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  1. I'm back. And applying to become a RFM again. For those new members that don't know me or anything about me. I became a full member back in 2011. I became a RFM in September 2012 and served until May 2013. Here is my previous application. I stepped down due to taking a Waterfront Coordinator job at a summer camp. So after 3 months of exhausting work I am back. I can confidently say that I feel comfortable in the RFM position. And I believe I was a valuable member during my time. During my time I wrote both the 2011 and 2012 Historical threads. Although I cannot see them I was active in many of the RFM+ threads with my opinions being expressed. I kept the Candidate summoner name thread up to date. I created the Mentor Success thread after the original was lost. This took a large chunk of time to search through the forums. This specific example and the many other threads I created and responded to, show my dedication to the MadCast Community. I ran a few League of Legend events and always showed up to the events I signed up for. I also served as a mentor for candidates. I do not promise to be the most active member in the sense of pure gaming time. But I can say I will bring the same stuff to the table that I did before. A mixture of gaming and forum presence. Looking forward to the response from the admins. Thank you, pepsi
  2. I just hope he didn't cry too much. I feel bad since he loses so much.
  3. Like I did much. Thank you Diight for the organization and drive to have the event. Crazy skills shots everywhere.
  4. Favorite Song? Most embarrassing song on your Ipod/mp3? If you were offered the Presidency/Rulership of your country would you take it?
  5. Have a good one. You were one of the first FMs I interacted with and that lead me to my app, so I thank you for that. Good Luck!