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  • MadCast Staff:

    There is currently one Staff member:  MadCast: Epic.  Their job is not day-to-day, but rather long-term policy discussions. They are constant presences on the website and Discord. They interact with the community on a 1 and 1 basis commonly and are very accessible to those that want to talk to them. They engage with the SFMs to set the global course for the community in the long-term. They are involved in large projects, new projects, and generally expanding MadCast into new ventures.


    MadCast Founders:

    There are only two MadCast Founders: Tort and Maday. The very name of MadCast is the conjoined parts of their actual surnames.  One major defining difference is the tag.  The Founder tag does not have a colon at the end of the tag.  Since they are what made up MadCast it doesn't make sense to use a colon to signify a continuation.  Both of them created the MadCast we all enjoy today, and still have the opportunity to guide and provide input to the community. Their activity may not be as consistent as some of our admins, but they interact and guide where possible.


    MadCast Senior Full Members or SFMs:

    The next rung of admins are the Senior Full Members (SFMs). SFMs are elected every four months by the FMs. To be considered for a vote, members must be a current RFM. A thread is put up for one week and all of the FMs vote to elect the SFMs. The SFMs are day-to-day admins and the main policy admins. SFMs are responsible for assisting in leading the community and administration as a whole. SFMs also have a unique role in the community: they are the only rank that votes to induct candidates to Full Members.


    MadCast Ranking Full Members or RFMs:

    This is the first rung of admins at MadCast. RFMs are the front-line admins of this community and operate most of the day-to-day administrative activities of this community. While they do a lot, their activities will become known to you more and more with the day-to-day experience of associating with our community and are outside the scope of this short explanation.

    Ranking Full Members are admins and should be treated as such. They have full authority to take actions to keep MadCast the quality place that it is.  They are responsible for enforcing MadCast policies and accountable to their fellow admins to make proper policy enforcement actions.


    MadCast Legendary Full Members or LFMs:

    The LFM (Legendary Full Member) rank exists to honor members who have made an enduring and timeless impact on the community.  LFMs are designated by the Staff and Founders, and only given on an individual basis.  No rubric defines a Legendary contribution, only the individuals themselves.


    MadCast Full Members or FMs:

    This is the first level of actual membership in MadCast. Folks in this group have been through the Candidacy process successfully, and are now Full Members.  Full Members have additional access and privileges on the website and Discord. The best way to describe FMs is to say that they "live" here. This is "their" house.

    Full Members on the website are clearly identifiable because of the presence of the title "MadCast:" preceding their names on the forums and Discord. e. FMs are considered the Rank and File members and the "voting bloc" of the community. Most major community decisions require FM approval, either directly or through their representatives, the SFMs.


    MadCast Full Members - Inactive:

    When a Full Member does not fulfill the Terms of Full Membership for any reason, they will be moved to Full Member - Inactive.  A Full Member can remain in Inactive status for an indefinite amount of time; a perk of having successfully achieved Full Membership through MadCast’s Candidacy process.  A Full Member Inactive can always return to Full Membership through a simple request process.


    MadCast Candidates:

    Those in this group are not MadCast members but are undergoing candidacy periods to become MadCast members. Candidates (sometimes referred to as [C]s) are expected to demonstrate the qualities we expect of Full Members.  This is a temporary role/rank as the process lasts up to 30 days (45 days if admins deem delay is warranted).  Once the Candidacy period concludes, the individual either earns Full Member rank or is returned to the Associates rank.


    MadCast Associates:

    The folks in this group are not MadCast members. Folks in this group are considered guests and will be treated as such. MadCast Associates are treated as friends that are simply hanging out and should govern themselves accordingly.  We love that people come to hang out here, even if they never join MadCast, so please don't be shy about hanging out and inviting others to do the same, but always remember that you are a guest in our community.

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