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  1. What Sotar said, I've had the No Sugar added Heinz and the difference in taste was almost negligible, I think it just costs some cents more.
  2. Ketchup/Salsa on my eggs given the option. There are also low-sugar ketchups available.
  3. Happy for you UU. This is pretty much me minus the cooking and prepping meals. I'm so laaaaazy 😒.
  4. Missed @MadCast: Lunalesk's thread but I don't mind giving my two cents for the remaining roles (not exclusive).
  5. I mean I'd be happy to use a printer right out of the box. I ordered mine from Amazon and getting a replacement was hassle free, I ended up stripping some of the cheap screws the kit came with when I put it together. I bought four colors of filament rather early and most likely will not be making additional purchases until I deplete a roll or two, lol. I only have PLA atm, not going to bother with ABS or PETG for the time being, not sure if wood is its own category but I kind of want it. I want to get into painting with acrylics myself, the Dilbert was printed in several parts and glued togeth
  6. What printer do you have/slicer you use/CAD software you use? I got myself an Ender 3 since printers have become more affordable, and using Cura. I haven't really had the opportunity to delve into learning CAD as of yet (the satisfaction of designing something of your own) but am leaning towards Fusion 360. I have some familiarity with Blender but am not too keen on the pro's and con's of using one program over the besides that fact that they're different molders. I haven't printed too many things, still working on calibrating and working out the kinks of my setup but I printed a Dilbert
  7. DanKnee

    MTG Arena

    For those who are uninformed and are interested in MTG, MTG Arena is currently accepting sign ups for their closed beta. I got in about a week ago but started playing it last night and am enjoying it. https://magic.wizards.com/en/mtgarena
  8. I'm open to making the purchase if there's enough interest. If you aren't familiar I'd also recommend Golf It. GWYF is very "easy" in comparison.
  9. I'm down to play tonight if anyone is available, need to shake off the rust.
  10. DanKnee

    Gaming Slump

    Single player games have never really appealed to me. I'm all about roguelikes or multiplayer games. Looking forward to playing this bad boy tonight on my Switch. My friend is going to purchase a Steam copy for that co-op :). A good game with good company is a 10/10 in my book.
  11. DanKnee


    Waiting for it on the Switch :).