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    I have slayed dragons, unified a kingdom, decimated territories, have been called a hero and a villain. I use a variety of weaponry including but not limited to mp5k's, wands, spears, and magic. I've been called many names, but I prefer the title "gamer" above most.
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  1. Turned computer off for almost 8-10months and decided a few weeks back to turn it back on and get into gaming. Of course there were many updates that needed to be had, and the hardware needed to be cleaned, etc. What I have done so far is: -Clean Computer -Update Drivers -Have done a few Windows Updates But there are still many more Windows Updates I need to do and even though I am trying to download the updates. Nothing is happening. There is no download, KB movement, or any percent completion. I'm not entirely sure why even though I have left it on over night to see if maybe I was just being impatient, but nothing has changed. Downside for all of this is when I try to play WoW or LoL I get the BSOD and the message error is always the same which is I have either installed an update that is not working out or I need to install an update. Not sure how to fix it since it keeps happening. *Also, still trying to download any of the Windows Update and it's still frozen at 0
  2. *sniffle* the kindness! I am so excited for this I have my tea and cookies and my happiness candle ALL READY!
  3. I went and pre-ordered the game yesterday but I already had beta access. I'm aware that this week is for those who pre-ordered at a certain date, but when is the beta going live again? Is it tonight or tomorrow?
  4. I really like your picture, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes
  5. Looking forward to working with you during your candidacy period. Be sure to check out our Tuesday Inhouse's or Thursday Dojo Training! See you at the Nexus.
  6. Hello! I look forward to working with you during your candidacy process Since you are new and interested in HoTS we have some very excited events held every week such as Tuesday In-house's where the many gather to battle it out for fun and bragging rights. And then Thursday Dojo Hour where people who wish to improve or learn something knew about the game can do so in a structured environment where they are given constructive criticism and can learn from our veteran players. Otherwise we have plenty who play matches casually or those who play in Hero League, we all look forward to playing with you in the future! (Also, as a mentor let me tell you that liking Team Disma does not go in your favor as a candidate... )
  7. I got it! See ya guys, off to play Overwatch. Kthnxbai
  8. Really enjoy the block communication feature in this game. Particularly when you come across a situation when someone thinks this an AOL chat room instead of a game. Playing > Typing 24/7 otherwise HL probably isn't for you right?
  9. I have not done this, I shall do so. Thanks for the suggestion! This is also a possibility which makes me very sad if it is the case. My tablet is one of the very early ASUS ones so it is a high possibility the hardware could be frying or something is outdated.
  10. Hello everyone. So I recently have been having issues with my ASUS tablet which is about 3-5 years old and the main problem is that it is no longer connecting to the Internet. I have restarted it, updated it, tried googling the issue but so far I have not found a concrete solution. The tablet simply shows the "I am downloading/circle wheel-thingy" icon and does nothing else, there is not even an error message. I have double-checked my internet connection and found nothing amiss and I have also tried connecting to various other wifi at my work places. It still does the same thing. There is also an issue of it not being able to download new programs, and this also does NOT come with an error message or indicator as to what is wrong. This is a problem as I am constantly on the go and between my jobs and being a full time student and I really need to be able to do my homework or study whenever possible. I really do not want to buy another tablet or even a laptop but if this is not resolved soon I might not have a choice. Help a poor college student?
  11. Wanted to remind everyone about the weekly Tuesday inhouses that are held at 8pm. Yesterday it made me smile to see so many people interested in the impromptu inhouse that it was tough to see some left out. Which is why I'd like to encourage everyone and anyone who is interested in HoTS to come join us tonight! I'm also incredibly gifted and talented which means if you are on my team you are most likely to win. :-)
  12. Tentative as I might be at one of my jobs. But I shall do my best to be there!