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  1. Ongoing LD&D sessions.
  2. Ongoing LD&D sessions.
  3. Guild meeting for LD&D. To begin shortly after Townhall.
  4. Also, if anyone is interested in dipping their toes into LD&D, I will stick around to explain the game and help people create characters, as I'm sure will several other participants.
  5. Things are happening in the world of Interlopers Incorporated. Your former patron, one Johann Obed Trithemius, has been forcibly ripped from his imprisonment. Most of his powers were drained from him, and he retains little memory of his imprisonment or who took him. Accordingly, he has retreated from his position as leader of the Guild, and rejoined as an equal member. Some of you may have heard rumors of an "incident" that occurred during a City Watch pacification and peacekeeping operation. The exaggeration and spreading of rumors have done significant damage to the Guild's reputation, and a public declaration of values and mission is required to assuage both the public and the authorities of the land. Since II is now employee owned and operated, an organizational meeting of partners is required. On April 6th, to follow the 9PM MadCast Townhall with a short break inbetween, Interlopers Inc will gather as many members as possible to draft a statement of values, a series of governing rules, a... CODE OF CONDUCT, if you will. We will do as much of this in character as we can, but we will also allow time for the DM team to field questions, receive feedback and criticism, and outline goals for the coming summer. I, Munsa, know that some of you have hit some hurdles in your enjoyment of LD&D and tabletop in general. Those of you that have reached out to me, I hear you. Those of you that haven't, your perspective and opinion has value to me. In addition to having fun together, we will use this evening to make sure everyone who has said "I want to be a part of this" has their concerns heard and addressed. April 6th, to follow Townhall after a short break, Interlopers Inc. Guild Meeting. If you cannot attend, you are always free to approach any DM with feedback, criticism, and questions.
  6. LD&D w/ Munsa
  7. Ongoing sessions for the LD&D campaign
  8. Is this our final initial list of buildings for the HQ? If so, I will begin the cartography.
  9. Ongoing session for MadCast Living D&D.
  10. Ongoing sessions for MadCast Living D&D.
  11. Keep in mind that we are the arbiters of this reality. If you guys wanted a dining hall, I would represent that in our little experiment via doling out inspiration based on a random selection from current session signups, for example.
  12. Ongoing sessions for the communal LD&D Campaign. Signups are here.
  13. Ongoing sessions for the communal LD&D Campaign. Signups are here.