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  1. Thanks happy to be back and see some farmilar faces again. You best believe I still have this bookmarked and thanks for the welcome :) Glad to hear it's all good, can't wait to get to know you more :)
  2. Hey guys kelica here. I was once a full member for a good few years. Had to take a break for real life stuff. and now Im back and ready to wear the MadCast tag. If you'll have me of course. So, may I please have my Full Membership again?
  3. Im still not convinced on buying it in its current state. I love ark have almost 5k hours in it but Im not willing to pay almost 50$ Aus for a game full of bugs. The idea of the game is nice, in the future if its on sale I may spend the money on it but not at the moment.
  4. Movie night sounds like a great idea, Im down for anything Disney or marvel
  5. Well thanks to a lovely group of people I manged to get started out nicely. Once again I rolled out a DH
  6. My family has a history of depression, bi polar and anxiety. Iv been around it my whole life. My father had it and it got to the point where one day he threatened to kill himself in front of my then 15 year old sister. My mother tried to help but was at her wits end with it and made a declension to put him in a psych ward. My mother had given up on him and at that point in time I was the only family to reach out and try and help him. It was an endless cycle of taking phone calls from him while I was at home, work and out. Any spare time I had was spent with him at the psych ward to try and help him get better. In end the it started to take such an emotional toll on me I couldn't deal with and it started to effect my personal and my professional life. My finance at the time broke up with me because he couldn't deal with me and my constant mood swings. My mood swings got to the point where they would get violent and I would punch holes in walls and cupboards. He left me at a time where I need someone the most and it only lead to me getting worse. At this point in my life I was at my lowest, didnt know how to deal with things so I started binge drinking, going out every night and at my very worst doing drugs just so I didn't have to feel anything. This was the point where I decided I need some serious help, I got on meds and started to feel better. The meds only help to certain extent. I still have days where I cry at nothing, I dont want to leave the house for days on end or even talk to people. But Iv realized that this isn't a bad thing, Im allowed to have bad days.
  7. Im still yet to start the new season, cant seem to motivate myself to get back into yet
  8. With season 15 starting, just curious as to who will be playing? Also what will everyone be rolling this season as well?
  9. My vote would be for the 80s!
  10. Thanks for everyone who showed up and sung there hearts look forward to doing it again soon.
  11. Just giving this a little bump. This is Sunday guys!
  12. The more the merrier. Would love to make this an on going thing. Look forward to seeing you all there on Sunday!
  13. I personally would love to hear Epic sing
  14. There a too many to pick. Im huge fan of Anne Rice. Interview with a vampire is one of my favorites.
  15. Maybe coming to listen to some Disney songs will turn your miserable bitter heart into a human that can love again.
  16. Anyone is welcome. Disney always brings out the inner child. Look forward to seeing you all there
  17. MadCast: Karaoke Theme: Disney Sunday 10th of June @ 8PM EST Hosted By: MadCast: Baal & MadCast: Kelica Rules 1. Either turn on push to talk or mute your mic while people are singing. 2. Use continuous transmission while singing. 3. Do not record anyone singing (other than yourself). 4. You do -not- have to sing to hang out! 5. Have fun!
  18. This had been extremely helpful. Thanks a bunch guys
  19. Lately iv been losing my interest in games. I'll sit there for what seems like hours chose a game, get bored and log out after about 5-10 mins. Just want to know if anyone has gone through this? Or is there a way to get out of this slump.
  20. I really enjoy support hero's. Lili and Auriel are my 2 go to champs when I dont have to think about what Im doing.
  21. I dont joke about anything stardew valley related my friend. I believe it supports up to 4 people but I haven't read a lot into yet.
  22. For anyone interested the beta for the multiplayer of stardew valley just came out. Im looking for some like minded peeps, that are as hyped as me to play to play with. Hit me with a message on the forums or in discord!
  23. Deckard Cain has always been a favorite of mine in the diablo games. Also being a support main its got me even more excited to try something new.
  24. Iv always wanted to play ESO but in the past Iv been burnt by mmo's and didnt want to pay money in for a game I didnt like. If anyone plays eso or is interested in playing eso let me know and we can give it a go together.
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