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  1. Keep in mind that we are the arbiters of this reality. If you guys wanted a dining hall, I would represent that in our little experiment via doling out inspiration based on a random selection from current session signups, for example.
  2. Ongoing sessions for the communal LD&D Campaign. Signups are here.
  3. Ongoing sessions for the communal LD&D Campaign. Signups are here.
  4. I will be using this thread to collect signups for my personal LD&D sessions. NEXT SESSION: Sunday March 1st @10PM UPCOMING SESSION 1: Tuesday, March 3rd@8 PM. Content: TBD Icarus Ascent DSO Starlight UPCOMING SESSION 2: TBA In your signup, please indicate the date you are signing up for, and include your character name and class/level. Please also keep in mind that the MadCast CoC will be fully enforced at these and all LD&D sessions. Please also speak up if you haven't played in a while, feel you are falling behind, or have any other concerns and they will be addressed. I ask that everyone, in the spirit of community, be ready to delay a signup if someone with a restrictive RL schedule has a rare opportunity to play. Please PM on the forums or Discord with any questions, so we can keep this thread a clean record of signups.
  5. Given the trend so far, I will be running session A, the missing person, starting a 10pm EST on Saturday 2/15
  6. I am grateful for everyone's contribution to this topic. I think we are close to having as stable a vision as we can before me and the GMs put the spit and polish on it. Please keep your suggestions coming.
  7. I need to get two specific sessions done in the next week. "A" I need to run the Missing Person Scenario for several members, including @MadCast: Quanta, @MadCast: RedJustice, @MadCast: Icarus, and 2-3 others who have not had a chance to do that scenario. This is my primary concern to get done this week. Let's try to find a time in the 4 nights between the 15th and the 18th where we can get the most. "B" I also received a request for a tactical, combat heavy scenario, and I shall abide. I want to keep this to 4-5 players to allow for the game to flow properly with all the rolls and decisions, but I would be amenable to running this straightforward scenario for successive groups, perhaps even scheduling a third night or letting one of our volunteer DMs take it out for a spin. Please indicate which session you would like to sign up for, A or B, along with your availability on the evenings of the 15th-18th.
  8. I want to know how many other people swiped at the "7" trying to get that hair-like line off their screen.
  9. A campus, is it? It is fitting that such an eclectic group would have an eclectic headquarters. We just need a catalyst, and I think I have just the thing. I had not planned on making more content prior to chapter 2, but it occurs to me that there is currently a bunch of unusable space within the city, what with the chasm. If there was a potent magical device lying dormant in some lost reliquary that could change that situation and some enterprising souls retrieved it, I'm sure they would be rewarded for their efforts with a nice parcel of that restored land.
  10. Hello Players, I have been delighted with the participation and enthusiasm coming from everyone. We are now sitting at 20+ players. We could not have got this far without people offering additional time to this effort in the form of leading Forum/Discord discussions, helping newer players with their characters, and contributing their own content to our collaborative narrative. As of this morning, I purchased a year subscription to Roll20 Plus, which will allow us to expand the scope of the game. I am currently looking for 1-2 volunteers who would like to step up to join me behind the screen. We have lots of options on how to organize ourselves, which I and the eventual volunteers will discuss among ourselves. What will be true regardless of how we get the work done, is the time commitment. You can expect the following obligations: Familiarizing yourself with Roll20 so you can run sessions smoothly Committing to running two sessions a month, approximately 2-4 hours per session. Committing additional hours for coordination with myself and any other GMs Committing additional hours for content creation Assist in answering questions on the Forums and Discord Be a focal point for new players If those obligations sparkle with you, please indicate your willingness here or contact me via PM or Discord.
  11. Yes. I was discussing off hand with a couple folks some options for utilizing discord better for LD&D. Expect some changes soon.
  12. Monday night is also Townhall. I think I might hold on the RP session for this week and refine my notes, and perhaps run one of the extant scenarios on Tuesday.
  13. How are we for Sunday/Monday/Tuesday evening this coming week?