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  1. That's very kind, but we all know Gehenna is my future. TYVM for the kind words friends.
  2. I like the idea of it being a temporary shift, but it should be a bonus action. The option of using two spell slots and some sorcerer points (for example, substitute whatever class mechanic you wish) to safely execute a touch or short range spell and then returning to safety is an interesting addition to an arcane caster's arsenal.
  3. Sorry about the lack of movement on an organized event. I've gone through three successive schedule changes in as many weeks as my work is having a COVID outbreak and we try and reorg. I think starting next week I should finally have the ability to schedule something accurately.
  4. I just opted in to the Total War: Elysium Closed Beta and immediately received access. It borrows heavily on the visual language and card/unit interactions of Hearthstone, but adds in a front line/back line mechanic and a few other straight forward mechanics like a phase-of-day system to create a tidy little deckbuilder. Worth the 15-20 minutes it takes to get through 4 tutorial games.
  5. Don't forget, there is no Sun, only the shattered remnants of a broken star, so these pirates basically do this in the damn dark.
  6. I wanna make an entire team of max str fighters that just jump EVERYWHERE.
  7. Saturday afternoon, perhaps. I work early, but afterwards I'd love to throw down some MP. It looks like Hotfix 2 got most of the big MP crashes, and any remaining are taken care of by loading a previous save, so whomever is hosting needs to be clever with the F5. ....dibs on Warlock
  8. Update: Munsa is moved and then got sick, but I am on the mend and looking to get an event organized once I get few things off my plate. If anyone else wants to start the ground work of affirming a date/time and concept, I will take care of administrivia should it come together.
  9. How do you gather and certify consent for what those regulations should be? Is that not, whatever form it takes, a proto-governance?
  10. How would an anarchic society provide optimal outcomes for problems like... standards for vehicle safety?
  11. Not only can we help you, part of the discussion tonight is about including other games that share similar systems, like RoR2, into the fold.
  12. So, real talk. In two weeks, I'm moving (starting the 24th, with the following weekend to set up new spot). If we wanted to have an organisational sitdown prior to my disruption, the best day for ME would be next thursday, the 17th, at anytime in the afternoon/evening (4PM EST and onward.) If that doesn't work, that is okay, and we will schedule something once I am moved in.
  13. I am tickled to see that folks not only share my love of deckbuilding, but also my love of cooperative dungeon crawlers. Y'all played For the King?
  14. Deckbuilding, as a genre, covers a wide variety of experiences. The brands that immediately leap to most folk (Magic: The Gathering, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, Hearthstone, et al) all trend toward the PvP side of the genre, and provide a wide depth of simple to complex play. Further into the genre is a wealth of singleplayer and cooperative deckbuilding experiences (Slay the Spire, Monster Train, LOTRLCG, and a slew of other titles) that take the mechanics of competitive deckbuilding and apply them to familiar genres like RPGs, Roguelikes/lites, and Strategy to tell good stories or provide near infi
  15. My deckbuilding brother. Welcome back.
  16. This guy was humble as hell about his skills when he approached me with this generosity and he throws down a pic like that. Would I show my age too much if I made a Bob Villa reference?
  17. 1- Is it coincidence or common words? Common words, as highlighted in the example, are not subject to this scrutiny. 2- In the case you mentioned, it is strongly advised that users here keep their names consistent across our resources for clarity's sake and not use multiple handles. As for the offensiveness or not of the name, that is not the target of this scrutiny. This is specifically about purposeful use of an extant member's name in a user name, as in the examples provided.
  18. To clarify. A name like ""X" Taco" as some people named themselves once upon a time, is not considered by this policy. A name like MunsaIsMyMeatDaddy or MunsasBestFriend would be in violation. The intent of this policy is to prevent the implication of association between individuals in the community. No matter what the real status of two or more people's interaction are, MadCast functions better when members and associates both have distinct identities that are not based on those associations. Moved to General Announcements for greater visibility.
  19. As of this post, including the name of a member of MadCast in your profile name will result in an immediate change to a user's screen name. This applies to any user of our resources, be it on Discord, the Forums, or any other service we utilize in the future. Any questions on this subject can be asked here in this thread or directed to me via PM or DM.
  20. My fellow Tabletopping MadCasters, Front end, worst end: I cannot keep up my current pace with LD&D. I am becoming increasingly more irritable during sessions, it is becoming harder and harder to create content, and the daunting task of rewarding two dozen people's efforts and creativity is running me mentally ragged. I had hoped that we would run LD&D through this year, but I am not in a position where I can see that end out. On a personal level, my work schedule has become increasingly erratic and stressful due to the situation we all have to live with now regarding COVI