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  1. Sabre Wolf


    Not a fan of 1.9... I like to dual wielding and the Shield... especially with the lighting mod where if you carry a torch, it will light the area around you AND you can carry your sword or pick in your main hand. But... the combat is like Expert Mode... 1 little zombie can take out two players solo with decent gear... I like most of the improvements, but combat is ridiculously hard.
  3. its too bad that you cant already have a lvl 20... doesn't seem to give it to ya...
  4. Thanks for the head up Fayea! i got the $1 pack.
  5. So in Brawl this week... your charactor has constant taunt, making your minions immune to direct attack. So ya... This was my way around it! Those poor innocent Warriors... HAHAHA
  6. Grommash is a Classic card and the final punch you need for a Warrior. I got him the other day and it instantly gave me new win conditions. And the ability to deal 12-18 damage in a single turn multiple times from various card combos is so scary for the other person. Worgen with Charge + Activator, Grommash with activator or Alex; you have 3 different ways to go lethal in 2 turns. Any player you face when you get to 12-15 health range you are just scared and the Warrior with 2-3 cards in hand or a 1 use Death Spike left dictates that you have to play heal/protect or you might die next turn. Alex sets up the 15 health next turn. Then its potential Alex + Grommash for 20 total damage, or Alex + Worgen for 24-30 Damage. Its pretty insane.
  7. Well I decided to go with Wild for now to cover my ranking for this month since I play so much of this game. So I went with Mal'Ganis. I made my Demon deck around him which also includes Jaraxxus, Sylvanas and Boom. I know I am rocking out with the soon to be nerfed and Wild stuff. But, can't argue with a 5-1 record since crafting the deck and nothings going to happen for a month or two. I'll load up on dust, wait for the next expansion and build/craft from there.
  8. I got a lot of legendaries over the past week and I have enough dust to grab one more... but not sure who... These are the top four I am considering. I already have the top 10. - Vol'Jin I have always had an eye on to try and make my Control Priest work well. Its one of two cards I am missing. - Mal'Ganis is one of the two top 15 cards on several sites to craft for Zoo-Demon-Lock. - Harrison Jones is the other missing top 15 card I dont have. And is a highly touted tool in a lot of decks. - Malygos I am only considering for Tavern Brawl specials, and to later get Rhonin. So what do you think? I am kinda leaning twords Mal'Ganis to build that Demon deck, even though it not quite as good zoo wise as other decks are...Harrison Jones is a neutral card, so I can use it in a lot of other decks. However, I sometimes don't put in a Ooze in a lot of my decks, so why craft somthing if I dont even use the replacement? And Vol'Jin is just fun to have when I have been able to play it in Tavern Brawls. 6/12 is just so funny to land on the field and have the other play rage quit.
  9. Hey guys! I want you to check out this great simulator from Tempo Storm. This simulator will open a bunch of packs in which you have to create 3 decks out of. Each CARD can only be used once. If you have multiple copies, you can use copies of that card. But them same CARD can only be used in each deck once. Here is the second one I managed to unseal and draft. Check it out! I also think we should try this out in a tournament!
  11. A lot of the pros said Jhin is broken.
  12. Work just hit me with a project outside of work hours this week. I am doughtful...
  13. Switched to Rouge for the last 2 games just for a change of pace. Got another couple wins with that variation.
  14. This guys has been getting a lot of play too...
  15. Alex to 15, Bronzebeard then double Kraken for 16 dmg = 4 mana GG.