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    i have a very strategic mind. For casual reading I look through old battles of Ceasar and Napolean. Any game that has a strategic battleground that requires a tactical mind I play. I have played every trading card game and have decks for everything.
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    LoL, battlefield, warhammer,
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  1. Wooo Fractals! So good. But now that your warrior is 80 you gotta aid me in honor of the waves!
  2. Hands down, I love Fiddlesticks. There is no other champion in league of legends for me besides Fiddlesticks. Especially with his surprise party skin. I'm sure there are others that I like to play in different roles but I can't hear them over the sounds of FIDDLE IN THE MIDDLE
  3. feychey

    0 CS support

    Yea support is a pretty trashy role after playing carry But I'm a pretty ragey guy with some emotional problems. I like support alot for this exact reason. Calm, relaxing, more spectator than player some of the time. I don't mind dying and only curse when I get a kill! League of legends does a great job of boiling my blood and support is the only role that stops me from flipping a table!
  4. feychey

    0 CS support

    Its funny how outdated yet still relevant this guide is.
  5. feychey

    Back :)

    Hi MadCast <3 Its been a while and its good to see you guys still doing so well. I just graduated and am finding myself with some free time while I wait on job opportunities...was that an auto save function I just saw? Cool! Wait no nono back on topic. Anyway, for those I never met, hi. I'm FeyChey, I like long walks and mudkips! For those I do know, hi again. Been well? And for those I angered with my awful leaving, sorry <3 What games are we playing these days? I'm bored out of my mind with all those multiplayer games without the multiplayer part.
  6. no longer attending, put MadCast: Daevax as the something nice's captain.
  7. From a quick glance, probably thief for stealing random items and the shadow shots. I am also considering necromancer for tanky mage with afterlife form.
  8. Sigh West Coast Canadians make me facepalm
  9. Alright guys, character creation session April 18th, 2012 for those of you who want help with your characters. I hope to see everyone there! Should be around 8pm EST
  10. fan fic...hmmm hmmm...where have I seen this before...Oh yea... http://www.madcastgaming.com/forum/showthread.php?3953-some-fiction-for-everyone-to-read