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  1. Donated $75 USD($99.79 CAD with paypal's exchange rate). Apologies, Was unable to leave a note.
  2. I really love hearing back end networking talk. For some reason it just makes me feel relaxed knowing how it handles. More pumped for this more than ever now. I got to hope they bump that 20hz to 60hz across the board.
  3. Eternia


    I am loving this game despite it's early issues.
  4. I got my digital pre-order this morning
  5. Already Pre-Ordered if only for the statue as a model in my current runs of tabletop on Sundays.
  6. One offer still left unclaimed of a free copy of Witcher 3. Only a $20-30 donation is needed with proof.
  7. I will also need her proof Voshay. I have received yours and am making a note of it in the announcing post.
  8. Ladies & Gents it's time I step from the shadows. The first 3 members to post here what they can add $20-30 to near match my $100 and have done so will receive a copy of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt pre-order as a gift courtesy of me through Steam next Friday(The 15th of May) which is my payday to fuel this Eternia Insanity. I will ask for photo proof given the near $250 with exchange rate I am ponying up. Omit any info you feel you need to and PM me a screenshot of the confirmation email/message from Senora Frog. I will get into contact with said people at earliest convenience. For proof of my donation see attached photo. Modified size due to my native resolution. Edit: Donation Proof Attached Current Witcher 3 Claims have been verified: 1 - MadCast: Voshay 2 - MadCast: DanKnee 3 -
  9. I demand pictures. What we have of Toodles is pre-college. :3
  10. When a Master Skinned Sgt. Hammer takes Blunt Force Gun in a map where it can't orbit through mid-lane to push for us...I die a little inside.
  11. If you're at least a level 4 of 10 Zeratul to get the advanced and elite so you get the 1 dps per 6 minions or 2 charges per hero kill sure. Or another character who has it sure. Otherwise Bullocks
  12. People just pushing lanes badly and never getting objectives in Co-Op upsets me to no end.
  13. D&D/Pathfinder. If dice can't roll then society clearly must be non-existent after the Nuclear War purged the planet.
  14. The IT half of me cringes in pain the sight of open tech laying about without the case to make it neat and not a potential to snap in half from random person mishaps. The nerdy half of me is jealous of that GPU.