiny 2: MadCast: The Prince & MadCast: doublestufforeo VS MadCast: LizzieJay & MadCast: Stan 8:40p - One Combat Session of Living D&D: MadCast: Cloud, MadCast: Kitty Stark, & MadCast: The Prince VS MadCast: Ascent, MadCast: majorhoward, & MadCast: Stan 9:15p - Three Rounds of JackBox Games: MadCast: Cloud, MadCast: doublestufforeo, MadCast: Qrow, & MadCast: Quanta VS MadCast: Ascent, MadCast: majorhoward, MadCast: Stan, & MadCast: Wazap PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO DISCORD DURING THE EVENT. Watch for a ping when the current game ends and plan to be on Discord at least 10 minutes before your game is estimated to start. If you are a no-notice/no-show to the event or are the one person making everyone else wait past the expected game time you will face the consequences. Make sure clients are updated and games are open and ready before the expected start time. Each game will reward points to the winners and losers, which will be totalled at the end of the event to declare the overall victor as well as an MVP from each side. Point Values: League of Legends & Living D&D: 5 points to each member of the winning team, 3 points to each member of the losing team Destiny 2: 4 points to each member of the winning team, 2 points to each member of the losing team Pictionary & Jackbox Games: 5 points to 1st, 4 points to 2nd, 3 points to 3rd, 2 points to 4th, 1 point to 5th - 8th Best of luck and thank you to all who are participating in this event. Send any questions my way and practice your trash talking in the meantime so you can be on the side that earns bragging rights for the indefinite future!
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    @MadCast: doublestufforeo "We're going to use the 6 bolts of bullshit," as he rolls 5 20+ to hit, "so eat my asshole."
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    Doodle is great, we use it for work. The only problem is after the 14 day trial it begins to cost money. I figured it wouldn't be that much of a hassle for everyone to spend a minute or two giving their general availability so the DMs can plan around it. With that, instead of having everyone fill out another poll every month or so they would only have to inform one of us if their availability changes.
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    Time: 6/8 Tempo: Allegro Verse I Our story begins with a hero most brave, the drunken dwarf Ogma with big axe in hand, a slayer of goblins and drinker of booze, those monsters don't know the hell they'll go through. Chorus Till Valhall! Till Valhall! We'll suffer no ogres till Valhall! Till Valhall! Till Valhall! We'll crush all their skulls till then! Verse II Without delay he assaulted his foe, the axe cut through everything including the bone, blood, gore, and a boot everywhere they were slung, but Ogma kept going said he wasn't done! Chorus Verse III Ogma kept looking for a mightier foe, something to challenge his winning ego. The only release he found in the bottle, and Ogma kept singing 'cause he'd find his battle! Chorus Verse IV Kato the druid wanted some fun, said ogres were fighting and they would not run, Ogma picked up his axe and mounted his wolf, cause this was the moment that'd see him through, Chorus (x2)